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David had repeatedly flirted with girls at parties and I had just about had it. We had a rich fantasy life and I guess the difference between us was that I was fine with the fantasies and he wanted to make fantasy reality. The night we went to the party I looked across the room and saw the same old scenario, David with his arm around another beautiful woman. That night I made the decision to take a break from him. That week we talked it over and agreed that a little distance would do us some good.

The first 3 months were easy. I happily caught up on many chores and spent time with friends and family. The months passed quickly. I was just getting to the point of not thinking about him everyday.

Then one night, as I snuggled into bed, the phone rang. David used to call me to say goodnight at 11:30. I got the feeling it was him. I hesitated to pick it up but before the answering machine engaged, I answered. "Hello." "Hello?" No one was there. I listened for a moment and then I could hear heavy breathing.

"Is that you?" No one replied.

I began to hear voices. It was a man and a woman's. Oh my God, it was David's voice. Who was the woman? I could hear her. She was moaning and breathing heavily. She began to repeat his name over and over.

I was stunned, I wanted to hang up but I held the phone to my ear and strained to hear what they were saying. She said it again . . . "Oh David, David. It feels so good."

Then he asked, "Do you like it baby? Do you want more?"

The female voice sounded so familiar. She began to speak again, "I've always wanted you. You know that don't you? Couldn't you tell? Don't you remember the day that you stopped by? I have thought about that day over and over."

Then at that moment, it dawned on me. It was Helena. My beautiful neighbor who had often fueled our fantasies. I knew David wanted her. He had told me many times. We spoke of her while making love. We played out many fantasies. I pretended to be her while he called out her name. You see jealousy, in some twisted way, drives me wild. I had fantasized about him fucking her while he was fucking me.

I listened in on their lovemaking.

"Oh god, your pussy taste so good. You're so smooth and wet. Spread your lips for me Helena, show it to me, give it me."

"David, my pussy is yours. I wanted this for so long. Brianna told me how good you were. Ever since that day you touched me I have waited for you to come back to me."

I could hear the wetness.

"Slide your fingers into me. Oh yes, lick my clit. Oh yes baby, like that. Just like that."

I could hear him moaning.

The phone cut out. There was silence.

I lay there, thinking about what I just heard. I touched myself. I slid my fingers through the folds of my wet hot pussy getting my fingers wet and sliding them over my clit, around and around. As I continued to get myself off, I thought about David and Helena until I couldn't take it anymore. I came so hard that I could feel the wetness slide down to my ass leaving a wet spot underneath me on my clean sheets.

I rolled onto one side staring off to space. I drifted off and fell asleep.

I don't know how long it was that I had been asleep but I was awakened by the sound of high heels clicking down the walkway. I peeked out my window . . . there was Helena. She was wearing a short skirt, strutting up to her door. As always she looked hot. I knew that as I looked at her, the wetness of my lover was between her legs. I wondered how long she had been seeing him. From what she said, I gathered this was the first time that had gotten together since their encounter last year.

I thought about their affair and how jealous I was back then. For many nights David and I talked about his affair with Helena. He was clear that he wanted to be with me. She apologized to me and soon we all managed to let it go.

Now, the jealousy rose inside of me again except this time David was no longer my lover.

I decided to call him. After all, it had been three months since we last spoke. Once in awhile we emailed one another but I hadn't heard his voice until now.

Knowing that she was now home, I got up the nerve to call him. The phone rang. Cheerfully he answered, "Good Evening."

"Hey Baby, how are you?" I asked

"Oh, hi Sweetie, how have you been?" He seemed surprised but genuinely happy to hear from me. The sound of his cheerful voice made my heart sink. Perhaps he was happy about his night with Helena. No longer was jealousy a turn on. A sadness washed over me but I tried to disguise my voice and sound light and happy.

"I've been great. I was just thinking about you and wondered how you were doing." He began to tell me how much he missed me and how he he had been sitting around moping without me. "Really? Yeah, me too. Can we get together soon?" I replied.

"Sure baby. Just say when."

"How about Friday night?" I asked.

"You mean this Friday? Uh sure. Where and what time?"

"Why don't you come to my place on Friday around 7:00 and then we'll figure out what to do from there."

"Sure Baby. See you then. Love and miss you."

I replied, "Me too", and hung up the phone.

The week flew by and I never ran into Helena. I suspect she was avoiding me. Night after night, I waited for her to return home. I could hear her footsteps. Each time I wondered if she had been with David. I tried to shake off my growing obsession but it began to eat away at me.

Seven o'clock on the dot, he arrived. I was looking my best. I had lost some weight since our break up so I decided that if I was going to see him, he was going to see just what he has been missing.

I stood in the door way in a short black skirt, thigh highs, a plunging top and my "fuck me" pumps. When I opened the door he stood there with a bouquet of red roses and a naughty smile on his face. As we embraced for a long long time he whispered "I've missed you Bri, god I missed you."

Immediately he grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. I wanted to ask about dinner but I decided to keep my mouth shut and enjoy the moment. As he walked in front of me, he turned around and looked back at me. "God you look beautiful Brianna. I have missed you."

In my usual submissive way, I smiled shyly and said, "Yes baby, I've missed you too." We continued to the second floor and into my bedroom. I was always submissive with him-emotionally and physically. What most of our friends don't know about us is that I am his submissive. I would do what he asked.

As we stood at the edge of the bed, he pushed me down and pulled out ropes from his pocket. He ordered me to lie still. I wanted to protest. I wasn't expecting this kind of reunion. He shushed me by placing a finger over my lips and shook his head disapprovingly as I tried to speak.

"Lie still." He ordered.

He began undress me, leaving my thigh highs and "fuck me" pumps on. He tied my hands to the corners of the bed. My arms stretched over my head and my legs spread apart as he tied my ankles to the corners posts. I lay there watching his every move. Then he did something he had never done before. He pulled out a ball gag from his pocket. He straddled me as he placed it in my mouth and tied it behind my head.

He got up and walked out of the room. I could hear him walking down the stairs and opening the front door. Soon, I heard him coming back. He walked in and then to my utter surprise, Helena walked in behind him. As always she was so incredibly hot. She didn't say a word. I tried to say something.

"What did I tell you Brianna? Don't say a word, understand?"

His assertive manner was turning me on. I lay there quietly.

Then he ordered Helena to undress. Without a word, she disrobed. Her breasts were a beautiful caramel brown. Her dark chocolate nipples stood erect. He began to suck on them. I laid there, a captive to them both. I closed my eyes for a moment.

Suddenly Helena ordered me to open my eyes. "Open your eyes and watch Brianna. Watch David suck my big hard nipples."

I did as she asked. I could see his tongue circle her nipples, as they grew hard. She threw her head back and thrust her breast forward as the sound of him sucking them grew louder. He began to lick her belly, his tongue meandering down her torso until he reached her mound. She pinched her breasts and pulled on her nipples.

I could feel myself growing moist. I began to fidget. "Oh look David, Brianna looks a little wet. Don't you Brianna." My eyes shifted to meet hers. She gave me a devilish grin. "This is what you want, isn't it Brianna." I closed my eyes as if to tell her yes.

David ordered Helena to spread her legs. She was waxed bare. I could see her pussy. The outer lips were brown but as she spread her legs, I could see she was pink and shiny. He slid his finger up through her folds. "Look Brianna, look at Helena's beautiful pussy. You want it don't you, you want to see me touch it." He slid his finger into her and as he pulled it out, he held his finger up. "Look how wet she is." I lifted my head slightly to see what he was doing.

He knelt before her while he spread her pussy apart with his fingers, exposing her swollen clit. He looked up at her and then me. "It's so big and beautiful." Do you want my tongue Helena? He asked her.

She climbed onto the bed next to me, facing me, she knelt on one knee and placed her right foot near my shoulder, opening up her legs in front of me. He slid in-between her legs from behind her. On his back he propped his head up on my side. He whispered, "watch me Brianna, watch me taste her beautiful pussy, her clit is big like yours." I turned my head to get a better view.

"Helena spread your pussy lips so Brianna can see your beautiful clit."

She reached down and pulled her hood back. It was beautiful.

I could see his tongue-lashing back and forth as he began to lick her. He took her clit in his mouth and tugged on it. I could see his lips pull on it as she moaned louder. She lowered herself onto his face and began to rub her moistness all over it. As she leaned over she swung her nipples across my lips. Teasing me and then sitting upright as he played her clit like a harmonica, his face moving rapidly back and forth. Her swollen clit glistened. He continued to devour her as if he couldn't get enough. I could hear the wet sound of her pleasure.

She closed her eyes and pulled on her own nipples.

With one hand she reached down under my head and removed the ball gag.

She then slid her finger into her pussy. As she did this he ordered her to show me her wet finger. "Show Brianna how wet you are and then put your finger into her mouth." In a deep commanding voice he said, "suck on it, taste Helena." I closed my lips around her finger and tasted her. Oh god, it was so good. I sucked harder, running my tongue around her finger." I whispered, "Give me more."

Helena ordered, "don't talk!"

Then David looked over to Helena, "straddle Brianna's face Helena, and let her see your pussy." She did as she was told. She placed each knee on the each side of my head. I could see her pussy opening up in front of me and her little pucker was dead center. David sat on one side me.

"Watch me touch her Brianna. You've always wanted this." He slid his fingers in her pussy and pulled out his wet shiny finger and slid it across my lips. My tongue reached out to taste her again. He teased me. He didn't let me suck on his finger. He did this several times. Each time I licked my lips. Then he began to run his fingers over her pucker. It was tight. Tracing her moistness over her clit, through her pussy and then around her sweet asshole. With his other hand he pulled the hood of her clit back to expose the beautiful little bud. Over and over he ran his finger across her pink hard bud. Her hips began to move and thrust, allowing me to see every detail of what he was doing.

"Helena, lower yourself closer to Brianna's lips. Lick Helena's clit Brianna, show her how good you are, " he ordered.

I began to lick her clit, over and over, flicking the little bud as David pulled her hood back. As I licked her clit, she grew wet, I could taste her on my tongue, She lowered herself closer and I began to rub my face all over her pussy as David trusted two fingers inside of her, pulling out the wetness to circle her sweet brown pucker. She cried out, "harder, faster David."

"Don't cum Helena, not yet. You must lick Brianna's pussy for me."

Helena turned around and on her knees began to lick my pussy while lowering hers to my mouth. She was good. David crawled down to help her. I could feel both their tongues on me. My legs held down by the ropes, I wanted to thrust my hips forward but I couldn't move. Their tongues lashing back and forth, Helena slid her finger into me. "Do you like that Brianna?"

"Oh God yes Helena." As I moaned she pushed her finger deep inside of me as their tongues continued to drive me wild. Then David put his finger up my ass.

"David, fuck her in the ass with the toy," ordered Helena.

I don't know where he had it hidden but I could feel something big pushing into my ass. He started slowly but I was so wet that it slid right in. I felt like my head was going to explode, the pleasure and pain drove me wild. I wanted him to stop.

"Please David, stop! I can't take it."

"No Baby, you want it, you know you do."

"Helena, take over."

She grabbed the dildo pushed it deep into my ass while she continued to lick my clit. I began to lick her clit and over and over, she was sopping wet and dripping all over my face, her asshole glistened.

"David, fuck me, make Brianna watch." David climbed up behind Helena; I could see him above me. His balls were shaved. He straddle my face too as I watched him take Helena from behind. "Oh God, Helena, fuck me. Show Brianna how beautiful you are." He shoved his cock deep inside of her. I could hear the wetness as his balls slapped her pussy. I continued to lick her pussy, his balls slapping against her and my tongue. I could see her juices on his balls. I licked her wetness off of them. He began to moan as she did too.

She pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into me as she used her tongue and fingers to circle my clit. As he shoved his cock deeper and faster, she moved the dildo deep inside of me and flicked my clit with her tongue. I licked her clit and his balls, alternating between the two of them.

Helena then cried out, "I have to pee." Suddenly everyone stopped. Breaking the rhythm.

"Brianna, Helena has to pee. You know how I love that."

The both got up leaving me with the toy up my ass. I was left in the most ungraceful position.

Together they walked into the bathroom. I could hear her giggling.

"Sit on me Helena and pee on my cock."

David loved to peed on. He used to make me do it all the time. He'd sit on the commode and make me straddle him. He loved the warmth. His cock would grow so hard.

"Bri, can you hear Helena peeing on me. It is soooo warm."

I could hear the trickle as he moaned. I could envision just what was going on.

They crossed the bathroom and turned on the shower.

David called out, "We'll be right there. You behave and don't say a word."

I could see their reflection through the doorway in the bathroom mirror. It began to steam up and I could only make out their silhouettes. Helena, bent at the waist, placed her hands on the front shower wall. Suddenly, I heard a "SMACK." I could see his hand rising and falling.

"Oh baby, that hurts," Helena moaned.

"BE QUIET HELENA," he ordered.

Over and over again, I could see his hand slapping her ass.

I lay there with the toy in my ass, my pussy pulsating with frustration. I wanted to be in that shower.

"BRI, can you hear me? I am punishing Helena just for you."

It was hard to make out what was happening as the steam now filled the bathroom. I could just barely see the outline of their bodies. David's body was rocking back and forth, Helena was moaning loudly. Oh my god, he was fucking her from behind. I could feel the jealousy running through my veins right down to my clit.

"Stop!" I yelled. "Don't cum yet."

The flow of the shower stopped. They hopped out the shower. They stood in the doorway toweling each other off.

"What did we tell you? DON'T say a word Brianna. Now where were we."

"Look David, Brianna looks a little frustrated. Are you angry Bri?"

I shook my head yes.

"Now where were we?" Helena asked as she resumed her 69 position over me.

He straddle my face, grasping her hips and pulling her towards his cock.

"Now lick Helena and suck on my balls. They're all clean now."

She, once again, lowered her pussy on to my face as he pushed his cock into her beautiful tight pussy. I could see her wet juices on his cock. Then he slid his cock out of her pussy and circled her tight pucker with the tip of it.

She let out gasp as he slowly pushed is hard cock inside her.

With a thrust he drove his cock deep inside of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She cried out, "no, no, please don't hurt me. She gasped as if pushed his big hard cock into her. She screamed , "Oh god no David."

"Shut up and fuck me Helena." She began to buck wildly. "Lick me Brianna, fuck me David, " she cried out.

He moaned deeply as he moved his hips faster. "Suck my balls Brianna, suck them."

"Untie me David." I cried out. "Untie my hands." While fucking Brianna, he released both my hands, not missing a beat.

Helena rubbed her clit on my chin and on my lips as I sucked his balls. I watched his cock slide in and out of her brown and pick pussy. I knew what she was going through. The agony and pleasure consumed her last bit of energy. She cried out, "I can't take it anymore."

"Okay David, you get what you give." With that I reached into my nightstand and took out his favorite toy-the anal stimulator.

As I licked his balls and her clit, I began to push the toy into his ass.

The three of us writhed between ecstasy and pain. Each of us begged the other two not to stop.

With one hand she fingered me while fucking me in the ass with toy. She sucked and licked my clit until I thought I was going to explode. I knew I was going to cum soon. I knew we were all going to cum.

David began to groan, "Oh my god, I am going to cum."

He moved faster and faster, the sound of his balls slapping her wet pussy. His ass pushed against the toy.

For the first time ever, I heard David cry out. "Oh my god, Bri, fuck me baby, show me how much you missed me."

With one last thrust, I drove the anal plug deep into him as he pushed his cock deep in Helena.

I could see his body was heaving from the deep breaths he was taking. He reached around and began to rub her clit hard as my tongue continue lick her pussy and his cock.

I could taste his cum on her pussy. She began to scream, "Oh yes, oh yes, taste his cum Brianna."

The taste of his cum and her pussy, and the frantic rubbing of my clit drove me wild. Suddenly Helena shoved the dildo deep in my ass. "Oh god, I'm cumming," she screamed.

My legs jerked against the restraints around my ankles, while the heat ran through every inch of my body. "David! Helena!" In that one moment, Helena and I came. The flow of her hot liquid covered my face and his balls.

We remained still, as if we were paralyzed in the moment of pleasure.

Slowly David slid his cock out of Helena, I could see his milky cum dripping out of her. I could smell him and her, his foaming cum lined the lips of her pussy. We remained still as we descended from the heights of our orgasmic pleasure.

Tiny drops of their juices fell on my lips as he pulled his cock out of her. Helena and David each fell to the opposite sides of me. Breathing heavily.

They each untied my legs. Together, they moved their bodies close to mine, Helena on one side, David on the other. We all lay there silently. My throat was parched. I licked the drops of cum from my lips.

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