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Repeat After Me


She was standing on the platform reading a hardcover book, wearing this adorable yellow sundress and, unfortunately, a button-up cardigan. I leaned against the wall behind her, pretending to be absorbed in a book of my own, but mostly just fantasizing. And planning.

When we got on the subway, she found a seat. It was crowded enough that I could stand fairly close to her. I held onto the pole that rose up from her seat, standing with one foot between her slightly spread, shapely legs. She glanced up at me as the doors closed, but I kept my eyes on my book, and she soon returned to hers as if everything was normal.

I noticed, though, that she was breathing somewhat harder now, and I smiled to myself as I watched her breasts rise and fall from the corner of my eye.

At the next stop, more people entered the car, so I shifted my position slightly, moving my leg between hers even more, so that my knee just grazed the hem of her little yellow dress. She didn't even look up. But, once again, her breathing increased. Always a good sign.

I lowered my book so I could watch her boobs rise and fall with the excitement I had incited. That cardigan wasn't helping things though.... I tried to focus all my thoughts on getting her to remove it. But my power to control women worked mostly through spoken suggestions and commands, not actual mind-control (though I was trying to work on that...)

So when the mind-control didn't work, I decided to try suggestion. I turned to the man closest to me and said, "Hot in here, isn't it?" I couldn't resist a little skin-to-skin contact with her leg when I turned.

The man just nodded and looked the other way, but the effect on the girl was magnificent. Without looking up from the book in her lap, she slowly began to peel off her cardigan, flushing and breathing harder, as if the train were 100 degrees. There were exquisite beads of sweat forming around her parted lips and between those breasts, which I could now see a lot more of. Her blonde curls still covered too much though. I focused my thoughts on getting her to move her hair. This time it worked! She brushed her hair over her shoulder and turned the page.

Okay, maybe that was just a coincidence... but still, those boobs seemed to be rising and falling even faster now. I moved my leg in closer, pushing her hem up and brushing her inner thigh.

She continued reading. But was she breathing faster? I kept my leg against hers a while, watching her breasts rise and fall. Then, at the stop before mine, I repositioned myself, pulling my leg away from her thigh and backing up slightly.

She suddenly looked up at me, then looked away quickly, and back to the book, breathing harder. She then shifted positions herself, leaning forward (improving my view of those tits) and resting her thigh against my leg again.

That's when I knew she was mine.

I rubbed my leg higher up her thigh, then back down again, teasing her. Her other leg moved into an open position, as if inviting me in. Her cheeks were pink and her panting parted lips were red.

The train rumbled along, surely increasing her arousal with the vibrations. Suddenly the train stopped and the doors opened. "Sorry doll, but this is my stop," I whispered.

"...this is my stop..." the doll echoed breathlessly, standing up. She followed me out the doors, leaving that useless cardigan on the subway seat.

She seemed unaware of me as she walked up the steps and onto the street. I walked behind her to get a closer look at the ass I'd be enjoying later...

I grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Excuse me, miss?" I said, pulling out my most ambitious line, "I'm a photographer and I'd love to take some pictures of you."

"...take some pictures of me..?" she breathed.

"Yes," I affirmed.

"...yes..." she said in an almost moaning exhale.

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"...Where do I live?" she echoed. She pointied to an apartment complex just up the block. I smiled deliciously. This sexy, suggestible creature lived just around the corner from me.

Thoughts and fantasies of my hot new fuck neighbor began flooding my brain... I couldn't just wait until I got into her apartment. I had to test her suggestibility right now.

"Have you ever done any modeling before?"

"...modeling... " she almost had to struggle to say a word of her own- "...No..."

"Well the important thing to remember about modeling, " I said, keeping my hands on her body, "is to do whatever the photographer tells you. You have to obey my every command."

"...I have to obey your every command..." she echoed.


"...yes.." she moaned, breathing harder, making those tits rise and fall. I didn't even bother to pretend not to look at them. In fact, I couldn't resist giving her her first command.

"Reach inside your dress and squeeze your nipples for me."

The blonde did exactly as commanded, squeezing her nipples for a stranger on the dark sidewalk with her boobs popping out of her little yellow dress.

"Harder," I said. Her hands squeezed harder and her neck and back arched from the pleasure of following my order. I pulled her toward me and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her warm, wet little mouth.

Her hands left her breasts as she sucked my tongue deeper into her eager orifice. I quickly pulled away and corrected her.

"Did I say you could stop squeezing your nipples?"

She immediately flushed and returned her hands to those hard pointy nips.

"Harder," I said. "And twist them."

She was probably going to hurt in the morning, but she clearly liked the feeling. I couldn't wait to get her into her apartment, but I couldn't parade her up the street with her boobs out. I needed a way to make sure she remembered the whole way that she was mine.

"Now, " I said positioning my mouth over hers, "You've heard the term 'swapping spit," right?" She nodded, working her tits obediently, mindlessly. "Well, I'm going to kiss you again, and this time I'm going to spit in your mouth. And since you're a good, obedient model, you're going to hold my spit in your mouth until I give you permission to swallow, understand?"

The girl nodded, still twisting her nipples. "Harder," I whispered with a smile, just before I kissed her, and I could feel her body writhe with the pain and pleasure. As she squeezed and twisted her nips even harder, I pushed my spit into her sucking little mouth.

I kissed her longer than I had intended, filling her mouth with my spit while my hand wandered up her dress, stroking her thigh... When I stroked the wet part of her underwear, she convulsed, sucking my tongue deeper into her hungry hole and pressing her tight body even tighter against me. I could feel those fingers still twisting and squeezing subserviently. I rewarded her obedience by rubbing that wet spot a little longer. Then I pulled away.

"Cover yourself up and take me to your apartment," I said. "You can give your tits a break, but keep that spit in your mouth."

She did as she was told, and soon enough we were walking through her door.

"On you knees," I said casually, as soon as the door closed behind us. The little slave put her hands behind her back without even being told.

I turned her face up toward me and commanded her to open her mouth. Her flushed red lips parted to show a mouth so full of spit that it started to drip out down her chin.

"Good girl," I smiled. "Stay."

I left her drooling on her knees while I found the bedroom and set up the cameras from my bookbag.

(To be continued.. my first story here!!)

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