tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge Goes Wrong

Revenge Goes Wrong


"Mr. Anders, we have a small problem with a shoplifter."

Derek knew when it was time to run to management with a problem rather than trying to deal with it himself and this was definitely one of those times.

Mr. Anders gave Derek a hard look. "Why come to me with that sort of problem? You know the firms policy. Hand them over to the police and formally charge them."

"I know the policy, sir, but I wasn't sure you'd want it applied to Susan," Derek said respectfully.

"Susan? Maybe you'd better explain further."

"Yes, sir. About a week ago I noticed Susan in the store and she helped herself to some cosmetics. I stopped her on the way out and explained that she'd been observed. I also explained store policy. She was very apologetic. Said she'd just forgotten and returned to pay for them items.

One of the other members in the security room said that he'd seen her do the same thing before but hadn't felt game to call her on it.

Just before I came up to see you she did it again. Helped herself to some cosmetics and was walking out without paying. It's not forgetfulness. She's doing it because she thinks she can."

"I see. What did you do this time?" asked Mr. Anders.

Derek smiled grimly. "I had her brought into the security area and informed her that she could wait there while I contacted the police, as it was my intention to have her charged. She wasn't happy about it."

"I can imagine. Have you contacted the police yet?"

"No, sir. I thought as she's your daughter you might want to have a word with her rather than having us do anything official. I also thought having her sit down there sweating wouldn't do her any harm either," said Derek.

"Thank you. I'd just as soon you'd handed her to the police rather than dumping it on me," sighed Mr. Anders. "Still, it wouldn't look good for the Managing Director's daughter to be charged I suppose."

Derek waited while Mr. Anders considered.

"I'll come down," he finally decided. "I can read her a better riot act in the security room than up here. Blast it. She's twenty. Time she pulled her finger out and started doing something with her life."

Susan was impatiently waiting in the ante-chamber to the security room. That oaf, Derek, that cretin, wouldn't dare charge her. Her father would have his head. It was all a bluff to scare her. She paced, fuming.

She spun around when the door open, swearing at Derek as he entered. Her voice broke off as her father followed Derek into the room.

Mr. Anders looked at his daughter. "Interesting use of language you have there, young lady," he observed. He moved on into the main security room, with Derek and Susan following. "You," he told the other staff member watching the cameras. "Take a hike for ten minutes."

"Now do you care to explain yourself, Susan?" he asked.

"It's his fault, Daddy," stated Susan, pointing at Derek. "He's been trying to date me and when I said no he made up these charges against me. He said if I don't go out with him he'll have me arrested." She burst into tears.

Mr. Anders glanced enquiringly at Derek.

"The conversation I had her with your daughter was taped," Derek informed him. "Your daughter was informed of this at the time but I don't think she was listening. We also have the video evidence. I have the tapes from today and last week available if you want to see them."

Mr. Anders switched his gaze to Susan. She went red and looked elsewhere.

"Damnit, Susan," her father said. He turned to Derek. "If you'll excuse us for ten minutes, I'd like to have a father/daughter chat."

Derek nodded and turned to leave. Susan rose to her feet and looked at Derek. "Fuck you very much," she hissed. "I'll get you for this, you moron."

The door closed behind him and Derek heard Mr. Anders starting to speak. He sounded truly pissed. Derek could almost feel sorry for Susan. Almost.

- - -

"Naomi," cooed Susan, "didn't you say your new boyfriend was a bikie?"

"Mike belongs to a club, but he's not a Hell's Angel or anything like that," said Naomi. "Why?"

"I had the impression that he and his friends are a bit rough at times and don't mind bending the law a little. I was just wondering if you could arrange for me to meet with some of them?"

"What are you up to?" asked Naomi.

"I just need them to scare off a stalker," explained Susan. "The police are useless at that sort of thing. I thought a couple of bikies giving him the word might make an impression."

"It could at that," said Naomi with a grin. "Come around to my place tonight about eight. Mike and a couple of his friends will be there."

- - -

"Alright, Susan," said Mike coldly. "Just lay it on the line. You obviously want us to beat up this bloke and put him out of commission for a while. Now tell us why."

Susan um'ed and ah'ed a bit, but Mike and the boys got the gist. She hated this poor bastard's guts for some reason. It was purely personal.

Mike looked at the others and they shrugged. Her money was good and a fight and a beating were fine by them. He nodded. "Give us details on who he is and where we can find him," said Mike.

Susan smiled. "His name's Derek and he works at my father's store. Here's his photo," she said, handing out a print of a photo she'd taken with her phone.

Mike looked at the photo and started. "I know this guy," he said. "I'm just trying to remember where from." He passed the photo around.

Carlos spoke up. "I'm surprised you remember this guy, Mike," he said. "You were pretty much out of it when we met him."

Mike looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Do tell," he said.

"We owe this guy. Remember that little prang last year and a guy stopped and helped us out?"

Mike nodded.

"That's him. If he hadn't been there, things would have been a lot worse."

"He's the guy who did all that emergency first aid stuff?" asked Mike, smiling grimly when he saw Carlos's nod.

Susan looked at the bikies, who were now all glaring at her. Something had gone wrong, but she didn't know what.

"Bad news, sweetheart," said Mike. "We owe this guy. Big time. We're not going to let you get him beat up. You now have a problem; us."

Susan paled, not sure what to do. Deciding discretion was called for she turned to leave, only to see that one of the bikies had moved in behind her.

Susan looked around at the men, frightened but trying to hide it. "What do you intend doing?" she asked.

Mike suddenly laughed. "Us? Why nothing. I had thought that we might take turns teaching you a lesson about not fucking around with our friends, but that would be crass. No, I said to myself, she just needs to get to know Derek better. So you are going to find Derek and fuck him. You have a week. If you haven't managed to fuck him by then, me and the boys will be delighted to show you what fucking is. Right, boys?"

Susan was horrified. "You expect me to fuck Derek? You're crazy."

"Oh, we also expect you to explain to him why you have to fuck him," said Mike. "If this is not satisfactory to you, I suppose we could all take turns with you now?" he added.

"No," shrieked Susan. She paused for a moment. "Do you seriously expect me to tell Derek that I tried to get him beat up and that he now has to fuck me?"

"That sounds fair to me," said Mike. "You agree with that, guys?"

The general nodding and laughter showed Susan that the rest of the bikies were in agreement.

The boys mounted their bikes and left. The words "Remember, one week" came floating back to her.

- - -

For the next couple of days Susan struggled to put the whole unpleasant episode out of her mind. Then she received an anonymous call.

"We are watching you and you only have four days left," came a brutal reminder. "Not that it worries me. I think I'll enjoy playing with your naked young body if you fail to meet the deadline." She heard a laugh as the caller hung up.

Susan groaned. She'd have to go and see Derek tonight. At least, she'd found out where he lived.

- - -

Derek listened to Susan's tale with some cynicism. "Let me see if I've got this straight," he said. "Because you got caught shoplifting, you decided it was my fault and tried to hire some bikies to beat me up. The bikies say they like me and that you have to let me fuck you or they will come around and gangbang you. Is that it?"

Susan nodded.

"And I should believe this wild story because?" hinted Derek.

"If they hadn't told me that you stopped to give them first aid after an accident last year, how would I know that?" replied Susan.

"A point," admitted Derek. "I remember the accident and such and I know it didn't make the papers. Still, you just admitted to trying to hire people to beat me up. How do I know the rest of this isn't some sort of scam?"

"The fact that I'm here and asking you to fuck me doesn't give you some sort of clue that I'm in trouble?" yelled Susan. "Do you really think I'd let you take me if I could help it?"

"I see," mused Derek. "You think I'm preferable to a gangbang by a bunch of bikies. A close call, but I won."

"It's not funny," muttered Susan.

"It is from where I'm standing," pointed out Derek. "Why did you try to have them beat me up anyway? You're the one who couldn't take a warning. And how do I know you won't scream rape if I did give into your request to bonk you?"

"If you hadn't told my father I wouldn't be in so much trouble with him. He's halved my allowance and I have to get a job. That's all your fault. You could have let me go. And I wouldn't cry rape. I'll even write you a permission slip if you think it would help."

Derek stared hard at Susan. "You still don't seem to get the idea that the fault was yours. I'll explain it to you in a moment in a way that I think you'll understand. As for the sex, if I tell you to pull down your panties and bend over that table, you'll do it? Right now?"

Susan looked at the floor and nodded miserably.

Derek considered her. She seemed serious. He would have to consider this. Maybe contact Mike and talk to him. In the meantime, it was time to try and get a message through that stupid girl's head.

He pulled a chair out from the table and sat on it, while drawing a reluctant Susan over to him. "I'm not going to have sex with you today," he told her. "I will try to contact Mike and have him and his boys back off. However, seeing you are here, let me explain to you about shoplifting."

Before Susan fully understood what was happening, Derek jerked her forward and across his lap. Flicking her skirt up out the road he held her there while he peeled her panties down.

"Now listen, Susan," Derek said as his hand came down in a solid spank. "Shoplifting is theft." Spank. "That means if you do it, you're a thief." Spank. "You have been caught several times, doing it." Spank. "That makes you a poor thief." Spank. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" Spank.

The spanking went on for what, to Susan, felt like an hour or so. Towards the end tears were flowing freely and she had definitely got the message that Derek was trying to teach her. Satisfied that he had made his point, Derek hesitated and then, instead of stopping the spanking decided to extend it a little.

"One other point, sweetheart," he said. Spank. "I do not appreciate being made a target for a beating." Spank. "You will take care to not do something like that again, won't you?" Spank.

Finally releasing Susan, Derek advised her to go home. "Come around here tomorrow, at about the same time. I'll have had a chance to talk to Mike and his boys by then."

Susan left, dejected, worried and with a sore bottom. Another day of waiting. This was going to kill her.

- - -

Next day Susan knocked fearfully at Derek's door and was admitted. Derek ushered her into the front room and sat on the couch, leaving Susan standing in front of him.

"I spoke to Mike, and it appears that you were telling the truth for a change," Derek informed Susan. "Why don't you get undressed now. You can put your clothes on that chair. While you're doing that, I'll tell you what Mike said."

Biting her lip, Susan slowly took of her dress. Derek watched appreciatively, admiring her figure as she reached behind to undo her bra. "What did Mike have to say?" asked Susan as she slipped her bra off and reluctantly reached for her panties.

"Oh. Mike. Yes," said Derek, eyeing her with interest as her panties were rolled down. "I explained to him that I was not comfortable with having sex with you under coercion and I flatly forbade him and his boys to follow up with a gangbang. I told him that I could take care of you myself. He hummed and muttered a bit but conceded that I had the right to handle the situation as I saw fit. I thanked him for making you bring the problem to my attention and that was it."

Susan was standing in front of Derek naked. She could see the interest in his eyes as he looked her over and felt heat curling inside her. She struggled to make sense of what Derek had told her. As the full implications of what he'd said sunk in, she opened her eyes wide.

"Wait a minute. You mean I don't have to have sex with you and those thugs won't attack me for not doing it?"

"That's what I said," admitted Derek.

"Then why am I standing in front of you naked?" screamed Susan.

"Because I asked you to take your clothes off and you did," said Derek, innocence oozing out of him.

"You bastard," breathed Susan. "You knew I'd think I had to. Why did you do it?"

"Two reasons," said Derek, smiling at her. "One -- I wanted to see you naked. Two -- I want to have sex with you."

"But I don't have to," whispered Susan. "You just said so."

"That's right," said Derek. "Your clothes are there and you can put them on and leave if you want." He stood up. "Me, I'm now going to take my clothes off and if you're still here and naked when I'm done I'm going to carry you into my bedroom and spend the next hour seducing you."

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