tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 02

Revenge Ch. 02


Please read chapter 1 first.

* * * * *

The car drove for a very long time before it finally stopped. When the trunk was opened Barbara realized it was completely dark and she had no idea where she was.

He grabbed her and turned her around but all she could see was that he was black and maybe 6 foot tall. Barb started fighting until the man put a gun to her chest and told her he would kill her where she stood if she didn't do what he told her. She stopped fighting!

She was pushed inside a cabin and there was another man there, another black man. She immediately, wondered if this was the same cabin Mary had been taken too. She remembered it was out in no where so she could scream all she wanted but unless she was very, very lucky no one was going to hear her. She wasn't sure, but she knew she was in the woods and in an old cabin.

She was becoming very scared as she felt a pair of hands on her breast and another pair tying her hands behind her and a hood was placed over her head. She realized it was more than the two men in the room when she heard other voices.

That's when she got really scared thinking it Marvin one of Lee & Samuel's other friend. She started to shake when the new man held a gun to the middle of her chest said: "You're the bitch who got my friends put in jail. We're going to pay you back for that bitch. But, first we want to see if you old white bitches can still fuck."

He got right in her face and grabbed her by the throat and told her: "First, we're going to all fuck you until we can't fuck you no more. Then we're going to fix your white ass so you won't bother none of the other brothers."

He started squeezing her breasts as he talked to her. He had both of her breasts in his hands and told his friends: "Hey my brothers, fell these tities. They feel damn good for an old bitch. Better than some of those little young white whores we're doing lately. How old are you baby?"

Barbara told them she was 35. They laughed and squeezed and played with her breasts some more. Then one said: "I want to see what they look like without all these fucking clothes on."

With that he grabbed Barb's blouse with one hand right between her breasts, ripped it off of her. Parts of her blouse hung on her arms but her breasts were uncovered. She screamed and they laughed. They squeezed her breasts going over her bra. Finally, her bra was ripped off of her too and hands squeezed and pinched her naked breast hard. They pulled on the ends of her nipples hurting her. She heard them say: "Mumm umm bitch. You have some nice tits."

She cried out as they mauled her breast. Finally one of the guys said: "You know for an old bitch you ain't half bad baby. We are going to enjoy you."

He was running his hands all over her body. She shook with discuss as she felt her body being grabbed and their hot bad breath on her neck and face and breasts. She yelled at them: "Get the fuck off of me you son of a bitch."

Barb pushed Lee with her shoulder trying to get his hands off of her body. He hit her in the stomach hard and then as she was doubling over in pain, the other man who she didn't know, slapped her face so hard her head twisted and she fell down on her knees. He told her: "Stay down there bitch. If you get up I'll knock you dumb ass back down. You better understand this baby you got no say here at all. You do what we tell you when we tell you. Understand?"

She didn't say anything. He grabbed her chin and lifted it up and asked her again: "Do you fucking understand me bitch?"

She yelled: "Yes I understand!"

She stayed where she was, on her hands and knees. She eventually sat back on her legs. She could feel then walking around her laughing as they touched her head shoulders and breasts. She was in good shape after weeks at the gym and they knew it. Lee's brother Samuel said: "You look like you're in dam good shape baby. Been worken out for us brothers I'm betting."

They both laughed. Lee said: "OK Let's get serious. Stand up bitch."

Barbara lifted herself up with hands behind her back they were still tied. They offered no help. She stood proud in front of them. She couldn't see who they were but she knew them. They were the two that hurt her friend Mary. If she had a chance she wouldn't let them do to her what they did to Mary. She would fight back some how.

Lee moved in real close and whispered in Barb's ear: " You won't like what I have planned for you tonight but I'm really going to enjoy fucking your tight ass. Have you ever had a cock in your ass babe? Well, before this night is over you are going to beg me to kill you."

Barb shuttered but not from what he said as much as how he said it. He was the worst just like Mary told her. The third man finally spoke and said: " I'm Marvin and I want you to tell me if you want me to untie you baby?"

She told him: "Yes."

Samuel laughed and said: "Not just yet my man, I want to see all of her first. Now you hold real still baby and maybe we'll untied you so you can fuck us better. But it don't really matter cause you are going to be fucked."

Barb stood there not saying anything and not moving she waited to see what they were going to do. Lee lifted her arms up behind her higher with her hands tied she had to bend over. Samuel pulled the button on her skirt popping it off. He then slowly undid her zipper so she could hear it going down the side of her hip. She didn't resist as she felt the skirt fall to the floor down by her feet.

She was now standing there in a half slip and the boys were laughing and saying: "Would you look at her. She looks good dam good. She does work out. Her stomach is flat as hell and her ass is nice and round. And, would you look at her nice legs."

Lee laughed and told him: "She is going to be a real good fuck front and back."

Barb wanted to distract them whenever she could and so she said; "You MEN are so brave untie me and take this fucking blindfold off of me."

Sam laughed and told her: "In due time princess, in due time. But first I want to see what's under this here slip."

Marvin held her hands up again and bending her over again. Lee's brother pulled the slip down her legs and over her shapely hips and ass. When he got it under her ass he just let it fall on top of the skirt.

Barb was standing there with the hood over her head and her hands tied behind her with only her small white bikini panties.

"Woo woo", Lee said: "She is real good looking ain't she Sam?"

Sam told him: "Yea Lee she sure is. I'm going to really enjoy fucking this one. You want some of my cock baby? You like black cock? I'm betting you love black. With a body like that you were built for black cock. You know you might just have to be kept here and have some of the other brothers enjoy you. What's you think Marv?"

Marv laughed and said: "Well lets you and me get first crack at this bitch. When we get tired we'll call my uncle and my cousin and see if they want some of this prize pussy. Hell we might have to go buy some food to keep her energy up for all of us."

They all laughed and began to rub her ass and pussy. Barb couldn't help it, she shuttered as she felt her body being grabbed and pulled and stroked. She especially remembered one of them putting their big hand down her panties and began to rub her slit and then her clit.

Lee laughed when she squeezed her thighs together trying to get his hand off of her clit. She shuttered again when he said: "Why I believe I found her secret hiding place. Let's see it."

He pulled the leg of her bikini panties away from her leg until it ripped. He let it fall down on top of the other clothes. Barb was now completely nude except for her knee socks and small heels and the hood. Marv took off her hood for the first time since she was shoved into the cabin. He was thinking: "Goddamn. This white bitch is beautiful."

She was blinking her eyes getting use to the light. Lee moved in and licked her face with his tongue as he cupped her full natural breasts in his big hands. He smiled at her grief and said: "You look good baby. A real fine for us. A real refine lady I'm betting from a real nice family. I bet your old man will pay us to get you back. I bet he would die if he knew 3 brothers were going to fuck his old lady with their big black dicks."

Barbara didn't answer him, she just stood there trying to forget what their hands were doing to her. Lee was squeezing her breasts and Lee held her still while Marvin's lips moved to her nipples and started sucking them. When his teeth bit one hard, Barb cried out in pain.

Lee said to her: "Now. We can do this the nice and easy way and we all will be happy. He bent in and gently sucked on her nipples too as his hand wondered down her body until his fingers came into contact with her pussy again. She felt him probing her slit and locating her hole. He rubbed it and played with it until he got her pussy lips open and then he slowly and very gently slid his finger all the way up into her as she stood there. She moaned in discuss and tried to back up.

When she did, Sam was there with his cock out already. She felt it hit her ass and she stopped moving backwards. He told her: "Keep backing up bitch and you'll get this cock in your ass before you're ready for it."

Lee laughed with her hardening nipple in his mouth. He said: "You see if you cooperate it will be gentle and soft just like I bet you like it that way. But if you fight us, and I hope you do, it will be hard and nasty. Just like this."

He grabbed Barb's tit so hard she almost bent over with pain. When he released it his big hand print was still there making her breast red and hurting. He then jammed his two fingers in her cunt and pumped her twice. She yelled again in pain. As she tried to move backwards to get away from his hand. Samual grunted when she pushed against him.

He grabbed her ass saying: "This bitch has one great ass for a white woman. And she keeps pushing against me, I think she wants my cock in her ass."

He had both hands on her ass squeezing it hard as his cock move under it. Barb felt his shaft up against the underside of her ass. She held her breath as she felt his cock close to both holes. He was good size. He held her that way as Marvin and Lee began to undress.

Sam held her moving his arms under her arms. He reached around her and she felt his cock throbbing against her ass as he played with her tits and nipples. He had both her nipples sticking out a good half inch.

They had all played with her breasts and pussy a long time teasing her and stimulating her body while they tried to scare her brain. Barb stood there and said nothing. The other two men were almost undressed now. All they had left was their shorts and tennis shoes! She could see their bulges pushing against their shorts, especially Marvin , the big man.

Marvin said: "If I untie you will you take my shorts off and suck my cock baby?"

Barb didn't say anything she just gave him a look. He laughed and slid his short off. His cock was big. He was semi-hard now and she was thinking he must be 8 inches already. It swung in front of her. She couldn't resist she took a quick look and caught her breath as she saw it getting bigger with his excitement.

Lee saw her look at Marv's cock and he said: "You like my cousin Marv's cock baby? You like what you see baby!"

Sam pushed his cock against her harder and said: "And like what you feel behind you baby?"

Barb battled to stay in control of her fear but she was really sacred now with all three of the men completely naked. No one knew where she was and maybe no one even knew she was actually missing yet. It had been maybe 4 hours since she was pushed into her trunk and driven to the cabin. She often went to the gym and wouldn't get home until well after 7PM and that was about what time it was now, she was guessing.

Finally Lee said: "Let move her over to the table so we can started fucking her."

Barb didn't understand for a minute until she was dragged under the arms by two of the men to the table. She was sure it was the same table where Mary was fucked so hard on. She was starting to panic now. How was she going to stop this?

Lee pushed her on the back of her head and the back towards the table. And, after fighting as much as she could Marv and Lee forced her headfirst on to the table. She was taller than Mary was so her feet were still on the floor. She wondered about poor little Mary hanging off the table.

Lee lay over her back forcing her stomach and hips into the table. Marv held her head down on the table with his hands around the back of her neck. As Marvin held her face, Lee said to her: "I think you're really going to enjoy this Barbara. You ever been fucked from behind? Yes, Barb you're going to love fucking us all before the night is over."

She grunted at him. Sam licked her face and then moved into position. His cock head was at her pussy slit from behind. She moaned when she felt his hard cock head spread her lips and then moved into about an inch. Sam held it there so she could fell its heat against her cunt.

He said: "Is this the first black cock you have ever had baby?"

She didn't answer him! He slapped her ass hard. She still didn't answer him, so he continued to slap her ass as hard as he could and Lee slapped her back leaving red welts all over her.

Finally she cried out: "Yes! Yes, you son of a bitch. It's the first black cock!"

He slapped the back of her head making it slid on the hard table, hurting her. Marvin laughed as he held her down.

Lee asked her: "Are you ready bitch? Ready for my brother's black cock to fuck you?"

Barb closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She knew she was dry between her legs and he was going to hurt when he pushed inside of her pussy. She waited and waited and the SOB didn't move. He held her just like that, his cock at the door of her sweet white pussy maybe an inch inside it and her head pushed down on the table by his brother.

Marv looked at Sam and asked: "What wrong Samuel?"

Sam smiled and said: "Nothing man. I just have a better idea. One that will give us better fuckin from this bitch."

He laughed and pulled Barb up off the table. He dragged and half carried her over to the bed and pushed her down. Barb bounced a few times and then laid there nude while the three men looked at her.

Sam licked his lips and grabbed her left leg. She tried to fight but Marvin grabbed the other leg and she was helpless. As they held her legs she realized they were just too strong for her. She stopped fighting completely when Lee sat on her stomach and chest.

He told his brother: "Good idea Sam. Tie her legs down and open her up for us."

They laughed and Barb yelled:" NO!!! YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCHS! NO! NO!! NO!!!"

But it was too late. Marvin had already tied her leg to one side of the bed with the rope he had from her hands. Then he helped Samuel tie the other leg to the other side of the bed. Barb fought like a wild cat but all she did was wear herself out. And the men just stood there watching her beautiful body twist and lift and rise off the bed.

Lee laughed and said: "I sure hope she does that when I'm in her pussy. WOW what ride!"

The other two laughed like hell as Lee moved over her body. He licked and kissed her nipples as his hands began to work on her body! Lee was making love to her body and as he sucked and softly bit Barb's nipples. She tried to resist the pleasure he was giving her.

Lee licked and kissed her breasts running his mouth and lips all over her beautiful tits before moving down her body Barb knew what he was going to do. He was going to give her an oral stimulation and make her orgasm. She tried as hard as she could not to let him between her legs. But when Samuel held her down and sat on her stomach and Marv held her by the hand she was helpless. She screamed and used words she never used before.

Lee slid lower and lower until she felt his breath on her pussy. She moaned when she felt his lips on her slit and then she felt his tongue in her pussy hole. She had only one choice. She could only think of one thing to do. She started to piss on Lee's face.

He jumped up and screamed at her: "You fucking cunt!! I'm going to beat you so you can't piss again. No bitch pisses on me. I'll fucking kill you for that."

He grabbed her and started to punch her in the face as she lay there hands being held and legs tied. He punched her in the face until she was almost knocked out. Her face was battered, bleeding everywhere. Finally Sam stopped him.

He said: "Let's just fuck her an get the hell out of here Lee. You're going to kill her."

Lee pushed him away! He got back on top of Barb and as she began to come around, back to reality, Lee told Sam: "Go get me some water."

He did and Lee threw it on her face. She woke up just in time to feel Lee start to shove his 8-inch cock into her pussy hard. She yelled: OH GOD NO!! NOO!! NOOOO!!!! DON"T DO THIS!!"

But it was too late. With two or three hard thrusts, he penetrated her all the way. She could feel him ripping into her hole. She cried out from the pain. But, Lee didn't care. All he did was thrust into her again and again and again. He was fucking her as hard as he could. She was yelling and trying to get him out of her body but Lee was just too strong. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her for what seemed like an entirety. She remembered Mary saying Lee could go on and on without cumming for a really long time. Barbara was starting to believe it. She finally gave up and stopped fighting him. She just lay there letting him do his work.

She said to herself: "I'm not going to move a fucking muscle. It will be like he's fucking a dead person."

She lay there spread eagle as Lee was going to town on her sweet white pussy under him. He had been on her for at least 10 minutes and there was no sign he was going to cum anytime soon. She was feeling him pumping in and out of her pussy so long her body began to feel that nice warm feeling we all get when we are having sex.

The body doesn't know if you want to feel good from the fucking we are receiving inside or not. You feel good when your sex is stimulated for a long period of time. There's not much you can do about it. Same with men. If someone strokes their cock long and hard enough they will cum.

Barb was fighting it but she could feel her body working more and more on her brain telling it she was feel good very good. After a few more minutes Lee stopped and got off of her. He said to Sam: "Your turn brother and then Marvin will do her. You do her for a while first Sam."

Barb started to come down just a little as Lee withdrew his cock from her now wet pussy hole. But, she saw Marvin's cock and knew she would be fucked deeper than she have been fucked before if he got into her pussy. He was a good 10 inches long and maybe 4 inches thick. She had only one cock in her life before tonight, her husband. He was about 7 or 8 inches long and 3 inches thick, the same size as Lee. Her husband always gave her multiple orgasms when they made love. She wondered what would happen when Marvin pushed his big cock into body.

But right now Samuel moved over her body and licked his lips as he looked down at her beautiful white body under him. She knew he wanted her so fucking bad she knew he wouldn't last long. As he pushed his 6-inch cock into her, he told everyone: "Oh shit. You're the best piece of white ass I have ever had."

Lee said: "She's only your second one. Just fuck her while I get a drink."

Sam moved over her and inserted his cock into her all the way with one single thrust. Barb started to fight him. She twisted and moved and Sam's cock came out of her pussy and he couldn't get it back in. Sam yelled for his brother and Lee came over and put the gum to her head. She stopped moving immediately.

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