Repair Men


Susan looked at her watch and then let out a growl of frustration. She walked back down her hallway and started pressing buttons on the thermostat hoping the air conditioning would magically start working. The repairman said he would be by sometime before two, and Susan was hedging her bet, hoping it would be closer to noon. She needed to get back to work.

Realizing that pressing on the thermostat was useless, Susan stormed back to her front door to keep a watch for the repair man. Her four inch heels clicked loudly on her hardwood floor, over loud in the quiet house. The sound of her heels wasn't enough to mask out the noise of her sheer pantyhose as they softly zip zopped across her thighs.

Standing at her front door, Susan began to feel the heat build in her house. Worried about perspiration, she walked down to her bathroom and looked herself over to freshen up. Her blonde hair was short and just brushed her shoulders. A brown band held it back from her face. Her dark green blouse didn't show any signs of moisture and she made sure it was tucked neatly into her black pencil skirt.

Lifting her foot, Susan slipped off her shoe and wiggled her toes. The black patent leather heels where new and not fully broken in yet. The bathroom light made her jet black pantyhose sparkle on her legs. Slipping her shoe back on she again walked to her front door.

As she got there Susan saw a white work van pull up in front of her house. Susan raised an eyebrow as she watched two large black men get out of the van. They didn't wear the normal uniform of the repairmen. One wore only a pair of denim overalls with no shirt underneath. His large arms had tattoos all over. The men opened a side door and started pulling tools out.

[i]Well, another complaint to lodge.[/i] Thought Susan. [i]They could at least wear a proper uniform.[/i] She opened her front door and called out to them. "Please hurry, I don't have a lot of time. The two men looked up quickly then looked at each other. "Well, come on!" Susan turned and went back inside leaving her front door open.

"What do we do, Joe?" Asked Tom, the man who only wore overalls.

"We play it cool, man." Said Joe and hefted a bag over his shoulder. The bag was empty, intended to be full of loot once they broke into the house.

"She ain't supposed to be here." Said Tom, a worried look on his face.

"No, but she left the door wide open. So let's walk in."

As the two men made their way up to the door, Susan walked back down to the thermostat and waited. hands on her hips. She heard them step into the house and wait in the doorway.

"Come in, I'm down the hall." Susan called out.

"Shut the door. Lock it." Joe ordered. Tom obeyed and susan heard her door close. When the men didn't come down the hall right away she walked down the hallway to see what was taking so long. When she came around the corner, both men were standing in her foyer, empty rucksacks laying on the floor. Susan realized that the only "tool" they had with them was a large crowbar.

"My God," Susan said letting her frustration and her annoyance out in her voice. "Are you just going to bash my thermostat until it works again?" She took a few steps toward them to see if she had missed a bag of tools lying on the floor. She was standing between them when she suddenly realized how stupid she had been.

"Do white bitches always dress up when they stay at home?" Joe said, leering at her openly.

"I ain't never seen a pretty white bitch who don't dress up, Joe." Tom said

Susan was paralyzed with fear. They way the two men looked at her, it was clear what they had on their mind. She then noticed the large bulges forming in their crotches. As the truth of her situation started to dawn on her, another white service van pulled up in front of Susan's house. This one had a large logo for the air and cooling company on the side. A man in a clean uniform stepped out of the van.

The two men saw it pull up as well. Joe looked at Susan and then with speed that startled and frightened her, snatched her up in his arms. Before she could scream she had one large arm around her neck and a giant hand cupped over her mouth. He pulled her back away from the windows and held her tight. Tom also stepped back out of view.

"Make one peep and I'll snap your silly neck, bitch." Joe growled in Susan's ear.

The real repairman walked up to the house with a clipboard and a small tool box. He rang the doorbell and waited. Susan held still and didn't make a sound. The two men in her house also kept quiet. After a few moments the man rang the doorbell again. When no one answered he turned and walked back to his van.

Once the real service van had pulled away, Joe took his hand off Susan's mouth, but he kept his arm around her neck. "Anyone else you expecting?" he asked. Susan remained quiet. Joe shook Susan a little "Hey, bitch, I'm talking to you."

"No!" Susan squeaked.

"Alright then." Joe said then looked at Tom. "Com'on. Let's fuck this bitch. Grab her legs."

Tom snatched Susan by the ankles and with Joe holding her by the arms they quickly carted her down the hallway. Susan let out a scream and tried to fight, but struggling was useless. All she managed to do was lose her left shoe. As it clattered to the floor, Susan braced herself for what she knew was coming.

They got to the living room and in unison both men knelt and started stripping Susan's clothes off. Susan felt her skirt and blouse ripped from her body in a spray of buttons. Her bra was pulled aside until it snapped then it was yanked off her body. With her breast bare, Joe helped himself to two handfuls of her tits, squeezing and groping her savagely.

Tom worked on her legs and soon had her pantyhose torn open. Like two dogs fighting over a bone, both men yanked and pulled on Susan trying to get her where they wanted her. She flung her arms and legs around trying to comply with her attackers, at the very least to reduce the stress they were putting on her body.

Suddenly, as if both men came to an agreement she was flipped over and Susan found herself kneeling in front of a large black cock. Joe's massive dick was fully erect and pointing at her face. Taking her hair in his hands, Joe thrust his cock into her mouth. Susan groaned as she fought off her gag reflex. Joe's cock was only halfway in and it was already pressing against her tonsils.

Susan squealed when she felt another stiff cock press not against her pussy, but into the sphincter of her ass. "This white bitch has a tight ass!" Said Joe with a grin.

"White bitches don't get fucked in the ass." Joe said. "You'd better get the vaseline" He said with a laugh. Even though Joe was joking, tom thought it was a good idea. He got up and looked around for the bathroom. "Com'on, bitch. Suck it." Joe encouraged.

Susan was doing her best just to breath. The massive cock in her mouth was larger than anything she'd ever experienced. The diameter alone forced her jaw open as wide as it would go. She heard Tom tearing apart her bathroom and soon he seemed to find what he was looking for. When Tom came back, Joe pulled out of her mouth.

"You ever been fucked in the ass, bitch?" Joe asked. Not waiting for a reply, he twisted Susan around so she could see Tom. "Look at that cock! Wooowee! That's not a white boy prick!"

"Hold her down." Tom said as he rubbed vaseline all over his monster cock. Joe obliged by yanking Susan over her ottoman and holding down her head and arms in his large hands. Tom knelt down behind her and after rubbing some of the vaseline on her ass, aligned his cock to her sphincter. Tom pressed and his bulbous head spread her ass open.

Susan let out a shriek as Tom penetrated her. Once he was in a little he thrust in hard, suddenly deep into Susan's ass. Susan's shriek turned into a deep moan and she gripped the sides of the ottoman tightly as Tom drove in.

Joe let go and stood back. Tom reached around and grabbed Susan by her breasts, holding her against his body. Lifting her then turning, Tom laid back onto the ottoman, Susan on top of him, her arms grasping in the air. Joe came around and took Susan by the ankles then pressed his large cock against the lips of her pussy.

"Damn, she's wet." Joe said. "Getting fucked hard turns your on, don't it, bitch?" With a sudden thrust, Joe was deep into Susan's cunt. With both men deep in her, the real fucking began. Susan could only let out a long gasp as both men thrust into her. One moment the friction was on her pussy, the next it was on her ass. either way she could feel them both deep inside her.

The ottoman creaked as the two men plowed into Susan. Tom pinched and clinched her large tits while Joe stroked her silky ankles. The whole time both men drove their shafts into her.

"This is better than robbing the place." Joe said with a grin. "What do you think, bitch? You rather me and Tom come in here and fuck you senseless than steal all your shit?" Joe cupped his hand over Susan's mouth, muffling any noise she tried to make. "Naw, don't answer that. I know you love gettin' fucked. I can tell by how slick your cunt is right now."

"She feels good, don't she Tom?" Joe said, taking his hand off Susan's mouth to rub it along her silky leg. "Damn, these was nice pantyhose. How come you tore up her nice pantyhose, Tom?" Tom only laughed and Joe joined in. Together they laughed as they fucked Susan.

Susan felt an orgasim building in her. She reached out and put a hand on Joe's chest in a futile attempt to get him to stop fucking her. Feeling his hard chest muscles excited her more and she started to let out a moaning breath with each thrust he made.

Picking up on her orgasmic breathing, Joe thrust harder. "Co'mon, pretty bitch. Come on Joe." he urged. Susan started to cum, tried to stop and then let go with an orgasim that filled the house with noise. Tom also started to cum and Susan felt his cock pulse and convulse with his ejaculation. The hot cum filled her and started to run out around his throbbing cock.

Joe suddenly pulled out of Susan and walked around to her head, forcing his cock into her mouth again. "Suck on it, whore. Make me cum!" Joe ordered. Susan did what she could but she didn't have to do much. Joe thrust into her a few times and then pulled out. As he did, a spray of milky white cum jettisoned from the tip of his cock slapping against Susan's face and chest.

Having gotten what they wanted, both men seemed finished with Susan. Joe just walked away while tom got up, dumping Susan on the floor as he pulled out of her ass. She lay on her hands and knees, trembling and gasping for breath.

"We'll be back next week, bitch. Either leave some nice things around or dress yourself up in something nice." Joe said, and laughed as he walked out of the house.

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