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Rented Out


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"Perfect," the vixen smirked as she counted the value of the wad of notes placed before her on the desk, nimble fingers leafing through the crisp paper with an evidently well practised ease. "Yours is in the third door down the corridor, on the left. He's all yours."

A tall dragoness stood on the other side of the desk in the well lit, circular room, which to any outside observer appeared to be the reception of an upscale office, something that only the high class furs would visit. The only unusual aspect of the room was the absence of any windows, which may have belayed to any innocent furs happening upon it that the room was underground. But this dragoness - an emerald green, softly scaled female with streaks of violet in her eyes - knew exactly what this establishment was and what she expected to gain from it.

She also did not expect to leave empty handed upon this particular visit.

"And if he is satisfactory, the agreement on its price still stands, I assume?" Her voice was cool and unworried, the words slipping off her tongue like water, although the rather bored looking vixen was unperturbed by her customer's apparently offhand demeanour. The vixen, who wore a nametag pinned crookedly to her black shirt reading "Tina", nodded in affirmation, sliding a sheaf of papers across the desk to the dragoness.

"Yes, if you are pleased, the agreed amount will be withdrawn from your account tomorrow and everything will be put in place to have it shipped to you, whenever your convenience allows."

Satisfied, the dragoness bobbed her muzzle in thanks, taking a moment to straighten the tan coat covering her slim frame to below the knees, then pacing away down the indicated corridor. There were several doors in this corridor - all with a red light above the frame, which, when lit, indicated that the room was occupied. She knew the drill, after visiting here to use the company's services twice before, but something rather special had caught her eye last time and she was certain that her money would be well placed with the expected outcome of this session.

Her door appeared the same as all the others: solid, metal, impenetrable and with a cold kind of promise held within. Pressing on the pad beside it lightly, the mechanism clicked softly and the door swung inwards without a single noise, allowing the dragoness to stride into the room, her eyes immediately becoming fixed upon the kneeling figure in the centre of the floor.

He was the African beauty she had demanded. A sable antelope, ebony coat gleaming with health and long, curved horns arcing back over his shoulders, the ends of which were capped with silver to render the sharp points harmless. He had his paws handcuffed behind his back and a spreader bar attached to his ankles, forcing him to keep his sleek legs uncomfortably spread with no possible way to relieve the tension. Kneeling with his legs spread so far apart, his genitals were fully exposed to the dragoness who took the opportunity to eye his sheath and grapefruit sized balls appreciatively; he was certainly as well hung as they had promised her. Those pills fed to their male slaves truly did work wonders.

Of course, the antelope was privy to none of her visual examination, as a blindfold covered his eyes, although his ears had twitched in her direction just once when she had entered the room. Despite being aware of her presence, he knew nothing about the customer he had been placed with for the evening and his breathing visibly quickened, chest rising and falling more rapidly as he began to pant in a mixture of fear and excited anticipation.

Without a word, the dragoness stepped forward and placed her paws on either side of the slim, satin-soft muzzle, claws lightly scratching through his short fur; a sharp intake of breath was her response and he snuffled eagerly at her paw when she pressed it to his muzzle. Pleased at his reaction - it was always so much more pleasing to acquire a willing slave in these establishments - she removed her paws and began to unbutton her coat, turning to drape it over a chair by the door, as it would not be needed for the course of this session. The antelope was confused at her movement, unable to discern her movement or what he should be doing to please her, for that was the more important matter by far. His training held true and took hold, however, so he lifted his muzzle high, baring his throat to his temporary Mistress submissively while his still dangerous horns were all but completely hidden.

"How may I please you, Mistress?" He asked softly, licking his lips nervously and swallowing his anxiety the best he could.

The dragoness didn't answer, but instead stepped up beside him again, her paw closing around his throat so she felt his gasp of surprise along with the tremor of arousal that rippled through him. He didn't seek to move away though; if anything, he pressed closer into that paw, the tips of her claws pricking delightfully against the sensitive skin beneath his soft, glossy neck fur. Trailing her free paw along to the ties of the blindfold, she curled one finger into the simple knot and pulled hard, allowing the blindfold to come loose and fall to the floor, instantly forgotten.

The antelope blinked rapidly to adjust to the bright light, huffing softly while he turned his gaze upon the client standing in front of him - what he could see of her anyways. The sight of the dragoness surprised him, but he could not help giving a low murr of desire at her slim form and generous pairs of breasts, for she had three pairs in total. Gods...not even within the natural ranges, they were more akin to the hyper breasts given to selected - no, privileged - female slaves within the establishment. And her clothing, or lack of it... She wore no more than a modified black corset with vertical purple stripes running up it at two inch intervals, the laces of which extended over her breasts while allowing them to remain on full display. Her pert, pale nipples stood out proudly from her chest as if for special attention and what looked to be a tight thong of similar colours lay snug around her sex and left very little to the imagination of the antelope slave.

"Address me as "Mistress" or "Mistress Amethyst" unless I instruct you otherwise," she said levelly, sweeping her long, powerful tail against his waist and curling it tightly around him. Directing his muzzle to her crotch, she shoved his nose against the damp fabric of her thong, purring at his gasp of mild surprise. He inhaled the scent of her arousal deeply, eagerly lapping across the thin material as he gained a slight taste of her nectar, a sweet and tangy taste that left him craving more. He whined quietly, pushing his muzzle against her pussy lips that were protruding so temptingly through the silky cloth...

The slap to his muzzle jerked his head back and sideways, bringing tears to his eyes for a moment. The shock stung more than the actual impact and he whimpered quietly, shooting his head back to bare his throat again while doing his best to blink away moisture in his eyes. He mentally berated himself for allowing his arousal to get the better of him, and not for the first time. He was to wait for orders and not take the initiative unless the customer asked: the line was ingrained in his memory as deeply as the knowledge that he was a slave and a sex toy. But even he was prey to his own lust sometimes.

"When I say, slave," Amethyst hissed warningly, noting the changing emotions flickering across his muzzle in quick succession. "What makes you think that this is for you, slut? You want to lick my cunny? Get down to my feet and lick them. Now."

Seeking a shot at redemption, the antelope slave dove down to his dragon Mistress' feet, kissing and licking the entirety of them, muzzle wrinkling slightly at the faint scent of the outside world she had carried in with her on the bare pads. Amethyst purred appreciatively and lifted her right foot paw up to permit him to clean her soles with his tongue, which he did immediately, sweeping across the underside with increasingly keen, adoring strokes. Her scales were smooth and his tongue glided almost imperceptibly over her heel, soothing away the aches of walking with his skilled appendage. Looking down at him, Amethyst smiled and flicked the tip of her tail against his sheath, from which the tip of his cock was already protruding.

"Aroused by licking a dragoness' feet...whatever would your friends think of you?" She taunted lightly, seeing the shiver and the antelope's quicker pace of licking, even pausing to suck upon her offered toes, though he was quite careful to avoid the points of her short claws.

After a couple of minutes, Amethyst took her foot paw away from the antelope, who tried to keep licking for a moment and then rocked his body back into a kneeling position with some effort, considering that he was still bound tightly. Ignoring him, she picked up a thin, wooden paddle, with a longer handle than usual, and a wide, leather collar with a chain leash attached from a nearby rack. She motioned the antelope towards a padded bench that was against the dungeons far wall with an impatient flick of her tail.

"Crawl over and kneel right there," she commanded as she leaned down to undo the cuffs on the spreader bar, releasing the antelope and allowing him the scant freedom to do as he told for the time being. He bobbed his muzzle to show his understanding and shuffled across to the bench awkwardly, again adopting the spread position with his legs even though there was no longer any spreader forcing him to keep them open. This displayed his genitals in all their pride and glory to Amethyst, who gave a pleased, predator's grin at the sight of his cock standing at a promising fifteen inches long and respectively thick around, the sheath stretched tight around the very base. Those pills were wondrous indeed... It would fill her cunny nicely when the time came, but not quite yet. Later, however...

She hooked her claw tips under the edges of the thong underwear them and slid them down her long, smoothly scaled legs in one deft motion, the antelope watching most intently. Amethyst's sex gleamed with moisture and a rippling tremor of arousal ran down her spine as she clenched her cunny muscles briefly in wanton anticipation. Being bare footed - her scales gave her more than enough protection from the rough ground generally - there was no footwear to remove and she stood with her lower half entirely bare before her toy, a smirk spreading across her muzzle slowly.

He was a prize all right - it was a wonder that no other fur had had the luck or eye to notice this beforehand, even if she supposed that most had been more concerned with taking their pleasure as many times as possible with him, rather than evaluating him as a prospective full-time slave. She had even been told by a male acquaintance that he was rather accustomed to taking both a sizeable range of toys and males' cocks up his tail hole, which she was pleased to hear for when she chose to revert to her hermaphrodite form around him. The sable antelope was truly wasted in the brothel.

"Good, boy," she purred slyly, padding over to him gracefully while a flush heated his muzzle from the praise, which was so rarely given to a sex slave, especially for one rented out to anyone with cash to burn.


He scrambled to his hooves quickly, scraping them roughly across the stone floor in his haste to do as ordered. Having a fair idea of what would be coming next, he lowered his muzzle submissively, waiting for the instruction as his member throbbed and twitched, a drop of glistening pre rolling laboriously down his smooth length.

Amethyst buckled the dark brown leather collar around his neck carefully, giving the leash an experimental tug, watching the antelope's actions carefully as he moved with the motion. He shivered, muscles twitching under his dark coat, but was too well trained to object. On the contrary: every muscle in his body ached to drop to his knees again and, not for the first time, he wished that he was a bit freer to please, rather than be so strictly controlled by any master or mistress. Despite the dragoness mistress' calmer and less aggressive manner than some of his other customer, he was certain that refusing an order or outright obstinacy was not an option, lest he be punished for further misdemeanours. He twitched his ears as another tug upon the collar bade him turn to face the bench, which had been adjusted beforehand to the height of his hips.

So, he was accustomed to being led too. Excellent, Amethyst thought, though careful to not allow her pleasure at this revelation show openly upon her muzzle. She grinned widely as she placed a scaled paw lightly upon his back and bent him over the bench, arranging him over it as she liked, a nudge from the tip of her tail spreading his legs noticeably wider. He seemed to tremble all over in a mixture of fear and anticipation, the light sheen of sweat upon his fur accentuating his finely toned muscles.

The antelope inhaled sharply when Mistress Amethyst buckled a set of leather cuffs around his lower legs, just above his hooves, drawing them tightly against the smooth, cool wood of the bench so that he was forced to maintain his position. Amethyst purred with pleasure as she walked around the bench, openly admiring his body before stretching his arms down towards the floor where she fastened another set of cuffs around his wrists. With his arms secured too, the antelope slave rested his weight heavily upon the padded top of the bench, groaning wantonly at his exposure and resisting the urge to grind his aching cock into the thick padding. He had not been allowed to reach orgasm for days.

The swish of the paddle made him jump slightly, flattening his tail over his rear instinctively before relaxing once more. Suppressing the desire to take a sidelong glance at the dragoness and the paddle that she had chosen for him, the antelope snorted softly, ducking his sleek muzzle a bit more, slender legs quivering with nervous excitement. She chuckled lowly at his reaction, the very tip of her tail brushing against his inner thighs, teasing him into an increasingly heightened state of arousal with the lightest of erotic touches.

"You will receive ten strokes as a punishment for trying to do as you pleased and not waiting for orders," she said firmly, laying her paw upon the curve of his buttocks and giving them a rough squeeze. "You will call for each stroke."

He nodded slowly, keeping his gaze lowered as his body braced for the pain - he had no idea how much force she would use to strike him - even while his cock twitched with arousal, dribbling pre cum like a broken faucet.

"One, please, Mistress," he murmured softly.

Amethyst grinned coarsely, running her agile fingers down the crack of his ass before raising the paddle and bringing it back down across the slave's flesh with a resounding smack that echoed throughout the room. He yelped at the sharp sting, the fleeting pain quickly subsiding to a warm glow that made him wriggle his buttocks at Mistress Amethyst slavishly.

"Ah...two, please, Mistress," he whimpered, blushing furiously as he felt his craving for the next stroke build.

The next stroke delivered was harder, his buttocks clenching from the force. Again, he asked for another stroke, accepting his punishment gratefully - even if it was evident to the dragoness, smirking openly, that he was deriving more than a little pleasure from it, his cock dripping pre cum on to the floor beneath the bench, where it pooled rapidly. He managed to ask for the next four strokes in quick succession, yelping quietly at the sharp smacks raining down upon the smooth curve of his muscled buttocks, a faint shiver of pleasure running down his spine. The sixth blow, however, had him groaning in ecstasy as a thick, creamy spurt of pre shot from his throbbing cock to splash noisily into the growing pool. He panted heavily from his growing desire to cum, forgetting to ask for the next stroke of the paddle.

Mistress Amethyst frowned, lifting the paddle high and bringing it down with considerably more force than before right in the centre of the slave's backside, striking both cheeks simultaneously; the antelope jumped in his bindings from the impact, struggling to escape the sudden flash of pain searing across his rear.

"That's five more for taking too long, slave," she growled lowly, a warning tone. Her tail flicked in irritation at his mistake and she brought her muzzle - full of sharp teeth that he could not fail to notice - up close to his velvety ear, snaking her long, fleshy tongue out to trace the edge of it as she whispered. "Forget to call it again and it will be an additional twenty."

He flattened his ears against his skull and bobbed his muzzle quickly to show that he understood, but did not trust himself to speak. Damn, that one stung, he thought to himself, wriggling his rear plaintively in a futile attempt to soothe the burning. Although it had not been hard enough to do any damage, it was certainly enough to force him to focus upon his task again.

"Continue," Mistress Amethyst said with a smirk, raising the paddle slowly, with obvious anticipatory pleasure at what was to occur, once more.

"Eight, please, Mistress," he said quickly, the words tumbling from his lips so rapidly that they almost slurred into one another. He was clearly very eager to avoid the painful strokes of the paddle and revert to the ones that sent ripples of pleasure down his spine instead. Half-closing his eyes, he gasped quietly at the next blow, murring and wriggling his rear plaintively as Amethyst's paw dropped to caress it with surprising gentleness.

By the end of the paddling, the antelope was panting heavily, his backside having gained a warm glow that was not at all unpleasant and quite to his liking in fact. A faint whimper escaped his muzzle and his eyes lowered in shame that he would have liked to ask the dragoness to continue, if he had been able or permitted to. Perhaps she would take cause to paddle or merely spank him further later in the session? He certainly hoped that this would be the case, as much as the realisation made his skin burn.

"Mmm," Amethyst purred, the sound rolling quite pleasantly off her lips. Dropping the paddle without care upon the floor, where it landed with a loud clack that made the antelope flinch, even as he panted for breath, she raised her paws above her head and stretched luxuriously. Leaving the slave tied as he was, sore rump raised at the perfect height, she strutted around before his muzzle, padding to the rack of dildos. Watching her every move, the antelope winced as Mistress Amethyst's paw passed over the smaller, more humane dildos with little consideration for their uses. She considered the larger, draconian looking phalluses for a while before selecting an ominous, sixteen inch equine dildo, jet black in colour and with a spongy, flared tip.

He groaned, knowing how much that dildo would hurt going into his backside. Amethyst heard his groan but only chuckled under her breath, swatting him on the rump with her tail as she crouched down to untangle a leather harness that had been tossed carelessly on the ground, likely by a previous client.

"Quiet, slave," she ordered, smiling slightly when he clenched his teeth tightly, not allowing a sound to escape his muzzle when his backside stung once more.

Ah, there,she thought as the mass of leather straps finally became untangled in her paws. Murring softly to herself, she stepped into the straps and pulled it up smoothly over her legs, the well conditioned scales allowing the supple leather to slide easily up to her hips. As the antelope slave watched, she tightened the buckles around her legs and hips, so that it was fastened in place quite securely. Then, with a near vindictive grin, she lifted the equine dildo to fasten into a convenient slot at the front of the harness, over Amethyst's crotch.

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