tagIncest/TabooRevelation Ch. 03

Revelation Ch. 03


(Robert and Anja's first bout of bodily love continues.)


It was, perhaps, my life's first real orgasm. In many fucks by William, I had, of course, some orgasms, although I had not as many as he did, because William's cock often slumped after premature discharge, leaving me at the threshold; often my body did not respond at all to his insensitive thrusts which brought him quick relief.

Only my ravaged pussy had any concern in making an orgasm with William's cock. Now, with Robert, with my heart-throb brother, my entire body -- I was gifted with a lush body, not fat but luxuriant and healthy, with sensual curves and tones -- had been engaged in producing the thunderous climax.

In the wake of my post-orgasmic bliss, I dragged my body along my brother's, caressing his masculine organization with my soft, sweaty skin. As I maneuvered upon him, my sisterly breasts grazed along his ribcage. My nipples, aroused to their full tapered shape, bathed in his perspiration. My sweat-soaked erect nipples sucked up intense pleasure from my brother's body, grazing along his hairy chest.

Robert wiggled to the distinct feel of my aroused nipples. His raging manhood pricked the dimple of my navel, which I thrust into him provocatively. Hovering upon Robert, I grinned wickedly. I attacked his mouth with a feverish, grateful kiss, for bringing me the blissful orgasm.

My brother reciprocated with a devilish smile. He touched all over my back. I shivered as he stroked my wet skin. He left traces of my cum on my skin from his fingers, which had fucked my pussy.

"Baby, you seem to have won a kingdom." I snickered. "What happened to you?"

"Something very bad happened to me," he said. "I touched my sister's pussy."

"You think you have only touched her pussy, you haven't fucked her yet?"

I hit his hairy chest and pinched his nipples. He wiggled at my feminine touch on his equally sensitive nipples. I had the urge to smash his tiny nipples between my pouted lips. Robert's movement stirred my breasts pleasantly and stirred my latent arousal. With my free hand, I held his cum-soaked hand and drew it between our eyes.

Robert's three middle fingers were coated with my essence. I could smell myself on his fingers. I asked him how his fingers were coated with my cream until their last knuckles if he had only touched my pussy with them.

"You have fucked your sister with your tall, sexy fingers," I said, lightly kissing them.

The fingers left some trace of my own cum on my lips.

My brother breathed deeply. I was not sure if he was hesitant about my perfume. He was trying to be acquainted with his sister's scent, but I was not sure if he liked it.

"Breathe in deeply, Honey," I urged, pushing the cum-soaked fingers across his nostrils. "Fill up the chambers of your lungs with the air of your sister's pussy. Try to feel it as the scent diffuses in your blood and runs from limb to limb. If you like it, you will like no other scent. If you like it, you will dip your fingers in my honey-pot and sprinkle my perfume on your earlobes as you do now with Bvlgari scents. If you don't like it, you will hate it most. If you hate the female scent, your life will be doomed. You will be condemned to living your life without the touch of a woman. The good thing is that you can learn to like it. Another good thing is that my juices are aromatic. If you start liking it, if the aroma registers in your senses, you will not only love me more, you will love life better. If you don't like it, you will never enjoy sex. But, Honey, you are enjoying sex with me, aren't you? See, how you squirm as my breasts massage your muscles. Don't you see how your cock lurches in search of your sister's nest?"

I wanted to turn Robert into a sexual demon. I rolled every word out of my tongue distinctly, tantalizing him. My brother was under the charms of my maternal tenderness.

Robert gazed at my slutty face and listened to me with rapt attention, all the time inhaling deeply. It was obvious that he started liking my scent. I pushed his fingers across his nostrils.

I was thrilled, because at last, my brother was bequeathing his sense of smell with the perfume of my sex. I didn't want to rush with my kinky charms. I knew that my brother was still a virgin, was new to the feminine world. I wanted to make sure that he was ready to explore the hedonistic pleasure in his sister's mental and sexual backyard. I shared my scent with my brother, took each aromatic puff with deep, distinct inhalation, showing my brother how to savor the scent of female sex.

"Do you like it, honey, as much as I do?" I asked protectively, sawing one cum-soaked finger across his nostrils, looking deeply into his eyes.

Robert gazed at my face. His emerald eyes sparkled. It was exhilarating to see my brother enjoying my feminine countenance in my aroused state. His enjoyment of my beauty affected his entire face; his eyes radiated a halo that hovered about him.

"I'm not sure if I like it," he said. "You know I have brilliant imagination, but practically I'm a novice. I need time. What I like most of all is your being so tender with me. If an angel comes here and shows me God's paradise, I will still prefer the one that is shading me head to toe; that paradise is my sister's soft, feminine body. I crave to be covered and embraced by you like this all the nights that I will live. My sister, please never ever leave me alone or hurt my feel. I have this feel that I need to worship you at sunrise and sunset to live a meaningful life."

Robert's eyes were moistened. His passion penetrated my heart and choked my voice. Any girl would have been turned into his slave forever had he expressed such love to her. He was more concerned about my love and protection than he was about my sex. The heartfelt expression of his need for me as his life-long woman pervaded my heart and made me feel my worth as a person. This feel was much more sublime than if he had liked my scent firsthand.

Had I been moved the half by William's or anybody else's love, I would have been a faithful mistress to that guy for life. Robert was not William, nor any other person; Robert was superior in human and mental capacities to any other man or boy I had known. The only problem was that Robert was my brother and I was his chaperon. This fact brought so many worries to my mortal psyche while it rendered my love for him incredibly heavenly.

I couldn't wait to show him my appreciation of his love and adoration. Like an automated machine, I took one cum-soaked finger of my brother inside my mouth. I was not sure if I had done it for just teaching him to like my scent or to show him my appreciation of his love.

Robert's finger tasted exotic. I had never had an opportunity to suck a man's finger which had dipped in my pussy. I was enjoying the impromptu kinkiness with all my senses. The taste of his finger coated with my feminine secretion was sweeter than any natural honey. I sucked the digit sexily, using my tongue, and wetting it with my saliva, then slurping, all the time looking into his eyes. It was amazingly indulging to lie naked except for my panties over my brother's athletic body and explore new avenues of my sexuality. My brother released a soft whimper in stimulated bliss at the touch of my sexy tongue and the soft inside of my cheeks against his finger.

"You liked, Baby?" I asked, releasing the finger from my mouth.

"You are incredible, sis," he said.

"Why, bro?" I said, dabbing the well-sucked finger on the softness of my lips. "Is it because I have done your task?"

"What's my task?" he retorted.

"When a girl is kind to cum on your fingers, you must be kind to suck those fingers clean, so that she knows you love her. But the problem with you is that you still don't know whether you like the flavor and taste of your sister's oil. So I demonstrated it for you. I will also suck the love-stick that is poking my sexy underbelly. You don't need to be scared. Your sister will make everything spicy for you."

My statement encouraged my brother.

"I like the smell of your holiness, Sis. It's like banana," he said.

"My holiness!" Robert broke through stalemate of our foreplay. My heart leaped like a NASA rocket hearing my brother appreciate my scent. I was a neat woman, was always careful with my food. My health was impeccable. My sense of cleanliness was an arduous achievement of my superior instinct. Robert was right. My pussy and my pussy oil, even my skin, had the flavor of banana. There was still a subtle difference between the scent of my skin and my pussy. My skin had the flavor of jasmine and my pussy had the flavor of a mixer of banana and jasmine. It was rewarding to know that my pussy had the flavor of banana. Robert was very fond of banana. He ate banana a lot. Event the gum which he chewed to remain fresh had the flavor of banana.

My eyes were filled in tears as it sank in me that my brother had discerned my scent, which was so known to me. The few curtains standing between us barring us from an all-encompassing enjoyment of the taste of our flesh and the flavor of our sex were being blown one after another.

I could no more wait to make Robert taste the delicacy of my sex. He had still two fingers baptized by my holiness which I decided to make him taste. "My child," I exhorted into his ear. "Try now." I was gentle with his fingers as I put them between his lips.

Robert chewed on the cum-coated fingers gingerly. "Honey," I implored. "Your liking it will make me a proud sister. Please, Honey."

I kept exhorting him as he savored the banana-taste of my pussy and the jasmine oil of my orgasm. He now actively sucked his fingers. I regretted that they were not my fingers. If they had been mine, my pleasure would have been double.

After sucking my pussy juices from his fingers, my brother penetrated my eyes with his look. He caressed my face with his hands. His right hand combed the locks that fell on my cheek and arranged them neatly on the other side of my ear. My heart jumped at the sheer gentleness of his touch.

No artist on heaven or earth could have expressed a better way what I wanted to know from my brother. Still my heart ached to hear it from his mouth. "Say it, honey. Say it expressly that you liked?" I implored.

"Yes, I liked, Sis," he said, stroking my cheeks.

"You liked what, Baby? I want to hear it from your mouth."

"I liked the taste of your pussy," he whispered bashfully, kissing my earlobe.

"If you like the taste of my juices, you will have the opportunity to taste it all your life. My pussy and my pussy juices are only for you, Robert. I will have to offer it to William a few times, but it will be only to make him to forget me. I'm yours, little brother. Love me like you said and tender juices will flow in my pussy canal for you. Tender love will sprinkle out of my heart, only for you, baby bro. Now, before you start fucking your sister, you must confess it again. Baby, my obedient brother, say one more time that you liked the taste of your sister's pussy."

He said. I asked him to repeat. He repeated.

During the five minutes that followed, I made him admit again and again that he liked the taste of the content of my feminine spring and in the course of his confession he gave many sexy names to my feminine fluid, of which two I would remember until my last breath: one name was God's saliva and another was mobil. Those names were sexy and had special meaning for me.

The fact that Robert liked my dirty talks was proved by his deed that followed. He hugged me tightly and rolled me over so that he covered me as I had done him previously.

I felt good as I lay on my back. Unlike me, my brother maneuvered with his knees so that he exerted as less weight upon me as he could, without losing contact of my skin.

Covered by my brother, my womanly sense of insecurity vanished away. I discovered myself extremely feminine and tender as my brother began to kiss me.

It was as much a physical kiss as it was psychological. The fact that Robert had just tasted my pussy juice in his mouth filled my heart with tenderness for him. I offered him my mouth with utmost passivity.

My pliability boosted Robert's ego. He explored my mouth ravishingly. He was sincere when he'd said he liked my essence. After sucking it from his fingers, he was now searching for a drop of his sister's honey on her tongue, which he was sucking like a mad dog.

His kiss was authoritative. With the overwhelming kiss, he was claiming his sister as his own. He was taking his rightful share of his sister's sexuality. My beautiful feminine mouth -- along with their full, adorning lips -- was brewed inside his devouring orifice. He was savoring my feminine charms like a man possessed.

I was perfectly hot and wet for him when he released my mouth from the breathtaking kiss. "Baby bro," I said. "You've claimed your sister with that wonderful kiss. Now fulfill your dream by fucking her like a sister should be fucked."

I sat up and grasped for air. My tits bounced freely under arousal and I invited Robert to enjoy their beauty. It was hilarious to pose my breasts for my brother. Robert's eyes had already been glued to my puffy nipples and goose-bumped areolae. Under his ferocious gaze, my love gourds throbbed with thickened eroticism. I behaved wantonly for his pleasure. In disguise of doing my disheveled hair, I tossed my breasts. I posed them in the air for the sheer pleasure of being gawked at by him.

Not only Robert was ogling my beauty. I was doing my part of satisfying my eyes with his nakedness. Robert was a Herculean young man. He had high cheekbones, flat temple, erect nose, emerald eyes, and lush black hair. He was a perfect Don Juan. He was already a black-belt in karate. The smooth strips of muscles on his chest under thin chest-hair felt extremely sexy against my breasts.

My brother had an extremely beautiful cock. Like my nipples and legs, his cock was tapered toward the front. The color of his love-flesh in his arousal was dark pink; along the powerful shaft blue veins flowed in a beautiful pattern. The big, bulbous head crowned the cock in an aesthetic fashion. The entire beam of glossy manhood was ready for action like a fierce Pharaonic spear.

When his lust-filled eyes devoured my tits for quite some time, I leaned to hold his cock in my hands. It seemed that holding my brother's raging manhood was one of the most arduous tasks in our debauchery. My hands trembled as they approached the crowned cockhead. I had never had the opportunity to play with my lover William's cock, because William didn't have time to satisfy my prolonged need for sexual enjoyment. I must say that William's penis was admirable. But my brother's cock was most perfect in the world, in look, texture, and length.

When I managed to hold his manhood in my right hand, I felt that I had found within my reach all the treasures accumulated in the mountain cave by the forty thieves of Arabian Nights. I was afraid to lose the hold of the love-organ. The thrill of its velvety feel spread from my palms to all over my body. The thrill made me extremely aware of my breasts, nipples, and cunt, all of which cried to salute my brother's regal organ. It seemed that if I hadn't held the blessed organ with my both hands, it would've slipped out of my grip.

"Promise me brother," I cried, holding the cock with both my hands. "Promise that your cock is mine, it belongs to your sister only."

As I cried, it seemed that I was holding the entire world, all its riches, all its holiness. I didn't want to lose it to anybody. "I know you are virgin," I said. "I can't gift this pristine bird a virgin nest which it deserves. But I will be tender. I will touch every pore of it with my experienced nest. I will bestow upon it the deepest worship it deserves. You only promise that you will never ever profane this beautiful cock with any dirty cunt. This holy treasure is mine, your sister's, baby bro, your sister's only."

I couldn't blabber anymore. My tears dropped on my brother's powerful thigh. My head leaned with a heartfelt worshipping gesture. Like prostrating before a god, I stooped toward my brother's throbbing cock, until my soft lips touched the bulging head.

I drank the small pool of pre-cum from the opening. The touch of the velvety head against my lips was magical. I brushed the cockhead from one corner to another corner of my soft lips. It seeped life and spirit into my lips. Pride swelled my breasts as I felt that I could possess the wonderful organ. My sisterly pussy released new waves of pleasure in anticipation.

It was an ecstatic feel of possessing my brother's cock which would change my life forever by fucking my incestuous cunt. Not only my pussy and clitoris, not only my anus or nipples, every pore of my body desired to be baptized with its sanctity: my armpits, every millimeter of my large breasts, my ears, the crack of my ass, my toes, my eyelids. I would rub my silky hair around it. I would hold it all day and suck it all night long.

As my lips played with my brother's cockhead, saliva welled up in my mouth, ran along his shaft, and soaked my slender fingers along the way. My grips slid down and the velvety rod entered my mouth.

When my mouth was full with the heavenly sausage, I concentrated all my senses to savor its taste. I tasted the magical cock with my tongue, my palate and the walls of my mouth.

The feel of my brother's cock in my mouth was out of the world. I closed my eyes and deeply breathed in the air of his groin. I filled my lungs with the sexy incense. I was in heaven with the double taste of my brother's loins, its velvety flesh inside my mouth and its masculine aroma in the passage of my nose and lungs. I can swear upon God, there is nothing more palatable to a woman than the taste of her man's cock. That moment, my brother's cock, locked snugly along my feminine orifice, was feeding my spirit, my soul, my heart. I preferred it to any good food because unlike food-stuff it was not loading my stomach. It was diffusing purity into my soul.

My brother moaned in pleasure as the soft walls of my mouth compressed against his resilient girth. The swelled head reached the opening of my throat. I tried to hold both his balls in my left hand but I failed. I held one ball at a time and squeezed them gently, extracting rewarding whimpers from my brother. I drew my mouth in reverse, exerting the softness against the sensitive shaft more indulgingly until the head reached my lips. Then again, with one single but gentle stroke, I shoved the cock into my mouth.

I took my time when it reached my throat. When the muscles in my throat relaxed, I pushed down, shoving the cockhead along my throat. I stopped only when my lips reached my brother's hairy balls.

My brother's hot, shallow breaths fall upon my tender earlobes as I deep-throated him with cherishing abandon. I could do it the whole night. But I did not want my brother to cum in my mouth. He could cum a thousand times in my willing mouth later on. For the first time, I wanted him to cum inside my vagina. I released the sweet organ from my mouth with utmost reluctance.

I invented many new things about sexuality and the power of incestuous love. I discovered that -- like in music, like in art and literature -- there is no limit of pleasure in human sexuality. You only need the right person to explore the creative world of pleasure. I discovered the hackneyed axiom 'the kinkier the better' as if it was my own invention. I was the luckiest girl of the world because I had Robert, my passionate brother, to incite the perpetuity of my hitherto repressed sexuality.

All my previous enjoyment, all the foreplay, became a blurred memory as Robert's slender fingers held the waistband of my panties to denude me for the first fuck of his life. He sat on his knees between my spread legs; his youthful, strong cock almost reached his chest in its aroused state, in anticipation of his sister's forbidden pussy. I was wondering how the anticipation of his life's first fuck was to him while it was so much thrilling to me who had already been fucked many times, albeit by a perfunctory lover.

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