tagErotic CouplingsReunited Ch. 00

Reunited Ch. 00


"Why do guys like watching girls go down on each other?" Becky asked.

The pretty blonde curled against her husband on the couch in their darkened living room. Her long bare legs were folded underneath her, and she wore a lacy blue nightie, just tight enough to show off her small but firm breasts. Her hand stroked her husband, Doug's, upper thigh through the fabric of his sweatpants, while his hand brushed distractedly against the curve of her arm. Doug's eyes were fixed unashamedly at their large TV and the image of two young porn starlets on the screen.

"I don't know," Doug replied with a chuckle, "it just looks really hot."

"I guess," Becky said, trying to sound dubious despite the warmth growing between her legs.

On the screen, a large-breasted brunette lowered her face between the legs of a perky blonde. The blonde moaned and writhed as the brunette's tongue lapped furiously at her pussy. The camera looked down the length of the blonde's body, the brunette's dark hair a striking contrast to her fair skin, her eyes looking up from between the other woman's legs. Becky felt her nipples hardening and warmth spreading between her legs. Her hips rocked slightly. She thought vaguely that the brunette's hair should be curly and her eyes shockingly blue.

"So," Doug asked his wife in a husky voice, "did you ever eat pussy?"

"What?!" Becky jumped slightly, then smiled vaguely at her husband, hoping he hadn't noticed.

"Well," Doug said, cupping his wife's breast, "they say lots of women experiment in college..."

Becky flushed, images of dark curly hair, bright blue eyes and full round breasts briefly flooding up from her memory.

"Would that turn you on?" Becky asked, trying to regain her equilibrium. "The thought of your wife in bed with a hot college coed?"

"Fuck yeah," Doug grinned at her.

Becky slid her hand up Doug's thigh, cupping the hard bulge between his legs.

"Oooo," she purred, "I guess it does turn you on."

"Yeah." Doug squeezed her breast. "Did you?"

"Did I?" Becky sighed, pulling his sweats down far enough to free his engorged dick. "What do you think... me with another woman... in the shower... naked... soapy... wet!"

Doug groaned and Becky slid off the couch, sinking to her knees between his legs.

"Our hands caressing each other's firm, young college breasts," Becky breathed, lowering her head until her lips nearly brushed his tip.

Doug stared down at his wife, his hands resting on her shoulders.

"Me kneeling in front of her," Becky purred. "Licking her..."

Becky's tongue flicked up the length of Doug's hard shaft.

"Eating... her..."

Becky's mouth sank down, swallowing him deep. Slowly, sensuously, she moved her head up and down on her husband's hard shaft. Doug groaned desperately. His hands tangled in her hair and he fought against the urge to grab her head and force it down deeper and harder.

Becky's tongue swirled around Doug's dick. She lapped wildly at the head, then took him again deep into her mouth. She bobbed her head passionately. Her hands slid down between her own thighs, fingers flickering madly over her desperate clit. She moaned, muffled around her husband's cock. Doug gave a guttural groan in reply, his hips rocking as he thrust into his wife's face.

Suddenly, Becky pulled her mouth off his shaft. Doug gasped as Becky leap to her feet.

"Fuck me," she cried, her voice thick with lust. "I want you in me, right now."

Tugging franticly, Becky pulled her nightie up over her head and tossed it aside. Doug reached out to her, but she planted her hands firmly on his shoulders and pushed him back down. Throwing her legs around his hips, she sank down over him.

Doug looked startled at his wife's sudden, wild passion. He simply stared, amazed, as she seized his dick and lined it up between her legs. She lowered herself slightly, the tip of his shaft pressing against her wetness. Then she drove herself down, forcefully impaling herself on his hard member. They both cried out together at the impact of their bodies.

"Fuck me," Becky growled, grinding her hips against him. "Fuck me!"

Doug grabbed her hips and started to thrust, ragged and unfocused at first but quickly finding his rhythm. Becky bounced and grunted with each thrust, her small breasts bouncing.

"Yes... yes... fuck me," she moaned. "Yes... fuck me... fill me..."

"Oh God," Doug groaned, then suddenly, "Did you?"

"Fuck... did I?... what?" Becky grunted.

"Eat pussy," Doug growled as he drove himself into his wife. "Did you... eat... pussy?"

"YES!" Becky shouted, "YES... I ATE... HER PUSSY!"

Doug stopped suddenly, staring. Becky, wild, out of control and oblivious to her husband's shocked expression, continued to bounce passionately on his dick.

"I ate her pussy," Becky moaned, "I sucked... on her... big tits... oh god... I slapped... her gorgeous... ass... I came... on her... uuugghhh... face... I ate.... I ate... I ATE HER PUSSY! OOOHHH GODS! YES... YES... YES!"

Becky spasmed, her entire body bending back in a quivering arch as the most immense orgasm Doug had ever witnessed overwhelmed her. Doug shuddered under her, his mind swimming while his body thrust and jerked involuntarily. He grunted and felt a torrent of semen rush out of him. His eyes closed as his own orgasm washed away his shock.

Slowly, Becky sank into Doug's arms, and for a while they sat, joined together on the couch. Eventually, Becky lifted herself off her husband's shrinking shaft and curled against him, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Wow," Doug said after a time.

Becky made a tiny, uncertain noise into his shoulder.

"That was... wow," Doug said again.

"Ummm" Becky said, lifting her head slightly. She had no idea what might happen. She had never told him about some of things that had happened in college. Never told him about... her... or any of the things that had happened with her. What will he think of me, she wondered.

"Really?" he said finally.

"Yes," Becky whispered weakly, her face red. "It was in college..."

"What was her name?" Doug asked suddenly.

Becky stared for a moment.

"Liz," she said after a long pause. "Her name was Liz."

"Thank you, Liz," Doug said with a grin.

He kissed his wife and rose quickly, heading to the bathroom to clean himself up.


Much later that night, while Doug lay sleeping, Becky sat quietly at their computer, staring at the tiny pictures on the blue and white web page. One tiny picture in particular... the same curly brown hair, the same bright blue eyes...

Slowly, wondering where it might lead, she clicked on the icon. "Send Friend Request."

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