Revenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 02


Until she had taken a step inside and noticed Sonya standing in the middle of the room in a bathrobe that didn't even reach her knees. She cast her eyes down right away but was unsure whether she should step out again or step further into the room so she could close the door behind her.

"Sorry for this, I'm running a little late and I just got out of the shower. And you can look up Cameron, I'm not embarrassed or anything."

Her eyes dragged themselves up over Sonya's form. She was blatantly checking out the other girl but she couldn't make herself go faster. When Cameron finally reached her face, after lingering at Sonya's expansive chest, she noticed something odd. The girl's hair that barely reached her shoulders was maybe a little damp, but it certainly didn't look like she had just come out of the shower.

Also, there wasn't a shower here so Sonya would have had to leave her room to take one. And if she just had one, shouldn't they have met each other in the hallway? 'She probably just lost track of time. Sonya doesn't lie to me, I trust her completely.'

She noticed Sonya now giving her an appraising look. "You look beautiful. Did you dress up for me?"

Blushing she played it down. "This? Yes, it's just for you." She reddened a little more. 'That wasn't supposed to come out.' Latching on to something else she blurted out, "but that looks a lot better." Her head was starting to resemble a tomato.

"That's sweet of you to say. But what do you say we get down to business."

"Right." Cameron took the change of subject with both hands. "You said you wanted to test how well the Program worked?"

Sonya hummed in agreement. She padded over to Cameron, stopping less than an arm's length away from her. "Yes, I wanted to test how well you learned your lessons." The remark sounded familiar.

Her hand seemed to move in slow motion. Drifting up until her fingers curled around the right hem of the robe, then dragging it sideways oh so slowly to reveal a single orb.

Cameron stared at it, not even thinking of asking what the meaning of this was. All her attention was on that naked body part, that naked female body part, that naked female body part that belonged to Sonya. And with it's large aureole and perky peak it almost seemed to stare back at her. Giving her a come-hither look, a look that pleaded for some attention.

"I'm horny, Cameron, can't you help me?" It was a mock question. The tone of her voice was soft but assured.

"I...I...I..." She licked her dry lips. She was on the edge of a precipice, she could feel it. Up to now she hadn't done anything really wrong. Liking girls wasn't a sin nor was fantasizing about them. Masturbating while thinking of girls wasn't something that a good girl was supposed to do but this was beyond that.

A finger began to lazily circle the breast in an ever-tightening spiral. "What's the matter Cameron? Don't you like me? Isn't this what you've been dreaming of? Don't you want to please me?"

'Yes. How did she know? Yes. She shouldn't. Yes. She wanted to.'

Between one moment and the next her mouth was planted on Sonya's warm skin. Cameron rained down one kiss after another following the path the finger had shown her while Sonya cradled her head and toyed with her hair. When she got near the center she slowed down, letting her lips linger before moving on, until she finally reached the distended nub.

Closing her lips around it she gave the teat a lick before letting go again to lick around it. She finished by leading the nipple back into her mouth with her tongue, then bathing it with quick flicks.

"Hmmmm." The sound of Sonya's approval tickled down her spine, igniting a fire in Cameron's loins. The hand pulled her away and she let the boob go with a plop. She was led up and up to meet Sonya's mouth where their tongues began a frenetic dance.

Cameron felt Sonya's unoccupied hand worm between them, loosening the knot that held her robe close. It took a while for Sonya to disrobe completely since she didn't stop kissing her for a moment but eventually Cameron was pressed up against Sonya's nude form. Her dripping sex staining Cameron's skirt.

Coming up for much needed air, Sonya bestowed her with a hungry look. Without saying a word she pressed Cameron down. She took that opportunity to lave Sonya's body with kisses.

She kissed every centimeter of skin she encountered as she descended through the valley between her mammeries, traveled over the plains of her stomach until she reached the bare hill of Sonya's sex.

The scent was strange but not unpleasant, still Cameron felt daunted. She didn't actually know what to do now. "Just start licking, like an ice-cream,' Sonya instructed her.

Her first lick was tentative. 'A little salty, but not bad.' Then another lick. 'Not bad at all.' She began to lick faster, covering more territory as Sonya's cries of pleasure grew more vocal.

A feeling like a fever began to claim Cameron as she zeroed in on what she thought was Sonya's clit. She couldn't help but tremble and her body felt like it was on fire as arousal began to stain her own underwear. She hadn't even touched herself yet but she already felt like when she'd been masturbating for a while. She had to have more, more of Sonya, more of this feeling.

Teasingly, she circled the bundle of nerves until she almost touched it. Then her supple muscle shot down and slipped into Sonya's hungry pussy, stabbing it for a minute before returning to the clit.

From above now came incoherent cries as Sonya pulled her closer and began to hump her face a little. Cameron didn't mind in the least. Feeling ever bolder she closed her lips around the engorged nub and sucked.

"Yes! I'm cumming, cumming so good. Fuck yes!" A fresh surge of fluids coated Sonya's pussy and Cameron's face that she dutifully began to clean up, after tasting it, with great relish. So she was a little disappointed when Sonya pulled her away and collapsed to her knees. Cameron's feelings were a chaotic jumble of pride, arousal and need.

Caressing her cheek with one hand, Sonya's other hand sought out Cameron's left breast. "Hmmm, that was great. You learn quickly." A flick of her nipple was added to those words as they burned into her mind. It felt like a switch was turned on as her emotions exploded.

Grunts and moans clattered from her lips as she fell off the edge into a sea of pleasure... and Sonya's cleavage. That only set her off again as she was inundated again with Sonya's presence.

"Don't go to sleep just yet," she whispered to Cameron while stroking her hair. "There is still a lot more we haven't tried. But we're going to."


'I am definitely going to see Dean tonight,' Kim decided as she walked up the hallway to her room. She'd been feeling horny all day to the point where she'd even been checking out girls. Not that there was anything wrong with it but Kim had just never felt like that before.

Entering her room she noticed Cameron wasn't alone. She was sitting on the bed with another woman dressed in baggy pants and a T-shirt. They stopped talking when she came in but Kim noticed they were sitting close, almost touching each other. "Hey roommy! Who's your guest?"

"Oh, I've told of her before," Cameron said. The unnamed woman got up and approached her with a friendly smile. "This is the friend who made the Program. She's Sonya." The way Cameron spoke that name was a little disturbing. Almost reverently and certainly with a lot of warmth.

Kim took Sonya's proffered hand. "Hello Kim, Cameron told me all about you."

"I can't say the same," she quipped. 'Sonya? The name sounded familiar somehow.' The woman looked trustworthy though. 'Not to mention desirable.' Mentally shaking off that thought she continued. "Are you here about that?"

"Oh yes," Cameron interjected. "I told her you were going to give her a second opinion. So, what did you think of it?"

'Damn, what now? I am not going to tell them I zoned out after starting it.' And there was something else too. Something about the program. It was a little odd how she couldn't actually remember a single thing about it. "I haven't had the time to try it yet. I'll do it tomorrow."

"Why not right now?" Sonya asked. "It would only take a few minutes and it would really help me out?" Still Kim hesitated. She didn't know if it was caution or just her desire to get together with Dean as quickly as possible. "Pretty please?"

"Do it for me?" Cameron chimed in.

Besieged by two emploring looks from girls she didn't really want to say no to was more than she could resist. "Oh alright, I'll give it a go right now. I can use some unwinding anyway before my date."

Sonya didn't follow her but Cameron did get up from the bed. It felt a little weird having an audience like this. "Don't know how much relaxing I'll doing with you two staring at me like that," Kim grumbled. She still started the program though.

The ocean-blue screen that came up was familiar, very familiar. She couldn't quite grasp the memory until strings of words began to snake their way across the screen. Then it became almost crystal-clear. Kim recalled another night, last night, when the room was dark like this and a blue glow came from the computerscreen.

Someone was sitting in front of it, staring at it and it wasn't Kim. No, it was Cameron. Cameron with a vacant look diddling herself as she watched the words form short-lived patterns and figures. She walked over, trying to get a better look. To stare at it... just stare at it as it mesmerized her...

'I... I need to stop this... Just look away...' But her eyes wouldn't listen. Her breathing slowed as calm tried to smother her resolve. 'I got to get up... Get up!' Her legs started to stand, shaking as they couldn't gather much strength, with a little help from her arms pushing off.

Hands landed on her shoulders, preventing her from standing fully up. "Now, now," said Sonya from behind her. "Not so hasty. You should let it run its course first."

Kim shook her head. "No, it's doing... something to me. I-What did you?"

"But you don't mind. You want to use the program every day."

"I want to use the Program every day," Kim repeated without thinking. A gasp escaped her as arousal weakened her legs. Her arms were now the only thing keeping her up and they wouldn't hold for long. She knew she shouldn't but she could feel that want. The want to use the program every day. But wants could be denied.

Suddenly Cameron appeared in front of her, crawling between her legs where she began to unzip her pants and pull them down. "What are you doing?" Kim complained. She wanted to stop her but her legs were useless and her arms were occupied.

"We're helping you get with the program." Sonya chuckled at her own lame joke. "And you don't see anything wrong with that because you trust the Program."

Again she mouthed the words. "I trust the nnnhhh." But managed to bite off the last word.

But the words were still lodged in her mind, resonating with it and unleashing a new wave of will-sapping arousal. Her arms gave way and she landed back on the chair now with her pants around her feet. Her bikini panties offered little protection against its rough fabric.

Sonya's hands began to massage her shoulders. "There, doesn't that feel better?"

Kim whine was half-protest and half-agreement. It was followed by a surprised intake of breath when she felt Cameron kiss her thigh. "And it's going to feel even better soon," her roommate promised.

"Just watch the screen," Sonya told her. As if she could do anything else. "Relax, and say your answers. The answers the program gives you. That I tell you."

"Nooo-ooooh." Her protest died halfway as Cameron pulled the flimsy fabric covering her sex to give her moistening pussy a lick.

"Relax," Sonya told her while her hands cupped Kim's breasts. "You trust me completely."

"I, hmmm, trust you completely." Sonya was lifting up her shirt. 'Why did I go bra-less today of all days. And why do I keep repeating what she tells me?'

"You're very attracted to me," was breathed into her ear.

"I-I'm attracted to you." God help her she was, from the moment Kim learned her name. Cameron pulled back and for a moment Kim actually tried to thrust her hips forward seeking to keep contact. 'When did Cameron learn to do that anyway?'

Cameron got in to the act. "You're very attracted to girls."

"I'm very attracted to girls," Kim quickly agreed. Cameron rewarded her by inserting one of her fingers into Kim's overheating sex. "Very attracted," Kim iterated.

"Sonya is your dream-lover," Cameron continued.

Kim's thoughts immediately turned to that morning's dream. And how Sonya was even now doing what that dream-woman had done. Of course, she'd been dreaming about Sonya. It was so obvious. "Sonya is my dream-lover. Yes, I dreamt of Sonyaaa!" Cameron hadn't waited for her to finish and had reapplied her tongue to Kim's pussy.

Sonya took over. "You're very attracted to me."

"I'm very attracted to you."

"I can have anyone I want."

"You..." She should resist, resist something or someone. It was so hard to remember. "You can have anyone you want." She could have Kim.

"You want to please me and pleasure me."

"I want to please you and pleasure you." She wanted to please her dream-lover.

"It feels good to trust me."

"It feels very good to trust you." Because she was feeling very good, fucking good. And she trusted Sonya completely.

"You need me."

"I need you." Needed her to keep going. Needed her to go on just a litte longer. Cameron inserted a second finger into her. It was starting to get difficult to watch the screen.

"Now focus on the screen, don't resist the program."

Before Kim could even think of why she

would resist Sonya's Program she found herself focussing on the screen with all her might. Even the sensations of what Cameron and Sonya were doing to her body dimmed in her awareness as the Program became her world.

"My mind will know these answers," she intoned. "I don't remember these answers. My mind will know these answers, I don't remember these answers. My mind will know these answers, I don't remember these answers." Internally Kim wondered what answers she didn't remember but shrugged it off. She trusted the Program.

New words appeared on screen, two of them. They simply read, 'Program complete'. For a moment Kim could only stare at them in incomprehension. And then the rest of the world snapped back into her awareness.

Like Cameron's lips and fingers still busily working on her pussy. Or Sonya's hands squeezing her tits, pulling her nipples. She suddenly felt so full of pleasure that she wondered why she wasn't bursting.

And then she realized she already was as she came again with a soundless scream. She struggled for breath now but could already feel a third surge looming. 'But I haven't done anything for them yet,' Kim thought regretfully as a frothing sea of bliss washed her consciousness away.


Cameron felt herself drift slowly back into the waking world, except she didn't want to. She felt so satisfied and she was pressed up against something wonderfully soft and warm. But her right arm wasn't, it felt distinctly cool. 'Did I forget to put on my nightgown again? That's the second time.'

Opening her bleary eyes she was confronted with a bleary hump with a pale skin-tone. It was a breast. Cameron was also becoming more aware of the rest of her body and the way it was wrapped around this other person. This very female person. Looking up she saw the sleeping face of Sonya. 'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.'

That little sentence kept running through her mind as she slowly got up, careful not to disturb the other woman. As she lifted herself up she got a clear view of what was on the other side of Sonya, her roommate. She was just as naked and sleeping as Cameron had been. In her mind the 'Oh my God's' were going faster as her recollections of yesterday came back to her.

'I-I actually, I actually had sex! With a girl! Two girls! At the same time!'

"And I enjoyed it all," she whispered disbelievingly. 'But I have a boyfriend. I cheated on my boyfriend. The boyfriend that I don't trust and I was starting to think of maybe breaking it off... But this is soooo far beyond that.'

And even now a part of her just wanted to crawl back into that warm bed and snuggle with those beautiful women. She knew that was wrong, but it didn't feel like it was wrong. 'I... I can't stay here. I need to think, I need to talk to somebody about this.'

But who? Her mind automatically and paradoxically jumped to Eric. He should know, he deserved to know. And maybe seeing him she would lose these impulses and get her life back on the path it should take.

Not willing to risk waking Sonya or Kim up she just put on her clothes from yesterday still lying scattered on the floor. She was halfway to the door when she took another look at the bed.

For a moment she stopped, then she turned back and gathered a piece of paper and a pen. Feeling better after writing the short note she made her exit, never seeing the pleasant-looking woman watching it all with interest.

Or how she read the note and after doing so jumped into Sonya like it was a pool, disappearing without a trace.


She struggled to force her head down, to keep her body from throwing it back again as pleasure wracked it. She had to see it, even if it was only for a moment. The sight of Kimberly and Cameron working in sync to get her off.

Both had their lips fastened to one of her tits, laving it with attention. The most remarkable cooperation, however, happened lower down where they had joined their hands together. One hand covering the other they speared her sex with a single digit each. There wasn't a thought in their heads about their own pleasure for they couldn't distinguish it from Sonya's. They were hers.

"Sorry to interrupt this reliving of such a tasty activity," Jackie's voice broke in. "But something's happening in the real world that you need to look into NOW!" That word wasn't so much a roar as a veritable force pushing her up and away from her dream world into the real one.

She was awake right away and noticed that she was now sharing the bed with Kimberly and no one else. Looking around she couldn't detect any trace of Cameron. "The note on the desk," Jackie supplied.

"Couldn't you just tell me what it said?" she grumbled as she tried to extricate herself from the bed without waking the other girl. She gave up on that when Kimberly began to stir, signaling she too was waking up.

The letter itself was easy to find. But when she started to read it, a stab of fear ran through Sonya. Not for herself, but for Cameron. 'She's gone to Eric. But she doesn't know what he is and... she has no idea what she's going to do once she's there.' And after Jackie explained to her just how that succubus that had visited them was created. Sonya could well imagine what Eric would do at the barest hint of rejection.

"Is something wrong?" came Kimberly's drowsy voice from the bed.

Sonya didn't even really think about what to do next. There really was only one thing she could do. "Yes, we need to get dressed now. Cameron has gone to Eric and I don't think she'll survive the visit."

"Oh," Kimberly said before the meaning fully hit. "What?!" She bolted upright. "I didn't really trust him but... What are you saying?"

"No time now, just get dressed and I'll explain on the way."


Cameron was let in by Mrs. Bust, the housekeeper. She'd visited Eric's place before and knew Mrs. Bust lived here as well. The house belonged to Eric's family and she took care of it even when it wasn't in use by them.

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