tagGay MaleResearch Pt. 02

Research Pt. 02


Please read Research part one first.


"So in summation I submit that although a certain portion of the male population engages in homosexual acts, they aren't homosexual at all. No, they are under-endowed males who wish they could have heterosexual relationships but whom women shun. Through aggressive parenting, peer pressure, and social activities they have been ingrained to believe that they are less than real men. They have come to realize that their purpose in life is to avail themselves of real men, also known as the alpha male, desires. Neither is the alpha male in the sissy relationship a homosexual. He merely enjoys demonstrating his sexual dominance over those he sees as a sissy.

Yes, he does derive sexual release from the sissy. Likewise, the sissy, in performing fellatio or allowing himself to be sodomized, or both, also realizes sexual relief. Typically the alpha uses the sissy without considering the sissy's needs. The sissy is merely a vessel for the alpha's orgasm."

"Now this is where the confusion comes in. The sissy, in either performing for, or allowing himself to be used by the alpha experiences his sexual gratification. This phenomenon is triggered by the sissy's need for humiliation and the desire to be used and in some cases, to be abused by those who society considers real men. The sissy's orgasm may be spontaneous as he is sodomized. Generally, however, the sissy, under the supervision of the alpha or the alpha's woman, is permitted to masturbate himself to climax, for which the sissy is grateful."

"Now we come to another growing phenomenon. In today's society there are cuckold relationships where the sissy is married to woman who is deserving of the intercourse the alpha can give her. Thus, the husband becomes sissified by his wife and her Bull. Very soon thereafter the newly formed sissy begins to perform acts considered homosexual in nature but are defined by the wife and Bull as duties. At first these acts may disgust the sissy cuckold. But over time, the sissy learns his place and readily avails himself to the demands of the Bull."

I was wrapping up my doctorate thesis to the board. Consisting mostly of men, the lone woman seemed bored and only one of the professors seemed particularly interested in my argument.

"So John?" asked professor Marks. "If what you say is true and sissies aren't homosexual, then why do they soften their looks and dress provocatively? It's as if they're intentionally trying to entice the alpha male."

His words made me consider my own apparel. For this special occasion Ellen had suggested my outfit. I was wearing tight "elephant bell bottoms" circa 1973, a beige camisole top under a white, unbuttoned, and tied at the waist silk button-down shirt. My shoes were platform espadrilles. Although I felt I was making a fashion statement, I had to admit my attire might have been misconstrued as a tad feminine. If one chose to look under my outer wear, they would see my pretty baby blue, French cut panties.

My long hair hides the small hoop earrings Max makes me wear. My eyebrows have been plucked and my eye lashes have increased volume from my mascara.

Max also insisted on me getting lip augmentation for a fuller, more inviting look for cocks.

All in all, I can see where Professor Marks was coming from. And although there is no question as to my sexual identity as a male, there is a bit of sexy mystery to me.

"Well professor, I guess they could somehow subconsciously be trying to attract attention" I said with expertise on the subject. The truth is I was still trying to figure out for myself my desire to submit to the alpha males.

Professor Marks studied me while considering my answer. His handsome black face looked me up and down as if he was trying to come to his own results. "Let's finish our business here son then you we can retire to my office to discuss this further."

The other professors were done with their questions and told me they'd be in touch with their votes in a few days.

Professor Marks led me to his office. Telling his secretary that she could leave for the day, he had me lock his inner office door as he sat in a beautiful leather wing-backed chair.

I felt ill at ease as I stood before this large black man. "So John, or is Johnnie more appropriate? Never mind that. Were you telling me that subconsciously you're trying to attract the attention of an alpha male?"

I turned 5 shades of red when he asked me that. I stammered a reply of no, that fell on deaf ears.

"So you're telling me that you didn't deliberately dress like a woman today?" He was now half smiling and half leering at me.

I played with my hair, now shoulder length and curled up at the bottom. "No sir. I dress like this all the time."

"Okay Johnnie, let's try an experiment. Take off the silk shirt son."

When I hesitated Prof. Marks told me that refusal to participate may result in a rejection of my PhD.

I untied the waist and unbuttoned the sleeves. Removing the shirt, I now stood in only my bell bottoms and camisole top. I regretted wearing it now. The lacey collar did look somewhat feminine.

Prof. Marks smiled at my compliance. "Good boy johnnie. Now let's see what's under those bell bottoms."

"But sir" I almost started crying. "Is this legal?"

"Johnnie, you put forth the thesis. All I wish to do is take an in-depth look. I think you're a sissy and want you to show me that you are not."

I couldn't look at him. I turned my back to him as I skinned out of my pants. Bending at the waist, I pulled them over my shoes not realizing that as I bent, Prof. Marks was getting a perfect picture of my plump, pantied bottom.

Sighing, I turned to face my Prof. Only in panties, camisole top that didn't quite reach my naval, and my platform shoes, I must have looked ridiculous. but something else was happening to me. I understood that I was standing before a larger male, one who could intimidate me easily. My little dick got hard and poked the front panel of my under garment out a little.

Prof. Marks just studied me for what seemed like an hour. Finally he removed his suit jacket and tossed it on his desk. "Come here son", he said patting his lap. "Come to Daddy."

"Sir" I said firmly, "this is inappropriate."

"Get your ass over here boy before I use my belt on your ass."

Now I understood. Prof Marks is an alpha. I lowered my face in shame and walked to him. One of his large black hands went to my waist and he pulled me to his lap.

Hoisting my legs over his, one large hand on my bottom, he held me with his other hand around my shoulder. He pulled my face to his neck as he whispered to me. "See Johnnie, this isn't so bad is it?"

I had my face buried in his neck and shook my head no as a response.

That response got me a sharp smack on my read end. "The proper way to respond to a real man is how, Johnnie?"

"No sir" I hissed. "This isn't so bad sir." I hoped I'd given him the answer he wanted.

I must have because he went back to caressing my bottom. "Now son, I want you to do what sissies do for real men. You want that don't you boy? You want to please me, don't you Johnnie?"

"Yes sir" I said quietly. I knew what he expected of me. "He knows what I am, what my purpose is" I thought to myself.

I reached between us to his trousers and fondled his hard cock through the fine wool.

He brought my face to his and suddenly his large lips were covering mine. Prof. Marks forced his tongue into my mouth as I played with his manhood.

I kissed my tormentor back and lowered his fly. Reaching in through the boxer shorts, I gently grabbed his cock. The skin was hot and smooth as I jacked him slowly.

The Prof moaned into my mouth and soon broke our kiss. Holding my chin he forced me to look him in the eyes. "You like this, don't you son? You like your soft white hand on my big black cock?"

"Yes sir" I said in hushed tone. There was no use denying the truth.

We sat like that for a few more minutes, me jacking his leaking erection, him playing with my bottom.

"Go on now son" he said as he pushed me off his lap. "Do what comes naturally for a white bitch like you."

His words resonated in me. When real men verbally abuse me I become excited. I don't know why but it started when I first met Max and has happened whenever his friends come over for relief. There is sexual stimulation in the humiliation in the callous way alpha males treat me.

I remember even as mother used her switch on me as a child that, although it hurt, it triggered something inside me that only now I was beginning to understand.

I slid to my knees between his thighs and nuzzled his crotch as I loosened his belt.

"That's right bitch" Prof Marks smirked. "You want to be a psychoanalyst, analyze my cock."

I helped my professor out of his shoes and socks and he settled back in the chair to allow me to "analyze" his cock.

Max had a large cock but Prof Marks had him beat. He must have been 10" in length and 5" in circumference.

I used both hands to caress and jack the magnificent tool. Professor Marks sighed. "Look at me Johnnie. Make eye contact with a real man as you service his cock. Real men like to see the surrender in the eyes of their sissy when the sissy realizes another alpha male has claimed him."

I batted my eyes at him as I moved my face forward smelling his essence. I felt the warmth from his crotch as I made my first oral contact with a black cock.

I held the tool straight up and licked him from his balls to the large, dark purple head. I tasted the musky intoxicating pre-cum. Then I sighed.

I knelt up and took the head in my mouth. Swirling my tongue, I began to suck and bob up and down on the wonderful cock. I made sure Prof. Marks felt the fullness of my enhanced lips as I fucked my own face on his staff of life.

I snarled and slobbered all over the black cock, getting into my role as a sissy cocksucker. Prof. Marks was enjoying my labor and began to use his hips to plunge his cock deeper into my throat.

"Gag on it you fucking fairy. Suck my black cock you mother fucking faggot. Suck it like your life depends on it boy.

I held his big ass with both hands as I did my best to devour the cock. Coming up for air, a spit trail connected my lips to the head. I turned my face sideways and traced the vein from the tip down to his balls. Forcing my face into his crotch, I bathed Prof. Marks balls with wet kisses before returning my attention to his cock.

The more he called me names and cursed me the more excited I got. I groveled in his abuse and slavishly worked to please the wonderful cock I had in my mouth.

Prof. Marks grabbed a handful of my hair and rose from his seated position. He squatted down some and began to furiously fuck my face. He thrust his cock down my throat until my nose was in his pubic hair. Guiding my head, he used me for his animalistic pleasure.

I let him use my face like a cunt as he cursed and fucked until I felt the head of his cock swell and knew I was about to taste the fruit of my labor.

"I'm cumming you white faggot. I'm cumming in your fucking face you white cock sucker. You better not spill a drop or I'll take my belt to your sissy ass."

It would have been difficult for me to spill any of his offering. His cock was buried deep in my throat as Prof. Marks deposited the first of his ejaculate directly into my belly. He then pulled my head back so he could cum in my mouth, permitting me to savor his seed. I swallowed and suckled pulse after pulse of my reward, finally draining him of his sperm and his strength to stand.

Still with a handful of my hair Prof. Marks sat down again and allowed me to nurse and coax the remaining cum from his balls.

When he was finally sated, he still insisted I hold his cock in my mouth as he talked to me.

"Not bad Johnnie. Wish you'd have come to me sooner lad. I'd have nurtured the bitch in you for the last 2 years. I'm a bit disappointed when I think of all the blow jobs you could have given me. I like pussy boy, especially white pussy. But next to that I love sticking my cock into a white boy's mouth and skull fucking him until I feed him my load."

With his cock still in my mouth I could only nod my understanding.

"You have a nice fat ass Johnnie. Anyone have that yet?"

When I nodded again he pulled his cock from me and told me to tell him how I came to realize my true purpose. "Tell me everything faggot. I want to know exactly when you learned that you were made to suck the cocks of real men."

He made me stay undressed as I explained how, in my research I'd become infatuated with Ellen and how she introduced me to Max. Prof. Marks had a good laugh when I told him how Max had me suck his toes before allowing me to opportunity to suck his cock.

Prof Marks raised his eye brows when I told him how Max wanted me in a mini-skirt short enough that my panties showed when I stood still. "He wanted my fat ass on display sir" I said sheepishly. "Then he fucked me like I was a woman while Ellen watched."

Prof. Marks had me admit that I enjoyed it.

"So now you want to go into business as a doctor of sexual fetishes? Is that right?"

"Sir, Professor Marks, I want to help people understand and accept what they are. I want to erase the shame and stigma people have regarding their sexuality."

Still only in my panties, shoes and camisole top I assisted Prof. Marks in dressing. Just before he put his cock away, he had me kiss it and thank it and he for allowing me the pleasure of his manhood. I felt ridiculous talking to his cock but was sincere when I thanked him for using me for his pleasure.

"Don't mention it" he said with the smugness I'd come to understand that real men use on us sissies. I'd seen it several times now when Max's friends came to get relief from Ellen.

It's understandable. They, the alphas demonstrated their power over us weaker males and after getting their release, discard us as easily as they would an empty beer bottle.

When real men, after getting what they want from us sissies, find us offensive to their sense of masculinity and hurry to dress and leave. Even Max can become hostile after dumping his load into Ellen or me.

And it's that humiliation I find enticing. Max had told me to leave my self worth at my old place when I moved in with he and Ellen. I learned quickly that he was right. Public humiliation, verbal and physical abuse are the norm for Ellen and me. We both appreciate the attention Max and his friends hurl at us, even in their disdain of what we are.

Still, Max as abusive as he can be sometimes still has a gentle side. He never uses his fists on Ellen or me. His preferred method of training us is by using his belt on us. We don't bruise and the welts are usually gone in a day or two.

Professor Marks understood all of what I told him. He promised me that the next time we spent quality time together he'd use his belt on me. "Some outside training might be good for you Johnnie."

"Yes sir" I said my little dick throbbing at the thought.

"You didn't cum did you son?" Prof. Marks asked.

"No sir" I answered, unable to make eye contact.

"Good. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of my office. The next time you better be wearing hose boy. I want you to be pretty for me. You do want to be pretty for me Johnnie. Don't you?"

I tugged up the tight bell bottoms and answered in the affirmative. Pulling my shirt on and tying it off at the waist, I thanked him again and left.

When I related that day's activities to Max and Ellen over dinner that evening, both understood. Ellen was excited to hear that I was made to suck a cock other than Max's. Max was only a little concerned that my professor was black. "You know what they say baby girl? Once you go black you don't go back."

As Ellen cleared the table I used our private time to show Max I was not going completely black. I was wearing my newest nightie and thigh high hose and a nice white thong panty as I knelt before my man and paid homage to his cock. My thong rubbed the crack of my ass nicely and when Max fed me his load I came a little too.

All in all a good day I thought as I hummed happily on with a cock in my mouth.

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