tagErotic CouplingsRen - Shades of Grey Ch. 02

Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 02


For the information of readers, this story runs concurrently with part of my Stolen series. But this is Ren's side of the story. I hope to take his story past the end of Stolen and tell how his life goes for a while.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ren neatly folded a change of clothes and packed them into the leather saddlebag that could be attached to his bike. He double-checked that he had his wallet then picked up the saddlebag and headed for the front door.

"You off somewhere?" Brad asked as he looked over his shoulder from where he was making himself a sandwich.

"Going to go see Jody." Ren said.

"Good for you!" Brad grinned.

"Why don't you come along and visit Tessa?" Ren asked.

"Tessa is a nice chick but she ain't really what I'm looking for. Besides I might stick around and make sure Hawk keeps his temper to himself." Brad said seriously.

Ren hesitated as he thought of the situation between Hawk and his young girlfriend; he glanced at Brad with a frown.

"If things get bad there give me a yell. I type of plan on being away a couple of days." Ren told Brad.

Ren turned and continued on his way out of the house, he had several things he wanted to do and it took him nearly twenty minutes before he was able to ride away from the house.

The ride ahead of him was about four hours long but he was looking forward to the time alone. He was the undisputed leader of the group he had just left, a position he had never sort but had somehow fell into naturally. Most of the men were good guys in general and there had never been any real problems until just recently when Hawk had gotten himself a girlfriend.

Ren was aware that most of the other men were like him and did not care for the way Hawk treated the girl he called Sky but their relationship was his business and until recently no-one had said much to Hawk. Although just a few days earlier Ren had broken his own rule of minding his own business and had had words with Hawk over his treatment of his girlfriend Sky. He had been happy to note that he was not the only one in their group sick of Hawk's abusive treatment of Sky.

As the kilometres rolled away under the wheels of his bike Ren found himself relaxing and enjoying the ride. Thinking of Jody he knew his time away would be enjoyable and he was glad he was taking the time to visit her. He had only met her close on ten days ago when he had ridden off from the group needing time to chill out. At the time he had been looking for a quite bar and minimal company but he had found a pool competition and Jody instead.

A smile came to his face as he thought of Jody. Unless you looked at her and studied her features one at a time she was an average lady with average looks, but when one looked closer they noticed certain things. For instance the sparkle in her eyes that told of a lively nature, the smile that lit her face making it a thing of beauty.

Ren was able to forget his worries as he rode the powerful bike handling it with ease, it was a pleasant day for a ride and the road was fortunately in good order. Traffic was light and no problem as he rode enjoying the break by himself.

When Ren finally reached his destination he parked his bike in front of the pub and removed his saddlebags to carry them into the pub under his arm. He walked to the backroom where the pool tables were and approached the bar.

Ren stood at the bar watching as Jody served the customers at the other end of the bar, she was laughing and chatting as she pulled their beers and made change when they paid for their drinks.

Jody turned from serving two of the regular customers and glanced along the bar, she was surprised to see Ren standing there with his cheeky grin. He had told her he would be back but when he had not turned up for the weekly pool competition the previous week she had thought his remark had been an empty promise. Slowly she made her way down to where he stood, she didn't want to seem too eager to see him.

"Yes, what would you like today?" Jody asked in her usual friendly manner.

"A Tooheys New thanks." Ren replied then asked, "How have you been?"

"Pretty good thanks, your self?" Jody replied as she expertly pulled the beer.

"Oh can't complain, never does no good and no one listens." Ren said easily.

"Well then you're obviously mixing with the wrong crowd." Jody told him.

Ren noticed Jody was slightly stand offish and wondered if it was because he had taken so long to return or if it was because she had become interested in someone else.

"What time do you finish your shift or do you have someone coming to pick you up when you finish?" Ren asked.

Jody was silent as she studied him for a few moments. "I finish at eight tonight." She finally answered.

Ren glanced at his watch, it was only just passed four-thirty. Some one called to Jody from the other end of the bar and she turned away to go and serve them. Ren took his beer and belongings and sat at a table not far from the bar, he leant back and took his time enjoying his drink and relaxing.

When he was finished his drink he got to his feet and carried his glass to the bar, Jody saw him and walked over to him once again.

"Another one?" She asked.

"No. I think I might go look around town. Mind if I come back about a quarter to eight?" He asked.

"Tessa should be home by now. Why don't you go around there and wait for me?" Jody suggested.

"Can do." Ren said as he gave her his slow and sexy grin.

Jody watched as Ren left the bar room, collecting his leather packs from the table as he went. She smiled to herself as she thought of the night to come. Man was tonight looking good!

* * * * *

Jody opened her front door and walked into the house to the most mouth-watering smell she could remember in a long time. When she walked into the kitchen she found Ren standing at the stove stirring something in a pot, he looked over his shoulder and grinned at her.

"I hope Tessa wasn't mistaken when she told me you like Italian pasta." Ren said.

"I think I've died and gone to heaven!" Jody exclaimed as she came to stand beside him as she drew in a deep breath of the aroma coming from the pot.

"Wait until you taste it." Ren said with a grin, glad his thought to cook a meal for her was approved of.

"Is it nearly ready or do I have time to take a quick shower?" Jody asked.

"Tessa told me you like to wash the smell of work off you first thing when you get home so I timed this so you have about fifteen minutes." Ren told her.

"You wonderful wonderful man! I'll make sure I don't hold the meal up." Jody promised as she hurried off towards the bathroom.

True to her word Jody was finished in the shower and back in the kitchen when the meal was ready to dish up. Tessa joined them and the three helped themselves to large servings of the delicious pasta and sauce.

"Where did you learn to cook such heavenly ambrosia?" Jody asked.

"I type of just picked it up." Ren replied. He didn't tell her he had studied to become a chef in the family business and had helped expand the modest family restaurant into three high-class prosperous establishments. He had inherited the businesses when his parents had both died in a car crash and now he was well off enough to travel at his leisure and spend his time however he wanted. He did periodically visit his different restaurants and check on them but he had good reliable men working for him and knew it was safe to be away for extended periods of time.

"Don't tell me you're a one pot wonder! Although with a meal this good I can excuse you." Jody said with a laugh.

"I can do enough to get by." Ren understated his abilities.

"Well I might love you both and leave you. Don't wait up for me I'm off to a party." Tessa said as she placed her empty plate in the sink and headed out.

Ren knew she was disappointed that Brad had not returned, she had asked after him when Ren had turned up and had tried to make light of it when she found out he wasn't there.

Ren got to his feet and placed his empty plate on the sink, he turned around and walked to Jody where she was finishing her food. Settling himself into the chair beside her he waited patiently as she used a piece of bread to wipe up the last of the sauce before popping the bread into her mouth.

"Mmmm I never though a vegetable pasta could taste so good." Jody sighed, "I always thought meat had to be in the sauce."

Ren chuckled softly and leant close to kiss her softly on the lips, Jody turned in her seat to kiss him properly before breaking off the kiss.

"I don't mean to disappoint you big boy but just now is not the best time for this." Jody said as she sat back reluctantly.

Ren said nothing as he continued to watch her.

"I have my period." Jody told him with a wry expression and a grimace.

"We don't have to have sex if you don't feel up to it." Ren said with an understanding grin. "The sex was great but so was the company."

"You cooked so I'll wash up." Jody stated as she climbed to her feet, picked her plate up and headed towards the sink.

Ren watched as Jody quickly set up to wash up the dishes and used pots, when she began placing the washed cutlery in the rack to dry Ren got to his feet and grabbed a tea towel.

"Go sit down, it'll only take me a minute to do this." Jody said with a frown as she tried to grab the tea towel from Ren's hand.

"The two of us will get it done so much faster so that we can go and watch the movie Tessa mentioned you wanted to see." Ren told her firmly.

Jody frowned but turned back to the washing up.

When the washing up was done, dried and put away Jody and Ren settled themselves in on the lounge to watch the movie Ren had hired for the night. The movie had barely started when Ren glanced at Jody and to his amusement saw that she had fallen asleep against his side. He stopped the movie, used the remote control to turn off the tv and picked Jody up in his arms to carry her to her room.

Jody didn't wake as he stripped her out of her clothes leaving only her lacy undies on. He eased the covers over her still form before turning out the light and shedding his clothes to join her.

As Ren put his arms around her he realised he had visited her not for the sex but for the uncomplicated company he had known she would provide. With a sigh of contentment he gathered her close against his chest and closed his eyes.

* * * * *

Jody woke to the comforting warmth of a hard male body spooned against her back. Remembering the surprise arrival of Ren the day before she smiled to herself as she closed her eyes contentedly. The arm that curved over her side to rest it's hand against her stomach moved slightly and Jody opened her eyes and glanced back over her shoulder to find Ren watching her with a contented smile.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." Ren said softly.

"Good morning sexy." Jody said as she rolled over to face him. "I'm feeling much better this morning, if you'd like..." Jody broke off letting him finish the suggestion in his mind.

"Would you be offended if I said let's just lay here like this?" Ren asked sounding very contented.

"Actually that sounds like a marvellous idea." Jody said finding that it was indeed a welcome suggestion.

After a while Jody drifted back off to sleep and Ren could no longer deny the need to go to the toilet. He climbed out of bed careful not to disturb Jody, grabbed her thick terry-towelling bathrobe and headed to the toilet as he pulled the robe on.

When Ren returned he tossed the robe on the chair beside the bed and climbed back into bed and eased close to Jody once again. As a sense of peace washed over him he realised he had come to visit Jody not only hoping to get relief from the strong sexual frustration he was suffering but also to enjoy her uncomplicated presence.

He closed his eyes as Jody's closeness washed over him acting like a balm on raw exposed emotions he refused to acknowledge or name. As he drifted off to sleep Jody's presence kept at bay the image of a sad blue eyes and a feeling of powerless fury.

When Jody woke over an hour later she stretched lazily and glanced back over her shoulder to find Ren watching her from sleepy eyes.

"What will we do today?" Jody asked. "Laze in bed all day?"

"Your day off or something?" Ren asked.

"I have two days off." Jody told him.

"Let's have breakfast. Work out if it's easiest to pack lunch or stop somewhere on the way and spend the day riding around on my bike." Ren offered.

"Where do you plan on heading?" Jody asked as she rolled to face him.

"Wherever takes your fancy." Ren said with an engaging grin.

"We could always just ride and see where we end up." Jody suggested and snuggled up against his chest.

Ren made a sound of agreement as he cuddled her close and buried his face in the wonderful fresh smell of her hair. She smelt sweet and spicy and not at all like fear he realised with a start, angrily he pushed aside the thoughts as he sought her mouth with his.

The kiss was slow and leisurely as he explored her warm welcoming mouth. When he ended the kiss Jody gave a soft sigh of pleasure and he squeezed her slightly for a moment before reaching for his watch beside the bed.

"What time is it?" Jody asked as she sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed as she reached for her bathrobe.

"Nearly half past nine. Best part of the morning gone." Ren said with a laugh in his voice.

"Don't tell me your one of them people who get up with the birds!" Jody groaned as she tied the belt of her robe.

"A lot of the time I am." Ren said as he came around the bed, caught Jody in his arms and made loud noises as he kissed the side of her neck.

Jody laughed and turned in his arms to push playfully against his chest.

"Behave yourself woman or I'll have to drag you away for the day on my bike." Ren laughed down at her.

Jody eased from his arms and headed for the bathroom, a shower was first on the agenda then breakfast.

* * * * *

Ren and Jody stood on a ridge top over looking the valley of a deer farm they were visiting, in the valley below them over a hundred deer were standing in groups catching the last of the evening sun before bedding down in the trees for the night. Ren felt Jody shiver from the late evening breeze. He stepped behind her, unzipped his jacket and opened it before wrapping the sides around Jody as he pulled her back into his arms.

Jody sighed softly as she felt Ren's warmth envelope her as he folded her in his jacket with him, she leant her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Hmm, that feels wonderful." Jody said softly.

"Warm enough?" Ren asked.

"I am now. But we had better be heading back if we want to be home before it gets too late." Jody said as she pulled away from him regretfully.

Ren shrugged out of his jacket and put it around Jody's shoulder, he held it while she slipped her arms into the overlong sleeves.

"But you'll get cold." Jody protested as Ren zipped the front of the jacket up.

"I'll survive until we get back to your car and you can get your other jacket on." Ren told her.

They headed down the track at a quick walk and were soon were they had left Jody's car at lunchtime. Ren quickly got Jody's jacket out so she could put it on and then slipped into his jacket.

"Do you want to drive or do you want me to drive?" Ren asked Jody.

"Might be best if I drive, I know the way. Unless having a woman drive threatens your masculinity." Jody teased.

Ren laughed as he caught her to him and dropped a quick kiss on her lips before climbing into the passenger seat of the car.

"Well I for one am having pizza for tea tonight. With loads and loads of cheese." Jody announced when she had been driving for a while.

"How about I get us several beers to go with it?" Ren asked.

"That sounds divine. I even have a movie at home you'll enjoy." Jody told him.

"What it's got lots of sex and nude girls?" Ren asked with a chuckle.

"No. Lots of preaching, hell and brim fire." Jody said with a laugh.

Ren watched Jody for a moment as she laughed, her joy of living was easy to see and her laughter tumbled forth easily. She was definitely a joy to be around. Hating to break the mood but knowing he had to tell her some time Ren took a deep breath.

"I'm heading off tomorrow morning." Ren said quietly.

"You know where I live." Jody said lightly.

"Yeah I surely do, and I'll be back to visit for sure." Ren told her.

Jody glanced across at him with a satisfied look before turning her attention back to the road. They continued to talk throughout the drive back to Jody's place, stopping to grab pizza and beer.

Back at the house they sat on the lounge watching an action movie while they ate the pizza and enjoyed several beers each. Jody finally leant close and nibbled on Ren's ear, Ren turned his head to watch her for several seconds before kissing her on the lips.

"Do you want to join me in the shower?" Jody asked as she smoothed a hand over his chest.

"Sounds like a great idea." Ren said as he cupped one breast in a hand, his thumb brushing back and forth over her nipple.

"Come on then!" Jody demanded as she climbed to her feet and headed for the bathroom.

Ren paused long enough to turn off the movie before following her.

In the bathroom Jody had already stripped off and was adjusting the water temperature before stepping under the shower spray. She glanced over her shoulder at Ren with a grin before moving under the stream of water.

Ren quickly shed his clothes and stepped into the shower to join Jody, he pulled her against his body and began kissing the side of her neck.

Jody turned to face him and glanced down at his arousal standing up against his stomach before smiling up into his face. She went down onto her knees and took hold of his rigid cock and began to pump her hand up and down his shaft. She continued to do this for several minutes until Ren lifted her back onto her feet and kissed her deeply.

"I take it you don't give blow jobs." Ren said against her mouth between kisses.

Jody pulled away for several seconds to gather her senses and think clearly.

"It's one thing I don't like doing." Jody admitted as she looked up into his face to see his reaction.

"Whatever your comfortable with." Ren said before he began to work his way down her neck towards her breasts.

Jody reached between them to fist his cock and resume pumping it by hand.

"Keep that up and I'll be finished before we even start." Ren growled against her breast.

"Well stop playing around! I'm ready!" Jody demanded as she tried to push his head away from her breast.

Ren allowed her to push him away slightly and he reached down between her thighs to feel her pussy for himself.

Jody whimpered and squirmed as he fingered her slit for several seconds before he placed both hands on her waist and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and reached between them with one hand as he slowly lowered her onto his cock.

Ren gritted his teeth as he felt her slick tight walls slowly engulf his rigid shaft, he moved so she was against the wall and began pumping his hips against hers.

"I'm not gonna last long." Ren warned as he felt his release start to tighten his balls.

"Good." Jody groaned against his neck where she had buried her face to avoid the stream of water.

Ren shifted his hold to her rounded bottom and tried to slow their movements so he could last longer but Jody had different plans as she tightened her legs.

"Oh shit! Shit I'm coming!" Jody gasped.

Ren felt the ripples of her internal muscles as she bucked against him. It was too much for his control and his orgasm exploded up from his balls, along his shaft and poured into her body deep with in her love channel.

Ren groaned as he braced his legs to stay on his feet, slowly he eased from Jody's body and lowered her feet to the shower floor. After several minutes they both rinsed off amid kisses and much touching. Ren turned the water off and they both reached for towels. Ren quickly dried himself and wrapped the towel around his waist before reaching for Jody and lifting her into his arms.

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