tagLoving WivesRichmond Tryst

Richmond Tryst

byLisa Fallon©

The following story is true.

Every summer the three of us leave my husband alone at home for a month or so when we travel to see my parents in Georgia. He gets to play golf everyday and our children, a boy 11 and a girl 14, and I enjoy some southern hospitality at my parents stately home just outside Savannah.

We usually spend the first night in Richmond, Virginia, this trip at the Omni downtown. While I checked us in they went across the street for some dreadful fast food. It was just before 10:00 PM when we were settled in the suite. I was hungry so I decided to get a bite to eat. Looking like hell, I took a quick shower, put on clean underwear, and slipped on a little black dress that travels well in my overnight bag. I dried my hair in a flash and put on some makeup. After a quick look in the mirror I kissed the two sleepy heads and told them to use their cell phones if they needed anything. It was 10:15 when the elevator door opened.

Once in the lobby I noticed a few tables at the restaurant were still occupied so I went over and was greeted by a pretty hostess. She apologized for the dining room being closed and suggested I have dinner in the bar. There were a few seats open and the bartender had a cocktail napkin and menu before I set my purse on the bar. I ordered a Margarita and perused the limited offerings of the late-night menu.

I ordered a small salad and crab cakes, and a second margarita after the first one magically disappeared. I had a third with dinner and was a bit loopy by this point. I had also struck up a conversation with a quite handsome older gentleman. He was having a nightcap after traveling with his son-in-law north from Florida. He was very charming and appeared quite harmless so I allowed him to buy me an after-dinner drink. I ordered a cup of coffee and a Grand Marnier. He suggested I try the 150 year old version they had behind the bar. I'm not sure how much it cost but it was utterly smooth and delicious . He ordered me another, but I refused saying it had become much too late and that I wanted to get an early start in the morning. He graciously relented and offered to escort me to the elevator. Although the sexual tension had become pretty high by this point, I was confident I would be safe in my room within the next few minutes.

We arrived at the elevator doors and as he reached for the button his other hand slid gently into the small of my hip. His touch was electric and I could feel my panties moisten. Thankfully the elevator arrived quickly, I said goodnight and stepped in. Just as I thought I was home free he slid into the elevator with me as the doors squeezed closed. He pressed the button for the 17th floor and gently took my hand into his. I was powerless to do anything. My inhibitions were fully suppressed and for the first time in my marriage I knew that another man would be fucking me. And I wanted him to. Badly.

We arrived at his room and within a minute he was laying naked on the bed boldly stroking a cock that was just a bit thicker than my husband's, but at least two inches longer. I crawled onto the bed with him and took hold of his hot dick and pumped it while we kissed. My pussy was soaking wet and desperate to be filled. He would have nothing of it and it became very apparent that he wanted me to suck his cock. I meekly complied, taking the massive head into my mouth. I bathed his beautiful cock with my tongue before taking him in my mouth. I sucked and jerked his cock until he pulsed a thick hot rope of cum in my mouth. Instinctively I pulled away and he unleashed the next two spurts on my nose and chin. He chuckled and mentioned something about a facial before he handed me a towel and told me to get naked and lay on my back.

I came the instant his lips kissed my clit. My husband almost never goes down on me. A slow rumble deep within at first, then just utter pleasure in jolts that made me quiver and spasm. After driving me relatively senseless eating my pussy, he knelt back on the bed and placed his beautiful big cock between my legs. My pussy was aching to be filled. Slowly and powerfully he pushed his manhood into me. Lifting my hips to him he filled me like no man had. He made deep strong stokes and he squeezed my nipples tender as kissed me softly on my neck, lips, and ears. I was enjoying unbridled sexual release and pleasure for the first time in my life.

We fucked for quite a while, each of us taking the initiative to pleasure the other in every position all over the suite. When we were almost spent and slick with sweat and each others juices he went rigid. He grabbed my hips and pulled me hard back onto his cock. He grunted loudly and slapped my ass as he shot his sperm deep inside me. I muffled my screams face down in a pillow..

I finally came up for air and noticed another big hard cock flopping in front of my face. I remembered something about a son-in-law so I allowed him to feed his stiff cock into my mouth. He gently but forcefully began to fuck my face and slowly invaded my throat, forcing me to gag. After relaxing I managed to calm my gag reflex and he ejaculated several spurts of cum straight into my throat. I thought I was going to choke to death at first, but eventually calmed down.

This had sobered me up quite a bit and I began to feel incredibly guilty about what I had just done. I looked at my watch and it was nearly 2:00 AM. My eyes began tearing up and I started to sob softly as I hurriedly pulled on my panties. I felt like a horrible slut. What had I done! Both guys tried to be nice, but I ignored them and stuffed my bra and hose into my purse, pulled on my dress and slid on my shoes as I hurried toward the door.

The father stood at the door smiling and this only made me feel worse. Before letting me out he told me not to feel so bad. He kindly suggested that maybe I might put this night on my "things to do at least once" list. He then kissed my cheek, handed me a thick fold of hundred dollar bills, patted me on the ass, and ushered me out the door into the deserted hallway.

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