tagGroup SexRevenge on New Years

Revenge on New Years


Getting up off the sofa, she looked around. What a sad state of affairs. Here it was, New Years Eve 2007, and she was alone in her apartment, having just spent the better part of an hour crying.

"That bastard!" she cursed out loud. "I can't believe he fucking did that to me!"

Cursing some more, she headed for the shower. It had occurred to her as she lay on the sofa crying over that loser, that she was only giving him what he wanted -- to see her miserable. Well, sod him; she would show him that two can play that game. Not only would she now go out, but she would go out and screw the first guy who asks!

Lying in the bubbly, warm water, she found it was refreshing; it helped to rejuvenate her, get her over the funk she had been in since seeing her loser boyfriend shagging the bitch from next door. Well, the water and her little 'bath toy' both. If she was going to fuck some random stranger, she needed to be primed.

Working herself into just the right mood, she came close to orgasming, but stopped short, although it hadn't been easy. It had been so long since that asshole had lain a finger on her it hadn't taken a lot to get her aroused. "Soon," she half whispered to herself, getting out of the tub and wiping off.

Giving herself the once over in the mirror, she knew she looked hot. Now, all she needed was some stranger. It would have to be a stranger; no strings, just a 'wham bam, thank you ma'am' and it would be over. But as she looked for the sluttiest underwear she had, it occurred to her that it would be better if it was someone he knew. Or if at least the likelihood of him walking in on her was 100%. Aside from fulfilling her own needs, she wanted the loser to see that she too could fool around.

The ideal place for both popped into her head, the same time as the notion that no underwear would save a lot of time, and allow her to wear that red dress she loved. He had told her it made her look like a whore, so it had stayed in the back of the cupboard, only ever coming out when he wanted to 'play around'. Well, how perfect!


Walking into the "Stoneham Offices", she flashed a smile at the guard at the door. He in return smiled back and wished her a happy new year. Thankfully she was known to the people here, with her now ex being part of the management team that worked for Stewart Grant. They had attended many a function together, so at least she wasn't going in blind. Removing her coat and hanging it on the rack near the reception desk, she sauntered in to join the festivities. It was about 1130pm and all going well, it wouldn't only be the bells going off at midnight.

Slowly, deliberately, she moved across the floor, heading straight for the bar. It was all well and good to just pick someone to screw, but she needed a little courage to do it. She had come too far to back out now. The only real problem she could see was deciding who the lucky guy would be. From all the looks she received as she made her way through, it wasn't going to be hard to find someone willing.

She could see them undressing her with their eyes as she passed; not that there was a lot to remove. Aside from the dress, the only other things she was wearing were four-inch heels and the diamond necklace that had been a present last Christmas; all items given to her by him; the one who would no longer have the pleasure of her body, or having her act out his fantasies. Tonight, some random man would get that honour.

That's when she saw him walk in. Her stomach fluttered at the sight. He had broken her heart but could still set it alight with feelings of love. But then 'SHE' came in next -- the whore from next door. Well, that decided it then. Any last lingering feelings of indecisiveness were now gone. Thanking the bartender for the drink, she sculled it and asked for another. As she waited, she scanned the room for her target.


Locking eyes with him, she knew he was the one. He was gorgeous, tall, strong, had an accent that made her sigh. Since being introduced to him just three short years ago, she had started to fantasize about him as she had sex with her ex. When it first happened, she felt guilty, but it had woken something in her that had been dormant for so long, the guilt was soon replaced by the need to have him. At least in her mind, she could have.

Sure, she loved her partner, but he reaped the benefits, so that also helped to alleviate any guilty feelings she had. The fact that the two men were best friends just helped with the fantasies she had. Now, it would seem that at least one of them was about to come true. She knew this, as he was looking at her much the same way she was looking at him. Politely saying hello to people as she crossed the room, she made a beeline straight for him.

Before he could speak, she leant forward and said, "Joe's office, five minutes, come alone."

She then turned and walked over to one of the office girls. "Sally, can you please have Joe come into his office, in about 15 minutes? I have a little surprise for him, and I need time to set it up."

Sally, bless her, had a good heart and was a true romantic, so of course agreed. That would give her just the right amount of time to get all hot and heavy with the hunk in the suit, who was now making his way down the hall to Joe's office. Time to get nasty!


Closing the door to the office, the only light was coming from the moon outside. She could see his silhouette as he sat casually on the desk, waiting for her. She walked over, and stood before him. He went to speak, and as hot as his accent made her, she didn't want words. Not now, she didn't have time to swoon. She placed a fingertip onto his lips;

"No, no words..." She then leant forward and kissed him.

His lips felt so soft and inviting against hers. Had she the time, she would have loved to have him use them all over her body, but alas, she didn't. Reaching down to feel his crotch, she brushed lightly, then harder, and back to light again, alternating, until she could feel him come to life. As he stood up and unbuckled his pants, she quickly grabbed the office chair just off to the side. With him now standing there dressed to the nines up top, but pants less below, she pushed him gently onto the seat. He was now fully at attention, and even in the semi-light, she could see he was bigger than she had imagined.

Lifting the skirt to her dress, she then straddled him, the heels helping her to ease over him. Due to her earlier 'preparation', the idea of getting caught and the sight of the huge cock that was now inside her, she was able to get comfortable quickly and start bobbing up and down.

He in turn helped out by thrusting up, slowly at first, but getting faster. The fact that he had had a thing for her since meeting her all those years ago didn't do any harm. That teamed with the fact that she was dressed like this, well, who was he to say no? He didn't even feel guilty about Joe. The guy was a bastard, and had been cheating on her for so long, this just felt like karma. Hot, wet, pulsing Karma!

"Oh... God... faster... God... now... faster!" she all but yelled out.

It didn't take long for her to cum, and yet Joe still hadn't come in. At this point she didn't care. This was the best sex she had had in quite some time, even without foreplay and she wanted it to continue. Unfortunately, he came then too, so it wasn't to be.

Removing herself from his now flaccid cock, she hadn't said another word. She wanted it back in her, and soon, whether or not Joe walked in. She hastily swept everything from the desk, and sat herself on the edge, legs apart provocatively. He didn't need to be asked twice. By the time he had stood up and walked over to her, he was getting hard again.

As he waited to get completely hard again, he decided to play a little. He knelt before her, and pulling her so that she was barely sitting on the edge of the desk, he kissed the inside of her leg, starting at the knee and working his way up. By the time he got to her now throbbing button, she had her legs around his neck, and her hands in his hair, calling out for him to lick and suck faster.

He could feel she was about to cum again, and he was now hard as granite, so he stood up, and proceeded to enter her hot, wet pussy again. As he did so, three things happened simultaneously; the door opened and Joe stood there, they could hear everyone call out "Happy New Year" and they came together.


The look on Joe's face had been the clincher for her. She had just been fucked well and truly by a guy who knew what he was doing, and Joe had seen it. The hurt on his face was unmistakeable. Giving him a gloating look, she turned back to her partner and said but one word;


His reply to that was to kiss her slowly. There would be no rush now. Aside from his needing a break, it was obvious that she had succeeded in doing what she set out to -- getting back at Joe. Now, it could be all about them.

Joe stormed off but not before calling her a whore. She didn't care; she was in the middle of having her breasts licked, and the rest of the world faded out.

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