tagErotic CouplingsReluctant Pleasure Ch. 03

Reluctant Pleasure Ch. 03


Amethyst sat behind her desk kicking herself. Not because she'd been stupid enough to have sex with her boss, not because they'd done it at work, but because she had been too careless to give a thought to protection. She could be pregnant even now.

She wondered if Damien had bothered to catch that detail in the aftermath of their torrid liaison.

Amethyst got up from her desk sick with worry, determined not to think about it anymore. She packed up her briefcase, shut down her computer, and left the office. She found herself at a small coffee shop near the office that catered to upscale clients. She was hoping the rarefied atmosphere would serve as some sort of distraction against her raging chaotic thoughts.

Her cappuccino had just arrived when she spotted Cameron. He was quick to greet her and help himself to a seat. It wasn't long before they got into a fairly personal conversation, which Cameron was spearheading. Was she single, what did she like to do, where did she live. Amethyst could tell he was quickly leading to a "Would you like to accompany me to..." question, and excused herself to the restroom before the conversation could progress further.

Of course luck was not on her side as she spotted Damien on her way to the restroom, or rather she should say Damien spotted her. His swift approach and dark frown were indicative that he had seen her with Cameron.

"Are you and Cameron an item," were the first words out of his mouth, before he covered hers with it. Amethyst struggled against his kiss afraid of who might see. Afraid that Cameron might see. She didn't need the staff questioning if she had got the job on merit or if she had known, in the biblical sense, the right person.

When Amethyst was finally able to jerk her mouth away from Damien's she was quick to let her thoughts be known. "How dare you? What if someone saw? And what say have you as to who I see outside of work hours? Let me go, and leave me alone," she threw at him, tugging on her arm in a bid to get free.

Damien used his grip on her arm to drag her into the stand alone restroom. Amethyst's punitive struggles were useless against his superior strength and he quickly subdued her.

"I will ask again, and this time I suggest you answer me," he threatened menacingly. "Are you and Cameron an item?"

"And what if we are," she recklessly defied him. "What will you do then?"

"I'll fire him of course," Damien answered, not turning a hair at the unfair course of action he was willing to take to control her.

"You pig! Of course you would. What else would I expect from a man with no decency and no morals?"

"Careful Amethyst," Damien warned, full of purpose and impatience. "You don't want that sweet little mouth to get you in trouble. I am still your boss."

Amethyst exploded as the stress of worry and his inflammatory words proved to be the last straw. "You self-righteous bastard. Don't you dare use your position as my boss over me. You weren't acting like a boss earlier when you had sex with me in the elevator or in my office, and you certainly weren't acting like a responsible lover when you didn't give a thought for my protection! I could be pregnant. Do you understand that?"

Damien slackened his hold enough for her to pull her arm free at last. He hadn't given it a second thought, but then he had had more pressing things on his mind at the time. It didn't matter though. It didn't change that he wanted her and that he would have her.

"We'll just have to wait and see," he replied, not in the least bit bothered at the possibility. "In the meantime, I don't want to see you near Cameron again outside of office hours."

Amethyst slammed out of the bathroom, not bothering to reply. She rejoined Cameron at the table looking slightly shaken, prompting a barrage of questions from a concerned Cameron. She denied that anything was wrong, denied her availability for a date, denied that she needed anything else to drink. After a short interval she felt comfortable excusing herself on the pretext of having an early start the next morning. Cameron made clear that he would welcome meeting her after work again, and carried a smitten expression on his face as he escorted Amethyst to her car. She was careful to look slightly bored when they arrived, giving no indication that a kiss or a personal move of any kind would be welcome. Cameron handled the situation good naturedly and bid her goodnight.

Arriving home, Amethyst quickly showered and slipped into bed, not prepared to analyze her feelings for Damien or the episode at the café. Wait and see. Why? So that in the unfortunate event that she had gone and gotten herself pregnant she could be stuck dealing with him for the next 18 years? No thanks. She'd rather quit her job and quietly disappear. Maybe he was right though. No sense worrying about something that wasn't a definite yet. Only time would tell. Amethyst slowly drifted into a restless sleep, only to be awoken what felt like moments later by her alarm.

Amethyst slipped out of bed with a weary sigh. It was going to be a long day.


The morning passed fairly quickly with Amethyst shuffling through work as if she had been with the company for several years instead of several days. She was efficient, hard working, and extremely knowledgeable. Her co-workers had taken an immediate liking to her, and the department was having a celebratory lunch to welcome her in. She had just returned from the happy affair and was still laughing as she entered her office to be greeted by the ringing phone.

"Hello," she greeted.

"Hiyah," Rose answered back. "Sounds like your having a great time at work. Just finish a round with the boss, did you?"

Amethyst smiled at Rose's unwelcome, but absolutely Rose-like comment. Settling into her chair, Amethyst swung around to look out the window as she talked. "As it happens, not today, but I'm sure I could arrange a private viewing for you later in the week if you're into voyeurism."

Rose's laugh tinkled down the line as she enjoyed basking in the glow of Amethyst's sharp wit. "Actually I'm busy this week. Maybe next week. I'll let you know."

"You do that," Amethyst invited, laughing with her friend. "So, did you call for something special or just to twist the knife in?"

"Twisting the knife in is special," Rose informed in her pseudo pout voice. "I was actually calling to see if you were still due in this weekend or if I should just take you off the schedule indefinitely what with Mr. Fancy Pants taking up all your time."

"Mr. Fancy Pants can go stuff himself. I'll be in as scheduled," Amethyst promised, renewed anger lighting her eyes at his high handedness.

"As you like. See you on Friday."

"Friday it is. Bye Rose." Amethyst swirled her chair back around to hang up the phone and was unprepared to see Damien leaning in her doorway. How long had he been there?

"Amethyst," he acknowledged by way of greeting.

"Damien," she returned, trying to stay cool.

"Sorry I missed your lunch. Pressing business concerns and all that."

"Naturally," Amethyst readily dismissed hoping he'd leave as quickly as he'd come.

"I couldn't help but overhear that you have plans for Friday night."

"Yes," Amethyst agreed, offering nothing more in the way of explanation. It was none of his business.


"Just a friend," she answered, maintaining her anonymity. "Was there something work related that I can help you with," she offered, trying to put him back on the right track.

"Yes, actually," he replied, finally moving away from the wall to approach with what Amethyst decided could only be termed as menace. "You see, I know that was Rose on the phone, and I think you just agreed to go to work this weekend even though we agreed you would quit that job." He stopped within an inch of her desk and she felt the waves of aggression rolling of him as he crossed his arms. Well he could go stuff it.

"So what if I am?"

Damien's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He hadn't been expecting an offensive word to spill from her lips having been caught out like she had.

"You gave me a week to quit my second job and that gives me until Sunday, so what I do before then is really none of your concern, now is it?" Amethyst's chin was tilted at a defiant angle and Damien found himself intrigued rather than angry. Besides she had caught him in his own trap. Who was he to argue?

"As you wish."

Amethyst mentally patted herself on the back for her defensive actions and just managed to stifle a triumphant smile. "Now is there anything I can help you with, or can I get back to work," she asked somewhat saucily, directing her eyes to the pile of work that had arrived in the hour it had taken her to have lunch.

"Have dinner with me tonight," he invited, not at all dissuaded by her previous refusals to have anything to do with him.

Damien's proposal completely shocked Amethyst and it took her a moment to properly digest his words. Was he going mad? Her office door was wide open and he was asking her out on a date.

"That sounds riveting," she issued with a tight hard smile, "But I'm afraid I'm unavailable tonight or any other night you may wish to ask me out. And for the record," her voice getting progressively lower and more urgent, "We may have slept together, but as far as I'm concerned any possible relationship we had is over and will remain so. I wish to have no further dealings with you outside of those related to work. Is that clear?"

"And if you're pregnant...?" he rejoined, without any outward sign that he had heard either her refusal or her put down.

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but it's highly unlikely," Amethyst denied. Anything to end the uncomfortable line of questioning the conversation had taken.

Cameron appeared in the doorway as if she had summoned him. She couldn't have asked for a more effective barrier to ending their current conversation and released a sigh of thankfulness as she smiled a warm welcome to him.

"Ah, Cameron," she greeted, "I had a few question for you on one of these accounts." Turning to Damien she politely dismissed him, but neither he nor she were fooled by her careful wording. For all their sweetness, her words were impudent in the extreme. The warning glint in Damien's eyes should have warned Amethyst that the situation was far from concluded, but she was either too tired or too optimistic to realize that he didn't give up easily. When he turned and left her office she thought it was the end of their relationship and felt a small twinge of regret in her heart, but she quickly stifled it and summoned a smile for Cameron's benefit.


Amethyst arrived at the strip club just before 8 o'clock. She greeted Rose on her way in before slipping into the changing room to put on her work uniform. She made her way back onto the floor and got ready for a long night of serving drinks and skirting groping hands.

It was after 11 o'clock when Amethyst felt a pair of heavy eyes resting on her. She turned immediately to the source and was mortified to see Damien talking to Rose. She stood there dumbly for a moment trying to decide what to do. Pretend she hadn't seen him? Go over and yell at him? Sneak out the back? Amethyst had just decided to sneak out the back when she saw Rose wave her over. Great.

Amethyst made her way over, adopting a sort of professional attitude to try and stave off the awkward feelings she was having. What was he doing here?

"Would either of you care for a drink," she offered as she joined them.

"No," Rose jumped in before Damien could speak. "Actually the gentleman here would like a lap dance."

Amethyst saw the smile playing across Rose's lips. She thought this was some sort of game. Some sort of lover's tiff. And obviously Damien had been doing nothing to dissuade her. Amethyst glared into his green eyes and wished she could kill him where he sat.

"I'll leave you to discuss the terms." Rose walked away, the little smile on her face splitting into a full on grin as she felt the tension passing between the two of them. No question, they were hot together. It was no wonder Amethyst was making a fool of herself over the man.

Amethyst turned on Damien the second Rose was out of earshot. "What are you playing at?"

"Nothing," Damien returned smoothly, a small smile playing about the edge of his mouth as well. "I was just hoping for a dance. I know your price is rather high, so I've been saving all week." He smiled into her mutinous face as she tried to control her left hand, but failed when, almost with a will of it's own, it arced up and hit him in the face.

Damien lost the smile, but not the intensity in his eyes. "How much?"

"This is harassment," Amethyst answered, glaring into his eyes. "I told you at the office I wanted nothing more to do with you, and here you are stalking me!"

She was unprepared for the sound of Damien's rich laughter dancing around her. "You are priceless indeed Amethyst. Would it be any wonder if I did decide to stalk you?" His laughter continued. "I'm here because you invited me."

"And when did this miracle take place?"

"It was you who said I could only see you on work related issues?" Damien rhetorically asked. "This is your work, until Sunday at least, and I'd say a lap dance is very much related."

Amethyst froze. Hoisted on her own petard. And that would teach her to think she had got one up on Damien.

"How much?" he asked again.

Amethyst's mind raced, going in every which direction to try and find a way to make him lose interest. Money. He still hated avarice women. She had proved herself to be one before, she could prove herself to be one again. In fact, why not make it worth her while. Her remaining debt totaled around $200,000. Why not just make it an even $300,000 and then if he took the bate, she'd at least be able to pay the remaining debt and quit her job.

"Ok," she acquiesced, giving that same harlot's smile from less than a week ago. "I'll do it for $300,000."

Damien smiled. She had agreed. And now came the gamble. "For that amount of money, we should at least make it interesting."

Amethyst felt a shiver of apprehension creep down her spine. "H-how," Amethyst had to stop to steady her voice. She had expected a flat out refusal and he was throwing her for a loop by agreeing so readily. "How can we make it more interesting?"

"Last time I was here you said you could make me cum in 10 minutes or less, and amazingly you achieved your goal. How long do you think it would take you tonight?"

He had already possessed her body and she knew he desired her wildly. Amethyst felt her confidence returning. It would be a fairly simple thing to make him lose control.

"Another 10 minutes," she shrugged, self-assurance oozing from every pore. She should have remembered he hadn't gotten rich by making stupid mistakes or taking unnecessary risks.

It was almost too good to be true. Damien congratulated himself on his good fortune and her apparent arrogance.

"So confident," he mocked.

"I'd say I deserve to be confident after your performance the last time," she teased, the dark pleasure in her eyes reminding him of the ways and means she had made him lose control.

"I see." An answering desire sparked in Damien's eyes, making his voice gruff as he continued with his offer. "Then if you make me cum in under 10 minutes tonight, the money is yours and I will stop actively pursuing you, but if you don't meet your goal, then I take you home with me, and you grace my bed every night until I say otherwise." Almost as an afterthought he added, "And perhaps if you please me enough, then the money will still be yours. Deal?"

Determination lit a fire in Amethyst's heart The terms were daunting, but she was not aiming to lose so they hardly mattered. She would stoop to whatever means to be sure he came in under ten minutes and whatever else happened, she certainly wouldn't be giving him permission to touch her tonight.


Together they traced their way to one of the back rooms and Amethyst made a note of the time as they entered the room.

"You are of course aware of the rules," Amethyst asked in a parody of their first time together.

"I've recently been acquainted with them," Damien agreed, smiling at her cheekiness.

Stripping off her top and bottom, Amethyst stood before him in just her high heeled shoes. She slowly began to dance closer and closer to him, hips swaying and body undulating all the while. Damien hardened his heart against the sight of her, even though he had imagined seeing her this way many times. Later, he promised himself. Later.

Amethyst let her hands wonder over her breasts, dancing around the rosy tips. "But for the fact that now is hardly the time, I would love to feel your mouth touching me here. Your hot mouth pulling on the swollen tip and your tongue swirling around until I was mad with desire." Her head titled back and her eyes closed slightly as she brought her left hand slowly down her body between her thighs.

"I would love to feel your mouth between my thighs, tasting me again. When you cornered me in the elevator I was secretly excited to be at your mercy, but you soon found that out for yourself." Amethyst smiled, every word she uttered a provocation. Her fingers dipped into her sweet depths as she moved her hips closer to his body. He could smell her arousal wafting up to him but remained still.

Removing her fingers from between her thighs, Amethyst was somewhat appalled at how wet they were. She was clearly becoming more aroused than she had allowed for. Time to step up her game.

Turning her back to Damien, she dropped her bottom slowly down the front of his chest to his lap, where it was greeted with hard enthusiasm by his penis. She slowly slid her way back up and turned around repeating the move, but this time she settled on her knees in front of him and made quick work of unfastening his pants.

Damien felt a growl in the back of his throat, but didn't move. Amethyst pulled a quick glance at the clock, 4 minutes left. Her head quickly dropped and her mouth tightened around the head as she began bobbing up and down. She swirled her tongue around the tip as she let him fall almost completely out of her mouth before capturing him back inside, allowing him to slide deeper than before. Amethyst felt a drop of pre-cum hit her lip as she slid back. She made eye contact with Damien, knowing how he loved visual stimulus, and swiped her tongue languorously across her lips collecting the pearly drop before bending to her task again, victory in sight.

Watching her glistening tongue savoring his taste was the last straw, and Damien pulled her up from between his legs and flattened her back against the mirror. Amethyst struggled wildly in his arms. "Stop."

Damien didn't listen. He only paused for a moment to wrap her legs around his waist and then he was all action as he slid deep inside of her. Amethyst shuddered violently and tried to pull back, but was prevented from doing anything more than arching her back to deepen his thrusts.

Grabbing her wrists, he secured them over her head whispering all the wicked things he would do to her as he plunged deeper and harder. Amethyst convulsed around him barely able to breathe as he took her to a new plane of ecstasy. He hastily withdrew from her kneeling between her thighs. His hot mouth whispering over her sensitive flesh as she collapsed against the mirror unable to hold herself up any longer.

As Damien slid up her body, Amethyst could just make out the clock over his left should. Almost twenty minutes later, and he still hadn't come. Amethyst put her hands against his chest trying to push him away but he stayed pressed against her holding her erect. She resented that he was the only thing keeping her from falling to a heap on the floor. She resented that he had turned her own body against herself.

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