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It had been ten years since Brett had seen Austin in person. They had been lovers in high school but lost touch after they chose different colleges upon graduation. This weekend was to be the climax of their six-month flirtation over the telephone and computer. The occasion was the all school reunion in the tiny town where they grew up.

The idea for an all school reunion had initially been Brett's. She had heard of other towns doing that where the schools were really small and didn't have very many in their graduating classes. Brett and Austin were two of twelve the year they graduated. The plan was to invite everyone who had ever graduated from Red Rock and have a dinner on Saturday night. The classes with landmark reunions such as their tenth or twenty-fifth could plan their own activities for Sunday. Once the idea was proposed, it really took off. People were exchanging addresses and volunteering their services to print tickets and cater the food and handle the millions of other tiny details that had to be done to pull this off. After months of organizing and planning, the date had finally arrived.

Brett checked into her hotel room a day early. She had planned to arrive on Saturday but at the last minute decided she needed time on her own in town before everyone else arrived. She wanted to look around town and see some of her old stomping grounds without the crowds. Friday night was a perfect opportunity to do it so she changed her plans and didn't even tell Austin.

Brett heard a knock on the hotel room door. She had only been in the room for five minutes and wondered who it could be unless somehow Austin had found out she was here a day early. She checked the peephole and sure enough, there he was. She removed the chain and unlocked the door. Before she could get it all the way open he was pushing his way into the room.

"Come here," he growled as he pulled her into his arms trapping her hands between them. Brett melted into him as his lips fastened on hers in a soul-destroying kiss that left her gasping for air.

"Ah, God I needed that," he groaned. One hand moved around her back to pull her closer to him. The other ran up her arm to embed itself in her hair. He gently pulled her head back so his lips could move down her cheek to her neck. He nipped her neck with his teeth and then soothed the spot with a kiss. He continued to kiss her neck before moving back to her lips. He gave her lips a brief kiss before he pulled back to press his forehead against hers and look down at her.

Brett pushed against his chest to free her hands. When he moved back a little she allowed them to open on the broad expanse of his chest. She caressed him through his shirt while his hand moved down to her hip. She felt the hand at her head open as he ran his fingers through her hair. Slowly the hand left her hair to move down her neck to her other hip. She let her arms slide around him as he moved flush against her. There was no mistaking his arousal pressed firmly against her lower stomach. Brett's eyes closed and she made a soft mewling sound as he moved his hips against her.

Austin's hands went to the buttons on her shirt as hers started to unbutton his. Their hands kept getting tangled up in their eagerness to bare the other. She finished unbuttoning his shirt first. He shrugged his shoulders to make it easier for her to push it off onto the floor. He tugged hers out of her waistband to undo the last button. He made a low sound of satisfaction when he finally had the blouse open all the way. Bending low he lifted one of her breasts and bit at it through her bra. Brett let out another low moan as he moved to the other breast even as his hands were busy undoing the hooks at her back.

"Beautiful," he breathed when her breasts were finally free. Slowly, almost reverently his head lowered so his lips could caress the tops of her breasts. Brett's nipples were puckered and tight and eager for his lips. Finally he lifted one so he could suck the nipple into his mouth.

"Oh Austin, please," she begged. Brett didn't know how much more she could take. The knot of desire low in her belly spread throughout her lower limbs. She might have fallen if he hadn't been holding her.

"I can't stand up," she cried. Her hands caressed his shoulders and moved through his hair as he continued to lick her nipples all over. Finally he stepped back and reached for the snap at her waist. Before he could get her jeans off her hands were on him. She ran her palms over his flat, male nipples and followed them with her lips. She felt Austin's breath catch when she licked him as he had her. She kissed her way down his chest to his waistband. The bulge was unmistakable and she felt a tingle of power knowing she had done that to him.

As she reached inside his jeans to undo the snap her fingertips brushed against his the velvety head of his erection. She felt the involuntary catch in his breath before she moved the zipper down. She grasped both sides of his jeans and pulled them down over his hips. He was still covered by his underwear and his entire body quivered as he waited for her to remove them. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pushed them down until his arousal sprang out, hot and hard into her waiting hands. Before she could caress him as she wanted he pushed her hands away.

"My turn," he said. He pushed his hands inside her jeans and on inside her underwear to sweep them both down her hips. She stepped out of them and stood before him in nothing but her socks while he was still trapped in his boots and jeans. He sat down on the side of the bed to remove them without ever taking his eyes off her. When he had the boots off he stood up to pull his jeans down. Finally he too wore nothing but his socks.

The two stood and stared at each other before moving together. Austin grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms away from her sides. He turned his palms to hers and spread his fingers wide to encompass her hands. He tucked them against his chest over his heart.

"Feel that?" he asked. "You do that to me," he said without giving her a chance to answer.

"Oh, Austin."

He released her hands and pulled her against him. Brett's hands settled on his hips. He turned and backed her up until her knees hit the bed. She fell back and used her elbows to scoot herself up so she was full length on the bed. He placed his hands and knees on the bed on either side of her. Leaning down he started at one knee and ran his tongue up her thigh. He kissed her stomach and her breasts as he continued to crawl up the bed. Finally he was even with her mouth.

Brett's lips were parted and her chest was moving with each breath. She thought she'd die before he kissed her. He just seemed to hang there above her for the longest time. Finally his head descended and he used his lips to nudge hers apart. Their mouths met and clung, tasting each other as her arms closed around his shoulders. His tongue invaded her mouth and met hers in a mating ritual as old as time. Slowly he lowered his weight onto her. His knee moved up her thigh and he felt her legs part in response.

His hand moved down her body to touch the hair that grew over her womanhood. He slipped a finger inside the folds and felt her quicken in response. He pushed further and felt the slickness of her desire moisten his fingertip.

"You're so wet," he moaned as he cupped her. Her legs fell further apart and he placed his leg between her thighs. His hand moved away to be replaced by the hardness of his thigh.

Brett couldn't help moving against his thigh. It felt too good and she'd waited too long to think about whether it was right or wrong. When she didn't think she could take anymore without exploding he eased back. Immediately Brett pushed him over onto his back and began caressing his chest with her lips. Her hand closed over his hardness and she felt it leap in response.

"Are you on the pill?" he asked as her hands continued to push him toward the edge.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Thank God," he whispered. "I don't think I can wait any longer and the condoms are over there," he indicated his pants thrown carelessly on the floor at the end of the bed.

He pulled her hands off him and pushed her onto her back. She spread her legs in response and lifted her knees as he settled his hips between her thighs. She felt him reach between them to guide his manhood into the dark, damp cave that weeped for him.

"Oh," she shivered as he slid into her.

His hands reached down to pull her knees up toward her chest as he pushed all the way into her. Her thighs were trembling as she clasped her ankles around him. He paused before lifting up and stroking into her again.

"Oh, God," she moaned. Her head began to move restlessly on the bed and her hands grasped his shoulders. His arms were braced on either side of her and he looked down their bodies to the place where they were joined.

"Ahhh," she moaned again as he pulled back again.

Austin was trying to go slow but he didn't know how much longer he could last. Her hands were pulling at his shoulders and his arms were trembling with the strain of going slow. He felt her thighs squeezing his and he moved faster and faster. They were both breathing hard and covered in a light sheen of sweat. He moved again and Brett was gone. A brilliant sunburst exploded in her and her arms fell away from him as he moved against her one more time before giving in to his own orgasm.

He collapsed onto her and her arms closed around him. Their lips met in a brief kiss as they both lay gasping for air. He hugged her shoulders and buried his face in her hair. Finally their breathing slowed to normal and the sweat cooled from their bodies. When he would have moved away she hugged him tighter.

"Not yet," she whispered. "I'm not ready to let go yet."

Austin settled against her and ground his hips into her. She felt a momentarily loss when she felt him slip out of her. He rolled them so they were facing each other and his arm was under her head.

"I could stay like this forever," Austin said.

"Mmmmmm. So could I."

They looked at each as they realized what they had both just said. Smiles spread across their faces as each imagined the life they could have together.

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