Rendezvous Ch. 04


He pulled his mouth away from hers, "Violet I have to say something." He mumbled trying to gain his composure, he never stopped massaging her breasts or rubbing her through her underwear.

Her eyes opened they were just barely slits, "Yes, what Paul, what?" she pleaded as she caressed his face.

"I want you more than I've wanted any woman in a long time, and if we weren't in the middle of the law library at the office, I'd be pushing your skirt up and ripping your panties from your body and loving you till you came so hard you'd lose your mind."

She was breathing hard. "Oh, that sounds wonderful," she moaned.

"But, we can't do this here." He gained some semblance of control and removed his hands from what now would be two of his favorite spots in the world.

She was bereft when his hands moved, she was so hot now and wanted him to bring her to complete and utter orgasm.

He turned her chair around and stooped down in front of her so he could look her directly in the eye. "Violet, I'm sure you know this, I'm extremely attracted to you and I know you're attracted to me."

Violet was a tad shocked that he had realized that but then it had been hard to try it keep it hidden over the last few weeks.

"But, I don't want you as a one-night stand or some late night booty call. I want to have a relationship with you. "

Violet stared with wide eyes in shock, relationship, awww, that could only lead to trouble but then again what they just shared in the law library could have lead to a lot more trouble.

"I don't want to take you on a table in the law library our first time, maybe our third time but not our first." He said smiling.

He was so sweet, Violet thought, he caressed her cheek and said, "I want to see where this could go, I know you have a rule about dating co-workers but sometimes rules are made to be broken. Sometimes breaking rules can lead to good things, I haven't wanted or been intrigued by a woman so much since my ex-wife and I didn't feel the way about her that I'm beginning to feel about you. I want you to please give this a chance."

"Paul, I don't know, if we take this to the next level there's such a big risk. Are you willing to risk your career and livelihood over this?" She asked scared of the answer.

"I'm willing to risk it, if it means I can get closer to you." He was looking her directly in the eyes, holding her shoulders, "I want you to think about it, Violet, I want all of you and I don't think I'm going to stop pursuing you until you're mine."

She'd never heard words so sweet, but were they sincere? Men had told her things in the past to convince her to give them a chance and then they took advantage of her love, used her and left her with hurt feelings and deep longings. What was so different about Paul?

"I see it in your eyes you've been hurt and your trust broken. I know you may have reservations but I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to make you trust me, and wipe the memories of those idiots that didn't realize what a jewel they had, when they had you from your mind. Will you let me do it?" he asked her sincerely.

Violet looked at him and something in her told her to believe him, take the chance and maybe she could find love, real love, true love. That's what was different about Paul his eyes told her he wanted to try his best to love her. "Paul, let me think about it, can you give me some time."

"Yes, I'll give you time but know that I'm not going away, I'm not going to let you not give us a chance."

She looked at him and he leaned in and kissed her again and yes, she took her time and kissed him back as the lights of downtown shown through the floor to ceiling windows of their office.


Violet was in Pam's office, just having a chat about life and Paul.

"I say, take a chance. Violet he's gorgeous and from what you've been telling me about the time you've been spending with him, obviously sweet as all get out and he likes you a lot. Don't sabotage yourself. He's a nice guy, how many of those do you get to come around and pursue you?"

"Not many," responded Violet. "I've talked about him to Nedra and even she says I should give him a chance, and you know at first she was totally against this."

"He's proven himself, sweetheart. The man is determined."

"He's been sending me flowers, anonymously of course, everyday at the office they always say, "in anticipation of your answer" signed P. It's so cute. I think I'm coming to a decision and I think it might be yes." She told Pam.

"Good, cause you're about to drive me crazy with this round and round with him. You see how these barracudas are looking at him in this office. You better put a claim on your man before they try to come in and undercut you. You know some of these women in this office have no shame."

"You're right some of them don't." Violet was thinking of one in particular.

"Anyway, Alejandro and I are throwing a dinner party this Saturday and of course we want you there, I'm inviting Leonard, Nedra and her husband and you but you have to bring a date. I don't want everybody there with a significant other and you dragging in single. So, go down to his office and ask him to join you on Saturday."


"Ask him to be your date." Pam said looking at her like she'd grown horns. "Don't play dumb with me, there's a fine man named Paul Dudley in this office, who would love to escort you anywhere including to the dentist office if he could. At least, this way he gets a free really delicious meal."

Violet started to laugh, "Okay, you're right I'll ask him. Can I bring anything?"

"Just you, that sexy Paul and some Shiraz."

"You got it lady. Now let me head off to see if an attorney can use a date on Saturday."

"I know you could." Pam smirked.

Violet just shook her head and left Pam's office and headed to Paul's. As she approached the door she could hear laughter from his office, she saw Leslie.

"Hi Leslie" she spoke to Paul's legal secretary.

"Hey, good to see you. He has visitor, it's not exactly a meeting just a drop in so I'm sure he won't mind if he go on in there." Leslie said smiling up at her.

"Okay." She approached the door and heard more shrill laughter, she knew who it was, Rebecca Althorp, bimbo Barbie the attorney. She pushed the door open and noticed Rebecca standing behind Paul's desk leaning over him, with that big fake smile and her bigger fake breasts in his face. Violet couldn't stand her, not because she was white but because she was dumb, she always thought she'd slept with someone to get her position as partner, probably Carlyle he seemed like the type. Rebecca headed up the Wills, Estates and Trusts division. Now, what would she need with someone whose expertise was international law?

Violet cleared her throat and Paul and Rebecca looked up at her. Paul smiled big at her and she just smiled right back, Rebecca looked at her with a little disdain and then plastered the usual fake smile she gave around the office onto that botoxed face. Rebecca rose up and flipped her flame red hair over her shoulder, what a predictable move thought Violet.

"Hey, Violet didn't hear you come in. I was just showing Rebecca some research information using Westlaw."

What, she forgot how to use Westlaw thought Violet, "Oh, that's okay. I just wanted to ask you something. I could always come back."

Rebecca jumped right on that statement and spoke up. "That'd be great Violet, because what we're doing right now is really important," she said dismissively.

Violet thought I oughta knock that hussy into next week but she'd probably just bounce back to this one on those balloon boobs of hers. She smiled to herself.

"Well, Rebecca it's not really that important and I think with what I've shown you, you can easily figure the rest out yourself. Don't you think?" Paul asked her in a serious tone.

"I don't know, Paul" she purred "you're just so smart and such an expert, I might get back to my office and get lost in all this information." She whined batting those flash eyelashes.

Violet thought she would gag right then and there, she noticed Paul looked a tad annoyed with her too.

"Rebecca you'll be fine. You know Violet and I are working on this merger and we have some important deadlines coming up so whatever she needs to ask me, I need to answer." He said sternly.

Rebecca walked from around the desk, she turned to Paul and said, "well, if I need help can I steal you away maybe for a long lunch or something?" she said suggestively.

Violet knew what she meant by 'long lunch,' my goodness thought Violet this girl will hit her back for anybody.

As Rebecca passed Violet she looked at her up and down as if dismissing her, Violet just stared back and rolled her eyes, Violet thought, 'bitch you keep eyeing me like that you'll be hitting your back right now when I knock you out.' Violet just tsked and turned to watch her as she tried to twist that non existent butt as she walked past. After she left, Violet closed the door behind her hard.

Paul walked around the desk and gathered her in his arms and kissed her soundly.

"Paul we shouldn't do that in the office." She warned putting her hands on his chest to try and push him back from her.

"This is my office and I do what I want and if I want to kiss you, I'll kiss you." So he kissed her again. "I'm so glad you broke that up." He sighed heavily.

"Why?" she asked smiling.

"Because she's a ditz, I don't know how she got that junior partnership. Also I hate the way she's always coming onto me and all that insincere flattery is just nauseating. And she knows I'm not interested in her but she won't stop doing it."

"Oh, I can make her stop doing it." Violet said peeved.

Paul held her tighter and brought his hands down to cup her bottom, "I'm sure you could, but I don't want you catfighting with her in the office." He slowly smiled "if you're going to roll around with somebody I want it to be me."

She blushed and looked away, "What is it that you need to ask me" he said.

"Oh" she pulled back slightly but he still held her, "Pam is having a dinner party this Saturday and she invited me and I need a date. Would you like to be my date?"

Paul was thrilled she asked him out, "I'd love to be your date, anytime. What time?"

"It's going to be 7 pm at her house on Mercer Island. I'll come pick you up."

"No, you will not be picking me up, I want this to be a date and as the man I want to pick you up and run the show."

Violet was a little turned on by his take charge attitude, she noticed a few times he could be a bit dominant when he wanted to be and it intrigued her in more ways than one.

"Okay, Mr. Run the Show, you can come and pick me up. I'll get you Pam's address."

"Good, will I see you this evening?" They'd been spending evenings together while she made up her mind, although she knew she already had she just hadn't told him yet.

"Yes, you will. I may not get out of here till 8 pm or so but I'll come by."

"Okay, I'll have some dinner there and maybe a movie. What would you like to see 'Roman Holiday' or 'Suspicion'?" he asked, they'd seen quite a few classic movies he knew she loved those and he was beginning to appreciate them as well.

"How about 'Roman Holiday' can't get tired of Gregory Peck."

She leaned up to kiss him and he kissed her back hard, then he smacked her bottom and said, "okay, Gregory Peck then."

"Ow!" she squealed, "okay, see you tonight Mr. Dudley." He smiled that beautiful smile at her with those laughing eyes and she turned and walked out.

She thought about her smacked bottom as she made her way back to her office, I wonder if he does that during sex and if he does I think I like it.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and suggestions, keep it coming. Thanks again to my editor, H. I'm going on vacation for a bit so it maybe little while before you get an update, but don't worry this tale ain't over yet. EMD

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