tagFetishRevealed in Dance Class Ch. 06

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 06


The next morning I awoke alone in unfamiliar circumstances -- a double bed in a small room that was obviously a girl's. My pulse quickened as I noted its feminine touches, including a colorful green teddy draped over a chair. Wouldn't it be wonderful to try that on, I wondered.

It all came back to me as the fog in my mind cleared -- the photoshoot in lingerie led by Eliza's mom, then witnessing my friend engage in some hot gay sex, and me finally shagging Eliza, a 5'8" slender stunner with outsize boobs, silly while wearing her beautiful pink panties right in front of her mom.

The recollections had a predictable effect on my cock, which I could feel thicken while caressed by yes those same panties. I pushed down the duvet and gently ran my hand over the pleasing bulge my hardon created, and ran my left hand along the waistband. Careful not to get to an irredeemably aroused state, I gently pushed my dick from side to side, its head pushing up against the lace waistband. Soon I had achieved a full erection, and decided to let it wilt in favor of the surprises the day was sure to bring.

Yet I couldn't stop gazing at the green teddy, and zombie like I soon arose from the bed and fingered the soft satin. With all self control gone I lifted it over my head and let it fall. I retreated to the bed slowly, enjoying the way the fabric caressed my torso.

No sooner had I lain down again than Eliza stalked into the room, wearing a broad smile and a white t-shirt that contrasted nicely with her jet black hair and barely concealed a red bikini panty. She immediately focused on my satin clad form and, with a smirk, held out a much needed glass of ice water, from which I greedily drank.

"Mom's gone into town for the day, so it will just be me, my brother, you and James here for now," she informed me as we drank in the sight of each other. The t-shirt was just transparent enough to make out the size and shape of her nipples, a pleasing one inch in diameter with prominent points that did nothing to calm me down.

I stood up and gave her a lingering kiss on the check while pressing my near naked body, covered only in the teddy and panties against her, holding her around the back with one hand. The other I ran along the side of her breast, and asked, "would you like to wait awhile before we have breakfast?" to which she only nodded assent. My cock stirred as well, and I could feel her heat and mine as we clasped. While teasing me by running her hands around the shoulder straps of the teddy I wore, she ground herself into me at a deliberate and sexy pace.

Soon we laid down on the bed, with me on top, and began gently caressing each other while kissing passionately. I raised the t-shirt to her neck to gain access to her breasts, each of which stoodly proudly pale in contrast to her tan. These I worked first with circular strokes of my hands then followed with my lips, which I placed on each nipple in turn with a languorous suck. Meanwhile she reached down and ran her hand along my hardon in the panties -- a sensational feeling. Then as I placed my nipples on hers and resuming our deep kiss, Eliza reached around to my glutes and ran her hands underneath the panties, grazing the tips of her fingers along my crack. She gently pulled me close so that our panties met, my hardon riding her boiling slit.

Next she looked at me slyly and pulled upward at the rear waistband so that my panties were fed into my crack and tightened against my balls. I couldn't believe how good this all felt from head to toe -- riding her tits with my chest, my torso caressed by the teddy, my dick rubbing against her moistened pussy, her hands alternately playing with the waistband and exploring my crack, our legs intertwined.

Then she lifted the teddy's shoulder straps off my arms so that it dropped down and was draped around my torso. As she looked into my eyes with her own deep blues while we kissed, I saw her reach out her right hand to snatch a small bottle of baby oil strategically left on the nightstand. With a familiar pop she opened it, and poured a small amount into her fingers. Capping the bottle, she then deepened her exploration of my crack, running her fingers over my virgin bud. She even spread some on her own nipples, an incredibly erotic sight. I also rubbed my hands slowly across her hardening breasts, a wonderful sensation. All the while we were softly grinding our panty-encased pelvises together, both of us visibly and audibly reaching higher states of arousal.

"You like?" she purred as she teased my bud with her oily middle finder.

I could only manage a whimpered "please" in response as I arched my back and pushed back, which also resulted in the head of my cock teasing her clit through the satin. She responded by entering me with her finger, her hand cupping my upper glute. The sensation was electric, I could feel my cock harden even more, separating from my body despite the tension of the panties that tried to restrain it. I wanted to kiss her breasts, but this would mean Eliza would no longer have access to my ass, which I certainly couldn't give up at that point. So we writhed together for a minute or two, her finger fucking my ass and my cock pointed at her waiting pussy. The feeling of my torso encased in the teddy provided additional stimulus.

As I was on top, Eliza was in control as my hands were good only for supporting myself and giving her breasts a slow rub. She didn't have to be a clever mindreader to figure out the next best step for both of us. Abandoning my ass for the moment, she reached down with her right hand and extracted my quivering hardon from the side of the panties, which meant my hips were still caressed by their lacey waistband. Then she moved her own panties aside so that my cock rubbed her slippery cunt.

"Fuck me, please....now," she sighed.

I employed some modest patience and entered her slowly with deliberate and long strokes. After some time, she finally plunged her finger back in my ass and pushed down, ensuring my deepest penetration. After taking pleasure in feeling total connection from the head of my cock through to my pelvis, I lifted myself from her chest, and once again began teasing her breasts and nipples with my lips. We began to sweat with these exertions, and the tiny beads that formed on her tits as a result gave her a salty taste I craved.

"Please, suck on my tits...lick them," she whimpered as I complied hungrily.

She placed her joined hands around my neck and pulled my face down to them, her obvious need making more stimulating these deep kisses. As my body coiled, the teddy rustled around my waist, the loose belt of satin tickling me erotically.

I timed my licks to match the strokes of my penetration, and alternated soft slow flicks of my tongue with determined sucks each a minute or so in duration. I noticed her uncapping the baby oil and wetting the unattended tit with her hand, then placing my hand beneath hers on the breast as we languidly fucked. I maintained enough control to make deep strokes, leaving her entirely before entering her again, and again. Each time I plunged in she felt as hot as an oven on my engorged cock.

"I love this feeling, it's so hot, I've never been so hot. Keep kissing my tits," she demanded.

"Please take off the teddy, Dave", she commanded. I did so, mildly regretting the absence of its caress but taking pleasure in direct contact.

"Eliza, honey, I am getting close," I whispered. She responded by taking my head and directing it to her oily breast. I flicked this in turn, enjoying the wet sheen of oil and sweat that now covered each breast. Her own breathing quickened noticeably and her vagina clamped down on my cock in a furious orgasm.

Next she put her legs together and I placed mine outside hers. While that tightened her pussy even more, it also gave me freedom of movement I heretofore lacked, and her hands improved access to my spread cheeks.

"Dave, please, shoot on my tits, please, do it, please give me your cum, give it to me" she pleaded with her eyes looking straight into mine.

Now I understood why she put her legs together - in this way it would be easy to comply with her unusual demand. Soon I sensed I could resist no longer. I could feel my balls retract and a tingling begin in my feet, signaling the end was near. I pulled out and lifted my pelvis over her stomach, and she rubbed my dick along the bottom of her tits. This sent me over the edge, and I soon let loose.

My first rope striped her from ribcage along her right breast to her collarbone, and the next followed. These lines of cum glistened along with sweat and oil in an impressive display. My third and fourth, though less impressive, still made a mess of her left breast, and a bullseye on her nipple. I still felt my dick pulsing when she again clamped her hands around neck, and slowly forced my head down to her right breast.

"Lick it up, lover, eat it, show me how much you love my tits," she begged.

My mind locked in erotic madness, I needed no persuasion, and eagerly licked her tit slathered in sweat, oil and my own cum. Back and forth I ran my tongue up and down those two cumshots, before settling on her nipple once again. The dirtiness of it and the earthy taste re-energized me so I spread her legs and plunged my cock back into her steaming pussy. Then she moved my head over and I teased her left breast, lapping up the cum that lay on her nipple. With that she writhed again and clamped down on my wilting cock in another frenzied orgasm. We collapsed together in postcoital repose.

"Dave, did you like that as much I did, and as much I as think you did?" she asked.

Turning a bit red, I replied, "Probably more than you think."

"Could you be my cum slave?" she teased. I only dumbly nodded my head, not really thinking through the implications.

I couldn't wait to see what the day would bring.

To be cont'd

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by Anonymous04/25/17


Luvsatn, I wood luv for you to continue this sexy, erotic thread. I have an extremely intense panty and lingerie fetish. This "tail" has so many different avenues available to keep this pantyboi very arousedmore...

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