tagLesbian SexReluctant Maid Ch. 02

Reluctant Maid Ch. 02


A second chapter that sets the scene and focuses more on promise than passion. Still I hope that it will be enjoyable, worth the wait, and that it won't take another four years to get Chapter III out. I hope not as I want to know how good it's going to get too!!


"Hey!" A soft, gentle murmur accompanied the soft, gentle shake of her hip. Andrea blearily opened her eyes. "Hey, you awake?" Andrea looked up to see Stephanie sitting on her bed dressed in her maid's uniform and shaking her a little to rouse her.

Andrea gave a small smile. "Hi." She replied. "What time is it?"

"It's half-past six sleepy-head. Mistress won't be awake until about eight but I thought you could do with getting a head-start. You sleep ok?"

The memories of the previous evening suddenly rushed into Andrea's head. She flushed. "Oh...er ...yeah thanks." She avoided Stephanie's eyes but then felt Stephanie's hand gently raise her chin to meet her gaze. "Hey Andrea, it's ok. I know what happened and it's fine. It's one of the rewards of working for the Mistress; she's a very special lady."

Andrea looked confused. "Then," She asked, "You too?"

"Hell yeah!" Grinned Stephanie. "It's a perk of the job! Now let's get organised shall we? How about you go and get washed-up and I'll find you something to wear?"

Andrea smiled. "Ok thanks. Pick me out something smart will you -- Mistress specified that. Could you hand me my robe? It's hanging on the door." She giggled as the blonde playfully threw the robe hard at her. "No need to be coy on my account," Grinned Stephanie, "but I'll forgive you whilst you're getting settled."

Andrea slipped into her robe exposing her breasts as the bed sheet slipped down. She pulled the robe around herself and stood up. Stephanie hadn't taken her eyes from the girl, drinking in the sight of Andrea's half-naked body. She licked her lips which were suddenly dry but then shook herself back into action and turned towards the wardrobe. Andrea padded barefoot to the door of the adjoining bathroom. "Back in a mo'." She said and slipped through the door, pulling it behind her.

Turning the shower controls Andrea let the water run whilst she used the toilet and then, having dabbed and flushed, she stepped into the stream of hot water. It felt good; relaxing and cleansing but, not wanting to waste any time, she soaped quickly and letting her fingers only briefly stroke gently at her pussy which delighted in reminding her of the previous evening. She washed her hair, taking care as she ran her fingers through its dark folds.

Switching off the taps she pulled aside the shower-curtain and jumped a little when she saw Stephanie perched on the closed toilet-seat holding her towel. "Oops sorry!" Smiled the blonde. "I thought you would have heard me come in. Here step into this and I'll dry your back for you." She held open the bath sheet as Andrea stepped out of the tub and turned to have it wrapped around her. She tied the towel above her breasts and then began to dry her hair with the smaller towel that Stephanie handed her.

Andrea bent forward to towel her long hair as it dropped in front of her. She could feel Stephanie's hands sliding down to the small of her back. "When you're dry I've laid out some clothes for you." Stephanie said. Her hands slid around Andrea's waist and then back again. Andrea shivered as the other girl's soft hands slid firmly over her ass cheeks, around her thighs and then back to start their drying-journey again. Andrea turned, biting her lip as she finished tying the towel in a turban around her head. "Could you dry my front as well?" She asked softly. Stephanie smiled and slid her hands over the towelling covering Andrea's breasts, belly and thighs. Her hands glided gently between Andrea's legs, just once, and then she stepped back smiling. "I think you should finish drying yourself -- I'll wait for you in the bedroom." Andrea stifled her disappointment as she watched Stephanie's cute little ass sashay through the door.

Pausing for a moment to compose herself Andrea followed the maid into the bedroom. Stephanie sat on the edge of the bed next to a small array of clothes. Andrea applied deodorant and powder at the dressing table and then, abandoning all caution, she dropped the bath sheet then turned and walked naked to the bed. Stephanie's lips were parted and it was obvious that she was taking in every detail of Andrea's curvaceous body. "Wow." She whispered. "You're gorgeous!" Andrea smiled her thanks and then bent a little to pick up the shiny black thong that had been laid on the top of the pile of clothes. Her nipples were hard as the excitement of showing herself to the beautiful maid coursed through her body. Stephanie, in turn, was fighting the urge to lean towards Andrea's breasts and suckle the girl's puckered nipples.

As Stephanie watched Andrea pulled the thong up, adjusting it to sit comfortably over her pubic mound and between the crack of her ass cheeks. She felt the thrill as the string settled over the puckered hole of her ass. She looked for the matching bra but, finding none, she turned enquiringly to Stephanie. "You forgot the bra." She stated and went to move to the dresser when Stephanie stopped her. "No!" It was a command not a suggestion. "Trust me -- I think that this is the right choice."

"Ok. If you're sure." Andrea picked up the dark blue silk blouse. It slid softly over her skin; caressing her body with its sensuous touch. As she buttoned it she realised that every move of her upper body allowed the material to whisper against the jutting hardness of her nipples, stimulating them. Reaching again she slid the dark-blue skirt up her legs, adjusted the catch and tied the thin strip of belt so that the ends dangled along the line of her left thigh. Sitting on the bed next to Stephanie she reached for the skin-coloured stockings, sliding them easily up her long, smooth legs and adjusting the hold-ups at the top for comfort.

Stephanie stood and then knelt down in front of Andrea, picking up a black sandal with three-inch heels. Picking up Andrea's left foot she slid the sandal over it and buckled the ankle strap. Gently she kissed Andrea's instep, smiling up as she picked up the second sandal. Andrea smiled back, feeling butterflies in her stomach as she felt the gentle hands and lips on her foot again. For a second after buckling the shoe Stephanie stayed there, kneeling, gazing up at Andrea who, in turn gazed back into her eyes, lips parted.

"Andrea?" Stephanie stood as she steadied herself on Andrea's thighs.

"Yes?" Andrea whispered, barely audible.

"You know I want you don't you?" The blonde girl's eyes dived straight into Andrea's soul.

"Yes. I want you too." Andrea was breathless, a hunger coursing through her.

Their lips met. Softly. Gently. "Later I promise." Breathed Stephanie. "Now," She smiled. "a little make-up and then we're ready to go. Come on girl." She led Andrea over to the dressing table by the hand and sat her in front of the mirror.

A few minutes later Stephanie led Andrea down the wide staircase and into the large kitchen. It was obviously a place that could cater for many as well as for few for there were a number of wide ranges, cupboards and gleaming metal worktops. "Take a seat." Stephanie's voice echoed in the large space and Andrea sat on a stool close to where Stephanie had started to spoon coffee grounds into a filter.

Andrea watched each move; learning where things were but admiring the other girl's confident manner and her graceful movements. She found herself watching closely as Stephanie stretched for glasses in a higher cupboard, her seamed black stockings stretching tight against taut calves. She found herself watching as the maid bent for crockery from a low shelf, the hem of her dress riding up and giving sumptuous glances of bare thigh above stocking tops and ass cheeks adorned with nothing save the slender string that rose between them. She willed herself to concentrate and tried to look away but the earlier thoughts and feelings seemed to overtake anything else in her head.

"How do you take it?" The voice nestled into the folds of her reverie and, dreamlike, she looked to Stephanie. "How do you take it?" The question was repeated, "Black, white, sugar, cream, sweetener?" Stephanie was smiling as she brought a steaming mug over to the bench where Andrea sat. "Hey," She smiled and placed a soft hand on Andrea's cheek, "just relax; it'll all come together." She smiled and kissed her softly. "Now I'm just going to get the Mistresses' breakfast ready whilst you drink your coffee and then I think maybe you should take it up to her ok?" Andrea nodded; glad to be able to start her work.

In a few minutes a tray was set with cafetiere, milk, crockery, cutlery, linen napkin and slices of fruit. Stephanie set the tray into Andrea's hands and then sent her off with a pat on her bum.

Andrea climbed the stairs, stopped outside the Mistresses' door, knocked and then entered. Ms Hammond lay, partially covered by a sheet and wearing the long, white diaphanous gown that she had worn the previous evening. Andrea gazed longingly at the tousled hair and dark nipples that showed clearly through the gossamer material. Her Mistresses' eyes opened as Andrea placed the tray on the bedside table. "Andrea," She smiled. "My but you look lovely. Did you choose that yourself?" Andrea smiled back. "No Mistress." She replied, "Stephanie picked it out for me."

"Are you two getting along ok?" Ms Hammond enquired as she sat herself up, leaning her back against the pillows."

"Very well thank you Mistress." Replied Andrea "Stephanie has been really lovely to me."

Ms Hammond smiled. "I'm so glad; I really was hoping that you two would be good for each other." Her eyes twinkled and Andrea almost felt that the woman was reading the desires in her heart.

"Now if you could pass me my tray and then perhaps you would sit down and talk to me for a moment?"

Andrea passed the tray and sat on the edge of the bed whilst her Mistress poured coffee.

"Did you sleep well my dear?" Asked Ms Hammond. When Andrea had affirmed that she had her Mistress continued. "And last night, my dear. Any worries, regrets, second-thoughts about the job?"

"Oh no Mistress!" Andrea was vehement. "I want to stay so much. I have no regrets about anything."

Her Mistress sipped coffee, smiling as she did so. "I'm so glad." She replied. She gazed at Andrea, taking in her clothes and the figure that the close-fitting outfit accentuated. "Lovely." She said. "Just lovely. Although..." She reached forward and undid several buttons at the top of Andrea's blouse. Her fingers brushed against her maid's skin as she parted the neckline a little. "There." She said. "You have a lovely neck, a cleavage meant to be shown and..." her fingers brushed over the hard left nipple beneath the silken material. "...a body that will tease and excite."

Andrea's breathing quickened. "Thank you Mistress." She smiled and waited but Ms Hammond returned to her breakfast.

"Now." Said her Mistress. "Why don't you go and have breakfast with Stephanie and then come back in an hour to help me dress. The seamstress will be here at eleven."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." Andrea stood and turned towards the bedroom door, closing it gently behind her as she left the room.

Back in the kitchen she saw that Stephanie had laid two places with cups, saucers and plates and set a cafetiere of coffee on one of the benches. There was toast and fruit and cereal and Andrea realised how hungry she was. Stephanie was sat on one of the stools and Andrea took the other beside her. "Everything ok?" Asked Stephanie.

"Sure." Replied Andrea. "I'm to go and help her dress in an hour. She said she liked the outfit you chose for me."

Stephanie smiled. "That's good." She said. "Although I see you have a few more buttons undone. Mistress likes to add her own touches if she feels it's necessary but, as rule of thumb, dress primly; if she wants to make any changes then she will."

Andrea nodded, understanding the need for correctness unless otherwise desired by her Mistress.

They ate and drank slowly, getting to know each other, laughing at experiences and enjoying each other's company. All the while they looked at each other, hungry for more than just food. Frequently Andrea found herself looking deep into Stephanie's eyes, admiring her pretty face and the neckline and cleavage exposed by her uniform. She hoped that she would look as voluptuous in hers and found herself wondering how it would feel to have Stephanie's naked body against hers. In turn she knew that Stephanie was admiring her body in the same way and Andrea would find herself turning to allow her blouse to brush against her nipples, ensuring that they were hard and protruding. Her hand would slide against her neck, emphasising the gap in the neckline of the blouse and allowing Stephanie a full view of her cleavage. She felt wanton and blissfully sexual.

Promptly at 9am Andrea was outside Ms Hammond's room. She knocked and entered. Her employer was lying in bed and just putting down an empty cup. She smiled at Andrea. "Thank you dear -- I do like punctuality. Would you run me a bath please; not too hot and please add six drops of tea-tree oil."

"Certainly Mistress." Replied Andrea and walked into the en-suite bathroom. It was lavish, almost grand, and Andrea headed straight for the large, free-standing iron bath-tub. She ran the water, checking it with her elbow and adding the drops of tea-tree oil from a small bottle on a shelf. When the bath was almost half-full Ms Hammond entered. She was naked and smiled to herself when Andrea dropped her eyes in proper deference. Ms Hammond went to sit on the toilet and Andrea said that she would leave. "No Andrea you will stay please unless I ask you to leave." Said Ms Hammond. "Kneel here please." Andrea knelt before her, watching as her Mistress urinated. "You will wipe me please." Said Ms Hammond when she had finished and Andrea took sheets from the toilet roll, drying her Mistresses' pussy with gentle strokes. "Thank you dear." Her Mistress rose from the toilet, stepped over to the bath and climbed in as Andrea turned off the water flow.

"Just right Andrea, thank you." Smiled Ms Hammond. She lay back in the bath, the oiled water sliding over her legs, pussy, belly and breasts. Andrea, unsure what to do, knelt by the bath within her Mistresses' eye-line, her eyes lowered awaiting anything that may be required of her.

After a few minutes Ms Hammond spoke. "Andrea would you wash me please?" Andrea looked up to see her Mistress offering her a bar of soap and a buff-puff. "I would suggest that you take your blouse off so as not to get it wet."

"Yes Mistress." Replied the maid. She stood, taking off her blouse and folding it neatly on a clothes basket. Then, taking the soap from Ms Hammond, she used the rich, creamy soap to work up a lather. Ms Hammond raised her right leg and Andrea leant over, aware of her breasts hanging firmly prominent from her body. Andrea didn't just wash her Mistresses' leg, she caressed the soap into it, massaging the lather from toe to just above the knee before laying it back in the water and starting to wash the left one. Her Mistress sighed, eyes closed and languishing back in the water, enjoying the girl's ministrations.

Andrea used just her hands, holding the soap in one and making sure that she frequently lathered the other. Her hands slid firmly over Ms Hammond's body; her shoulders and belly and caressing gently the firm breasts and nipples that hardened under her ministrations. As she went to pull her hands away she felt her Mistresses' hands on her wrists, stopping her. "No dear," said Ms Hammond "please continue. I enjoy your touch very much."

Excited within herself but eager to please Andrea continued to caress Ms Hammond's breasts. Her hands gently slid over them, over every inch of the ivory skin and then, as she would a lover, teasing occasionally the hard, dark nipples that stood taut and firm. Ms Hammond's eyes had closed and her lips parted, murmuring how good her maid's hands felt. Andrea felt the woman's body move a little more, squirming under the erotic pleasure of her maid's touch. Mostly Andrea watched the face of her Mistress, seeing how her ministrations had relaxed her yet, at the same time, seeing the taut expression of excitement. Occasionally she looked down, watching the movement of Ms Hammond's hand beneath the water, imagining the long fingers that slid into her Mistresses' pussy. The girl, unable to stop herself, leaned forward, her hands still firm against Ms Hammond's breasts and her own dipping into the warm water and brushing against the woman's body. Andrea kissed her Mistress on the lips, sliding her tongue between them, feeling the woman's tongue firm against her own and hearing her Mistress moan in an orgasm that seemed to last for minutes.

As Ms Hammond's body relaxed Andrea pulled herself away, washing the soap from her Mistresses' body, worried now that she had overstepped the mark.

Ms Hammond smiled up at her with half-closed eyes. "Thank you, my dear." She said, "That was lovely." And then, seeing the worry in her employee's eyes she added, "Don't worry Andrea; I applaud initiative just as I will punish disobedience. You're here to serve me; I have no reason to be cross."

The Mistress stood up in her bath and stepped out while Andrea picked up a towel and held it out for her. Ms Hammond turned away from her maid so that Andrea could wrap the towel around her. The girl's hands smoothed the material around her Mistress and then folded it together leaving just the tops of Ms Hammonds' breasts above the hem of the towel. As Ms Hammond turned to walk into the bedroom Andrea put her blouse back on and then went to empty the bath and spent a few minutes rinsing the tub and wiping the surfaces.

"Andrea!" Ms Hammond's voice was sharp from the bedroom. The maid at once stepped into the other room, smiling at woman there. "Yes Mistress?" She asked.

Ms Hammond, sitting in front of her dresser, frowned back at the girl, causing Andrea's smile to slip into concern. "Young lady," her voice was stern. "I think that when I gave you your job description that I said that you were to be my companion is that not correct?"

"Yes Mistress." The girl replied, obviously worried.

"And therefore would you not expect to attend to me rather than cleaning the bathroom?"

Andrea reddened. "But Mistress I assumed that..." Her words were cut off sharply.

"Assumed but didn't ask Andrea. I think you should consider your priorities and, if in doubt, then ask for direction."

"Yes Mistress, I'm sorry." Replied the girl, her head lowering, ashamed of what now appeared to be such an obvious error. She had been so consumed by the ease that she had felt with Ms Hammond that she had let the position between the two of them blur. She wondered how she could correct her mistake when her Mistress spoke.

"Come over here." Her tone was still sharp and Andrea quickly moved to her Mistresses' side. "Bend over my lap, Andrea."

"Mistress?" The girl asked.

"I won't tell you again, Andrea."

The girl hesitantly bent over her Ms Hammond's lap, feeling the woman's hand push down on the small of her back. Her hands touched the floor as her bottom lifted into the air. Her feet now hardly touched the ground and she felt Ms Hammond's hands raise her skirt to her waist exposing her ass cheeks with the thong nestling between them. Andrea's face reddened feeling exposed and a little humiliated.

Ms Hammond's hands stroked the exposed cheeks gently. "You must learn that there is discipline for errors just as there are rewards for competence." She said in a quiet voice.

"Yes Mistress." Replied the girl, trembling a little as she understood what was going to happen.

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