tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 04C

Revenge Ch. 04C


Please read the first chapters of this story. Then if you'll be so nice as to tell me which ending you liked best.

* * * * *

He woke her up at 7:30AM to tell her he was off to work and that he would be late coming home since the job was over 50 miles away. She said OK, kissed him goodbye and went back to sleep. She was going to miss class today! She didn't want to face Mr. Wilson and was really worried about Tom and what he was going to do.

Barbara decided to drop out of school and just look for a job. She would sign up next year at a different school top finish her AA degree, after all she had only had 9 credits to go before graduation.

She found a job in a card shore and lobed it because she could work from noon to 6 PM 4 days a week. She also liked the 25% she received on all the cards and other things they sold there.

She was getting phone calls from Marvin about 3 times a week and even received a letter about once a week say that she needed to contact him or she would not receive a passing mark! She didn't answer any of these and she didn't tell her husband Tom about it either. She feared he would do something crazy and maybe even get arrested! She didn't want him in jail because she didn't want to face Marvin alone if he got more aggressive. She kept saying to herself: "Oh God what have I gotten my self into with this man? Why won't he leave me alone."

She was also thinking to herself: "I miss that big cock in my pussy. Damn the things we did that night in the car. Mummm! I will never forget them. But, I have stop and stay strong."

She put all of her energies into the job and being a wife. Tom never had it so good. She gave him more loving than ever before. She also gave him more sex too. They were fuck almost every night, sometimes more than once. Both seemed to be loosing weight and Tom was really tired in the morning. Barb would be able to sleep in and so she was always fresh.

But, Tom was watching everything she did for over two weeks. Nothing. She didn't go anywhere or do anything that made him think she was cheating on him. He started to think maybe she was telling the truth when she said she didn't remember and was drunk or drugged or both. Then about a month later he had to returned to work full time and couldn't keep a watch on his beautiful wife.

On that following Wednesday, Barbara was working at the card store it was around 5 PM. Most of the people who worked with her were now on dinner break. She didn't get a dinner break since she was off at 6 PM. The shop stay opened until 9PM. She was settling her register when she heard a voice say: "So you decided you can do without me and didn't come back to school."

She looked up and her eyes got 3 times bigger than normal. It was Marvin! He was dressed in casual clothes and looked good. She said: "I couldn't do it. I just couldn't come back to school or se you again. I'm married and I don't want to cheat on Tom. I want you to understand!"

He said: "When do you get off? I would like to buy us dinner and talk about us."

She told him: "No! There is no US! I can't, I won't. I won't Marvin. I won't cheat on my husband again. Don't ask me out and please stop trying to contact me. Please!"

He said: "Then just coffee you pick the time and place. I have to talk with you Barb."

She said: "If I do, will you let me alone after that?"

Marvin looked at her long and hard before saying: "If you want me to leave you alone after that, then I guess I won't have any choice, will I?"

She said: "OK then I'll met you for coffee tomorrow around 9AM next store." She pointed to the coffee and bagel shop next door to the card store.

He said; "I'll be there." He took her hand and held it.

She felt a chill run up her spine. He smiled as she shivered and said; "I feel it too Barb, every time I touch you. Until tomorrow babe."

He turned and looked at her one last time before walking out the door. She watched him leave and moaned when she saw him turn and look at her. She knew she felt a shock when he touched her hand and the shock ran from her fingers down her spine to her clit. She squeezed her thighs together and said: "Oh god what am I going to do?"

She even had an idea to tell Tom about it and maybe he would come with her and end this once and for all. But, then she said to herself: "No Barbara you're a big girl and you know right from wrong. Besides you don't want blood shed here. You started this you have to end it!"

But she was scared. Scared of what she was capable of when she saw Marvin, or he touched her. She would make sure they sat across from each other so he couldn't touch her. She would also make dam sure she didn't let him put anything in her drink this time.

That night she couldn't eat much dinner and was overly quiet too. Tom kept asking if she was OK? She told him: "I'm just really tired and don't really feel well Tom, I think my period is coming on. I think I'll just go to bed."

Barb retired at around 10PM but at 11:30PM when Tom came to bed she was still awake facing away from him. He curled up behind her and held her spooning her body with his. He fell asleep quickly but she stayed awake half the night. She remembered the clock radio reading 3:45AM.

Tom left the normal time kissing her goodbye and saying he would be home around 6:30 PM. She went back to bed until 7:45AM. She then got ready for work. She arrived at the coffee shop and saw him sitting in a booth. She ordered a coffee and said: "I would prefer to sit here at this table Marvin. OK?"

He got up and moved to the table. He reached for her hand and she moved it quickly. He said: "For god sakes Barb, what's wrong? I just wanted to say hello to you. I'm not going to tear your clothes off here."

She said: "Well I promised I meet you, I didn't say I would let you touch me."

He said: "Fair enough. Look! I might as well say what I have to say. You know say what's on my mind. Please hear me out until I finish. Then if you want me to leave, or you want to leave so be it. OK?"

She said: "OK I'll hear what you have to say but I'm not going to see you again. I can't! No, make that won't Marv. I can't do that to my husband again."

He said: "Well we did have a great time didn't we?"

She didn't answer him. Marvin bent forward and almost whispered: "I wanted to see you again because I can't seem to get you out of my heart or mind Barbara. I wanted to tell you that face to face. What we did and what we had and felt together in my car was something I don't want to forget. I know you felt something to that night too. I know because you told me! You told me you loved it, and you never wanted it to end. I felt the same way too. I knew you were married. Hell I'm married too! But we had something very, very special Barb. Something many people never feel in their lives, ever! And, I'm here today to say to you that I would like to see you again and be with you? Do you understand what I'm saying here? I want you bad Barbara, not just for the sex. Hell I can get that almost anywhere. But, we had a special connection that made our sex much more special. And, I don't want that to end. I know you felt it too baby. I can't seem to get you out of my heart and the fire burns in my body for you Barbara."

He stopped talking and waited for her reaction. She looked at him trying to read the truth. She said: "Tell me the truth Marvin, did you drug me that night? I don't believe I would have ever gone to dinner with you if I wasn't drugged or something."

He looked her directly in the eye and as honest as he could say it told her: "No! Why would I drug you Barbara?"

She watched his eyes and his dark face, but couldn't tell if he was being honest or not. She bent forwarded and whispered: " You know damn well why? You wanted to fuck me! That's why? Now tell me the truth."

He said: "God yes I wanted to fuck you! Hell half the men in that college want to fuck you. But I did not drug you. As God is my witness! I didn't do anything to you to make you come to dinner with me. Then when you did I got carried away, you got carried away and with the help of the wine we went to far. You fucked me just as hard as I fucked you that night Barbara. So don't throw all this on me baby. You wanted me as bad as I wanted you. Admit it!"

She knew most of what he said was the truth, she did want him as bad as he wanted her. But her had spent an hour working on every button he knew of to get a women worked up enough to wanted it fuck that bad with a man she just met. She also told him that night the thinks that happened to her when she was raped. The things that really got her off, so she helped tell him what she liked a man to do to her. He gave her exactly what she wanted.

She said: "OK! Well I guess I did want you that night. But, by the time I realized what was going on between the two of us, I was so worked up, I just couldn't stop. But you took advantage of me by giving me all that wine, if you didn't drug me too. I'm still not completely sure you didn't."

He cleared his throat and said: "You told me, no, you yelled it at me, and I quote: "Oh Marvin baby. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big black cock! Fill me baby. Fill me with your cum. Cum in my womb baby. Tell me you didn't."

She blushed terribly and looked away from him. He took the chance of her looking away to reach for her arm and touched it with his hands. She didn't pull away.

He bent in closer now and said: "Barb. Tell me I'm lying when I say you loved everything we did. Tell me you weren't cumming more than you have ever done in your life. Tell me you weren't screaming with lust as you wrapped your legs around and pulled me even deeper inside your body than anyone had ever gone. Tell me what we did didn't drive you crazy with desire. Tell me you didn't almost pass out when I shot my load deep into your pussy and filled you. And, Barbara, tell me your husband fucks you better!"

She couldn't. She shook her head and said: "All that may be true Marvin, but I'm married.! I'm arried and I want to be faithful to him. I don't want to cheat on Tom. He's a great husband and father and lover Marvin. He may not be as big as you, but he treats me like a queen and I love him. You are not helping me here you are hurting me."

As he held her hand, she said: "Please don't."

She tried to pull her arm away. She gathered up all of her will power and told Marvin: "While what we did was unbelievable and you are right it drove me wild. I can't see you again. I love Tom and don't want to loose him."

He sat there for a few minutes looking at her. She wasn't looking at him, she couldn't. If she did she didn't think she could say it again. Finally Marvin bent over the table again and said: "I will honor your request Barb but I have to tell you I don't believe you one little bit. I think you are scared to meet me again. It's not that you don't want too, you do. But you know if you do see me, you'll get that sexually high again baby. And then who knows what will happen. Oh well!! I sure can't force you. But I think you are wondering if you can feel again what you felt the first time we were together, and it scares the hell out of you."

He stopped talking and waited again to see her reaction. Barbara sighed loudly and turned towards him. She looked him in the eye and with a very sad face told him: "Oh god baby. You're right! Oh Marvin, I would love to have you screw me wild again until I couldn't stand up. But, baby, I'm married and I mean it when I said I don't want to cheat on the man I love. I know you and if I had some more great sex with you, I will never be the same. You are the biggest man I have ever seen or had inside me and I loved the way you fucked me that night. But, I won't do it again."

She turned red when she said it. Then she told him: "But, please!! Please understand I can't see you again. If I do I don't know what will happen but it will be bad by the time it's over. Now please leave and don't come see me any more. Please. It's hard enough doing this without seeing you. Please leave!"

She started to cry. Marvin held her hand and said: "OK Barb. If that's how you want it than I'm going. But, if you chance your mind, here's my cell phone number. Call me and I'll be there for you. Please understand I have been with a great deal of women but you are exceptional. I never met a woman like you, and I do want to see you again. I want us to be together. I don't want to wreck your marriage I want you to be with me and fuck me and let me fuck you. Do you understand, you can have your marriage and still see me. We would be so great together baby. I can almost feel you around my body and your pussy around my big cock. You loved it too Barbara I know you did."

He handed her the card with his phone number on it and walked out. As he walked to his car, a set of eyes watched him. The eyes watched him go into the coffee shop earlier and sit with the pretty white woman at a table. She made him move from the booth he was in. They talked a long time, maybe an hour. Then he left but the eyes had seen him hold her arm and hand and saw them both bending in towards each other like they were talking very low about something. Finally the eyes watching Marvin started the car and drover out of the shopping area two cars behind Marvin's car.

Barbara buried her head on the table. Half of the place was watching her. Finally she stood up and went to next store to work. She put the card in her wallet. She worked most of the day and then told her boss she felt really sick and went home.

Tom came home about 6:30 PM and saw her in bed. He was concerned and asked her what was wrong. She told him she was sick. She told him she didn't feel well stomach was upset and her head pounded. He got her a sleeping tablet and some tea. He loved Barbara deeply and was always there for her. Barbara slept the entire night.

Weeks went by and Marvin had not called or sent notes or visited Barbara. She was starting to feel like the entire thing was finally behind her. She was with Tom and they were making love every night and sometimes in the morning. They were happy again and he had forgiven her. He hadn't said it but the way he was acting and treating her she was sure he was OK now. She was feeling much better with everyday that passed.

Most of the time Barbara didn't even thinks about Marvin and what they did together. But then there were those days like today, when she wasn't working and Tom was away at work. She sat in the house alone kids were gone and she started to daydream about him and the cock that fucked her body into fits of sexual rage.

She took out the card with his phone number on it that he gave her before he walked out of the coffee shop. It was the last time she had seen him. That was more than 2 months ago. She tossed the card into the trash can. She started working around the house cleaning and straightening up. She continued to think about Marvin and the things they did with each other's bodies. That was one hell of a night she said to herself. She continued to daydream and finally, reached into the trashcan and retrieved the card.

She wasn't sure if she wanted the idea of never seeing Marvin again was what she really wanted. She put the card into her secret place where she kept a great number of things that were part of her life.

Another few weeks went by and for some reason she was thinking more and more of Marvin. It happened almost every time she saw a black and white couple. These days it was often but mostly black men with white women.

She was at the car wash one day and as she got out of her car she saw this tall black man with this short white woman ahead of her. As the car went pass the various stages of being washed, she watched the couple as they walked slowly ahead of her. His hands were all over her body and she could see her laughing and holding him as he stroked her. Finally, as she got behind them to pay the bill, she got an odor, which she knew. It was the odor if sex! They must have just had sex before coming to the car wash.

The woman was holding the man around the waist tightly talking with him. Barbara over heard some of the conversation. The woman was saying: Oh god Tyrone this morning was so good baby! You are unbelievable. I can't wait to go back to my place and do you again. Can we? Please say we can!"

He said: "You know I can't right now. So let me drop you off at work and I'll see you tonight. Just save all that white pussy for me until tonight baby. Don't give any of it to your little husband or I'll know it and then you don't get my meat! Undersatnd?"

She said: "Don't wory baby! I'm saving this pussy for you, just you. I want that thick cock inside me driving me wild!"

But, she looked very sad and Barbara knew exactly how she felt. Doing without Marvin for over 3 months now was a strain. There were times when she would go weeks without thinking of him and then all of a sudden he would pop into her brain and her body would cry out for relief. Doing without his big cock was very difficult. In fact, it was the hardest thing she had ever done without.

She finally paid the bill for her car wash and went home. Finally after another hour of thinking of Marvin and his cock she took the card out of the secret place and sat on the bed with the phone in her hand.

She had dialed 6 of the numbers when she heard: "Hey anyone home?"

It was her next door neighbor Kathy. She hung up the phone and put the card on her night table. She said: "Oh thank god! I almost called him!"

She went down to see what Kathy was up too. She opened the door and walked into the kitchen. Kathy was standing there smiling atv her. Barb made coffee and they sat and talked of an hour.

Kathy asked her if she knew a Mr. Wilson? Barb blushed like crazy and Kathy said: "Well I guess you do! What's up between you two anyway? He came to my door and asked about you. He wanted to know if you were doing OK? He said he was your teacher and you dropped his class and never called him to tell him why. He said he had tried to call you and even left you a couple of notes in your mailbox. He seemed generally concerned about you. Are you OK Barb?"

Barbara took a deep breath and said: "Yes! I'm good Kathy. There's nothing wrong with me. The man won't leave me alone. He wants to take me out. No he wants to fuck me Kathy. I was sure I was rid of him. He's unbelievable!"

Kathy looked at Barb with one eyebrow raised. She smiled like a devil and said: "So what did you do to make him think you were interested? Does he know you're married?"

Barb sighed deeply and began to tell her best friend: "Yes, he knows and doesn't care. He told me he thinks I'm one incredible woman and he wants to see me."

Kathy said; "See you in like going out with him to dinner or seeing you like nude in bed under him?"

Barb blushed again and Kathy said: "I think I know the answer. So are you? Are you going to SEE HIM? You know what they say about black guys!"

Barb said: "KATHY!! Yea I know what they say. I know! And no I'm not going to see him for dinner or anything else."

Kathy smiled and Barbara said: " What? What's on your dirty little mind now?"

Kathy smiled again and asked: "Tell me the truth, did you already see him?"

Barb blushed crimson now! She said: "You can't say a thing about what I'm going to tell you. You promise on the life of your children and our friendship?"

Kathy got up and poured another cup of coffee and sat closer to Barb. She said: "OH GOD! You have been with him! OK!! OK! I won't tell anyone I promise on the life of my kids and our friendship but for god sake tell me!! Tell me for god sakes does anyone else know? Does Tom? Oh God this is so sexy."

Barb said: "Calm down Kathy! Calm down."

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