tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRemote Controlled Egg on Terras

Remote Controlled Egg on Terras


I felt full. Not as full as by Dolf's dick, but I could feel that I had Lotje in me. Lotje was the name we gave to the remotely controlled egg that I was wearing now.

We had a day out and landed on a terrace in the middle of the city. After Dolf ordered our drinks, he took Lotje out of his pocket and laid it down on the table. "Just go and insert Lotje into your pussy" he said. I was scared like hell. Such a vibrator you don t lay fully exposed on the table in the middle of a busy restaurant. I grabbed it off the table before anyone could see. Dolf sat there, looking at me, with a grin from ear to ear. The brat.

At this point, some further explanation is useful, I think.

I am Jeanne, unmarried and retired not so long ago. Through a dating site I got to know Dolf. He is 3 years older than me. We have chatted for a while and met once in neutral area before taking the next step.

It turned out that we had the same interests in almost every area. Not only in everyday matters but also in sexual matters we had found each other completely. It just clicked.

His way of fucking made me crazy. I got wet just by thinking about him. When he touched me, I couldn't keep it dry. The moisture from my pussy was almost running down my legs, but in bed it was very bad. Something like this I had not experienced before. Moisture spots appeared on the sheet. At first, I thought it was him. His ejaculation. Until Dolf reminded me that the sheet was already damp before he fucked me.

Okay, back to the present. One of the things we shared was our hanger for exhibitionism and voyeurism. In a next story, I will further elaborate on what we all thought of and brought to practiced.

For now it's the story of Lotje that I want to tell. Dolf, by stumbling on websites with sex articles, thought it would be fun to use a vibrator that would fit my in pussy and could be remotely operated. And believe it or not, when he introduced me to the idea, I immediately saw the possibilities. That night we looked at the idea from all angles and came up with all sorts of possibilities. Needless to say we slept little that night.

So we decided to order such a thing and try it out.

Apparently the little thing had arrived. He had not told me, and now he dropped the thing in front of me in the middle of that terrace.

I had never really seen such a thing so i took a look at it under the table. It was not that big. I estimated a 6 or 7 centimeters long. It looked like I could take it quite easily in my pussy.

What the thing would do if I had inserted it, I did not really know. Well, of course, I had a vague idea, but I had never seen or felt it working before.

Hence that I came back from the toilet and felt filled.

I sat down at our table again and pretended nothing was happening. People came and went. The tables were quite close together and almost all occupied.

"Ieeeee" I almost flew. Suddenly I felt a vibration in my pussy. Pretty strong too. "Shit, couldn't you warn me," I whispered. I had not notice at all that he had had the remote control in his hand all the time. Pressing one time on the right button and I was completely dazed and confused. My god, it felt as if a real, powerful vibrator went berserk in my pussy. I did my best to set up a pokerface, but I do not think i succeeded very well.

"Do you feel something?" Dolf asked.

"A little bit," I said.

"Yes, I can see that, I would try to look a bit less stressed when I was you, otherwise they come and ask if everything is all right," he said. "You know, this is position 1, the thing has 5 positions."

"Ohhh my god," I groaned.

The waitress arrived with our order and you guessed it ... Lotje got turned up a knot up while my glass of wine was put down in front of me. "Th th thank you" was all that I could stammer. She looked a little strange at me. I hope that she will not be able to hear the thing, i suddenly realized.

A bit of chit chat on the terrace was not one of the possibilities right then and there. The thing kept going and my head became increasingly redder.

"Dolf, please shut it down, soon i can't hold anymore and will start screaming."

He smiled at me real sweet and said, "Have you seen that church? That's what i want to go look at it later on"

"Dolf, did you hear me? Please shut it down otherwise I'll get off here".

"Later we will check if it's open, that church I mean," Dolf said.

I got crazy. That thing kept vibrating in my pussy. I felt that I was getting wetter by the minute. Oh godddd, I'll have stains in the back of my skirt.

I felt how an orgasm started to build. Sitting quietly was almost impossible. My hand slowly crept toward my lap and began to pluck my skirt. In my lap my thumb was tightly clenched against my pussy and my clit. The other fingers slowly started pulling up my skirt.

Suddenly a deafening silence in a pussy. Dolf had switched it off.

Oohhhhhhh shitttt. The brat. He must have carefully watched my face and body language. I almost got off then he switched it off. Just before the moment supreme.

"Have you felt it a little bit?" He asks very hypocritically.

"Damn you, never do this again. It did a matter of seconds before i was sitting here in the middle of the terrace fingering myself."

"It's a pity I can not put the thing in position 4 or 5 in one move ... I have to build up through 1, 2 etc."

"I would have liked to see how high you jumped if I could put it straight in position 4."

"Do you pay off?" Dolf asked ", then I will go to the toilet for a moment." And he was gone.

Naive as I am, I called the waitress and asked for the bill.

As soon as she came up with the bill and I took my wallet, I realized why this was sooo wrong.

Lotje started to vibrate and shifted almost continuously to ever higher levels. Dolf was probably laughing out loud, somewhere out of my sight.

A decent conversation with the waitress could not be anymore. While the waitress gave me the change, Dolf came back with a very innocent face.

"Shall we go soon?"

"Oohhhh Dolf switch it off please, i will get off any minute."

I saw that the people at the table next to us were watching me curiously. I felt that it was no use to get up. I was going to orgasm. I hid my face in my hands because I did not want the whole terrace to enjoy my orgasm.

But of course, that was not what Dolf had in mind. He took my hands in his and began to talk to me. I had no idea what he was talking about.

With a fiery head, I watched the terrace. Close to us, two couples were watching me intensively.

"Oh dolf i can't stand it anymore. I'm going to orgasm here and now ".

"No problem girl, look at me," he said "the other people do not notice anything about it"

The optimist. I had seen them looking at me.

I felt how it started to grow in my abdomen more and more. This really would not take long. When I orgasm I can be quite noisy. I had to stay quiet here i thought to myself.

Oh goddd it's comingggggg. I squeezed my legs together, my eyes closed ... and then it happened. Dolf put Lot at the maximum position so my cunt almost exploded. I could not hold it anymore.

"Ohhhhhhhhh dolf i come i come". I know that I said that out loud because I saw from my angle of my eye how some faces turned towards me.

My orgasm kept going, it just did not stop. Lotje continued to cause new spasms. I was shaking on my chair. And all this time, Dolf kept holding my hands. I could not hide my face in my hands, I could not dive under the table. I had a mega orgasm at that table and visible to anyone who just wanted to see it.

Finally, Dolf slowly lowered the vibration level and finally to 0.

How long my orgasm lasted, I do not know, but I know that I had the full attention of a part of the terrace.

"Let's go now" I said "Before they kick us off te terrass".

I knew my pussy was so wet that it literally leaked out of me. When I got up I could feel it was running down my thighs.

With my head held high, I walked down the terrace, not paying any attention to the big wet spot in my skirt.

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Good story idea but...

I'm hoping that English is not your first language so I can excuse how the story is written. You could use some help with the grammar and words misspelled because you forgot a letter (i.e....te insteadmore...

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