tagMind ControlRevenge of the Nerd: Ex-Bully's Mom

Revenge of the Nerd: Ex-Bully's Mom


Summary: Nerd dominates bitchy MILF and takes her virgin asshole.

This is part three of the Revenge of the Nerds Mind Control story. Here is a summary of the first two parts:


Brandon was fired from his job due to the failure of a mind control drug he had developed that had major side effects. Humiliated, he moved back home where he perfected the drug and planned to use it to get revenge on the CEO bitch who fired him. But unsure of the side effects, he decided to test it on his bitch sister who became his personal fuck toy.


Brandon punishes his sister for her disobedience and, wanting to test if the drug has the same effects on each person, decides to add a second slut to his collection in his sister's best friend Becky. Besides testing the effects of the drug, he also decides to sodomize not one, but both submissive cheerleaders.

Thanks to: goamz86, Robert, and Wayne for editing this story.

A reminder of how the Drug Itself works when sprayed at a person:

-Changes the moral fibre of a person...in reality, it shifts the decision making of the individual to the low standards they have while drunk...but with even more psychological manipulation:

-the person can't lie (like in that Jim Carrey movie 'Liar Liar')

-the person's body feels the need to obey even though their conscious mind argues against such obedience

-the person's sexual libido increases substantially,

-the individual will feel constricted by the clothes they are wearing and want to be naked

-he had also played with the formula to create what he believed would be potentially permanent impacts on the person infected (the original drug only lasted an hour). This was the one thing he was still very unsure of: it could last a few hours, days, weeks or maybe forever.

Revenge of the Nerd: Ex-Bully's Mom

Brandon wished he could have heard the rest of the conversation between his mother and his sister, who was caught in a sixty-nine with her cheerleading friend (each trying to get the other off fastest...the loser having to eat out another student at school tomorrow), but he snuck out just in time to avoid getting caught sodomizing his sister and making both the bitch cheerleaders his submissive sluts.

Brandon went for a walk, thrilled with the success of the drug so far, but two things were not yet confirmed with enough confidence to finish his revenge.

1. Were the orders permanent? Early evidence implied so, but he sure wanted more data to confirm that.

2. Both guinea pigs were teenager females, and he needed to confirm the drug worked similarly with adults as well as with men (Mike, his sister's asshole boyfriend, may be a good specimen to test out the effects on males).

Although he considered his Mom, he would love to fuck her, he didn't want to do anything that had life-long impacts to her. He needed to find a woman to experiment on for whom he didn't care about the long-term consequences. He did ponder if he could change the drug and make another concoction that would be a temporary mind control drug.

After some brief thought, the perfect candidate was chosen: Mrs. Levees. She was the mother of Parker, a dickhead who had bullied and tormented Brandon throughout school. Mrs. Levees never did anything about the bullying, even when informed about it, going as far as to argue that society was a survival of the fittest and sometimes we need to filter out the weak. She was also incredibly hot, the MILF of all MILF's. As he pondered her as his next test subject, he considered that he could also test it on Parker, who was still living at home as he finished up college.

Smiling, Brandon decided he could hit two birds with one stone per say... yes, he would test the drug on both of them.

When he returned home an hour later, just in time for dinner, and long enough, he figured, for them to deal with what happened, his Mom was just finishing up dinner.

"Hi, Mom," he greeted.

She replied, "Hi, Brandon, where have you been?"

"Job hunting," he lied, although if all went as planned, he would have his job back very soon... with a great big promotion.

"Any luck?" She asked, showing no hints that anything was out of the ordinary.

"I'm pretty confident I'll be fully employed very soon," he answered.

"Awesome," she said, "I knew you would get right back out there."

Looking at her, in a black skirt, pantyhose and a tight red blouse, he couldn't help but think how great it would be to fuck her...and maybe he would try...but not with the drug as is. No, he either had to change the drug, or better yet, find a way to seduce her.

"Where's brat?" he asked.

"In her room," she answered, her tone for the first time hinting at what she had seen earlier. She still couldn't believe what she had seen, or the fact they kept doing it even after getting caught...her daughter apologizing seconds before having an orgasm at the hands of her best friend.

"What did she do this time?" he asked, Carrie always doing something to make Mom usie this tone of voice.

"Oh nothing," she sighed, implying it wasn't nothing, but she didn't want to talk about it. Unfortunately, she couldn't get the visual of her daughter in a lesbian act out of her head.

"Okay," Brandon shrugged, before adding, "It must be something really bad."

"At least you never gave me any trouble," she said, looking at her sweet boy.

Brandon smirked at the reality that he was to blame for what his Mom witnessed...he was anything but a sweet boy. He responded, "Oh, maybe I'm just a late bloomer."

"Your sister is enough for both of you," she said playfully, before calling, "Carrie, dinner is ready."

Carrie came down stairs a couple of minutes later giving her brother the usual look of daggers. She was so frustrated. She was grounded and her mother thought she was a lesbian because of something out of her control and yet she couldn't say a fucking thing.

Brandon winked at his sister when his Mom wasn't looking, enjoying completely his God-like power over his bitch sister.

They all ate in complete silence, each dealing with their own thoughts.

Carrie excused herself first, while Brandon helped his Mom with the dishes. He then went to his room and was startled to see his sister.

She snapped, "You need to end this now."

"Agreed," he nodded, "Let's shut your mouth with some cock, you are likely having a craving by now."

"You bastard," she accused, even as she moved to her brother, dropped to her knees, and fished out his cock, a hunger for cum beginning to fog her mind again. "Mom thinks I'm a lesbian. And since you ordered us to please each other, neither of us could stop. I was mortified to continue licking Becky's pussy while Mom..."

Brandon listened and watched amused as she was cut off as she obeyed the task given.

Carrie bobbed furiously on her brother's big dick, frustratingly impressed by how big he was (why couldn't he have a small pathetic dick?). She was equally frustrated that not only did she have to obey, not only did she crave cum, but she undeniably enjoyed having his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass.

Brandon watched her bob hungrily, loving his power over her. Although he may one day try to revert some of the lifelong orders he had implanted in her psyche, he was going to enjoy putting his bitch sister in her place for a while longer.

Carrie realized, as she sucked her brother's dick, that his dick was last in her and Carrie's ass, making the taboo, twisted, act even more extreme, which surprisingly made her pussy leak.

Brandon enjoyed the lengthy blow job actually curious how the story had ended. He eventually shot his load down her throat and asked, "So who came first?"

"I did, dammit," Carrie admitted, as she savoured his cum and the complete sense of calm that immediately washed over her once her craving was satisfied.

"So you will munch a cunt at school tomorrow," he quipped, enjoying his sister's humiliation.

"Please, don't make me," Carrie pleaded, the scaffolding of tasks really becoming overwhelming. She constantly craved cum, craved cock in her ass, was to dump her boyfriend Mike, ask out a nerd, Mitch, and now eat a cunt at school.

"Should I make it have to be a teacher?" Brandon asked.

"No, but please be reasonable," Carrie responded. "I'm going to get caught and then what?"

"Then stop questioning me and I'll stop adding tasks," he said.

"What about Becky?" Carrie asked, knowing she could add to the brain washing.

"I'll call her and make sure she doesn't add any more," Brandon nodded, "and if she does, I'll add to hers too."

"Can you withdraw some of these," Carrie asked sincerely. "I'll still be your sister slut, I can't deny I do love your big cock." She would willingly suck and fuck his big dick, the taboo of incest no longer a big deal after all she had already done.

"I'm doing some chemical manipulation," Brandon nodded, "but it will take a while to perfect it without causing other potential side effects."

"Oh," she nodded, feeling slightly optimistic that maybe she could eventually regain control of her mind and body.

"But for now," Brandon said, "you will continue to obey as instructed."

"Fine," she sighed, "but please control Becky, she can be very spiteful."

"I promise," he nodded, feeling just the slightest bit guilty at how weak he had made his sister...revenge really was a bitch.

That night, Brandon called Becky and ordered her to leave Carrie alone for the time being and that if she was obedient she would be rewarded.

Brandon stayed up late manipulating the chemicals in an attempt to create a temporary drug, the idea of fucking his mom appealing. Yet, he couldn't make it look like mind control; he had to make it look like it was her idea.

Around midnight, Carrie came in and complained, "Seriously, this is ridiculous. I'm super tired but all I can think about is getting ass fucked."

"That was a rather impulsive addition," Brandon said, his cock hardening at the idea of plowing his sister's ass.

"Well, please stop," she said, not angry, but frustrated and tired at not being able to fall asleep.

"Well, be obedient and lose the attitude and I won't add any more conditions," he repeated an earlier message, continuing to work on the temporary drug when he should have been working on an antidote. "I'm trying to figure out a way to reverse or not make the drug permanent." Even though, truth be told, he wasn't sure one was possible. Once the brain is reconfigured, it is almost, if not completely, impossible to revert. He was more likely going to be able to create a new drug that was less permanent.

"Thank God," she said, her need to get ass fucked consuming her thoughts.

"You craving cum?" He asked.

She was actually craving getting ass fucked, but now that he mentioned it, she was also suddenly craving cum. "I am now," she sighed, before adding, "but I really need you in my ass."

"If you insist," he shrugged, moving to her and bending her over, flipping up her nightie and roughly slamming into her still very tight ass. Having created a mental note that she enjoyed anal sex, he didn't have to worry about creating major pain in her.

"Aaaaah," she moaned, an instant sensation of satisfaction coursing through her the moment he plunged his big dick in her tight asshole.

"You love it in the ass, don't you?" he quipped, as he began fucking her ass hard.

"Because you made me," she pointed out, although she couldn't deny how amazing getting ass fucked made her feel. There was an unexplainable euphoria that she had never felt when being pussy fucked in the past.

"You're welcome," he said, "Becky, doesn't get this special conditioning."

"I hate that bitch," Carrie said. She always knew that Becky was a fair-weather friend and always looking for a way to get to the top, but she never expected her to turn so quickly.

"Be a good cum slut sister and I will make sure she gets hers too," Brandon suggested, as he fucked her incredibly tight ass.

"Okaaaaay," she moaned, her orgasm rising, which was crazy. The idea of being able to get back in control of Becky was very appealing...and if it meant playing nice with her brother (which she should anyway if she was ever going to get a chance to have him reverse the spell), so be it...plus she did, undeniably, love his cock.

Brandon fucked her for a few minutes before his balls began to boil and he knew he was going to do an ass to mouth.

When close, he pulled out, ordered, "Knees," and began pumping his cock.

Carrie, craving cum, immediately dropped to her knees and opened wide, realizing she could fulfill both her cravings simultaneously.

Brandon slammed his cock in her mouth and began fucking her face, loving the dirtiness of ass to mouth as well as the power of fucking his beautiful sister's face...he couldn't wait to do it to Mrs. Levees.

Carrie struggled to handle her brother's big cock fucking her face, frustrated that he pulled out when she was so close to coming. She felt like a complete slut being used so roughly, his balls sometimes even bouncing off her chin and yet she was undoubtedly turned on.

Brandon grunted and deposited yet another load in his sister slut revelling in the power he had over her.

Carrie eagerly swallowed her brother's load. It was much more satisfying than chocolate (her favourite treat), her whole body feeling instantly satisfied and tired.

When he pulled out, Carrie stood up and wordlessly left his room and went to her own. In a minute she was sound asleep.

Brandon stayed working, a new idea forming. He really wanted to fuck his mom. Yet, he didn't want to force her or have her know she was forced. So what if he created a formula that would see inside her mind and see if incest was something she wasn't disgusted by. He wasn't sure he could do it, but he was going to attempt it. He wasn't sure if he could resist the temptation to use the current drug on his mom, so the quicker he could come up with an alternative, the better.


Carrie walked into her brother's room and woke him up, again craving cum. "Are you fucking going to end this constant craving for cum you gave me?"

"Not with an attitude like that," Brandon responded, with a yawn, enjoying the perk of a morning blow job and thinking it was unlikely he would change this mental condition anytime soon...his new focus on a drug that would manipulate his mom to decide she had to seduce him, a new idea formulated after a couple hours of thought and online research. Apparently most sons want to fuck their moms and many mothers deep down want to fuck their sons. So, he deduced, if he created a drug that slowly changed her high morals implemented through society and church, he could weaken her to the point she seduced him of her own accord. Which was a lot better than a life-long submission to all for his mom.

Carrie fished out her brother's cock, and bobbed hungrily as if her life depended on it. It frustrated her immensely that she couldn't control her cravings for cum and was still trying to find a way out of this condition her brother had given her. Thankfully, the morning load didn't take long and thus in only a couple of minutes she got her morning load as he came in her mouth.

Once done and her craving satisfied, she stood up and said, "You really need to fix me."

"I did fix you," Brandon quipped, "you were a complete bitch and now you're a lot nicer."

"Asshole," she snapped, still unable to not hide her disgust with her brother, even though he did have a nice big cock.

"You want it in your asshole again?" Brandon question with a smile.

"You really are a bastard," she sighed.

"I know," he shrugged, standing up and saying, "thanks for being my morning cum deposit."

"Fuck, you really are a prick," she snapped, not able to control her anger, even though it almost always had consequences.

"You will suck a complete stranger on your way to school today," Brandon ordered, continually giving her orders until she came to understand that there was a hierarchy and she was at the bottom.

Carrie cursed to herself, 'Why can't I just stop pushing him?' Immediately shifting from defiant to submissive, she pleaded, "Please, I'm sorry for being a bitch."

"The task is already given," the brother shrugged. "although since you have acknowledged your disobedience, I won't add taking a cock in the ass at school as I was contemplating."

"Thank you," Carrie nodded absurdly, relieved that that task wasn't given.

"But remember you will also ask out Mitch today," Brandon reminded his sister.

"Please, no, that is social suicide," Carrie said. Even though she had blown him yesterday, she sure didn't want to be seen in public with him.

"He is a daily load or two you will need, my cum addicted sister," Brandon pointed out.

"Fuck, Brandon," Carrie snapped again, "you're ruining my life."

"Be a good obedient cum bucket and maybe you will get some of your life back," he shrugged.

"Fine," she said, and walked out, knowing she couldn't convince him of anything else and not wanting anything else added to her already fucked up conditioning.

Brandon smiled. The drug was working in exactly the way he had planned.


After a long shower and breakfast with Mom, who, dressed in a short skirt and black pantyhose, had Brandon again tempted to use the drug on her, he decided to saunter over to Mrs. Levees' house with two doses of the mind control drug...an extra in case the dickhead Parker was there. Making his ex-bully a faggot was a rather appealing experiment and a great revenge for all the times Brandon himself was called 'faggot' by him... the ultimate irony.

He knocked on the door and after a minute was greeted by Parker who looked like he was just about to leave.

Brandon immediately sprayed the asshole in the face.

"What the fuck?" Parker questioned.

"Is your Mom home?" Brandon asked.

"Why the fuck do you want to know?" Parker snapped, wondering what this piss-ant could possibly want with his mother.

"Punch yourself in the nuts as hard as you can," Brandon ordered.

"What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?" Parker questioned as he slammed his own fist into his crotch and collapsed onto the floor.

"Is your mom home?" Brandon asked again.

"Fuck you," he snapped.

Brandon shrugged, "I'd rather fuck your mom."

"I'm going to kill you," Parker threatened, as he tried to get up.

"Punch yourself in the nuts three times as hard as you can," Brandon ordered, immensely enjoying the humiliation of Parker.

"Fuck yoooou," Parker began to move towards the nerd before he punched himself in the nuts three times, as ordered.

"You will never tell anyone of the fact you have been sprayed," Brandon ordered, getting the secret aspect out of the way.

Parker groaned, as he writhed on the floor in pain. 'What the hell is happening to me?'

Brandon asked, "Remember when you called me faggot?"

"Yes," the bully answered, still in intense pain.

"Now you are a faggot. You love cock. You love sucking cock, you love taking cock in your ass, you only like men, girls disgust you," Brandon listed, adding a few life-altering, revenge pleasing implementations.

"Fuck you," he snapped, as he tried to get up.

"Go to the YMCA and offer to suck off men until someone takes you up on your offer," Brandon ordered, wanting him out of here.

"Yeah, right," Parker said, as he finally stood up, holding his nuts.

"And then go to college and find a guy to fuck your ass," Brandon added, wanting to make this dick pay.

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