tagFetishRevenge of the Angry Aunt

Revenge of the Angry Aunt


Veronica was pissed off. She had just heard from her sister that her niece was leaving her prep school and wanted to move out of state. While she certainly didn't mind her niece coming to live with her for a while (she knew that her niece was already 19 & only had a couple of months left in school), she was pissed about the reason that her sister gave her.

It seemed that a teacher, Mr. Small, had been pressuring her to sleep with him and, as her niece had refused, he had been giving her failing grades.

Veronica asked about going to the school officials but was told that her niece was too scared to do that. She didn't want to be part of a huge story, particularly one that was very much a "he said, she said" situation. Mr. Small, she was told, had been very careful, meticulous even, to never act in the least bit inappropriately in the presence of anyone else. Her class was all 18 or 19 year olds, who had finished high school but were taking prep classes to get ready for college. As such, everyone was very independent and on their own. When Mr. Small did call her to his office, he would make her leave her jacket, cell phone and purse in his classroom, so that he was certain that he wasn't being recorded.

This behavior was bad enough, but he even covered his tracks when threatening to fail her niece. He would intentionally send her to the office or to run an errand and give out or collect assignments when she wasn't present. The one time her mother tried to find out why the grades were slipping (Before she knew what was going on), Mr. Small just showed her a grade book that indicated multiple missing assignments.

Veronica agreed that going to the school officials without evidence and with the paper trail stacked against her was probably not a good idea. So she happily agreed to let the niece move from Atlanta to Texas for a while.

"Just one thing, sis," she said, "I have some work to do in Atlanta anyway, I'll be there for a few days next week, then I'll just bring Jasmine home with me."

"Great," was the reply, "We have a spare room, of course."

"No thanks, sis, my company already has me a hotel room downtown, and I'll be working all hours." Veronica lied.

Veronica was determined to solve this "Mr. Small problem." She was certain that if he had done this to her niece then he had done it to others and needed to be stopped.

She arrived in Atlanta, checked into a hotel and scouted out the area. Her shopping included some unusual items, bolt cutters, a combination padlock and a large sign, one of the ones that comes with plenty of letters so you can make it say whatever you want.

She had already found a perfect location, a lakeside beach about twenty to thirty minutes west of Atlanta. The main entrance was ridiculously well marked, but Veronica found a maintenance gate on the back of the camp that was perfect. One old gate, padlocked shut using a large chain, and two signs on a tree next to the gate. One sign had the name of the camp, and the other said "Private Property". Veronica used the bolt cutters to cut off the old lock, opened the gate and drove down the dirt road. After about a quarter mile, there was a maintenance shed and a small parking area. After a brief walk down a nice trail, she came to a beach area on a lake; it was very secluded.

She had already viewed the area using Google Earth, but she walked it to make certain everything was just right. Just as she thought, about a half mile down the beach was a hill and over the hill were some cabins. Luckily, they couldn't be seen from the beach. She walked back to her rental car and drove out, stopping just before she got to the gate to hang her custom sign. She then drove through the gate, stopped, removed the sign with the name of the camp displayed which she hid behind a tree and then locked the gate, using the same chain, but with her new combination lock.

She drove over to a nearby college campus to check out the bar scene and then went back to her hotel room.

The next day was Friday; she slept in a bit, then put on a suit, professional looking, and drove to her niece's school. She entered the building around 2:00 and stopped in the office, saying she had an appointment with Mr. Small, she was asked to sign in and directed to room 202 upstairs. She smiled, picked up a pen and pretended to sign in, but wrote nothing. The secretary never noticed and didn't seem too interested.

On the way to room 202, Veronica stopped in the ladies room. She dropped her gorgeous blonde hair from its tight bun, letting it flow gently on her shoulders, and she unbuttoned her blouse, just slightly more than necessary. She then used an old high school trick and rolled her skirt down around the waist, taking her skirt well up from knee length. She reapplied her makeup and perfume and continued on to room 202.

Upon arriving at the room, she noticed that class was still in session, not wanting to be noticed by the students (she knew that she was dressed like many an eighteen year old boys fantasy and that the clever girls would notice a "slutty" look to her outfit and makeup) she found an empty room just down the hall in which to wait. If she was spotted by either of the groups mentioned above, she could be remembered, and her plan was for no one to have any memory or record of her being here.

Within 5 to 10 minutes, class dismissed, and she waited a few minutes longer for the hallways to clear out before making her move.

She peeked into room 202 to make sure that the teacher was alone, and he was.

She opened the door and entered, "Mr. Small," she cheerfully opened with, as she crossed the room.

As he glanced up, he was practically in awe as she glided toward him, making sure her heels clicked and nylon thigh highs rubbed against each other.

"Yes," he managed to say.

"Damn, I might have overdone it," Veronica thought to herself when she saw how pitiful he looked.

"I'd like to talk to you, if you have a second, Mr. Small." She said.

"Certainly, certainly, Miss, uh" he replied.

"You can call me Lacey, Mr. Small." She told him.

"OK, Lacey, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"Well, I'm just back in town after my third year away. You see, I'm in college," she lied, though she still looked like she could be in college. In actuality, she was 33. "And my little sister seems to be having trouble in your class. I was wondering if you might could just show me what you're doing in class, so I can help her do what she needs to do to pass."

Veronica was playfully biting her lip and giggling as she asked, playing the innocent young college girl role to perfection. She just wanted to help her little sister, you see.

"Oh, I see, who is your little sister?" He asked.

Veronica laughed, "Oh, Mr. Small, that question makes me feel so much better."

He looked confused, so she continued, "That means that lots of girls are having trouble, not just her."

"Oh, yes, well a few of them have had their grades drop. I guess it is Senioritis kicking in. Some girls just don't want to do what it takes to pass," he paused, then continued, "You know, this close to graduation." He responded. He thought his response was clever, but, he worried that he may have said too much.

Veronica was pissed; that comment pretty much confirmed that he was doing this to other girls as well as her niece, but she couldn't let on.

"Well, Mr. Small," she began with her head tilted down toward the desk. She seductively raised only her eyes, not her entire face, towards him and shyly continued, "Be assured that I will do whatever it takes to make sure my sister passes."

He was quiet for a moment; he couldn't decide if Lacey (as he knew her) was saying what he dreamed that she was saying or if she was innocently saying that she would tutor her sister or whatever.

In that moment of hesitation, Veronica knew that this predator had become her prey.

The almost evil smile that she couldn't help but flash went unnoticed by Mr. Small as Veronica innocently went on, "Can I ask you something, Mr. Small?"

"Sure, Lacey, what's that?" he asked.

"It could be a little embarrassing, I'm afraid." She replied.

Veronica had noticed that his eyes were dropping more and more often to her stockings. "Hmm," she thought to herself, "and I thought the unbuttoned blouse would get him."

"Please go on." He stated, somewhat anxiously.

She re-crossed her legs and started smoothing her stockings, 'accidentally' letting the lace stocking tops come into his view.

"Well, I'm afraid I'm just not used to this Atlanta heat," she said.

"Oh," he said sounding disappointed.

She let her hands slide down her stockings and continued, "I just am feeling so wet and sticky."

"Yyyes," he stammered.

"I'm supposed to meet some friends out at the lake very soon. Do you think you might come with me? It will be fun, and we can talk about ways that I can help with my sister's grades." She slowly asked.

"Sure," he replied. He still wasn't 100% certain that she was offering what he hoped she was, but he damn sure was going to find out.

They left school, and she drove him out to the lake. She kept the conversation light, focusing on weather and traffic, which wasn't hard to do, for his real focus was on her legs, which she kept exposed and teased him with for the short drive. It was sort of funny, she thought, that he had so quickly become focused on her legs. He had not even continued pursuing the question of who her sister was.

When they arrived, she pulled up to the gate, and stopped the car.

"Lacey, that sign says, 'Private Property'," he said, looking just a little worried.

"Of course it does, Mr. Small, it is private, but I'm a member." Her smile melted away any and all concerns, as she hopped out and opened her combination lock and swung the gate open.

Getting back in the car, she leaned over to him and whispered, "I'll tell you a secret."

"Yes," he answered, breathing heavier as she started kissing his ear.

"Our combination is 36-24-36," she giggled, then leaned back to the steering wheel and drove through the gate.

Still feeling the effects of her kiss, he was shocked when the next sign they came to said "Nude Beach Ahead."

They reached the parking area and walked down the short path to the beach. Mr. Small nearly froze when he saw a half dozen or so people, all nude, on the beach. And not just people, he thought, these were all college age folks, with nearly perfect bodies. There were a couple of guys, in whom he had no interest, but 3 or 4 beautiful girls with model-like bodies.

He turned around to see 'Lacey' removing her jacket and blouse. "Come on, Mr. Small," she teased, "Let's see what you've got."

He seemed about to protest, when Veronica unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the ground. He stood motionless taking in the sight. She was in nothing but black panties, thigh highs and a black bra, and while he was watching the bra fell off, revealing perfect 36 C breasts. She was perfectly tan and had beautiful blonde hair; she was more amazing than many of the girls in his skin magazines.

She walked up to him and comforted him with a gentle hug, which, of course, got him more worked up.

"I'll help you, Mr. Small," she soothingly said to him, while kissing his ear and nuzzling his neck.

He had never corrected her calling him "Mr. Small" so Veronica knew that this was how to play to him. He was probably fantasizing about her being a student of his, she thought.

"Mr. Small," she went on, "You just let Lacey handle this for you, OK?"

As he stood motionless, she took his chin in her hand and gently nodded it for him.

"Ok, Mr. Small, of course I will," she said answering this nod.

She leaned in and kissed him on the lips while unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it down off of his shoulders. Luckily, this was very easy as Mr. Small was no taller than she was, probably around 5'5".

"See, Mr. Small, it's easy. Don't worry, let Lacey handle it for you," she soothingly stated.

He did not move; he was in a weird mental state of half pure ecstasy and half pure confusion as he had never experienced (or even dreamed of) a scenario such as the one in which he currently found himself.

With his top off, she gently walked him to a nearby chair and eased him into it.

"Now the fun part," she said, "But me first, Mr. Small."

She stood up and winked at him as she bent over and eased her panties down, then stepped out of them.

Now, she stood before him only in the thigh highs. He saw that she had shaved her hair into a little heart, and he had never seen anything like it.

She kneeled down and undid his belt and pants while casually rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Oh, Mr. Small, you are being so good, baby. No one would ever guess this was your first time."

He didn't react, as she lifted him up and tugged his pants and briefs off and nicely folded them up and set them next to them on a table.

She leaned up to him and said, "Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to leave my stockings on here, Mr. Small, but I know you like them so I saved them for last."

"Thank you." His first words in a while, and barely audible.

Veronica grinned and rubbed one of her stockings up and down on his leg, then rolled it off. She then repeated this with her other stocking and his other leg. She was extremely careful not to touch his cock, though she got very close on his inner thigh. She would give him no relief.

When she was completely naked, she said that she was going to enjoy the beach and asked if he wanted to come with her.

Still out of his element, he responded that he just wanted to sit there and watch a while.

"OK, Mr. Small, but remember, this is a nude beach, but unfortunately sex isn't allowed. That's just how these places are, you know." Veronica answered.

He replied that he knew that, but she knew that he had no idea what was allowed or not at a nude beach.

"Let me put sunscreen on you, Mr. Small, you need it out here," she offered. He simply nodded, so she pulled out a tube and rubbed it into him from head to toe. She seductively was working her fingers with the lotion over his feet, legs, thighs, tummy, chest, arms and hands, while his body quivered with delight. Lastly she did his balls and cock, giving him an incredible sensation, but one that ended as soon as he showed the first sign of getting close.

He groaned as she stopped, and she whispered, "I know, Mr. Small, I'm so very sorry, but that's just not allowed here."

She should get him with one last tease she thought.

"Oh, Mr. Small, I think you have something on you," she said.

As he glanced up, he watched her pick up her silk, black panties and gently wrapped them around his cock. She ever so gently rubbed them up and down, absorbing his pre-cum. She stopped fairly quickly, as she knew that her moist panties traveling up and down his shaft couldn't last too long.

She then hopped up and jogged over to join the volleyball game; she looked back quickly and caught him picking up and smelling her panties.

"Little perv," she silently thought, "Your days are so numbered."

Throughout the rest of the day, she and the other girls present, subtly teased him, well, as subtly as four perfect nude models could have. "Tease, but don't touch," was the motto, keeping him in a constant state of arousal but offering him no chance of relief. They swam, played volleyball, and laid out in the sun, never out of his sight. They rubbed lotion on themselves and each other and posed in positions that had him practically wanting to pounce on them.

Around dusk, the others packed up and left, and Veronica approached Mr. Small.

"I have an idea, Mr. Small," she said with a gleam in her eye.

"What, Lacey," he immediately responded. Throughout the course of the day, he had become extremely attentive to her and very agreeable. She thought that it was probably the fact that there were a couple of other males present, and that he was trying to assert that she was his, or actually, unbeknownst to him that he was hers.

She sat in the chair on the deck that he had once been in, but this time she motioned for him to sit on the deck, in front of the chair facing her, which he immediately did.

Without saying anything, she began to slowly pull one thigh high back on her leg. Her eyes never left his, so she could see that his eyes never left the stocking. When it was fully on, she carefully smoothed and straightened it.

She patted him on his head and whispered, "Good boy, Mr. Small, good boy."

She then turned his head toward her other leg and let him watch as she began pulling the other stocking on, even more slowly than she had done the first one.

She couldn't believe that he was sitting at her feet like a subject of a queen, inches away from her fully naked pussy and, yet, was ignoring it, while so enamored with her legs and stockings.

He had become pretty submissive to her during the day, so she knew that there was really no reason to ask him questions anymore, she could just tell him what she would like, and he would agree.

"Back to my idea, Mr. Small," she purred, while crossing her legs and beginning to stroke the underside of his chin with her silkily covered toes.

"Yes." He answered.

"I think we should stay here tonight, Mr. Small." She stated as she nodded her head at him.

She lowered her toes from his chin as she said this. This was unnoticed by him. He, either willingly or subconsciously, immediately lowered his head so that he would maintain contact with her feet, and thus nodded his agreement.

She smiled, and purred at him, "We can do anything we want, Mr. Small, all night long. Tomorrow is Saturday and no one else will be here until 11 or 12 noon."

He smiled at her, as she moved her other foot to his crotch and began gently rubbing his balls.

"Why don't you rub my legs, Mr. Small?" she teased, "Don't you want to?"

He had been in such a state of arousal that he hadn't realized that what was "not allowed" during the day, might now be okay, but he tentatively touched her stocking.

"That's it, Mr. Small, oh I love that," she cooed. "Very light and very gentle, oh yes!"

He was in paradise and lost all sense of time and he was allowed to lightly rub, stroke and caress nearly every inch of her body.

Veronica stayed nude, except, of course, her stockings, and actually enjoyed her full massage while keeping him on the edge of orgasm nearly the entire time.

When she wasn't manipulating him with her feet, legs or stockings, she allowed her tits to brush against his chest, mouth or hands. She also was able to discretely rub her pussy and use her scent on her hands to arouse him while she found excuses to have her hands near his face, pushing his hair back, running her fingers around his lips and moving his face wherever she wanted it.

At one point, she had him lay beside her and ever so gently stroke her hair. After a few minutes, she asked him to be very still while she stroked his hair. He didn't notice that during this that she completely stopped paying any attention to his cock and balls, so he inadvertently relaxed and dozed off.

She allowed herself to gently doze as well, knowing that she would wake first.

Just before daybreak, Veronica woke up. She eased Mr. Small onto his back, and began licking, then immersing in her mouth, his cock.

As he came to, he started to sit up, but Veronica, released, his cock from her mouth, and said, "No, Stay."

He immediately froze, and Veronica, now licking his cock like a lollipop, watched as the realization of where he was and all of yesterday's events came to him.

"I think I might be a little mad at you, Mr. Small." She teased, between licks.

"Why?" he asked. His eyes were desperately saying that he didn't want her to be angry.

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