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She remembers being 22 years old, opening her eyes, turning her head and seeing a fully erect cock sticking out from under her right arm. It was shiny and slick with oil and was thrusting back and forth urgently. She remembers she was kneeling, straddling one man with his organ buried deep in her ass, while another crouched in front of her, enjoying her nipples. Then she remembers, later on, being upright but not standing, her feet not touching the floor because of the boner that was buried in her ass, holding her off the floor, and the second one which rammed her cunt at the same time. She remembers how her feet had dangled uselessly as the two men enjoyed her.

She remembers sucking off two, no...seven men in a row and how her tummy had gurgled afterwards from the bubbly globs of jizz she'd gulped. But she remembers how her stomach settled when they put her on her hands and knees and began to lubricate her ass-hole. She'd burped and the smell-flavor of fresh semen wafted up and filled her nose.

She remembers laying on her back a long (or short) time later, somewhere in that same house, being screwed hard and fast by some other man. His face blurred with the rest of them. But she remembers how someone had grabbed her ankle and hauled her leg up and out to the side slightly, and then how it felt to have a cock-head pushing and pressing into the sole of her foot. It had had a massage-like quality.

She remembers how her other foot was then pulled aside and used the same way, and she remembers how it felt when the first load of cum gushed out and leaked between her toes from underneath and how it felt as that goo slowly seeped down the top of her pointing foot. She remembers there was a hot spray right afterwards and how it smelled as the tiny droplets of urine, splashing through her toes, rained down on her like a warm mist.

She remembers standing at the refreshment table, drinking a soda while someone fucked her from behind. She let it happen while she finished her drink. She grabbed a handful of chocolate chip cookies and stood, and felt a river of semen oozing down the inside of her right thigh. She remembers heading outside for a breath of fresh air, wanting to be alone after hours of continuous fucking and taking another soda and cookies with her. She remembers how it felt to have drying cum on the bottoms of her bare feet and how her toes seemed glued together by it.

She remembers padding up the carpeted stairs and meeting yet another man and letting him lift her from the floor and settle her on his rigid cock. She remembers trying not to spill her drink while he fucked her that way, and remembers how thankful she was that when he was through he set her gently back down on the floor again.

She remembers nibbling her cookies and finishing them long before she reached the top floor of the house, and how even the hallway up there was littered with writhing, naked bodies of both genders, doing things to each other with no regard of gender.

She remembers glancing at a cute girl, her age, who knelt, sucking the toes of yet another cute girl, and how the second one seemed to enjoy it so much. She remembers wondering to herself about that, and remembering how nice it felt, how actually erotic it was when those men had used her feet for their pleasure. Eight of them, she remembers.

And she remembers how she needed to pee and found a bathroom down the hall, one with doors on both sides of the room, and how she sat and smiled to herself at being able to simply sit and not worry about letting down her panties - or removing anything else for that matter - and how she sipped her soda as she peed and felt quite pleased with herself for no reason at all.

She remembers how the other door to the bathroom opened and how two men came in and saw her relieving herself ,and the shock and then excitement she felt deep inside because it was the first time anyone had watched her pee. She remembers how the men stood stroking their already hard cocks as they watched her and how she smiled at them and how she felt herself blush - even after all she'd been through. She remembers how they then came up to her where she sat and pushed their dicks at her and how she'd opened her mouth and sucked them at first, and then how she simply kept still while they thrust in and out of her mouth. She remembers how they took turns and how one would watch, slowly rubbing himself while the other used her mouth and how happy she felt that they found her pretty enough to look at and to take pleasure in.

She remembers that neither of them came, but that they stood back and peed in her lap. She remembers how it felt to have that hot water leaking down between her thighs and down underneath her pussy and dripping down to join her own pee in the toilet bowl, and she remembers how much she wanted them to fuck her, but that they turned and went out the other door.

She remembers feeling alone in that cool room, even though the heat of the piss was still warming her thighs.

She remembers how another girl came in, naked and barefoot as she was, saw her sitting on the toilet and started to apologize and withdraw, and how she found herself quickly telling the girl she was through and that she could use the toilet. She remembers standing, flushing and starting to leave and remembers the girl's soft voice asking her to stay and keep her company. She remembers agreeing with a shrug and a nod and going to sit on the edge of the bath tub, looking at the walls and ceiling, trying to give the girl some sense of privacy. But she remembers glancing over once or twice and finding that the girl was actually quite pretty, and she remembered the other two girls in the hall, making love, and she looked at the girl again, enjoying the quiet sounds of her urine splashing in the silent room, and how she thought the sound was sweet and pretty and sexy.

Just as the girl herself was.

She remembers the girl standing and flushing, then turning to her and smiling, and she remembers smiling back and thinking that she wouldn't mind making love with this girl because she was so adorably pretty. She remembers seeing the girl's blue eyes dart down and then up and felt strangely happy that even another woman, and such a pretty one at that, would find her worth checking out. She remembers she was just about to ask the girl if she wanted to make love with her when both doors slammed open and six or seven men came in. They were laughing and smiling and friendly and they gently coaxed her to leave with them, while the other girl went with some of the others.

She remembers laying on her back in a bed on that same floor, in another room, feeling the cock of the man on top of her squishing in and out of her cunt. They fucked her one after another, four of them, and then more joined in. Eight, and then nine. They used her pussy and her ass-hole but they weren't harsh or rough. They simply fucked her, came in her and left, and when they were almost through, when the ninth or tenth one was pushing hard and gasping, she noticed that the other girl, the girl from the bathroom, was now there in the room with her, surrounded by another group of horny men. Their eyes met and locked, and then the girl disappeared within a circle of naked men.

She remembers seeing the girl sucking dicks while she knelt in the middle of that manly ring, the view of her sometimes good, sometimes not. She remembers the man on top of her grunting as he thrust deep into her and when he was done, he pulled out. She remembers how her pussy seemed to burp as air passed out of it, and how the oozing stream of escaping cum never seemed to end. She sat up, looking for any glimpse of the other girl and saw that she was now on hands and knees, servicing one man from behind and one man with her mouth while the others stroked their hard-ons and watched. She remembers thinking how beautiful the girl was doing that; how she seemed to almost glow.

She remembers the girl seeing her from between the forest of thick, muscular legs, and smiling at her, and then watched as the girl tried to get disconnected from the two men who were enjoying her at the moment and stand. They pulled out of her and lifted her to her feet. They carried her to the bed and placed her gently down upon it and then quickly resumed what they were doing.

She remembers moving aside and then slipping off the bed entirely and standing there watching as the pretty girl went on allowing herself to be enjoyed. Six men took her that way, but then another group of men entered the room.

She remembers they saw her standing alone and came to her and began touching her and kissing her. They sucked her nipples, squeezed her tits and did all the things men do. Hands ran down her legs, up her butt, and though she wanted to suck them and feel them inside her, she wanted more to see the other girl. The shape of her body, the loveliness of her face, her legs, shoulders, and her long hair seemed to be like the very breath of fresh air she had escaped the downstairs to find. She couldn't seem to get enough of looking at her.

She remembers her group of men began to take her standing. One got behind her and when she felt the head of his cock touch her cunt, she spread her legs a little. She remembers how easily he sank into her due to all the jiz that was still inside her, but more so from her own sexual wetness she had achieved from watching the other girl. This puzzled her for a moment but then the man was screwing her hard, holding her by the hips, and she began to forget about everything else. Even after all the cocks which had used her, the friction was wonderful, the feeling of being completely packed full of stiff, thick meat. But then the girl came to mind and she looked up and found she was staring directly into the girl's beautiful eyes. She watched those eyes widen as an orgasm filled her and exploded, and at that same moment she felt herself reach some unheard of peak. The orgasm was so strong her bladder let loose. Piss dribbled down onto the carpet. Then she came again, her eyes still locked with the other girl's, and she knew then that it was because it was such a new thing for her - this feeling, these taboo thoughts of another woman.

She remembers how wonderfully degenerate and kinky and incredibly nasty it all felt to be orgasming while looking so deeply into another female's eyes. It was as though they were making love together and the men, the continually thronging group of men were only their servants to this secret pleasure.

She remembers how her entourage finally laid her carefully on the rug and proceeded to take turns balling her until they spewed. She was now unable to see the other girl, but it didn't matter; she had already memorized every one of the girl's features and could see her clearly in her mind. Then man bodies crouched over and covered her one at a time, and they came in her one after the other. Some jerked off over her face and let their jizz splash down. She remembers how some took hold of her feet as the others had done hours before and felt semen spewing between her toes again.

She remembers opening her eyes and realizing the last one had just ejaculated in her and was only now pulling out. She remembers how her pussy contracted, and then she was alone on the floor, turning her head to look at the bed. She remembers seeing only the soles of the girl's pretty feet showing from the edge of the bed, and remembers rolling to her side and getting on her knees. She remembers seeing the girl laying there, spread eagle, her flat chest rising and falling with deep breaths, and she remembers how her eyes found the beautiful place between those limply spread legs. She remembers how the girl's pussy seemed to contract just as her own had just done, and she remembers how she could no longer resist it. She remembers how she got up and crawled to the bed, how she lunged and missed getting up onto it on the first try, and then pulling herself up finally. She remembers the pretty girl raising her head and smiling, and then she remembers how it was when her mouth suddenly moved down to cover the girl's spasming pussy.

She remembers the sounds the girl made as she licked her semen-filled twat and how the orgasms filled her and how those orgasms made her pussy squeeze and how the semen seemed to flow out in a continuous stream. She remembers how her own sex squeezed in excitement at what she was doing, and she remembers the warmth that oozed out and down her thighs.

She remembers how the girl eventually turned and curled toward her, and how they both spent countless, breathless moments enjoying the taste of each other's pussy at the same time. She remembers that they ate each other until there was no man flavor left in either of them and that they didn't even stop then.

She remembers later, when they were catching their breath; how she simply hugged the girl's crotch to her face, and how the girl did the same to her.

She remembers how another girl came into the room, saw them, wrinkled her nose in disgust and left, and how she and the girl laughed at this. Then she remembers how she could not resist how beautiful the girl was, as if seeing her again for the first time, and she remembers turning and kissing the girl straight on the mouth. She remembers how the warmth and energy and desire built up inside her and how she suddenly reached down and got her finger in the girl's cunt. She remembers how it was to kiss the girl's beautiful mouth while she finger-fucked her and made her orgasm. She remembers how it felt when the girl moaned directly into her mouth, and how the sound, the vibration made her come too. She remembers wanting, no, needing more direct contact, more intimate touch and how she pulled back and got her legs entwined with the girl's and how she pushed and shoved her pussy against the girl's, and how the girl responded by pushing back. She remembers how it felt to have her bare, swollen cunt slipping and sliding back and forth against the girl's equally aroused sex, remembers that she could actually feel the girl's rigid clit slipping against her, and remembers the first orgasm they shared, for it was at the same exact moment.

She remembers thinking that this was really the ultimate thing two women could do and remembers smiling to herself when she compared it to having a big, thick cock jamming in and out of her. Then she remembers a hot flood drenching her pussy, and remembers taking a breath and letting her next orgasm completely take her over. She remembers letting her pee escape when and how it wanted, and remembers how she and the girl simply pissed their bladders dry as they went on rubbing themselves together. She remembers the smells, the sounds, the touching and feeling, remembers the thoughts and sights, the way the girl's beautiful long leg stuck up in the air until she captured it and pulled it down for a kiss, and she remembers how the girl took hold of her leg in turn and kissed her ankle.

She remembers how violent the climaxes were. She remembers it felt like her insides were rending in two, that her cunt would rip open and explode, and then remembered the trilling, the almost throbbing feeling as her pussy contracted and clenched. She remembers the girl rolling out of their passionate leg-lock and straddling her, pee still dribbling out of her, and how that wetness ran down her belly. She remembers the girl walking up on her knees until her pussy was right over her chest and peeing on her tits. She remembers how she pulled the girl down on top of her, chest to chest, and how they massaged each other's tits using the girl's urine as a secret, special liniment.

She remembers how excitedly they kissed, and how it felt to have the girl's weight pressing down on her, how it felt to have hard nipples rubbing against her chest, and then remembers how her legs seemed to come up and spread outward all on their own, and how the girl rammed her crotch into her now-spread cunt.

She remembers how she came and how the orgasms were made to happen all without anything penetrating her cunt. She remembers how sweaty the girl looked, how mussed and unkempt, and how totally beautiful and sexy all of that made her appear. She remembers there was that same glow to her face, her neck, her shoulders, and she remembers wrapping her legs around the girl's slim sides, using her heels to urge the thrusts down and against her even harder than they were.

She remembers the men who came in and interrupted them. She remembers the girl being pulled up and turned over and how the two of them, laying side by side across the bed were fucked by over a dozen quite drunk and happy men. She remembers reaching out and holding the girl's hand while this was all going on, and remembers that there was more pleasure and peace in that single touch than the huge, thick, thrusting things that were repeatedly inserted between her legs. She remembers how the both of them were turned over onto hands and knees and how they both serviced the men, mouth and cunt or mouth and ass, until they were all through with them, and when they had gone, she remembers glancing at the girl and seeing a smile, and hearing her say, "Well, I guess we have to clean each other out again!" and remembers laughing and then falling into serious silence when she realized she could not now think of anything else she would rather do in the entire world.

She remembers pouncing on the laughing girl, shoving her legs open roughly and burying her mouth on the girl's creamy snatch, and remembers sucking semen out of it, using her tongue to plunge it out, and then just letting it drip off onto the bed; not wanting or needing to taste it any longer. She remembers how the girl writhed in ecstasy on the bed, remembers how beautiful she was, and how uninhibited, remembers receiving a short squirt of pee in her face, and laughing about it before going back to work.

She remembers she ate the girl out until the girl could barely move, and then pausing to kneel there looking at her, appreciating her body, her face. She remembers kissing the girl's mouth and then continuing the kiss all down the front of her body, down both legs and arms, and finally kissing her feet, and she remembers how the girl gasped and tried to jerk her feet away. She remembers holding those pretty feet firmly in her hands and kissing and then sucking their toes, and she remembers how the girl squirmed and begged her to stop and how she refused. She remembers how devilish she felt, how she enjoyed torturing the girl with pleasure, and then realized that the girl's first toe would fit nicely in another hole she had.

She remembers getting up and straddling the girl's left foot and pressing down on it with her cunt. She remembers how the girl wriggled and moved that toe until it finally slipped up inside her. She remembers the shiver that went through her and up her spine and she remembers rising up and pushing down again. She remembers how sexy it felt, how odd and wonderful, to have the girl's toe in her cunt, and then started to hump up and down on that rigid thing until she attained satisfaction.

She remembers it took quite awhile to attain it because of how arousing the whole thing - the whole idea - was.

She remembers how the girl eventually recovered enough to use her other foot to push her backward, and remembers how quickly and easily and gently the girl slipped her own first toe into her cunt. She remembers how the two of them lay there, using just their toes to bring each other off, and knew that if it went on forever, she would not mind.

She remembers how, afterward, the two of them kissed and licked each other's ankles and shins and knees and thighs and how they eventually gave each other baths with just their tongues. She remembers trying to hold still while the girl licked her shoulder and lower back and realizing she was about to orgasm just like that. She remembers how the two of them made love through the night and didn't stop until almost dawn, and how they crept downstairs through the masses of coiled and snuggled sleeping bodies, and how they got their clothes on and stepped out into the early morning air.

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