tagGay MaleRick & I Were Childhood Buddies

Rick & I Were Childhood Buddies


Rick and I were childhood buddies. We go back so far that I don't remember meeting him for the first time, he was just "there" from the get-go.

As we grew up together there were plenty of times we saw each other naked, like when we were going swimming or staying over at each other's houses. Like all guys, we had a sex drive from birth, we just didn't know what to do with it back then, but we had ideas…

Back then there was a TV cop show called "Naked City." It sounded sooo sinful, but was just another series about a cop in New York City, based on a book by a crime photographer. We didn't care, it just gave us a code word name we could use to signal that we wanted to play with each other.

Don't get me wrong, we both were waiting for the day when we would be old enough to date girls, it's just that when you're a kid that sort of thing is out of the question, or at least it was back in the early Sixties. We just made do with what we had. I later discovered I still like it both ways, but Rick was a mystery, since we went our separate ways after he went off to college.

I hadn't seen my old buddy in almost 25 years when I was passing through his town on business. It took a while to find him in the phone book, but it was his voice that answered the phone. Some things don't change.

His children were grown and gone to college themselves, and his wife was off visiting her mother. He came to my hotel where we had dinner and talked over old times and times gone by in between. He had been married before, I had been divorced and was still looking. His kids were such and such, I didn't have any. Did I remember playing "Naked City?" "Yeah. Did you like it?"


It was all we needed. We got naked.

Rick is a true blonde, and always had the whitest body, sparsely covered with golden hair, even in his crotch. I'm hairier now than I was then; it used to be black, but now there's more gray than I like to see. Rick's cock produced more children than mine ever has, but it's small, only about four inches, but as smooth as a pipe. Mine is a more hefty sausage, all of six inches, with veins. I always liked his cock.

He reached for my dick as I reached for his balls. They were hairier than I remembered, and I stroked the base of his penis with my thumb, exploring like we did so many years ago. He began to jack mine and it quickly inflated erect. I always have been a horndog.

We moved to the bed, secure in the knowledge that we no longer had to fear one of our parents knocking on our bedroom door at an awkward moment. We always liked to play with each other sitting facing each other, legs spread. Old habits die hard.

I remember the time we heard about oral sex. Back in those days there was no porn, and what nudity there was was in magazines like "Playboy," or a slew of also-rans, and even then they couldn't show pubic hair or genitalia. I remember "Sir!" magazine had a "sex survey" feature that ran each month, and was really a softcore fantasy story about being introduced to sex, wife-swapping, and so on. It was years before I learned that "fellatio" was the "proper" term for "sucking a dick."

As usual, I was the adventurous one, and after a moment's hesitation, put my mouth over his, um..pisser. Of course, I would never have used the term "piss" in those days. Nobody even said "damn" or "hell" in those days, except John Wayne, and you should have heard how our parents went on about that! Still, it didn't taste like pee, it tasted…well, it didn't actually have a taste, except that Rick was one of those rare guys that had a personal scent. Not a bad smell, and certainly not B.O., but he did have an animal smell about him, and I guess his cock tasted somewhat like that. This time I recognized the taste of pre-cum from his tip. I put on enough vacuum to pull it out by the roots. He grunted through clenched teeth as the feeling zoomed up his spine like one of those "ring the bell with a mallet" strength testers on a carnival midway. I could almost hear the bell clang out loud.

I would run my tongue around the circumcised head and up the bottom. It was so smooth. I pulled back and put my foot on his scrotum and gently massaged his balls. The skin of his sack felt like satin.

This time we both knew a lot more about sucking and jacking. Who knows better how to blow you than another guy, right? Years ago my ex and I had a three-way with a guy named Frank who gave as good as he got, and much as I like doing the horizontal cha-cha with a woman they're too dainty with my dong. Frank knew how hard to crank my crankshaft and pull my balls. From that day forward I knew that those who were either exclusively straight or gay were idiots.

Rick and I shifted around into a 69 and we went to work on our cocks, sucking and stroking with industrial strength. I took his balls in my hand by circling the sack with my thumb and forefinger and pulling down hard. "Oh yeah!!!!" He grunted. Do I know what I'm doing, or what? He reciprocated and stretched me a foot, grabbing my wet wang in his fist and pounding me like a jackhammer. I worked his schlong like a screwdriver, drawing my fingertips up the shaft and twirling the head, then shoving back down, letting my fingers rub against the brown corona, then I took him in hand and jacked him too.

I remember a porno flick I saw once, where one boy lay on his back on a table, and a ring of boys around him took turns letting him suck them one or two at a time, while one or two or more manipulated his machinery as the one at the bottom of the circle penetrated. God, I wanted to be in that movie!

Rick pushed me over on my back and climbed on top, ramming his cock down my throat while deep-throating mine. I grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks to get at his bung and tickle it. His hips began to pump reflexively. Good! He sucked even harder on me.

Once upon a time I got naked with a really fat chick, back in those days when anything would do as long as it was female. She may have been immense, and she may have been ugly, but BOY could she suck cock! It was like being plugged into the air inlet of a huge air compressor. Only another guy could put on that much suction, and he did. Combined with being deep-throated I was in Heaven.

We could go on for hours, and did. As usual, we ended up jacking ourselves off, only this time we let our spunk shoot all over each other, hot and sticky.

We went into the shower and lathered each other up, but our cocks were so sensitive from all the manipulation and cumming that we couldn't bear to touch each other any more, so we got our butts slick and stuck fingers in each other's bungs. We would get front to back and slide our cocks in each other's butt cracks and soap and squeeze our balls, letting our cocks flop over our wrists. Not the same as cockfighting, but it would do.

I was so sorry to see him go, but it was getting late and both of us had to go to work in the morning. We weren't into kissing goodbye, we're guys fer chrissake, but we did embrace one last time.

It may be a long time before I ever see him again, if ever. I miss my friend.

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