Sally was sitting at a table sipping a strong mixed drink. This was her fourth and she was starting to feel it. She was getting a real buzz on.

She was here for revenge. She was here to get drunk and get laid.

Sally was pissed at her husband of two years because he had gone fishing and forgotten her birthday. He had said last month that he was planning something special for her, but evidently forgot.

Damn fish get more fuckin attention than I do she thought. "And probably more fuckin too." She said out loud to herself.

"What? What did you say? Came a voice from the next table. "Were you saying something to me?"

Sally looked to the voice and saw a pleasant looking guy sitting there with a nice big smile on his face. Rugged and handsome.

"Nothing really, I was talking to myself. Sorry I disturbed you."

"Nothing a pretty lady like you did could ever disturb me." He said.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked. "I promise I won't bite you, at least not too hard."

"Why not." She said, and rose to meet him as he led her to the dance floor.

He held her lightly in his arms as the band played a slow dance number and they moved around the floor.

He introduced himself as Lou, saying this was the first time in this club. He lived in a neighboring town and yes he was married but his wife was away for a few days visiting a school friend.

Sally told him that her husband was out fuckin fishin and hoped he would fuckin drown with the fuckin fish.

As they danced Sally could feel the hard outline of his cock in his pants and rubbed her lower belly to it. She was slightly looped, still pissed at Tom, her husband. She was also getting horney, his prick felt nice against her and she wondered how it would feel deep inside her.

During the next dance he moved his hand up between them, feeling her tit. So she reached for him. His hard cock felt good through the material but she would rather feel it bare in her hand.

They danced a few more times, both feeling high and hot, ready for some action.

"Lets go to my place." She said. "Follow me in your car."

On the short drive home Sally wondered if she had goofed by inviting him home but it's too late now and no one else will ever know.

Parking both cars in back, she took his hand and led him into her darkened house. "No lights yet, wait till we're in the bed room."

A small lamp glowed in the corner, just enough to see by.

Turning to each other they kissed for the first time and started undressing. Leaving a pile of clothes on the floor they climbed on the bed. Kissing and rubbing hands around each other, searching for the areas that were interesting to them.

Sally reached for Lou's cock. Yes it did feel as good bare as she had hoped. Hot and firm, a solid piece of meat for her to enjoy. I will enjoy she thought, fix that fuckin man of mine. A little revenge goes a long way.

Holding the hard cock in her hand she turned and placed her lips around it. With just the head in her mouth she used her tongue to bathe it, licking around the dome and tasting the flavor of Lou's prick. A few moments of this and then sucking the shaft deeper and deeper until she had him touching the back of her throat.

Twisting around Lou lowered his mouth to Sally's wet pussy as she spread wide her legs to welcome him. She liked being eaten but her husband didn't do her often enough. Wait till he hears about this, the bastard she thought. No that's a mistake,--he can't find out. NEVER.

Oh, oh, this felt good, he eats pussy nice. She was ready to be fucked though and pulling away told him so. Turning over she took hold of Lou's nice cock and guided him to the entrance of her cunt. Oh, this feels better she told him as his hard cock slid easy into her wet pussy. Sally thrust up her ass to greet him as he started to fuck her.

Lou fucked her slow and easy for a while, thrusting deep, giving her the full length of his cock. Changing pace, speeding up, then he slowed. Twisting his hips as he fucked. Talking dirty to her most of the time and saying how good it felt, that she was a good fuck. That he liked fucking her sweet pussy. Giving her one of the best fucks in a long time.

Sally climaxed several times before Lou thrust deep as possible and shivered, shooting his hot cum to her.

"Wonderful." She told him. "I needed that, I wanted a good loving for my birthday and you gave me one.

"That reminds me, may I use your phone for an important call?"

"After the fuck you just gave me! You can do anything you want." She said. "If you will do me like that again?"

As he reached for the phone she reached for his cock. And as he dialed she started sucking his dick to get it hard again, ready for more fucking.

"Yea, every thing went fine." She heard Lou say. "Yes she's right here and she's sucking my prick right now." He replied, then handing the phone to her, said. "It's for you!"

"What? Who? What's going on? Who's on the phone? Who are you talking to?" Sally asked.

"Surprise! It's your birthday and you just got laid." Said Lou.

"Hi honey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Tom's voice said from the phone. "I hope you had a good time with your present?

"Tom! Where are you and what's going on?

"I wanted to get you something a bit different for your birthday. Something I guessed you would really enjoy.

"I guess you did, you shit, and I did." Sally said. "Where did you get this idea and how could you know it would work."

"Well you know those dirty books and movies we enjoy once in a while and we play games after?"

"Yes, we pretend that we're strangers fucking or we were at an orgy and having fun." She said. "I know we sometimes talked about really doing something like that but."

"Lou and his wife had a couple over for her birthday and they got hi, switched partners and had a small orgy. He told me and I thought you might like a different cock for real?" Tom then asked. "Did he fuck you good? Would you like more?"

"YES! To both. Where are you now? I thought the camp didn't have a telephone?"

"I'm at Lou's with Jane, his wife, fucking her, when he called to let us know that you got your fucking present. See you in the morning, enjoy. I love you!" He hung up the phone.

Lou was laughing as he took her in his arms. "Happy birthday. Now do you want the rest of your present?"

"GIVE IT TO ME." Sally said as she laid back and opened her legs wide and reached for his cock.


* FINI *

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that was odd.
Others have covered most of the how's and why's except....
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Even flies would faint if they came upon this lump of shit!

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Keep your day job!

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