tagBDSMRetraining Ch. 03

Retraining Ch. 03


Jack was speechless. He couldn't believe any man could beat a woman like this. And yet, he felt some guilt. His first thought was that he had caused this. But no, he had not abused this woman. In the back of his mind, he felt that this was not the first time that Kelli had been beaten by her husband. Her body was shaking as she sobbed. She held onto him as if her life depended on it ... and maybe it really did.

Jack wanted to let her cry it out. He also wanted to get her to a doctor. He suspected that someone might be watching. How else could Bill have discovered the friendship between Jack and his wife? But he stood there, holding Kelli as she cried.

He finally spoke. "Kelli," he whispered. "It's going to be alright. I won't let you be hurt again." Jack said that without even thinking. It had become a natural instinct with Sandy and now with Kelli. It was who he was. It never occurred to him to walk away from what could very well become a nightmare. Bill would not let Kelli go quietly.

Kelli was able to control her crying and looked up at Jack through her tears. She really believed him. "I didn't know where else to go. I didn't know who I could come to other than you."

"Kelli, we need to get you to the hospital. You need to be examined," said Jack.

"No, please don't ask me to do that." Kelli began to cry. "They'll call the police."

"They need to be called, Kelli. If you want to get away from Bill, this has to happen. If you want my help, you need to trust me." Jack's voice was gentle, but firm.

Kelli continued to cry, but managed to finally stop. Between sniffles, she spoke again. "I do trust you Jack. We'll do what you think is right." She sighed. "I'm sorry that I've involved you. Bill won't let this end without a fight."

"We'll worry about that later. Let's worry about you right now," said Jack.

For the first time, Kelli smiled. She felt safe with Jack. But her fear of Bill was overpowering. Jack could see it in her eyes. He pulled her close again and held her.

"I will not let him get near you, Kelli," said Jack. He decided it was time to go and pulled Kelli's arms from him. "Lock your car. You're riding with me."

At the emergency room, Jack walked Kelli to the front desk. The nurse was looking at her computer and said, "Be with you in a second." When she looked up, she saw Kelli and her eyes widened. And then she looked at Jack coldly. But Jack spoke up before she could say anything.

"Please call the police. This woman's husband did this to here."

"And you are?" asked the nurse.

"I'm her friend. My name is Jack Nelson. I don't know the extent of her injuries."

The nurse's expression changed and looked at Kelli with sympathy. Over the next few minutes, the nurse recorded Kelli's insurance information. During the process, the hospital records revealed to the nurse that this was not Kelli's first visit.

"Mrs. Jackson? This is not the first time your husband abused you, is it?" said the nurse.

Kelli looked at Jack and began to cry again. Jack took her hand and squeezed it. "Kelli, you have to tell them everything. No more denying what he's done to you."

Kelli looked back at the nurse. "No, this is not the first time. But this was the worst. He never hit me in the face before."

"Please sit down in the waiting room. We'll call you into an examining room soon."

Jack escorted Kelli to the waiting room. It was quiet and there was only one other person sitting there. As they sat there, Jack held Kelli's hand. True to her word, the nurse called for her and Kelli got up to leave. She didn't want to be alone. But Jack assured her that it would be alright.

Jack sat and waited. He felt his anger building and tried to fight it. Then he noticed to uniformed cops walk into the emergency room. They checked in with the nurse, who then pointed to Jack with some sort of explanation. The police officers approached Jack. Jack stood to meet them.

"Mr. Nelson?" asked the first officer.

"Yes, I'm Jack Nelson."

"I'm Officer Baylor and this is my partner Officer Randle. "You brought in a woman who was abused?"

"Yes, I did," responded Jack.

"What is Mrs. Jackson's relationship with you?" asked Officer Baylor.

"We're friends. We belong to the same gym and work out together." Jack looked from one cop to the other. He could see it in their eyes. "Look, I know what you're thinking. There has never been anything sexual between us. We're simply friends. Kelli didn't know where else to go. She met me at the club earlier this morning."

"What did she tell you when she met you at this club?" asked the officer.

"She mostly cried. She said she didn't know where else to turn. She didn't want to come to the hospital because it would involve calling you. I convinced her to come here. I'm worried about her injuries. She told the nurse this was not the first time."

"Yes. She reported that when we were called. A female officer will be examining her as well for evidence." The officer paused as he took notes. When he looked up, he asked, "Are you sure it was her husband that did this?"

Jack had a puzzled look on his face. "Why would you ask that?"

"We have to ask, Mr. Nelson."

Jack looked at both of them. "The last time I saw her was Saturday morning at the grocery store. We both shop there on Saturday mornings. It's where I first met her." Jack saw the two officers exchange a look. He sighed, but was not going to defend himself again. "We were having coffee when Kelli's husband walked in and escorted her out of the store. He was pissed and she seemed to be very scared of him. He was convinced that Kelli was having an affair with me."

"Was she? Having an affair with you?"

Jack was becoming a little impatient. "No. For the second time, we were not having an affair. And if we were, what that bastard did to her can never be justified."

"Ok, Mr. Nelson. We'll be talking to Mrs. Jackson after she has been examined. If you wouldn't mind, would you please stay here in case we have further questions?"

"I have no intention of leaving," said Jack.

The officers walked away and Jack sat back down, trying to calm himself. He watched them talk to the nurse again. He turned away to watch the TV, but not really pay attention to what was on. He began to think about what he needed to do next. He had already made up his mind that Kelli would stay with him. Married or not, he would not allow her to stay with strangers. Kelli needed him and he would not walk away from her.

About 30 minutes later, he noticed another female talking to the officers. He saw the badge hanging on her belt and guessed that she was the female officer who examined Kelli. They talked for a few minutes and then the two male officers left to talk to Kelli. Jack watched them closely, concerned how they would question her. He had not noticed the doctor who approached him.

"Mr. Nelson?"

Jack turned to look at the doctor. She seemed quite young. "Yes?"

"Your friend, Mrs. Jackson will be fine, physically. She does have some cracked ribs and plenty of bruises and abrasions, but she will heal. Quite honestly, she is very lucky. It could have been a lot worse. But I'm worried about her mental state. I've advised her to go to the women's shelter, but she has refused that idea. I was hoping you could help me convince her otherwise."

"I'm sorry," said Jack. "But she's staying with me. If you have a recommendation of who she should see for counseling, I'll see to it that appointments are made and she gets to them. But I won't help you talk her into going to some strange place to be alone."

The doctor paused a moment, but then said, "Very well, Mr. Nelson. You must be some friend. I hope you know what you're getting yourself in to. I'll see to it that the nurse gives you a list of names of people that Mrs. Jackson can see."

"Thank you, Doctor."

The two officers appeared again, but left. Apparently, they did not need to talk to Jack again. A few minutes later, Kelli was wheeled out in a wheelchair. Jack got up to meet them. Jack did not need an explanation of why she was in a wheelchair. He'd been through all of that numerous times with Sandy. But Kelli's first words to him were that it was hospital policy. She seemed worried about Jack seeing her in the chair.

He smiled. "It's ok. I'm taking you home." And then Jack corrected himself. "To my home."

Kelli smiled, but then her expression changed. "The doctor told me what you told her. Are you sure, Jack?"

"I'm sure. I made that decision hours ago," he said.

Kelli breathed a deep sigh of relief. And then she looked up at Jack. "The police want me to come down to their station and press charges. But I got them to agree that I would come in tomorrow."

Jack nodded. "I'll take you tomorrow. You won't be alone."


Before they went to Jack's apartment, they went back to Kelli's car at the club. She had packed a bag with a few things. Jack had also decided that they should return Kelli's car to her home. He didn't think Bill would buy it, but he wanted to reduce the chance that Bill would think Kelli was with him.

Once the car was dropped off, Kelli was glad to be back in Jack's car. She was afraid to even go near her home. Jack tried to take her mind off everything that had happened.

"It's small," he said, referring to his apartment. "But it's clean and it has everything we need. And I'm not a bad cook, either." He chuckled.

"Jack, if you're going to put up with me, the least I can do is cook for you," said Kelli.

"You're my guest and you need to relax and heal."

Kelli smiled and said, "Yes, Sir."

Jack looked at Kelli, but said nothing. Kelli had not realized she had called Jack "Sir". But Jack didn't think anymore about it.

As they walked into his apartment, Jack told her, "If there is anything you need that I don't have here, I can run out and pick it up."

"I'm sure everything will be fine, Jack," Kelli was smiling. She was enjoying his concern for her, but also his nervousness about his small apartment. "If I need anything, we can maybe run out tomorrow. I'm a little tired."

Jack smiled. "Of course. Let me show you your bedroom." He showed her to his bedroom and the bathroom. And then he got a little red from embarrassment. "I'll be sleeping on the couch. I'll move some things of mine out of the closet and the dresser so you have more space."

"Jack, I will not push you out of your bedroom. I can sleep on the couch."

But Jack was firm. "Like I said earlier, you are my guest. You will be sleeping in here. And that will be the end of anymore discussion."

"Yes, Sir," said Kelli.

Jack looked at Kelli again. Twice she had called him that. "Kelli?"

"Yes, Jack?"

"Why do you call me 'Sir'?"

"I did?" Kelli started to blush. "I guess it's habit and I don't know I'm doing it. Ever since this morning, you've taken control and been firm with me. You've been making decisions for my benefit. It's just habit."

Jack suddenly understood and felt sick about it. Bill was more of a bastard than Jack had realized. He was Kelli's abusive Master.

"I guess I need to explain some things," said Kelli. "You'll think I'm weird, but I need to be honest with you, especially after everything you've done." She paused and then took a deep breath. "I am a submissive and Bill is my Master and owner." She looked away from Jack, but kept talking. "We got into a BDSM lifestyle and at first, I loved it. But I didn't realize what it would become. I didn't know this lifestyle would be so abusive for a submissive. I didn't know I would become a doormat." Kelli was still looking away from Jack. "You must be repulsed by me."

Jack reached to turn Kelli's face towards him. "I'm repulsed by your husband. Not you. He has no concept of how to treat a submissive. A Dom's role is to protect his submissive, to care for her, to love her, but also to respect her. He has been an abusive husband, not your Master."

Kelli looked at Jack with a puzzled look on her face.

"You really think that Bill's behavior is that of a proper Master, don't you? You don't know better," said Jack.

"I don't expect you to understand, Jack. It doesn't matter. It's not a life I ever want again," said Kelli.

"Kelli, I understand all too well. I was my wife's Dom and Master for years."

Kelli's eyes got wide. She backed away from Jack and Jack saw fear in her eyes. Then she stood up and started to tremble.

"This was a mistake. I should go to the women's shelter like the doctor suggested," said Kelli.

"Kelli," said Jack. "I would never lay a hand on you like that. A submissive's gift to a Dom is precious. When a submissive gives herself to a Dom, it is the most wonderful gift a man could receive. A Dom who receives that gift must treat that gift with respect and love. Bill was no Dom or Master. And the fact that he thinks that and treated you the way he did, really pisses me off."

Kelli looked at Jack with some doubt. She was torn as to what to do. She felt safe with Jack, but also felt fear. Was it possible a Dom could be so kind? She had to admit, Jack was one of the kindest men she had ever met. And she felt safe with him, at least she had felt safe with him.

"Please stay, Kelli," said Jack. "Bill is eventually going to learn you are here. But I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. You may stay as long as you wish." He paused. "And that is the true behavior of a proper Dom."

Kelli nodded. "Ok. I'll stay."

The day seemed to fly by. Jack prepared some supper for the two of them. He smiled as he worked in the kitchen. He had always liked to cook. It felt good to cook for two again. He thought about opening a bottle of wine, but decided against it. In fact, he decided that drinking any alcohol at all was a bad idea. Kelli was on some pain medication, so mixing alcohol with the meds was not a good idea. But more important to Jack was what Kelli had told him. Bill had been drinking when he had abused Kelli.

Kelli was surprised that Jack did more than put something frozen in the microwave or the oven. Dinner was really very good. She could not remember a time when a man had prepared a meal for her. Bill certainly never did. Of course, she didn't believe Bill was capable of cooking something that was edible. And she mentioned that to Jack, making a joke about it. They both laughed. Jack smiled. It felt good to hear Kelli laugh.

As the day drew to a close, Jack made sure that Kelli had everything that she needed in the bedroom and bathroom. He pulled a blanket from the closet and one of the pillows from the bed for his night on the couch. Kelli once again tried to talk Jack into letting her sleep on the couch, but he was firm about it. She would be using his bedroom, period. She smiled as he left her with some privacy. Maybe Jack was right. Maybe she really did not understand what a Dom/sub relationship could really be like. Maybe she was just finding out now.

Kelli changed into a long t-shirt for sleeping in. And then she remembered her meds were in her purse on the dining room table. She walked out through the living room to the table and opened her purse. Jack was coming from the kitchen back to the living room and saw Kelli. It was the first time he saw her arms and legs. He saw the bruises and the red and purple marks. And then he noticed the marks around her wrists and ankles. He could not hold his tongue.

"That mother fucker!"

Kelli looked up in surprise. "What?"

"I'm sorry Kelli. I can't help but get angry when I see what he did to you." Jack did not say anything about the marks on her wrists and ankles. He knew what they were from.

Kelli looked down at the floor as if ashamed. "He tied me to the bed face-down and anally raped me. And then he left me that way all night."

Jack shook his head and went to her. He pulled her to him and held her. "I know you still feel shame, Kelli. And that's the first thing we're going to work on. We're going to make sure you not only understand, but that you believe, that you know, this was never your fault."

Kelli said nothing, but her body suddenly relaxed. She felt it. It was a burden lifted. She would be safe. Jack would take care of her. Jack felt it too. Neither of them moved. They held each other for several minutes. When Jack finally pulled back, Kelli's eyes were filled with tears. She kissed him softly and then turned to go to bed.


Kelli was naked and lying face down on the floor. Jack was tying her ankles together carefully. Then he ran his fingers along the inside of her leg to her ass. Kelli giggled and squirmed. She was a little ticklish. Jack smiled and pushed his fingers deeper between her thighs to tease her. Then he removed his hand and reached to pull her arms behind her. He tied each wrist to her opposite elbow. It pushed her hands high up her back. Jack admired Kelli's body. It was still hard to imagine her age. She looked so much younger. Her body did not give away her age at all. He smiled and smacked her ass.

Kelli yelped and then giggled. Jack undressed, getting naked himself. Then he helped her up on her knees.

"Open your mouth, slut."

Kelli obeyed immediately. In fact, she didn't wait for Jack to give her his cock. She immediately began to lick the head of his cock. She kept her eyes on him. She wanted to see his pleasure. His hand slid around her head and grabbed a handful of her hair to hold her. She ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft and then back up to his head. She wrapped her lips around his head and sucked. The tip of her tongue caressed the small slit in the head of his cock. Then she moved her lips down his shaft until her nose pressed against his pubic bone. She worked her throat to try to swallow his head. Jack moaned. His legs tensed up and trembled.

Jack didn't have to move. Kelli fucked his cock with her mouth. She moved up to his head and then back down his shaft. Over and over she swallowed his cock. She tried to move faster and almost lost her balance because of her being bound, but Jack holding her by the hair, kept her from falling one way or the other. Kelli's eyes never left Jack's. Jack's face was flushed. He bit his lower lip. Kelli would have smiled if her mouth was not so full. Giving Jack this kind of pleasure was making her wetter than she had been when he had bound here.

"Christ!" muttered Jack. "You're going to make me cum." And then he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Kelli groaned in frustration. "Please let me finish you, Sir."

Jack laid her back down on the floor, face down again. But then he helped her lift her ass until she was on her knees. Her frustrated groans stopped. She wiggled her ass as if to tease Jack.

"Fuck me, hard!" she said.

"I intend to, slut," Jack growled.

He moved behind her, his legs on either side of hers. He moved down to one knee and then teased her wet cunt with his cock. She wiggled her ass again.

"Tease!" she said.

He slapped her ass. She yelped again. But then she moaned in pleasure as he penetrated her slowly. When his cock was completely inside of her, he paused for a moment to feel how wonderful her cunt felt. His hands held her hips. He withdrew and then thrust back into her hard. Kelli moaned. Her face was against the floor, but she could just turn her face and her upper body back to see Jack fucking her from behind.

Jack began to fuck her harder. It seemed to have been forever since he had last had a woman in this position. His balls were already beginning to tingle. He tried to slow down a little so that he would not cum too soon. He wanted to fuck Kelli as long as he could. He wanted to feel her orgasm before he felt his own. But he didn't think he could stay in control. He moaned long and loud.

"Jack! Jack! Are you alright?" Kelli was gently shaking Jack from his dream.

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