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I was in my office at home, writing code for a project I'd promised to get done before the coming weekend when that patronizing, annoying little jingle that announced incoming email went off. I made a mental note to myself, for at least the 73rd time, to write something to override that noise. Gawd it was annoying! I finished the couple of lines I had in my head, saved the file and sent it off to the compiler.

While that was running, I went into my inbox to see what had come through. Just one message, a single name I didn't recognize, but that didn't mean anything. The two kids were away at school and were known to change their email address on a whim, so I had to pay attention. But this name just didn't seem like anything they'd use. I'd written a little program to stop the junk emails coming in, but this one had bypassed that, so maybe it was legit. I opened the email. It consisted of just one word:


It was only then that I looked back at the cryptic name the sender had used. I didn't need to be able to decipher the name to know who it was from – I just took a little pleasure in trying to decipher it, like the vanity license plate you're never sure whether you've figured out or not.

How long has this one-way correspondence been going on? 15 years? No, it's closer to 20 years now. I remember the first note I received in the mail long ago, long before email came about. It was in the same format, the same single word, written in your neat, backward-leaning, left-handed script. There was never a return address, and I never sought one. It was a rhetorical question, and there was no need for contact. I remember once a number of years ago I finally got up the courage to reply to one of your emails, only to receive back "addressee unknown." But since you're asking, again, after all these years - of course I remember!

I was now afraid I would not be able to meet my deadline. These reminders, always coming out of the blue, generally cost me at least a day of productive work, and right now I didn't have that time to give.

I also remember the second note you wrote:

"REMEMBER? I've been thinking about it a lot lately."

Maybe six months after receiving that, I heard through the grapevine you'd gotten married. I was glad for you, but that note stuck in my mind at least as much as the first. For you to have sent it so close to what must have been your wedding day always gave me pause. I always wondered when you actually sat down, wrote it, and then sent it.

The compiler was done, but I couldn't concentrate. I started the debugger, and walked from my office to the kitchen to stare into the fridge. Maybe enlightenment would come to me from the inside of the refrigerator. There was no one around to disturb my thoughts, and I knew that was the problem. I needed to be sidetracked, and Kate wasn't due home till after 6 tonight. So, I stared into the refrigerator blankly....

It was my last summer of taking classes. My thesis was obviously not going to be done in time to coincide with the end of more formal instruction and I was pissed about that. I had a couple undergrad students who thought college summer session was like detention and they were being a pain in the ass. My girlfriend, Jess, while not a live-in, was close enough to that that she may as well have been, told me at the beginning of the summer she was applying to a famous West Coast school for her grad work. I knew with her grades and board scores that she was probably going to get in, and I was going to be stuck in the miserable Northeast for at least another semester all by myself. My resentment, and her excitement had kept us from seeing eye-to-eye for a while, and while we'd slept together, we hadn't really slept together since the beginning of the summer. A couple weeks and it would be over till after Labor Day, but in the meantime, I needed to work out just a little bit of tension.

So, I hopped in my beat up Corolla, turned up the radio to drown out the rattles, and got on the back road to Skinny Cove. Skinny Cove was the nickname college-age locals had given this small cove in the local lake where we all went skinny-dipping. It was the late '70s, and this was just thing to do. There was seldom any wind there, and it was just long enough and wide enough to provide a good swim. It was one of the few hot days we got up there, and, after stripping off my clothes and diving in, it felt great. Starting from the rock near the center of the cove I began my laps, swimming out to the opening to the larger lake, and back. The exercise did me good, and on one of the return laps back in I noticed a guy standing on the miniscule beach getting ready to dive in. I thought to myself, "Now there's a little Adonis" and went back to swimming, not giving it another thought.

To this day I don't know why that thought ran through my head. I'd seen plenty of naked people there before, guys and girls, and had seldom had any thoughts one way or the other. Occasionally a girl would come by that would cause an instantaneous standing ovation, but I'd just head out into deeper water to drown the applause.

I swam back in toward the rock, and saw the guy standing on the other side. I nodded and said hello, and gained my footing on the narrow sandbar that sloped downwards. I started to walk up the sandbar toward the rock and stopped where the water was waist deep. I stood there, hands on my hips, trying to get my breath back, while 'Adonis' swam short laps, never straying too far from the rock. As my breathing became more normal, he swam around to where I was standing and stood on the sandbar facing me. We made a few small comments about the weather, student status, blah and whatever else I don't recall, and then, he just reached across the water between us and grabbed my cock. It had been floating I guess, I hadn't really paid any attention. I looked him directly in the eyes, and he asked "Are you homosexual?"

"No," I answered, my cock beginning to grow in his hand.

"Are you bisexual?"

"I don't think so, but I've never tried it." My cock was now standing above the water, and he was slowly rubbing his thumb on the soft spot underneath the head.

"Well, I'm bisexual. I live with my girlfriend, but I like to be with guys every so often."

"I live with my girlfriend too, but we haven't had sex in two months. Don't ask why. It's a long story."

"And so here we are," he said.

To this day I have no idea why I did what I did, but when I think about it, my heart starts to beat faster and the saliva builds up in my mouth, even while looking at the egg salad with the Saran Wrap over the top of it, drops of condensation getting ready to drip inside the bowl. Even though it's before noon, I grab a beer and slam shut the refrigerator door.

"Here we are," I replied as I backed him up to the rock. I pushed him back so he had to sit down, his legs still in the water, his upstanding cock rising above the surface. I walked between his legs and knelt on one of the underwater outcroppings of the rock. Pushing him back a little further, I leaned forward and down, and, grabbing the base of his cock, took him into my mouth.

Half the beer is gone by the time I get across the house to my office. I sit back down at the computer. The debugger's found nothing, so I start the program to run through the testbed I'd created. I open the top snap of my jeans and stare at the data running across the screen, looking for any anomalies, thankful I can spot these things without having to think about them.

When I cupped his balls, and suckled the underside of his cockhead, the same spot on me he'd been rubbing with his thumb, he thrust up into my mouth, and slowly retreated. He then reached between us, took my hand that had hold of his balls and guided it under the water. He made it clear what he wanted touched, and probed. I spread him as best I could with my first and third fingers, and penetrated him with my middle finger. "Let's go up the shoreline a little ways," he suggested over my head.

"Good idea." Without another word we went back to the little beach, got our clothes and walked up the rocky shoreline to a more secluded area.

At this point, things get a little fuzzy for me. I remember his cum on my belly, and mine on his. I remember licking his belly clean, and him licking mine clean. DAMN! I stop the debugger and open the code.

"Lie back, and put your legs on my shoulders," he said. I knew where this was going, and wasn't at all sure about it. There was no such thing as AIDS back then, so that wasn't what I was concerned about. Using saliva from both of us, he lubed my ass and his cock as best he could. Then, without much fanfare, he tried to penetrate. It hurt, a lot. I was not into pain, and did not like the vulnerable feeling that was going through me. I stopped him. We left shortly after, never even having exchanged names.

I find the problem and fix it, and look for similar problems, but there are none. I restart the compiler and head back to the kitchen for another beer, the top button of my jeans still open. When I return I start the process all over again, my right hand sneaking into my pants.

I drove back to the graduate student apartment complex and parked my car. Jess's car was in the lot, so I knew she was there. What the hell was I going to say to her? I didn't know myself how to interpret what just went on. I steeled myself, and went into the apartment.

"Been swimming?" Jess asked, standing at the kitchen counter.

"That, and a little more," I replied, setting my backpack down.

"What more could you do up there?"

"Come here," I said, indicating the so-called living room. "I have something to tell you."

I was going to tell her the entire story, but, before I got halfway through, she stood, took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She turned back to me and slipped off my shorts, then raised my arms and lifted my shirt off me. She indicated for me to get on the bed. As I lay back against the wall, she undressed herself, very, very slowly. She faced away from me as she lowered her jeans and panties in one motion. Her pussy was facing me as she bent over and I wanted that more than anything right then. My cock was dancing to my heartbeat.

Jess turned back to me and crawled on the bed, lifting one leg over so she was straddling me. She made sure my cock was laying against my belly, and nestled her pussy around it. I wasn't sure, but I thought I could feel her clit against the head of my cock, the same underside that had been ministered to so expertly by a man not more than two or three hours before. "Continue your story," she said.

I finished the story while she played with my nipples, and I played with hers. Occasionally she would slide herself up and down my cock, and more than once I felt a dribble of her lubrication run down the crease between my balls, and on down to the crack of my ass.

"And that's it. Nothing more happened after that. We left. I don't even know..." she effectively cut me off by slipping my cock inside of her. It had been months. There'd been a tension around us for longer than that. That all disappeared in less than a half-dozen strokes. She came before I did, but not by much.

My hand toyed with the head of my cock, which was now sticking up close to the waistband of my 'wears. The program was still running, having gotten over its previous trouble spot. I slipped my pants down, and gathered some saliva to rub on the head of my cock.

I awoke in the middle of the night, the warmth, texture and moistness of a mouth on my cock. Frightened at first I'd ended up someplace I didn't want to be, I jerked a little, but when Jess's long hair swept across my lower belly, I knew I was in the right place. "Tell me again about taking him in your mouth," she whispered.

The next couple of weeks were, without exaggeration, a fuckfest, interspersed with studying for finals, preparing tests for the undergrads, and getting ready for the fall semester. All issues between us, while not solved, had certainly taken a back seat, a way-back seat. The resolution, without any discussion, seemed to be, "We're here now. Let's enjoy it." And Jess wanted to hear over and over about what had happened at the swimming hole.

Hell, that was the Resolution of the '70s. No great wisdom there! I laughed to myself, still not letting go. The debugger was finished. No runtime errors. Now to check the data output. I pulled my hand out from underneath my jockeys and started typing, my hands doing one thing, my mind still wandering, trying to remember what the longest time period had been without receiving any of these reminders. Was it three years? Maybe five?

Finals were over – both the ones to take and the ones to give. My professors were glad I was putting off the dissertation till the fall so I could concentrate solely on that. Jess was accepted at the famous West Coast school, but there were two weeks between now and when she had to leave. We were both done, and out for a night on the town. Of course, on a grad student/student budget, so we went to the local bar and grabbed a table before the band got started. A couple friends joined us at the table for the first set, and then got up to mingle. I was talking with Jess in close quarters when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed someone standing at the table. I glanced up, and my heart caught in my throat – it was Adonis!

My eyes glanced at the figure standing next to him. Her top draped just enough over her breasts that you could make out their conical shape, tipped with perfectly sized nipples. She had a high waist, and her hips had enough of a curve that the seams of her jeans strained slightly. The folds in her jeans made by her casually crossed legs formed a perfectly defined "Y". She was tall, taller than he was, with short, tightly curled hair and was stunningly beautiful in an exotically demure way. It was Venus, but with two arms.

I stammered, not knowing what to say. I looked from him to Jess, and back again. I started to speak, "Jess, this is..." but Jess cut me off.

"You're Adonis, aren't you?"

"I'm who?" he asked, incredulously.

"You're from the cove."

"So, he told you."

"Everything," she answered. "Absolutely everything, down to the smallest detail." I could feel the flush coming to my face. I was the subject of this conversation, and was being almost completely ignored.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Is this your girlfriend? Is her name 'Venus'?" I was shocked. Jess was admiring the demure beauty standing there; making it obvious she was undressing her with her eyes. Venus accepted it all with unbelievable grace and poise. It was clear that she was used to being looked at, and admired, and yet, she seemed completely unfazed by it. Her look retained an air of innocence that was extremely sensual.

"Yes, this is my girlfriend. How much detail did he tell you?"

"Enough to have an effect on me."

"What kind of effect?"

They had taken the two seats vacated by our friends. Jess leaned across the table, nodding for him to drop his head to hear what she had to say. Venus was looking at me, wondering if we should start our own conversation, and on what subject. I leaned forward to attempt to engage her in conversation. She did the same, and when she got close, I don't know what it was, but she smelled wonderful.

Jess grabbed my hand under the table and indicated for me to lean toward her. Into my ear, in the din of the bar, and the band, and the clanking glasses, she said to me, "I want to got to bed with these two. Both of them. Now!"

And then it started to happen, and like that day a couple weeks ago, it just flowed like it was the most normal thing in the world. We stood, paid the tab, tipped the waitress, waved good-bye to a few folks we knew and left. The cars traveled to their place, I'm still not sure how, and we entered. They had more of a house than an apartment, and once we got there, things just started happening. There was no loosening up, no more liquor, no drugs, no nothing. We went there, all four of us, knowing exactly why we were there and more or less, what was going to be happening.

I let the data scroll by. I wasn't concentrating at all. I was staring at the screen but seeing the inside of the living room as we passed into the bedroom. The king-sized mattress was on the floor, another relic of the '70s, or maybe college finances. My thumb continued to rub the underside of my cock. I took some saliva and rubbed it into my cock with my thumb. I glanced at the now empty beer bottle.

Each of us shed our own clothes, and then stood upright, not sure where next to begin. Venus walked over to Jess first, and leaned forward and a little downward to kiss her lightly on her lips, hands at her side. She was not forcing herself on Jess, she was waiting for Jess to make the next move, which she did. Shyly, Jess reached up with just the tip of her finger, and gave the lightest touch you can imagine to Venus' nipple. A whisper of a touch that caused her light pink nipple to harden, and grow slightly darker with the rush of blood that followed. Adonis and I stood on opposite sides of the two girls and watched. It was so slow, and tentative, each successive touch causing a slightly elevated response, for by now, both girls were tentatively exploring each other. An earlobe, a neck vein, the side of one breast, the center of the other, fingertips and lips were the only tools they used. Venus was clearly more experienced at this than Jess, and she had the good sense to let Jess take it as she wanted to. Jess was the first to kneel on the bed, and she pulled Venus down with her. Kneeling facing each other, they embraced and probed each other's mouth with their own tongue. At the sight of their breasts pressing together, of each mound flattening out the other, and their wet tongues slithering in and around their mouths, I reached down and took hold of my own cock, oblivious to the presence of Adonis.

As I stood there watching, he made his way to the side of the bed I was on, and knelt in front of me. I looked down at him as he removed my hand from my cock, and replaced it with his mouth. His hand held me in place. Breaking away from staring at the girls, I looked down at him briefly, and then pulled his head toward me. He took as much of me into his mouth as he could. At the moment I was more fascinated by what was going on between Jess and Venus, and didn't care at all who was sucking me off. I looked back at them, noticing that their hands were becoming much less inhibited in their explorations.

It was Venus who pushed Jess back on the bed, and spread her legs. It wasn't until then that I was able to catch Jess's eyes, and they were completely glazed over. She saw Adonis sucking me, and raised her head to get a better view. Venus had worked her way down Jess's belly and at the first probing of Jess's pussy, she forgot all about what was happening to me.

Was I fooling myself with these reminisces? It had been so freaking long! No way could I remember all the gymnastics and acrobatics that went on after all this time. Who the heck was I kidding? Despite the fact I was no longer sure what I had made up, and what I had not, there were a couple of things I was sure of – I thoroughly enjoyed the reminiscing, no matter how flawed in fact, and some things I really did remember, like they'd happened yesterday.

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