tagGroup SexRevel in the Abandon Ch. 03

Revel in the Abandon Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

Her heart palpitating from the concussive aftershocks of her orgasm, Antonella Capuano showed absolutely no shame for the fork in the road she'd chosen. Making sustained eye contact with each of the boys surrounding her, Nell's freshly eaten pussy buzzed like a hive of angry bees as the guy of the four she didn't know stepped to the foot of the bed.

That palpitating heart of Nell's nearly stopped when Anthony Villareal reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock.

Anthony had moved to Newport, ironically enough, just a few months after the Capuanos were forced to leave. He'd spent his whole life living in the Bronx, but a spate of trouble his Junior year of high school forced Anthony's mom to send him to Rhode Island to live with his uncle. Unlike the other three boys, he had no memory of Nell Capuano, so it came as quite a shock when Matt Bivens interrupted Anthony's basketball game and pulled him aside to ask if he'd like to tag along and help gangbang a complete stranger.

It hadn't exactly been a smooth transition for Anthony. Moving during the middle of your high school years is never easy, and doing it to a place like bucolic Rhode Island was about as far of a stretch one could imagine from the Bronx streets he'd always called home. Over time, even with the occasional misstep, he'd made it work.

Twenty now and in fantastic shape, Anthony spent most of the afternoons schooling the local boys out on the basketball courts. It wasn't hard to see why considering Anthony was 6-5 and most of the locals topped out at 6 foot 1 or 2. Add in the fact that he'd honed his skills on the blacktops of NYC, and balling with the kids in Rhode Island just wasn't a fair fight.

There were other aspects about Anthony's presence that just wasn't fair to everyone else either. There are precious few secrets in a locker room, and it hadn't taken long after his arrival at school for the reputation to get around that Anthony was hung like a prized stallion. As time wore on, and girls gossiped, also the reputation for really knowing how to use it.

Thus, most of the local boys did what they could to keep their girlfriends as far away as possible from the new guy in town. There were even some insinuations tying Anthony with two of the teachers from the high school, but most chalked that up to simple, locker room braggadocio.

"There's this woman who use to live here..I went to school with her son before they moved. She's come back to town and wants to hook-up with a couple of guys..thought I'd see if you wanted to come along?" Anthony remembered Matt Bivens asking him.

Anthony laughed, jokingly at first, before he realized Matt was serious after he'd gone into some detail about the blow job the woman had given him in her car.

"Your full of shit!! Is she hot?" Anthony smiled.

"Hot enough," Matt chuckled.

"You coming?" he added, before nodding in the direction of the other two boys he'd assembled.


Nell Capuano had a big mouth, both literally and figuratively. Full blooded Italian, when she decided to make a point and be heard above the crowd, she had no problem. Often after a few drinks, she could easily drown out the surroundings when she laughed or told an especially juicy story. In all her life however, she'd never had someone put a cork in that mouth the way Anthony Villareal had.

As mesmerized as she was when he first pulled his dick free, Nell soon realized the young man wasn't even all the way hard yet. Watching as his plump appendage swung like a summer sausage as he put his right knee up on the bed, Nell tensed and put her palms flat on the sheets as the towering 20 year old took his place on top of her. Feeling the lean muscles of his thighs grinding against her soft flesh as he straddled her waist, the air went right out of Nell when he took the ample mass of her breasts in his hands and shoved them together around his beefy shaft. It wasn't long before Anthony had used her titties to pump his manhood to its full and frightening proportions.

Nell Capuano may as well have tried ingesting a tennis ball whole. Even with her jaws unhinged as wide as she could, which with her was an impressive feat, Anthony's cock was still far more than she could handle. Wrapping both her hands around the veiny monster and trying to hold it steady, Nell's big brown eyes exploded with vivid shock when the young stud hurled his groin forward.

"OH GOD!!!" she couldn't help but gasp, pulling her mouth away and sucking in several full deep breaths before trying to accommodate his pulsing girth again.

Even though the other three boys who knew Nell had shared the drive over from the park with her knowing the implication of what was about to happen, even seen with their own eyes Steven Ocello go down on her minutes earlier, they still didn't truly grasp the gravitas of the situation until they saw Anthony nakedly grinding on top of the married woman's willing but overmatched mouth.

If they didn't already have wood before, JJ, Steven and Matt's pricks were all standing at full attention by the time Nell submitted to her forbidden lust. Crowding closer, as if drawn in by the magnetism rising from the bodies on the bed, the three boys gently extended their hands and touched Nell bare skin in unison, each absorbing the glorious strain sizzling from her pores.

While having an assembled audience certainly added a layer of exhibitionistic intrigue for Anthony, his full focus was on the older woman cowering below as she tried once again getting her lips around his chiseled phallus. Nell certainly gave it a good go, but like most every other woman Anthony had been with (including that one teacher the rumors had been true about), getting his cock all the way in her mouth and trying to deepthroat him was going to be fruitless.

Playfully giving Mrs. Capuano a few more chances to bathe his manhood on her drooling palate, Anthony finally pulled back and bounced the underside of his imposing shaft, first on Nell's chin then on each of her soft, cushiony breasts. Easing his left hand between Nell's thighs with his left hand as he teased her with his cock with his right, Anthony kneaded his fingers through her simmering and soaked slit.

"Spread your legs," he looked deep into her eyes and groaned, which she did without hesitation.

Nearly a foot taller, Anthony seemed to envelope Nell when he settled down on top of her. Resting on the inside of her chubby left thigh, he pushed her right further apart before shoving the mallet shaped head of his prick right into the petals of her pink and glistening quim.

"HO...HO...HOL....HOOOOOLLLY SHIT!!" Nell gasped and whimpered, her toes curling as if she'd just been hit by a locomotive.

The fact that she'd given birth to two boys proved the elasticity of that part of her body, but it had been a very long time since she'd felt anything like what Anthony was unleashing inside her. The other three boys a hazy blur as she seemingly drifted in and out of consciousness, Nell reached up with both palms and caressed them against Anthony's rock solid chest as he burrowed his beastly penis forward.

Burying himself deeper one excruciating milimeter at a time, Anthony spat down on the shaft of his cock, as if the saliva would somehow buffer its voyage inside her. Clamping his right hand tight around Nell's left tit, Anthony used his left to steady his dick as he patiently and ruthlessly impaled her.

Feeling one of the other boys kissing her on the neck and shoulder, Nell swooned as the other two groped her on each side. Then something happened she, to this day, still couldn't explain. Flexibility had never been Nell's calling card. Her brain had become so scrambled from what Anthony was doing to her, Nell almost thought she'd morphed into another, much younger and pliable, woman when she felt both her legs being wrenched out to each side of her head.

Rocking her head back and forth on the pillow, Nell could see Matt on her right and Steven on her left, each forcing a leg of hers as far back as they could.

"They're creating an alley for Anthony...," the vision clicked in Nell's head just before the boy on top of her began to viciously screw downward.

"GODDAMNIT...SHIT!!" Nell cried each time Anthony hit home, followed quickly by an appreciative grunt from him when she squeezed her cunt tight around his pillaging spear.

If it took the boys involved awhile to soak in that all this was real, it didn't truly didn't register for Nell until she felt a stranger's cock stabbing places inside her no man ever had. All the teasing and flirting she'd done over the past year or so had been to fill her empty need for attention. Even going back to her old hometown and seducing a couple of the local boys off the basketball courts had been an exercise to push her boundaries and stroke the dark side of her self esteem. Considering the friction Anthony's dick was creating in her womb as he sawed it in and out of her, Nell knew she'd got way more than she'd bargained for.

Like a skier overwhelmed by an avalanche, Nell knew there was no chance of fighting the deluge, even if she'd wanted. Each of her legs pinned back by the two boys flanking her, the 20 year old Adonis on top of Nell began pistoning down with blinding fury until her only recourse was clenching her hands around his back and digging her freshly manicured nails into the tanned and tattooed muscles of Anthony's back.

Clawing at the young man's flesh as he claimed his stake inside her, Nell shook her head side to side until her long, tangled hair had pretty much covered her face. Biting her lower lip and gasping each time Anthony drove his cock home, several strands of Nell's hair would blow comically into the air above her parched lips.

Raking her right hand across her face to rid herself of the itch from her mask of hair, when Nell got her first clear look up, there was JJ Gentry's face staring down. Having long lost track of everyone else around her, instinctively she'd thought she felt another presence on the bed a few minutes earlier. Given her current condition, it had rapidly skipped her mind. When she got a clear view upwards however, there were the same eyes that had started this whole ordeal four years earlier.

With Anthony on top of her, and Matt and Steven holding her legs apart, JJ had taken the liberty of stepping up to the top of the bed and kneeling down so that his thighs were bracketing Nell's spinning head.

JJ would never have a clue why Nell had invited him along for this illicit rendezvous. He wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but he did clearly feel the heat of her intent when she looked up and locked gazes. When he swung his fully aroused penis around and bounced it up and down on Mrs. Capuano's mouth, she more than happily obliged and lavished it even as Anthony threw everything he could at her.

Even though JJ didn't quite measure up to Anthony, swallowing his cock given the ungodly angle still proved to be a sturdy challenge. Feeling JJ pin her shoulders down with his hands, Nell used muscles in her neck she never knew she had trying to suck him off.

It wasn't long before he was fucking Nell's mouth with the same fervor Anthony was pounding her pussy. The tornadic whirlwind of Nell's exhales washing over his cock each time she exhaled, JJ used his right hand to wipe the hair away from the married woman's forehead once again. The entire time Nell's pupils never wavered as they stared deep into his.

As if all that sensory overload wasn't enough, Matt and Steven loosened their grip on her legs in what seemed eerie unison, then knelt down to each side of the bed. Locking her ankles around the small of Anthony's now sweaty back, in essence beckoning him to pile-drive her deeper, a trillion tiny goosebumps welled across her chest and arms when the boys to her left and right leaned forward and began kissing her breasts. Continuing to lather JJ's prick as Anthony torpedoed deep into her belly, Nell reached out and rubbed her fingers through Steven and Matt's hair as they greedily suckled her bosom. It wasn't long before Nell's entire body had all but disappeared beneath the four young studs.

Her nipples having grown to the size of grapes as the boys rolled them between their tongues and teeth, Nell trembled on the sheets feeling them softly massage her swaying tits. The shred of euphoric calm was quickly shattered when the intensity of Anthony's grunts rose from his throat. Feeling his gigantic cock twitch and jerk as it gouged at her vaginal chasm, Nell braced for the inevitable.

Allowing JJ's dick to spill free from her lips to relieve some of the pressure building inside her, she watched him begin to stroke the spit soaked cylinder right above her eyes as he surveyed the debaucherous landscape below. As if the stimulation already coursing through her wasn't enough, just before Anthony came, one of the boy sucking her breasts reached down and brazenly pinched at her clit, sending Nell into hysterics.

The virile, sloshing paste of Anthony's nut filling her churning womb, Nell thrashed for nearly a minute beneath the four boys until the warmth of JJ's seed rained down across her face. His heavy balls resting on her forehead as he pumped the sticky white load from his cock, Nell laid there in delirious silence, staring straight up at the boy who'd started it all as he drained his wicked cream.

Nell's pussy fizzed and bubbled like an uncorked bottle of champagne when Anthony pulled backwards. The vacuum created by the gaping trail he left caused Nell to quickly shove her hand down to her overwrought vagina. Most women wouldn't have wanted anyone, or anything, touching that spot but it was clear she'd changed into something not quite human on that bed.

"Someone hurry up and fuck me...please hurry up and fuck me," Nell begged as she smacked at the semen drenched pulp of her reddened labia with her right hand.

As if he dropped from Heaven, Steven Ocello crouched between her quivering thighs and did just that.

The stained outline of her arousal still fresh on Steven's face, Nell reached down and grabbed the boy's proudly swaying erection, pumping the slightly upturned shaft with her right hand and slapping at her vaginal gateway with her left. Given the path Anthony had already blazed, Steven would have had to blind to miss the opening on the first try.

He may as well have stabbed his cock into a freshly made custard pie given what Nell had just been through. The frothy ejaculate Anthony had just deposited bubbled out around Steven's dick each time he lanced the thing deeper into her welcoming womb.

"I've always dreamt of doing this," Steven leaned down and whispered into Nell's ear, the boyish innocence in his voice belying the primal eagerness of what he was doing.

Hearing such a taboo admission sent an electrical jolt through Nell's core. Pressing her forehead tightly against the youngster's flexing bicep, Nell wrapped her legs around his back and fucked Steven as if she'd dreamt of it several times too.

Steadily building up speed on top of Nell, Steven couldn't resist squeezing her tits as he ratcheted up his thrusts. Plowing the older woman as if he'd been saving it for years, Stevie prayed he wouldn't blow his load before he'd milked everything from her he could. An endeavor made somewhat easier by how loose Anthony's assault had made her.

Not seeing Matt for the moment, Steven did catch a glance of Anthony and JJ out of the corner of his eye. Both were lounging in separate chairs lining the bedroom, each content for the time being to watch Steven do his thing as they recovered from their own initial release.

Feeling such a sense of dominance and control each time Nell gushed when he pounded down, Steven decided if this was going to be his only time ever fucking the woman, he was going to do it on his terms. Burying his sword to the hilt, he grabbed Nell by the waist, first rolling to his right then flipping the married woman until she was riding him cowgirl style.

"Mary.... Mother of Jesus," Stevie Ocello cried like the good Catholic boy he was, struck to no end by the surreal sight of Nell's oversized breasts, tangled hair and wild, expressive eyes as she anxiously began slamming her cunt down on the concrete slab of his cock.

"Like being in the front row at an IMAX show," was the only thing Steven could relate the over-the-top clarity of what he was witnessing above.

Locking hands with Nell as she thrashed on top of him, Steven hurled his thin frame upwards until it appeared as if their two bodies had melded into one.

"YEEESSS STEVEN..GIVE IT TO ME......GIVE IT TO ME!!" Nell cried, her face directly above his as she jerked and spun her crotch on top of him.

Dropping her sweaty forehead on top of his, Nell reached down and rubbed her fingers through Steven's short black hair, raking her nails across his scalp as he drilled deeper inside her.

"Cum inside me Steven...hurry up..cum inside me," she shamelessly whispered into his ear before pressing her lips against his.

Her chest resting heavily on top of his, Steven reached out and closed his hands tight around Nell's churning rear end, slamming her down hard on his jutting manhood as the lava-like warmth began to build inside his balls.

"YES...YES......GODDAMMITTT..FUCK ME HARD STEVEN FUCKMEHAARRDDDDDD," Nell wailed, mascara soaked tears streaming down her cheek as the boy below responded like a prodded racehorse.

"GGRRR....GRRR..GGGRRAAAHHHH... GGRRAAAHHHH," he groaned until his cock burst, spewing his boiling lust deep into Nell.

Keeping up his frantic rhythm, knowing from the pace and urgency of Nell's rapid breaths she was on the verge of release as well, Steven aimed the uniquely shaped head of his penis and drove it repeatedly into the married woman's G-spot.

Nell wasn't the first woman to cum on top of Steven, and she wasn't the first to pretty much lose all control of her bodily functions when she did. Laying there trapped beneath Nell's quivering and cursing shell, Steven sensed something had thrown even more accelerant on the woman's already raging fire. When Steven pushed Nell's hair out of the way and peeked over shoulder, he saw Matt standing at the foot of the bed. It didn't take long to get a good idea what cruelly ingenious thing his friend had done.

In an inspired act of sadistic precision, just as Nell began to tip towards release, Matt stepped up to the bed and skewered his middle finger straight into Nell's exposed anus. Instantly seeing the way her entire lower body lurched like jack-knifing rig, Matt calmly steadied his hand and twisted his flared digit down to the second knuckle. Savoring the way the muscles of her rectum clenched and constricted from her violent orgasmic tremors, Matt kept the finger buried in place until Nell was a hot, sticky and whimpering mess on top of his long time pal, even raising one of the beers he'd brought back from the fridge, in salute, when he made eye contact with Steven.

As if to accentuate his good will, Matt then rested the ice cold bottle of Corona down on Nell's spinal column.


Lounging around the room like players resting up during halftime, the four boys watched Nell drink her beer as she sprawled out on her belly across the center of the bed. Just as there had been relative silence during their drive over from the park, hardly a word was spoken in the bedroom. There just weren't a lot of words to adequately describe what had just happened. So everyone just drank and pondered the rest of the afternoon until it was clear Nell was ready for more.

Tossing his empty bottle down on his cluttered desk when he sensed she was, Matt edged around to the far side of his cockeyed mattress and helped the woman who'd seduced him to her car an hour or so earlier, up to her knees.

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