tagMind ControlRevenge thru Hypnosis

Revenge thru Hypnosis


This is entirely a work of fiction. It depicts a use of hypnosis which is totally unethical, immoral, and, most likely, illegal. The protagonist is a vigilante, and however well intentioned, deserves to be punished as much as his target . Still, I hope you enjoy the story. Please let me know. Feedback is appreciated. If it is signed, I will try to answer. Jb7


Sam picked up his ringing cell phone. It was the evening security at his wife's, Barb, office building. He would not forget this May evening.

"Mr. Gregory, your wife asked me to call you, to come pick her up. She looks like she's in pretty bad shape--like she's had too much to drink."

That puzzled Sam. Barb had been battling a cold, using a prescription strength codeine syrup, cut with alcohol. She knew even a glass of wine or beer would put her into la-la land. He was on his way in minutes. When he arrived, she was waiting at the security desk, sitting down, nearly unconscious,

He helped her to the car. As he lifted her legs into the car he felt something wet and sticky on her legs. He sniffed his hand--there was no doubt about what it was. He lifted Barb's skirt. There was more of the sticky, white fluid, and her panties were missing.

Sam returned to the security desk. Saying he wanted to ask about when she had started acting strangely, Sam asked the security personnel who else from his wife's company, Wilson, et al, had been working that evening. He learned Jared Richards, her supervisor, and Harry Peters, his boss, had both worked late that evening. Richards had only worked about three quarters of an hour, but Peters had checked out about the time security had called him.

Both names were well known to Sam. Barb talked about them frequently, not always in a complimentary manner. Peters especially, seemed to catch her ire for his constant touching and standing over her whenever she wore anything with a bit of an open neck. As he returned to the car and his wife, Sam thought to himself, "Okay, Harry, an eye for an eye."

When Sam wasn't rescuing his wife, he taught at the Medical School, in the anesthesiology department. His specialty was the medical use of hypnosis as an alternative to chemical anesthetics. As a student, he had kept himself in beer money putting on shows at frats, sororities, adult birthdays, office parties and such. Even now, as a favor for people who knew him when, he would sometimes perform. And Barb was on the planning committee for her firm's holiday party.

Their first stop was the hospital. He had colleagues draw a blood sample to check her alcohol and codeine levels. He also had them run a rape kit, and had them send the swab for DNA testing. When his friends asked about reporting the incident, he told them he would exact his own brand of justice.

At home, he used Barb's trigger phrase to put her into a deep trance and used hypnotic regression to find out exactly what had happened . As he suspected, after her supervisor, Jared, had left, Harry had poured Barb and himself a glass of wine and used his authority to make her drink, knowing she had already taken some of her cough syrup. He had even commented at the time that she should be careful how much she drank since she was using such a potent medication.

Under hypnosis, Barb commented that it seemed not to matter how much she drank, her glass was always full when she went to drink, but she thought she had probably consumed two or three full glasses of wine at her supervisor's urging. After Jared left, Harry had become bolder with his touching, openly fondling her breasts and ass, ignoring her pleas for him to stop. The combination of medicine and wine had finally become more than she could withstand. And she passed out. Sam didn't need her input to know what had happened after that.

He helped her into the bathroom and drew her a bath while she stripped. As she soaked in the tub, Sam let the memory of the night's events bubble back into her consciousness. He watched as first the memory, then anger, and finally realization set in. "That mother fucking bastard!" she hissed. "That cocksucking pig! Did you beat him?"

Sam shook his head. "He was gone when I arrived and discovered what had happened. I took you to Mercy and had you checked out, had Samantha run a rape kit and draw some blood samples. If we decide to go the police route, we can nail the bastard."

Barb looked at him, grinning. "If we go the police route? You have a plan! Do I get to participate in the good stuff?"

"If you want. This is what I was thinking..."

By September, things had improved markedly for Barb at work. Most importantly, she had been promoted out of Harry Peters' department, and now worked for the VP/customer service's administrative assistant. There was no more after hours work, and she was responsible to no one but her immediate supervisor, and Jane Draper, the VP, who also happened to be Harry's boss.

Her new job gave her ample freedom to participate on the holiday planning committee. Her suggestion about a professional hypnotist was met with enthusiasm. Under Sam's direction, their relationship remained secret. He instructed her to approach Harry about volunteering himself and his wife as subjects, playing on his ego, his desire to look good to VP Draper, a desire to get close to Barb again, and a tiny niggle of guilt (very tiny). Harry agreed, and further agreed to have his wife, Lydia, come to the office one afternoon to meet with Harry and the performer for a 'warm-up' session.

The meeting took place about a week before the party, at the end of the work day. As Sam was explaining the purpose of the meeting, their daughter, Patti, who had just started in the mail room, stuck her head in the door to see if her father was ready to go home. Sam invited her to join them. Under the guise of letting them know what to expect at the party, he hypnotized the three of them and provided them with trigger words, effective only with him.

He gave Harry the instruction that while in his trance, he would answer any question by Lydia truthfully. He also instructed him that whenever his wife or daughter, while on stage, used the word fuck or any of its euphemisms, in any combination, or cocksucker, or its substitutes, or any of the 547 ways of referring to either male or female genitalia, and any form of the rest of George Carlin's forbidden words, Harry would forcefully grab his nuts and squeeze them. The more frank and graphic their language, the more forcefully he would comply. And he would do his best to keep up, one grab and squeeze for each time he heard any of the words.

He then removed all inhibitions about using those expressions from the women. He also suggested to them that they would find the freedom to use the vulgarities pleasurable, and the more frequently they used them, the greater the pleasure, approaching orgasm. He gave the family collectively, and individually, several more instructions for the night of the party.

He then gave the three of them the instruction that they would not remember this meeting, and they would all remain at home the day after the holiday party.

The night of the party, Sam had a volunteer sign up station at the door to the party room, with a brief explanation of what the subjects could expect, without giving away what the act would consist of. When he came onstage, a large bowl with several slips of paper was waiting for him. He did his introductory spiel, explaining what hypnotism was, and enforcing the caveat that a person under hypnosis could not be made to do something they would not ordinarily do. That said, he reached into the bowl and withdrew a slip of paper and read it aloud:

"The Peters family. Wow, a whole family! How many of you are there?"He looked into the audience to see Harry, Lydia, and Patti approaching the stage area. "Three, that's a good number."

When they were up on stage, Sam asked them to introduce themselves. He then took Harry to one side of the stage. "Harry, have we ever met before?"

"Not that I recall."

"Have you ever been hypnotized before?"


"I want you to turn and face me, square on, and focus on my finger here. As it moves toward you, your eyes will get heavier, needing to close, and you will feel yourself slipping into a trance state. When I touch your forehead and say the word sleep, you eyes will close and you will be in a trance." When he finished the instruction, Sam's finger touched Harry's forehead, just below the hairline, in the middle of his brow, and Harry was in the trance Sam had preprogrammed him for.

"Can you hear me, Harry?"


"Harry, are you familiar with the comedian George Carlin?"

"Yeah, the guy with the seven forbidden words."

"That's right. Do you know the words on the list?"

"Who doesn't?"

"Hopefully your wife and daughter. Tonight, every time one of them says one of the forbidden words, alone or in combination, or a euphemism for the words, you are going to do an imitation of Michael Jackson. Have you watched him dance?"

Harry snickered. "Yeah, he plays with himself a lot."

"Yes, he does, Harry, and that is the part you will imitate. Whenever either of the women in your family say one of the dirty words, or the variations we just discussed, you will stroke yourself like Michael, and squeeze your balls. The dirtier the word or phrase, the harder you will squeeze, and you have to keep up, a stroke and squeeze for each and every dirty word. If your wife or daughter say something which embarrasses you, dirty or not, you will squeeze your balls in your hands. Understood?""

"Yes, a stroke and squeeze for each dirty word or embarrassing statement."

He walked over to the women. "Did you hear my conversation with Harry?"

"Yes, but..."started Lydia. Patti just nodded.

"Are you familiar with the words I asked Harry about?"

Patti smiled and nodded. Lydia blushed. "Have either of you ever used them in public?"

Patti answered first, "Only around real good friends."

Lydia offered, "Not in public, not even among friends. Only at special times."

Sam leered at the audience. "I think we all know what that means, don't we folks?" The audience laughed and cheered. He turned back to the women, and repeated the hypnotism ritual he had used with Harry. He then told them they would be able to speak the forbidden words without embarrassment, and they would find pleasure in the freedom to express themselves using them.

He turned to the audience. "Before I begin, I have to ask. Is there anyone in the audience who would be embarrassed by frontal male nudity?"

"Yours or Harry's?" called out a woman's voice.

"Harry. Sorry, they wouldn't meet my price to perform nude tonight." The audience laughed. "I take it then, stripping Harry, at least to his boxers..." Sam turned to Harry and asked, 'Harry, boxers or briefs?"

"Briefs, why?"

"Just curious. Go back to sleep for a few minutes more. So," he said, returning to the audience, "having Harry peel to his briefs won't embarrass any one? Other than Harry."

As the audience cheered, Sam woke Harry and instructed him that as the women on stage used Carlin's words, Harry would remove his clothing, one article per word until he got to his briefs. Then he would begin his grab and squeeze routine.

With their backs to Harry, he had Lydia and Patti go through the list of words from memory, "so we all know what words we are talking about." As the ladies started reciting the list, Harry started stripping. The audience started laughing. Sam asked the women if there were other words they thought should be added to Carlin's list. By this time, Harry was down to his tidy whities, stroking and grabbing an obvious, albeit slightly undersized, erection.

After several words had been added, Lydia commented, "Wow, this is getting my nipples hard." Harry groaned and slapped his groin.

"You go, girl!" Shouted a woman, to the cheers of the audience.

Patti answered, "Yeah, me too. My pussy is hotter than the first time Billy put his hand in my pants." Harry groaned again, a painful sound, eliciting more laughs and giggles. Lydia looked at Patti (Sam had set her up for this question, if opportunity for it came up) "And is that hot little cunt still cherry?" Harry fell to his knees, his hands gripping his balls, mewling.

"Technically. Billy likes to suck pussy and then rub his cock all over it before I play slutty cocksucker and finger fuck his asshole." Harry was curled up in a ball, squeezing his nuts, and groaning in pain. The audience was roaring with laughter.

Patti continued, "How about you, Mom, you ever go down and suck Daddy off?"

"Only after he has given me a good cunt licking." Harry's reaction sounded like a wolf pack howling at the moon.

By this time, both women were on the brink of orgasm. As they stood there on stage, they were dancing back and forth on their feet, their hips thrusting forward and back, their hands flexing, grabbing their skirts and rubbing their thighs and bellies. They were breathing so hard, they could hardly talk.

Sam decided that the intimate sharing was enough. He woke the women after whispering some more instructions. They hurried off the stage and found their way to the ladies room. As Sam had Harry get dressed, their orgasmic screams sounded through the party room, resulting in loud cheers from the crowd.

When Harry's wife and daughter re-entered the party room, the audience applauded and laughed, to their consternation. Sam recalled Lydia to the stage. He told her that Harry was bound to tell the truth while in his trance. Was there anything she really wanted to know from him?

She stared at Sam hard for a long half minute, then chuckled. "Get thee behind me, Satan," she said. "Not in front of an audience, but if we could see you after the show, can you put him back into a trance easily?"

"Yeah, but I'd then have to do the same to you for him to question."

"That's fine. I don't have anything to hide."

"Okay, Harry, I'm going to bring you out of your trance now. As I count down from four, you will wake up, feeling refreshed. You will not remember your actions on stage or our conversations, but you will remember any instructions I gave you. Ready, four...three...starting to waken...two...nearly awake...one...wake up. There, Harry, how do you feel?"

"My balls ache for some reason, otherwise I'm ready to go. When do you hypnotize me?" Harry was surprised by the laughter from the crowd. Lydia stepped over to him and took his arm, leading him, limping, from the stage.

"It's all done, dear. We were on stage for nearly a half hour. God only knows what he had us doing."

By the time they got to Sam's dressing room, he was gone, leaving a note that he would see them at their house the next afternoon.

Sam rang their doorbell just as the church carillon finished its call to the noon service. Barb would wait for his call at a nearby coffee shop. Patti opened the door and stood there, barring his way. While he waited, Sam examined her.

She was in the five foot four to five inch range in height, about 140 pounds. While not very overweight, the absence of a definable waist, a barely there bust and flat butt gave the impression of pudginess. Straight, dark brown hair with square cut bangs just above her eyebrows hid what ever cuteness her face may have held. She gave the visual appearance of one trying to hide from life.

He noted with satisfaction that she had dressed according to instructions given her at the office session. As he stepped into the house, he said her trigger word, then sent her into the living room to wait.

He heard voices coming from the back of the house, and followed them. He found Patti's parents talking in the kitchen. "Shit, Harry, I wonder what your hypnotist did to us. Listen to me, I've been swearing like a freaking trooper, ooh, and every time I do, it makes my pussy tingle, mmm. If I was wearing panties, I'd have had to change them three times this morning."

"You're not wearing panties! Damn, Liddy, that is so fucking hot. I can't remember you ever going without underwear before. Show me," he said, reaching for the hem of her skirt just as Sam entered the kitchen. He raised it to her waist, exposing her neatly trimmed cunt to himself, and to Sam as he came through the door. Liddy took her time letting the hem fall back into place.

Sam grinned when he saw the dark triangle of pubic hair. He had wondered if Liddy was a natural blonde. Just over five foot eight, her generously sized bust and hips gave her a Rubenesque figure, the impression completed by her shoulder length curls.

As he entered the kitchen he said, "Good afternoon, Harry, Liddy, trance," putting them into the same state they had been in on stage last night. "Liddy, until I say your name again, you will not hear what I say to Harry."

"Harry, go into the living room. You will not see or be aware of any other person there. You will take off your clothes and sit in the easy chair by the side window. Once you are seated, you will not be able to move until I say so. Nor will you be able to speak. Do you understand me?"

Harry nodded. "Go into the living room. Ignore anyone there. Strip. Sit in easy chair by window. Can't move or talk until you tell me to."

"Very good, Harry. Go now." When Harry was out of the kitchen, he turned to Liddy. "Liddy, you can hear me now. I saw you didn't wear panties. Did you leave off your bra, too?" She nodded. "Show me." Liddy unbuttoned her blouse and pulled one side back to reveal her CC breast. "Very nice. I'm going to enjoy playing with those.

"Liddy, I want you to think back to the very best sex you ever had. Can you remember how you felt then?" She nodded. "Was it a single, magnificent, orgasm, or was it a series, leading up to a giant one?"

"A series, leading up to a flurry of big ones."

"A single coupling, or several over a long period of time?"

"We made love several times that day, but the series happened in one extended session."

"Can you recall how aroused you were at the beginning of that fucking?"

"Oh, god, I could hardly stay still."

"Good. We are going to join Harry in the living room now. By the time we get there, you will be that aroused again, and your arousal will be focused on me. You want me to touch you, me to make love to you. You want to please me, and will do whatever I tell you to do to accomplish that. And you will allow me to do as I wish with you. But you will not come until I tell you to. Do you understand?" She nodded.

He woke her, with the admonition that she would not remember being hypnotized, except for last night, but would remember and obey today's instructions. On their way to the living room, he called Barb.

As they entered the room he saw Patti sitting in a side chair, staring straight ahead. He went to her and whispered some instructions in her ear and returned to Liddy, now sitting on the sofa, facing Harry. Sam woke Harry, so he was aware of only Sam and Liddy.

Sam put his arm around Liddy's shoulder, sliding his hand into the neck of her blouse as he turned her face to him for a kiss. Her return kiss let him know she was following the suggestions he had implanted in the kitchen. As he fondled her tits and dueled with her tongue, he reached down with his free hand and slid it up under her skirt. He was careful not to drag the skirt too far up her leg, but was still able to reach her quim.

Her moans attested to her level of arousal, and how much she was enjoying the activities. Already her hips were thrusting off the couch, and her legs were alternately opening and closing. The hand between their bodies was busy in Sam's lap, searching for his cock, while her other hand was grasping his head, holding him in place to continue the kiss. After several minutes of stimulation, at Sam's instruction, Liddy went tense, and moaned loudly as she experienced her first orgasm of the day.

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