tagCelebrities & Fan FictionResident Evil: Infection Pt. 01

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 01


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Jill Valentine

Resident Evil: Infection Part 1

An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

Vincent Pierce didn't exactly enjoy his job. Late shifts at the pharmacy, having to deal with junkies, freaks, and people who always had the wrong forms with them. Sure it paid OK, but he certainly didn't see a career in it. For a young, 18-year-old man with messy hair and a not exactly good looking or impressive physique, all he wanted to do was stay home and play video games instead of doing boring "real world" stuff.

It was understandable therefore when he heard the doors chime open as he was closing up for the night that he sounded less than thrilled. "We're closed for the night!" He snapped, peering out from the back-room. "The sign on the door said... The fuck??" He blinked, doing a double take at the "person".

They looked human, a female at that. But covered in blood, clothes half-torn, and eyes completely white with a weird looking pink fluid drooling from the mouth. Like something out of a horror movie. Except for the fact that the creature's breasts were of a massive size, heaving and sticking out with pointed nipples, and their ass was of a similar over-proportioned roundness too.

"What the fuck?!??" Vincent exclaimed as the "zombie" approached and made a lunging grab at him. "N-no!! Get the fuck off of me!" He yelled, trying weakly to fend off this attacked as they seemed to be tugging at his clothes, hauling more at his belt than trying to eat him. He attempted to punch at it, the blows to the head doing nothing as the creature dropped down to its knees in front of him. "Fucking freak!!" He swore, using his hands to push the face away from his crotch. That move backfired when the "zombie" sank its teeth into his arm. The bite caused him to scream loudly as the near fangs of it pierced the skin, drawing blood and the substance from its mouth then mixing with his blood. "AHHHHH!!" Whether from the pain of the bite or in a last desperate attempt to escape, a luckily well placed knee to the creature's jaw allowed Pierce to get away a short distance.


Two gunshots rang out, the "zombie" shuddering on its feet before it collapsed down to the ground, more of that pink liquid seeping out of it onto the shop floor.

"Shit, too late!" Jill Valentine, the stunning Special Operations Agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance which she co-founded, exclaimed. She moved in closer, putting her gun back into the holster on her utility belt before making sure of taking no chances, delivering a finishing stomp to crush the head of the "zombie" into squished pieces.

Valentine was clad in her BSAA uniform. Tactical pants with pockets which fit snugly to her very shapely ass, with a blue sleeved top that similarly showed off her large breasts nicely even as completely covered as they are. Topped off with fingerless gloves, shoulder straps for gear, boots, and blue cap on top of her dark, styled in a long ponytail haired head.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck..." Vincent whined as he clutched his bitten arm. "What the fucking fuck was that??"

"There's been an outbreak..." Jill said, calmly explaining to the far younger than her man the situation. "It's being contained by my fellow BSAA operatives. The important thing is we get you to safety. Is there a way to the roof of this pharmacy?"

"The r-roof?" Pierce questioned, hissing from the pain for a moment. "Ye-yeah... I have a key to the roof. We sometimes need to go up there and fix the TV antenna..."

Valentine nodded before she unhooked the handheld transceiver from her belt to speak into it. "Valentine here. We have a possible infected citizen here, a couple blocks from the main break-out area. Pharmacy with a big sign out front. I'm staying with them, but need medical assistance, and we need it now!"

* * *

Moments later on the roof of the pharmacy, Jill is finishing off applying a First Aid Spray to Vincent's arm to stem the bleeding from his bitten arm. "There... That will do until proper medics get here." She said, tossing the spent can away. "Like Hell am I going to let someone kick the bucket on my watch. Not if I can help it."

"T-thanks..." Vincent said as he sat on the ground of the roof-top. "Wish we had those kind of sprays around the store to sell..."

"You'd be surprised how many of those things people just leave lying around..." Jill mused. "How are you feeling kid?"

"...Weird..." Pierce rather unhelpfully, but not in an intentional way, said. "What was that fucking thing that bit me? It looked human but... And then it tried to like, tear my clothes of!"

"Like I said, an outbreak." Valentine explained. "A bio-terrorist attack. They unleashed an outbreak of a virus that created "zombies" if you will, like the one that got you. Seems like they didn't make a good job of the virus I guess... They seemed more interested in, well... Sex." She said bluntly. "Instead of the usual flesh eating. My operatives have the main... "Orgy" surrounded and ready to take them out after they get spent. Sadly it seems that victims of the attack tried to flee, and "turned" mid escape... I was hunting them down, and the last one I was on to... Well, here we are. Don't worry." She said, looking him in the eye. "The BSAA have the best medics and scientists around. If anyone can stop you from turning, then they..."

"Ahhhhhh!!" Vincent suddenly groaned, jolting back at he sat, his legs spreading apart as suddenly a sizeable bulge was appearing in his pants. "Oh God!! What's... What's happening to me?!?" He exclaimed, eyes wide and full of fear.

"Stay with me Vincent!" Jill instructed, but cautiously had one hand ready to draw her firearm if needed. "What's happening? Talk to me!"

"My... My cock!!" Pierce yelled in horror. "It's... It feels on fire!! Fuck!! It's fucking growing!!"

"Growing? What do you..."

Again Jill was cut off, but this time by the young man's pants suddenly being ripped apart. Springing out from his crotch was now a massively long and thick to match cock that was already rock hard in just a flash. Not to mention throbbing, as if looking like it was ready to burst at a moment's notice. Add in the fact that to compliment the shaft was a set of heavy balls that similarly looked ready to explode? It was no surprise that both Vincent and Jill stared in shock at the sight.

"That's... That's not my cock!!" Vincent stated as he reached forward and took a hold of himself. "I'm nowhere near this... This kind of... Arrrrrrghhh!! This kind of size!" He admitted as he found his hand stroking up and down his own cock.

"It... It must be the virus..." Valentine reasoned, her eyes unable to tear away from the sight of suck a huge piece of man-meat. "It made those who turned sex craved... So naturally anyone infected by someone already turned would suffer something like... This..."

"It's burning!!" He whined as he pumped away at his newly sized, rock hard dick. "Oh fuck... It's like it's gonna blow any second.

"Shit! And jerking off isn't helping??" She questioned with a glance up at him as she shifted around him, looking forward and between his legs as she took a good look at this oversized member. "Never seen one as big as this before... Figures an Umbrella knock-off virus would do it..."

"Ahhhhhh... What... What do I do??" He hissed, letting go of his dick and falling back as he arched off the ground for a moment as the pain overwhelmed him.

"Fuck... The medics won't be here for a while..." She gritted her teeth for a moment in frustration, seeing how much discomforted the infected young man was in. It was her duty to protect anyone who got harmed by a bio-terror attack, and here she was facing a victim of the most unusual "illness" she'd seen yet in her long career. An odd, yet interesting one... If a regular First Aid Spray wasn't going to help things, then what would?

"...Vincent! Stay with me here... I'm going try something, but I don't know if it will work..." She stated with a look across as he managed to sit up as he gasped for air. She was used to dealing with intense and unusual situations, not to mention scared victims of bio-attacks. Nothing however quite like this one. Gripping that massive cock with both hands, she started to pump him up and down. Feeling the hardness brought about by the virus coursing within him that's created such a long and fat dick - the biggest she'd ever witnessed before in her life. "Just, just work with me here, OK? This is not like anything I've dealt with, so I'm winging it a bit..." She admitted, able to rip her gaze off from his shaft to shoot him a focus look. All the while still working her fingerless-gloved hands back and forth along his size. "Just try and... Stay with me, OK? How does this feel?"

"Ahhhhh... Oh shit... Be-better... Yeah... Way better..." He gasped out between groans, the dual-stroking of the handjob applying a soothing sensation to that rod. Both hands slid up and down his pole with one focusing on the bottom part to lightly touch his base. The other ran across the upper portion, while also working over that fat bell-end with the occasional grind across or twist around. "Mmmmm... It still feels... Ahhhhh... So hot... Like I'm gonna... Awwwwww fuck!!" He tried to explain, but the mix of fear from the zombie attack and the uncertainty of this new, huge-cock predicament he now found himself in? It's understandable that he's at a loss for words. Not the mention the fact that a stunning woman he's only just met was swiftly pumping away at his shaft with a skilful smoothness. In any other circumstance he would be able to just moan out and enjoy this. Now? The stroking off was being done as if his life depended on it, so his groans of pleasure were right now just a side-effect of her actions.

"Shit... But fuck it, we're on the right track..." She thought aloud, seeing his cock throb but not as much as without her touch. "...No other choice then. This is for your own good Vincent." She warned before she shifted back on her knees to allow her cap-wearing head to lean down. Spitting down onto his crown, she used her tongue to rather brazenly spread that saliva across the head. Her plan seemed to work as it made the man taking this let out a sigh of relief. "I made a promise... I'm not going to let another outbreak attack victim die... No matter what I have to do." She vowed as she glanced up at the man she was stroking off. Turning her attention back to his enlarged member, another spit down was delivered before this time she leaned further down. Opening her mouth, she quite shockingly for the situation took his size up past her lips, causing him to moan out even before she was down pushing down.

"Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmm fuck... Oh shit... I... I think it's working..." Pierce said between husky groans. His eyes were locked on that gorgeous face as she slid herself back up to the head of his shaft before smoothly racing back down. An urgency that showed while she was knowingly and willingly performing this oral sex act on him, it was not simply done for any kind of erotic pleasure. Although obviously the lucky, in more ways than one, young man getting blown was feeling plenty of delightful sensations from that nicely damp and warm mouth of the BSAA Agent. "Mmmm!! It still... Uhhhhh... Feels red hot... But damn!! Mmmmm!! Fuck... Feels good..." He adds with another low moan. As she nodded her long haired head up and down along his shaft, she expertly kept her lips applied around that thick tool. She was clearly far from a novice at this. Just never before has she sucked someone off in such urgent, life-saving circumstances. Even so, she keeps her sucks steadily going, applying her spit along his meat to start to make her spit drip downward towards the base.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmhhhh... Mmmmm..." The stunning female let out a muffled groan of her around this massive prick she was slurping away on. Her hands gripped his thighs as she made sure to keep her head bobbing away nice and smoothly, taking an impressive amount of his enhanced size into her oral hole. As she sucked him off, she kept her eyes looking up as he grunted and moaned from her blowjob skills. She could easily tell this wasn't an act he was putting on just to get a piece of her, as she'd experienced from some creeps in the past. At the same time as her full lips continued to race back and forth along his tool, she knew that right now there wasn't any other option to combat this unique viral infection. If saving this man's life meant blowing him, then her pride could go to the side and her mouth can get to work.

"Mmmm!! J-Jill... It's... Ahhhhh... The feeling... It's not... Ahhhhh!! Going away!!" He hissed out with a worried look before her sucks got another long moan out of him. Even as good as her mouth felt across his now far thicker inches than he usually has (not to mention the vastly increased length) he knew his "problem" wasn't going away any time soon. "I... Oh fuck!! I don't even usually last... Uhhhhh!! This long during... Y-you know..." He admitted, showing that it wasn't just a major change in his "size" that this virus was causing. His words didn't throw her off her motion, that cap-wearing head still swiftly bobbing over his pole as she covered him with spit. She was handling already a large amount of his dick, but as she tried to push down further she found herself groaning from discomfort. Her jaw was starting to ache just from trying to keep her lips wrapped around this mega-sized shaft!

Eventually, she had to lift her head up and off from him with a gasp as she took in much needed air. Then a grunt of frustration as her hands then rapidly took over to stroke off his length. "Damn it... We are getting someone here Vincent..." Jill said with a glance up at him. "But I almost choked myself on you! And I never do that on a first time..."

"I... Mmmmm... I a-appreciate what you're tr-trying... Mmmmm! To help me..." Vincent stuttered out, still groaning while his cock throbbed in her pumping grip. "...Wait, what was t-that about...?"

"No time! Just don't freak out, OK?" Valentine said with a serious expression as she let go of his dick. Reaching down she quickly unsnapped her utility belt, then unbuttoning and unzipping her pants to shove them down with urgency.

"Yes ma'am..." Pierce said in a half-mumble, staring down and watching as she also pulled down her panties, making her neatly trimmed pussy become exposed.

"Just lay there Vincent, let me try this..." She reassuringly said, having "undressed" only as much as she needed to leave her clothes around her knees with her ass exposed. Moving forward she mounted him, reaching down and guiding his pulsing cock against her body to line him up. Feeling his head against her folds, she shifted down, her eyes going wide as just his bell-end alone forced her pussy to widen and accept him. "Oh fuck!! Fuck that's big..." She moaned out, but nowhere near as loudly as the man underneath her did as she rocked back, gradually working his huge size up into her tight pussy. "I didn't want to... Mmmmm... Resort to this... But sex seems, as unlikely... Ahhhhh... As it seems, to be the solution here..." She reasoned, groaning again as she fitted another inch of his fat rod into her snatch. Satisfied that his member wasn't going to fall out of her any time soon, her hands now placed on her own knees as she started to smoothly but carefully ride him.

"MMMM... Oh fuck!! It... Mmmm!! It feels like... Ahhhhh!! You're fucking right..." The young pharmacy worker said, his eyes still full with awe as he watched this stunning Special Operations Agent shift her snatch back and forth on his enhanced to say the least cock. Any other man would happily and without question obey her orders if it got such a great feeling like this from her bounces. He on the other hand was still fearful of his life from this "virus", so gladly just followed her lead and let her do the work on his manhood. "UHHHH... Is... Isn't it risky... Ahhhhh... Doing this?? I m-mean... MMMM... Without even any pro-protection, or..." He attempted to ask, but was cut off by his own groans. As previously inexperienced with sex as he is, even he could appreciate the wonderful feeling of such a snug and starting to feel wet pussy all around his cock. Already she was working over more than half his pole, but as focused as she looked it was clear she wasn't planning on stopping just there with him.

"Mmmmm!! No time for that Vincent!! We don't know... AHHHHH... How much time you have left..." The still almost fully clothed beauty explained between her sharp bounces on his dick. As she moved smoothly up and down on his dick, even within her attire her large breasts were still jiggling along in time her body's movement. Add in how her long ponytail was swaying away as she rode him? It was a sexy sight that many a BSAA operative would have killed to see. "Ahhhhhh... But thanks for the concern kid... Mmmmmm..." She added, giving him a smile before she let out a quite loud moan of her own. Of course the main focus of fucking this younger man was to attempt to "cure" him off the effects of a most bizarre infection. However she wasn't able to deny how good it felt to have such a fat and long cock deep within her twat. Her growing dampness down there only continued with every swift and steady bounce down onto him she delivered to keep them both moaning out.

"MMMMM... I... Oh FUCK!! I really... Uhhhhh... And I mean really appreciate it..." The man underneath her said, letting out a gasp of delight when her snatch lowered further still onto his far bigger than usual size. He couldn't help but let moans pout out from his mouth, completely stunned by all the events leading up to this sudden roof-top fuck. Let alone the action itself for the kind of pleasure he could only fantasise about before. "Ahhhhhh... Guess... UHHHH... You've de-dealt with this kind of... Oh FUCK... O-outbreak before??" He tried to muster some half-decent but very awkward conversation with the gorgeous bio-attack veteran currently riding his cock with a porn-star level of quality. It's another sign that he's not used at all to any of his sexual experiences lasting quite this length of time. Speaking of lengths, his was still firmly stuffed up into her tight pussy, feeling those damp walls gripping him each time she shifted back or rocked forward against his stiffness.

"MMMM... Too many fucking times... So I'm not... AHHHHH... Going to let you fall victim to... MMMM SHIT... Whatever fucking virus you've been hit with..." She vowed, giving him another focused look as he kept her riding motion going on strong at this steady, commanding pace. Still her clothes-covered tits bounced away as she worked up and down on his pole. The bottom of her ass cheeks were connecting with his thighs each time she pushed back against, almost taking all of that massive size into her tightness in the process. "But never... UHHHHHH... Have I had to... MMMMM... Fuck a guy during a mission..." The former S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member added with a gasp of her own when she impaled herself onto his length. She was by no means a virgin, as shown by how expertly she was moving her curvy, athletic body on his manhood. Still, this was the biggest cock she's ever had to handle, and was already making her more than just noticeably wet down between her legs as a result of her riding actions. "AHHHHH... At least... Never to cure a guy before..." She rather too casually added.

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