tagFetishReplaced Ch. 03

Replaced Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction exploring the idea of a cuck being completely replaced and humiliated in the context of a family situation. If that concept makes you uncomfortable, this story is not for you!!


I could hear the rhythmic complaints of wooden bed slats and metal springs from the room above me. The modified futon I was stretched out on was actually pretty comfortable with the addition of a memory foam topper. I pulled a blanket up tight and listened to the bouncing of the master bed, trying to make out the hushed moans and gasps from Kate. She always managed to keep herself quiet enough not to wake the kids, but when she had orgasms while making love with Vince it was often close. I didn't have to wait long for another one. "Fuuuuck" was drawn out in breathless female ecstasy, and suddenly muffled; probably by her lover taking her mouth in his hand as she came hard. I'd seen him do it before. She loved the way he manhandled her - confident and dominant.

I understood why I wasn't in the room with them, but it didn't make it any less frustrating and defeating as I reached under the blanket to run my finger along the plastic of my cock cage and imagine what it would feel like to trade places with Vince for a few minutes. My 'crayon penis' as Kate called it did a pathetic helpless twitch and immediately gave up.

"You'll need to earn the privilege of staying up past your bedtime to be in the room with us" Vince had told me before sending me to my room for the night. "Do you think you earned it today maid?" I had just shaken my head slightly and said "No Sir. Good night Sir and Miss" before retreating to my maid bedroom. I wished I wouldn't have glanced at Kate as she reached her hand in his pants as I opened the door to the basement. It only made it worse having that image in my mind as I dejectedly walked down the stairs, my locked penis squirming and my ass still burning from the cane.

The next five days were spent developing the new normal. Sunday morning at church I was sure people would be into me somehow, even though I was dressed normally except for the satin panties Vince required me to wear under my jeans. The afternoon hike was actually really lovely. It was still a little surreal seeing Vince and Kate holding hands as the kids skipped ahead on the trail, but I also felt happy for them. Kate was so happy and sweet with me too - talking to me almost like a sister as Vince went ahead for a while to chase and play with the girls.

Monday was a sharp transition back to the grind: school, preschool, lunch bags, homework, housework...and then the hours spent in the office. I didn't even feel dejected when I was sent to bed. I felt relieved.

Tuesday was a blur, but I was getting more efficient. It was my first real success as a maid; everyone was happy, the kids were in bed, and while I didn't yet earn the chance to see my wife naked, I did at least manage to go the entire day without requiring any discipline whatsoever. I was proud as I curled up in bed.

By Thursday I knew I would eventually be able to find a healthy rhythm to our days, even if it looked far different from what my imagination had predicted.

But every new system has it's wrinkles to work out as everyone settles into their new roles. On Friday I found a significant wrinkle, and Vince applied the iron.

"You can't skip homework just because it's Friday." I was raising my voice a little more than I intended, but I needed to clean up from dinner and I didn't have time for the complaints of my stubborn six year old.

"I'm sorry Ma...Miss Maddie, I know you're excited for movie night, but let's just get this over with and you can go have fun." I put the last plate into the dishwasher and got started making popcorn.

"No! I'm going to do it later." She crossed her arms defiantly. I turned towards her a little too angrily. "You will start this instant young lady. Don't make me have to count!"

And as often happens when disagreeing with children the tension escalated far beyond what a dispute about homework merited.

"Maddie, you are grounded - go to timeout on the stairs this..."

I was interrupted by a loud clap as Vince stood up from the couch.

"Both of you, over here. Now."

His sharp tone startled both of us. I shuffled awkwardly to the living room, taking my usual respectful position, standing with head slightly bowed, facing towards Vince.

Maddie ran and jumped onto the couch beside Kate and Mary.

Vince sat back down.

"Maid, you have some explaining to do."

I had some explaining to do? I wasn't the one skipping my work to watch a silly movie.

"Yes Sir" I said.

"When is Maddie's homework due?"

I fidgeted, realizing too late how silly the dispute sounded now. "Umm...It is due Monday Sir."

He sat back on the couch. It was so awkward being the only one standing, and it was really uncomfortable being treated like a silly child in front of my kids.

"So why does she have to do it this instant?"

"I just thought Sir that...well, it might be easiest if...you know..."

He stopped my floundering rationale. "You raised your voice to Maddie. That is unacceptable for a maid."

God no, not like this. I broke my obedient position, raising my head and beginning to protest.

He didn't give me a chance.

"Silence. You are not allowed to speak for the rest of the night."

For some reason four year old Mary found that hilarious. "Daddy has to play the quiet game!"

It lightened the tone immediately, but I knew better than to say anything as they all laughed.

Vince tickled her before turning back to me.

"You also failed to correctly address her. That will not happen again."

I swallowed and tried to fight back and keep some semblance of control of the sea of emotions whipping like waves. I fiddled with the frilled edges of my apron as my children giggled. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

Vince took Mary onto his lap and picked up the remote.

"Maid, you will stand in the corner in timeout while we watch our movie." He pointed to the corner adjacent to the TV.

I froze. This was impossible...a dress was one thing, but this...in front of the kids and...


I jumped. As I turned to walk to the corner, my last snapshot was of all three girls snuggled up to him.

"Nose in the corner, maid."

I pushed my feet together awkwardly to allow my face to push into the corner. The movie started.

Timeouts are a funny thing, especially timeouts that include being humiliated in front of your family.

Minutes of idle boredom make way for wave after wave of fresh humiliation as you remember that your kids are behind you the entire time as you obediently stand in this ridiculous position. You imagine their little arms and torsos nestled up to his strong frame as you feel the hard cold wall against your nose.

I thought about fighting back. What the hell was wrong with me? But then he would win. He always won. And I would end up with an even worse humiliation. I resisted the urge to march away from my timeout.

After an hour or so my anger slowly turned into a defeated acceptance. I didn't fight it any more. The weight of my new reality settled onto me. I pressed my nose with renewed obedience against the drywall. I was no longer an authority figure to my children, that was Vince now...but I could still be an important part of their lives, and at that moment my job was to fully accept my punishment.

The film finally ended. The girls bubbled on and on about it. Vince graciously played along, slipping in occasional subtly flirtatious comment to Kate.

"Please can we watch one quick show with you Vince? Please please!?" I could hear the kids bouncing on the couch as they begged.

"Okay, okay...one episode... you're too adorable to say no." He said good naturedly, and was met with immediate cheers.

"Just one quick thing."

"Maid, you can leave the corner now." He sounded so self-assured and condescending, even if it was said with a light-hearted tone. Life was pretty good right now for Vince.

I stood in front of him again, thanking him very quietly.

"Louder, maid."

I whimpered. This was intolerable. I could accept my punishment, but this was so mean.

"If your attitude is still a problem you're welcome to go right back to the corner."

I did not want that. I quickly changed my tone.

"Yes Sir...umm...my timeout...thank you Sir for my time in the corner."

"You're welcome maid. Now go to your room for the night."

The girls watched in fascination as mommy's special friend sent daddy to bed early.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/06/19

Perfekt life for a sissy cuck

This is really the perfect life for a sissy cuck. Humiliation and hard household work will soon break her in. More of this kind, please. Krista Bograeus

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by Anonymous08/01/18

Go on please

Go on please!

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by ppoiuytre5507/04/18


Loved the part where he said “Ma...Miss Maddie”. Great details. Longer stories, please!!!!

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Has potential for a great story

I like the idea for this story. The humiliation you’re putting the husband through is unique. I would like to see more details in each chapter. I feel it ends too quickly or there’s not enough story.more...

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by ToddHoffman05/18/18

Great Chapter!

Sent to bed early by the Bull! Very hot, loved it!

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