Reluctant Wife Gets Blacked


Feeling her pussy heat up from the friction of fucking this giant pole, increased the frenzy of her furious fucking. The heat was spreading outward and upward, practically scorching her insides. A streak of pure sexual pleasure seemed to explode deep inside her pussy, engulfing her in an ecstasy of orgasmic delight. HuCho screamed a long banshee wail, and collapsed on his chest. For a few moments, HuCho was disorientated, not knowing where she was or what was happening.

She came to her senses, when James rolled her over and began long stroking her abused vagina. She was so exhausted she couldn't respond, as he fucked her hard and furious. Luckily, James didn't need a response, only a willing hole to deposit his seed. Within minutes, he was shooting great globs of semen into her uterus and the fertile mouth of her cervix. If she wasn't pregnant before, she was now!

Sunday morning, HuCho walked as if she had a pole up her ass. Her pussy was red, raw and sore. Needless to say, neither man had better attempt touching her on any part of her body! James had almost fucked her to death and that useless husband had enjoyed every minute of it! The soreness and anger would pass, but not today.

After a few failed attempts at conversation with her, James left for his base about noon. By Tuesday, HuCho was her old self, but still pissed at her husband. There was no doubt in her mind that she was pregnant and it was time to have a serious talk with that wimp on the sofa.

"Are you going to lay there all day without saying something?" HuCho asked.

"What do you want me to say? I'll ask you something. If you're pregnant, do you plan on having the baby?" Bob replied.

"I don't want a child, and you're almost 56 years old. You would be over 75 before he or she was even out of school." HuCho reasoned.

"Okay, then think of this. Do you plan on seeing James again? If so, you know he is not going along with an abortion. You may not even be pregnant. What about that morning after pill they advertise on television?" Bob asked.

"In this State, you need a prescription and by the time I see a Doctor, it will be too late. When I find out if I am really pregnant, it would still be a couple of months before I could get an abortion. Could we see him until then and break if off? He would never have to know." HuCho suggested hopefully.

"We can try that, if it's what you want. Remember one thing, he's in the Military and over a thousand miles from home. If he doesn't get transferred before his discharge, he will leave then, regardless. The two of us would be left to raise an unwanted child. Explained Bob.

"One other thing, after James, can we ever go back the way we were before?" Bob asked. Thinking of going back to the old life of boredeom was depressing. This weekend had been the most exciting time of his life.

"Well, don't think bad of me, but, we still have a computer and experience at placing an ad. Maybe, the next time, we could find a couple. How would you like to use your tongue on a black woman?" HuCho felt naughty as she threw that last little tidbit in.

The End

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