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Rich Girl Becomes Fuck Toy


Haley was a spoilt girl. At the age of 18 she'd just moved home from her expensive boarding school, waiting to go away to an even more expensive college in the autumn. The boarding school was courtesy of her biological father who'd never wanted anything to do with her, and who'd only met her once. Her mother had been a waitress at his country club. He'd fucked her a couple of times and she'd been stupid enough to think that he'd actually marry her if she got herself pregnant. He wasn't prepared to do any of the sort, but had been very generous to Haley and denied her nothing, in financial terms, in exchange for not having to give her his name or have anything to do with her. The only time they did meet was when Haley got seriously ill as a girl and he was asked to donate bone marrow.

Haley's mother had married Dirk, a widowed farmer with three sons. They hadn't been the Brady Bunch and there'd been no more children. Haley had been at boarding school since the age of 10 so she didn't feel close to anyone in her family. In fact, with her sophisticated taste and generous allowance, she considered herself better than the rest of her family. Dirk was a farmer. Her oldest stepbrother Colin was his father's farmhand. Her middle stepbrother Justin was a truck driver. The youngest stepbrother Phil was a butcher's apprentice. The brothers were between 23 and 29 years of age and all married to local girls who Haley considered dumb, ugly and fat. In fact, she'd told them so to their faces so the dislike was mutual.

It wasn't just her expensive beauty regime, gym toned body and designer wardrobe that set her apart from her family. She spoke with an educated prep-school accent, whereas anyone could hear from a mile away that her kin was Oklahoma country folk. The list of reasons why they'd never been invited to any events at her school, or why she never invited her friends to come and stay with her, was endless. Most summers she'd been invited to her friends' rich families' summer homes, or tagged along on cruises and European tours, but this summer was different. She'd been set to spend most of the summer with her best friend Simone, but those plans had been cancelled last minute when Simone's brother had been in a serious car crash and ended up in a coma in hospital. Haley had been forced to go home for a 3-month long torture.

She'd been home for nearly two weeks when her mom got a call from her aunt. Haley's grandma was dying and her mom had to go and be with her. There wasn't money for the whole family to travel, and Haley didn't intend to pay her own airfare to the only place she knew that was worse than the farm in Oklahoma, the place she'd renamed End-of-Beyond, North Dakota. So that left her home alone with Dirk and the idiot brothers.

Colin's wife Amy Sue had taken their daughters Britney and Kiley ("Arrrgh! It's Brittany and Kylie, you morons!" Haley wanted to yell at them) to see her parents while their house was fumigated so Colin came to stay with Haley and Dirk at the farm. It was a sunny Monday morning and Dirk and Colin were hard at work in a field so Haley decided to do some sunbathing. She knew that they'd brought packed lunches with them so she expected them to be out all day, as usual. She put on her skimpy white Gucci bikini and her huge D&G sunglasses and picked up her iPod. When she was in her sun lounger she looked around. She had plenty of privacy. Even though she couldn't spend the summer at an exotic location, she was determined that she'd look as though she had, and that included sunbathing topless.

She threw off her bikini bra and sprayed some lotion on her youthfully firm C-cup tits. She turned on her iPod and laid back, pretending that she was far from Oklahoma. With her music blaring into her ears she didn't hear the loud noise when her stepdad's tractor blew out and she didn't hear her stepdad and stepbrother come back to the house. In fact, she didn't notice them until Colin's shadow fell over her. She pulled her iPod earphones out of her ears and looked for something to cover herself with.

"Looking for these?" Dirk said and held her wrap and bikini bra just out of reach.

"Look at those firm titties, pop," Colin said with a smile. "They're bouncing just like jello."

"It's been a long time since I've seen myself a pair of titties as pretty as those," Dirk nodded in appreciation.

"So do you think our Haley's a natural blonde these days?" Colin mused.

"I'm not sure, son. That expensive salon she goes to does all kinds of fancy stuff to her hair. Why don't you check?"

Colin hooked Haley's bikini bottoms with his finger and pulled them off, revealing Haley's smoothly waxed hairless slit.

"Damn!" Colin exclaimed and stroke Haley's pussy. "It IS true that those rich girls go all hairless."

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Haley yelled and tried to get up, but Colin was much stronger and held her back.

"We're just admiring the view, sweetheart," Dirk replied. "With your mom and Amy Sue both gone we haven't been getting pussy like we're used to."

"Well, go rent an X-rated movie then," Haley spat out. "Now let me go."

Colin's hand that was resting on her hairless mound now slipped between her thighs and his finger slipped inside her wet hole. Despite herself, Haley had been getting wet from the situation of being naked in front of two men, even though they were two men she despised.

"Mmmmmm..." Colin broke out into a huge smile. "Your mouth says no, but your pussy says yes, yes, yes. Come and feel her, pop."

Dirk sat down on the other side of Haley and pinned her body between him and his son. Colin pulled his finger out and licked it and Dirk slid two, then three, fingers into Haley's wet pussy. Haley couldn't help raising her hips to feel him deeper and Dirk and Colin both laughed.

"It seems your pussy's a bit eager for our fingers," Dirk mused. "How does it feel about cocks?"

"None of your damn business," Haley hissed.

"Now, now, young lady," Colin got stern. "That's no way to talk to your pop."

"He's not my pop!"

"That's right," Dirk smiled. "That means you won't mind me doing some more of this."

He started sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. Colin placed a finger on her clit and gently stroke it while Dirk finger fucked her. Haley's body betrayed her completely and she started moaning with pleasure.

"I bet our cocks would feel a lot nicer," Colin cupped one of her tits and sucked her nipple into his mouth and gently nibbled it. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

Dirk stopped finger fucking Haley as he waited for the answer. She squirmed at the loss of the pleasure. She raised her hips to get his fingers back inside her but he wouldn't give in.

"No!" she cried out. "Happy? I'm not a fucking virgin!"

Dirk started finger fucking her again and she released a loud moan. He had her completely under his control and he knew it.

"Pop?" Colin looked up from Haley's tits.

"Yes, son?"

"It's a bit unfair..."

"What's unfair?"

"You and me are giving all this pleasure to Haley, but she's not giving any back."

"You're right..."

Dirk picked Haley up in his arms and went inside the house with Colin following behind. He placed her on his king-size bed and the two men got undressed. Haley knew that it was her chance to escape, but the sight of their hard cocks stopped her in her tracks. She hadn't been fucked for over a month and these guys had huge cocks, at least 7 inches each and an impressive girth. Colin kneeled by her face and started rubbing his cockhead on her cheek.

"Come on, little sis," he teased as he rubbed precum on her lips. "Why don't you suck your big brother's cock?"

Haley parted her lips and sucked him in. He tasted of sweat and precum and he turned her on, in spite of her best efforts to feel disgusted. Dirk parted her legs wide and held them up by her ankles, admiring the view of the rosy folds he'd just been finger fucking. Then she felt him rubbing his cocks along her wet slit, making it wet and sticky with her juices. She wanted to tell him to stop, but the cock fucking her mouth tasted too good and then he pressed his cock against her clit, making her moan with delight.

Then he penetrated her. She felt him stretch her tight cunt wide and she loved it. He started sliding in and out of her fuck hole and she raised her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. Colin started kneading her tits as she sucked his cock and she felt absolutely depraved. To her surprise she loved it. Her stepdad and stepbrother weren't pretending to make love, the way her prep-school boyfriends had with her previously. They were just fucking her and it was amazing. She started working Colin's cock and balls with her hands at the same time as she sucked him and he started thrusting his hips against her face, fucking her mouth.

It was inevitable that she should cum, but she surprised them all by the sheer magnitude of her orgasm. Her entire body shook as her cunt squeezed Dirk hard and her cry was only muffled by the huge cock in her mouth. When she finally calmed down, father and son pulled out and told her to get on all fours. She faced Dirk and he smiled at her.

"Son, it looks like Haley's decided she wants your cock in her cunt now so be my guest."

He grabbed her hair and forced his cock across her lips. The taste of her pussy on his shaft was a huge turn-on for Haley. Then she felt Colin's cock slamming into her from behind, balls deep. He held on to her hips and grinded his hips against her ass, making her feel every inch of his manhood inside her. Colin started slapping her ass as he slammed in and out of her. Then he reached round to finger her clit and she squealed in delight. Dirk was fucking her mouth hard and fast. He kept shoving his shaft into her throat and there was nothing she could do but enjoy it and keep sucking. Dirk reached for her tits that were dangling free like two perfectly formed peaches.

Haley lost track of time and had yet another orgasm while being fucked at both ends. Dirk and Colin didn't stop. They were getting every single moment of pleasure that they could from their little fuck toy. They'd both picked up the pace by now.

"I'm gonna cum," Dirk moaned between his teeth. "I'm gonna fucking cum inside this tight pussy."

"Go for it, son," Dirk encouraged him.

Colin groaned out loud as he started shooting his load straight up his stepsister's womb. When his son finally got his release, Dirk decided to surrender to his pleasure as well and came into Haley's mouth. She was forced to try to swallow, but not able to and soon his salty cum spilled out of her mouth and down her chin. When the two men finally pulled out, Haley looked like a slut with cum running off her face and down her bright pink thighs.

"You're on the pill, aren't you?" Colin asked Haley.

She could only nod in reply, disgusted with herself for what she'd just done and absolutely satisfied.

"Good," Colin wrapped his arms around her from behind and started playing with her tits. "Then my little sis can be my fuck toy until Amy Sue gets back."

She wanted to say no, but her body wanted to be fucked by him again.

"And your mom will be gone for another couple of weeks," Dirk placed his lips on hers and kissed her. "You'll be my pussy too."

"What about me?" The voice came from the doorway and they all looked over to see a grinning Justin watching them and knowing exactly what had gone on in the bedroom. "Do I get my fair share of rich girl pussy?"

"We won't be selfish," Dirk said. "I think she needs a shower now and, by the looks of it, so do you. Save some water and shower together."

Justin walked over to the bed and took Haley's hand and they walked to the bathroom together. He turned on the water and stripped. He let Haley enter the shower first and he came after, semi-erect cock in hand. He pinned her against the cold tiles and started kissing her.

"Oh baby," he moaned as his cock was fully erect, squeezed between them. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this."

"Then fuck me, brother," Haley moaned against his lips.

He grabbed her thighs and lifted her onto his cock. She wrapped her legs around him as he started pounding her hard. He sucked and bit her tits as he fucked her hard and fast. She'd just had several orgasms and they fucked for nearly 30 minutes before she finally came, quickly followed by him. They were out of hot water by then and rinsed themselves in cold water. As they stepped back into the bedroom, Haley naked and covered in love bites and bruises, Dirk and Colin had been joined by the youngest of Haley's stepbrothers, Phil.

Dirk smiled at the naked crew.

"We have one hot cunt and four horny cocks. I think we better come up with a rota for the next few weeks while Justin and Phil come and stay with us."

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