tagIncest/TabooRide Me Baby

Ride Me Baby


Irina and Karin Jenks pulled up to the Slutz Clubhouse and got off their Kawasakis. Kain was the most excited she'd ever been. She had finally been invited to join the exclusive, women-only motorcycle Club her mother belonged to, "Slutz".

Karin's new motorcycle was a gift from her mother Irina on her 19th birthday, which had been just last week. Karin looked over at her beautiful mom, she didn't look old enough to have a 19-year old daughter. Her face and slender figure belied her 40 years. The bike had been the young blonde's favorite gift, more than the money or sexy new clothes she was now wearing. Her Aunt Anna and her cousin Val had suggested the motorcycle to the girl's mother, who continued riding over her husband's strident objections. "I just need the release, darling" Irina would always say to him, purring and Karin's father would just sigh and agree. When he heard that his wife planned to give Karin a bike of her own, he grumbled, but she got the bike anyway.

Now, she'd been invited to join the "Slutz" Motorcycle Club, which was a real thrill for them both. Karin was excited to have been asked, Irina was thrilled her daughter was going to be joining her at long last. The club had a few rules: you had to be mother and daughter [ although step-daughters / stepmothers were now allowed ] and you had to be sexy. And you didn't talk about what went on at the meetings in the glamorous, high-end Clubhouse.

Anna, Val and her mother had simply told the girl "Dress Sexy", which also got disapproving looks from her father, but what could he do? She was 19, after all. Karin chose a scandalously short black leather mini, crop-top and black leather, thigh-high boots which hugged her slender, long legs. She wore her new black leather jacket, her tanned legs in sexy, trashy stockings underneath, with a black garter as well. Underneath it all, Karin wore the teeniest black lace bra and French-cut panties.

Her sexy Mom wore black stiletto heels, tight black leather pants and a black, sheer top. No bra, her breasts were lose and firm, nipples pointing skyward. Irina had worn her favorite thong and spritzed herself with her favorite sexy perfume, she wanted every moment of this night to be memorable.

They strode into the Clubhouse, heads held high. Karin projected a confidence she didn't really feel, but her appearance masked her nervousness. She needn't have worried, she was already in.

Karin's aunt and cousin ran over to them and hugged them fiercely. "Oh, we're gonna have such good times!" the women smiled, hugging Irina and Karin again. The blondes had no doubt of that, the two families had always been close.

Karin looked around the Clubhouse, it was pretty spiffy. Good sound system, decent furniture, fridge and the other women in the club seemed nice enough, they sure were easy on they eyes. Karin really wanted in, but Irina, always bolder than her lovely daughter, piped up first.

"Okay ladies, why don't you tell my daughter how she goes about getting in?"

Anna grinned over at her sister, her green eyes meeting her sister's light-blue ones. "It's not hard Karin hon, there's a small initiation ritual and then, you're a member!"

Karin's eyes narrowed. "And this ritual is ...?"

Her cousin, Valentina, piped up. "You have to have girl-girl sex with a member of the club. Your choice. In front of all of us."

Karin gasped for a second. She was no stranger to girl-on-girl pleasures, she'd had sex with her cousin Valentina many times, when both were horny and didn't have dates. But – to do this in full view of everyone?

Then, a secondary thought hit her. Her own MOTHER would be one of the witnesses to her lesbian antics. Hell, she seemed to know all about it! Karin looked over at Irina, who smiled and nodded.

Her aunt Anna spoke next. "Then, you have to do it with ANOTHER girl. OUR choice this time."

Karin wasn't at all sure she was comfortable with this idea. When she had partied with Valentina, it had just been the two of them. Two wild girls having just a bit of fun, her cousin was a very wonderful teacher. Their respective boyfriends weren't even in on their little secret. To do it in front of all these women – who were gorgeous, to be sure – was intimidating. But she also felt a perverse thrill running throughout her body.

The next thought that sent a chill throughout Karin's body was knowing she'd be doing all these kinky things in front of her own MOTHER. Oh God, it was getting to her, her pussy was growing damp.

Karin was visibly nervous, but also tremendously turned on. She looked around the room, taking in the beauty of all the hot, seductive women. A stunningly-beautiful black woman and her tall, leggy, busty daughter. Two curvy brunettes, two petite Korean women she recognized from the neighborhood, another set of blondes – none of whom she would have turned down a "date" with if asked.

"What the fuck, why not?" Karin agreed, throwing caution to the wind.

"Good for you, baby!!" her mother exclaimed proudly.

Karin had been thinking – why the heck not? All of these women were H - O - T! Karin knew who she'd chose ... her cousin Valentina turned her on like few women ever had ... but who was ever gonna know? She decided, lets's have some kicks!

Karin stood there quietly for a minute. All of these women were hotties, she couldn't wait to get to "know" them on a more personal basis. Even if Valentina hadn't been there to play with, all the women were hotties. She would have done it with any of them, so no matter who was chosen after she chose to play with Valentina, she'd be a winner.

"Okay. Come here Valentina baby, let's show our Moms how hot we can be" Karin said, smiling.

Valentina ran over and grabbed Karin, Karin took Valentina by the hand. Both of the hot girls were truly ready for some hot pussy licking. The girls hadn't partied together in a few weeks and were eager to taste each other again. Karin got to the couch first, so Valentina straddled her cousin's eager tongue. Valentina pulled up her tight black PVC dress she was wearing to expose her horny pussy to Karin's eager lips.

"You shaved, naughty girl!" Karin giggled. She inserted her tongue deep into the cunt she worshipped, Valentina and she adored their lezzie games. Sometimes Val was the dominant partner, other times it was Karin, but despite whatever game they played, they always came gangbusters when they made it together.

The two young playmates made a truly sensual picture, one dark and slender, one pale and cool-looking. Valentina's knowing fingers probed her cousin's cunt as Karin ate her wildly, Val ground her pussy onto her cousin's face. Both girls were terribly turned on, knowing their mothers were watching their lesbian debauchery.

While the slender blonde ate her lusty cunt, Valentina's fingers continued to fingerfuck her sexy little cuz. Their continual "playdates", as they laughingly called them, had made them quite proficient in making each other orgasm. Fingers strumming her pussy and clit never failed to make Karin cum gangbusters.

It didn't take long for Karin and Valentina to get begin cumming. Karin was eager for an orgasm, she'd been horny as hell since walking in here and playing with Val had only intensified those feelings. She buried her face in the dark-haired girl's wet cunt and began eating her ferociously, while her manicured hands began to play with Valentina's beautiful, delectable tits. She loved those breasts, delicate and adorable. Karin remembered how responsive Valentina was to having them massaged and licked, she nibbled on her nipples from time to time. Valentina's long legs squeezed around Karin's head as her lover-cousin sucked her off.

Valentina was inclined to be the slightly more aggressive of the pair. She and Karin removed more of their clothing. then moved into a heated sixty-nine. Her tongue danced all over the blonde's densely-furred pussy. Valentina thought the outfit that Karin had worn was hot, but her sexy cousin always looked best without a stitch on. Valentina's knowledgeable tongue licked and twirled all over her cousin's eager cunt as the pretty blonde returned her erotic favors. Valentina's fervor was greatly increased from having everyone in her club watching her, her exhibitionistic streak was well-known amongst all the members, her own mother included. Anna had known for a long time about her naughty daughter's little flings with her sweet blonde relative, but how could she judge? She and Irina had shared a bed many times in their younger days – continuing to do so from time-to-time even to this day.

Karin looked over at her naughty aunt, who was feverishly playing with her pussy. A lot of the women were enjoying watching her and Val in their love-play. She hadn't noticed before how sexy her aunt was, which was silly, because her mother, aunt and Valentina were stunning women. Proudly, Karin knew that in the throes of lesbian bliss with her pretty brunette cousin, Karin herself was one of the sexiest sights in the room.

Every time she and Val made love in her cousin's bedroom, she insisted on doing so in front of Val's full-length mirror. She loved seeing her sexy, sultry cousin's nude body with it's wanton sexuality, she loved the hard, dark nipples of her cousin's breasts pressed into her own pink pegs.

Ohhhh Godddd, Valentina's knowing tongue was getting to her, she was creaming all over the licking digit. She buried her face in her cuz's snatch again, determined to please Val and give all of the onlookers a great show. Karin didn't realize how much of an exhibitionist she was, but it seemed her true nature was surfacing. Screams coming from Valentina and the cheers from the onlookers nearby let them know that they were very close to cumming.

Her face buried in Valentina's pussy, Valentina's tongue slurping and eating her eagerly, Karin barely heard the cheers and yells of the other women onlookers. When she did, she and her lesbian lover-cousin joined the chorus with yelps and screams of their own.

The two young women disentangled to loud applause and whistles. Renee, the mother of the two black women and current leader of the Club, came and separated them. Val grinned at her cousin, leaned over and kissed her and rejoined her Clubmates.

"Now dear, it's time for our choice. Ladies, the blindfolds please."

"What, I don't even get to see who I'm playing with?" Karin said, obviously disappointed.

"Nope, that's part of the game!" Renee giggled as the blonde was blindfolded and then led back to the couch. Sitting comfortably on it, she felt the butterflies starting again. A few seconds later, Karin felt the weight of another body.

Karin reached out and caressed the breast of the woman – or girl - she was with. Oh goodness, her skin was so soft, her breasts, tiny and delicate. Karin leaned forward and kissed her partner, the sweetest, gentlest kiss she'd ever felt. Whoever this was, they sure knew how to kiss, even sexier than Val.

Karin's partner was kissing her passionately, putting her all into it. The tongue that slid along Karin's lips had experience, she shivered with delight and got into the kissing, returning each kiss with equal ardor, fondling her lover's sweet breasts, hearing a gentle sigh coming from her newest lover.

Karin was getting more aroused by the moment. Valentina was wonderful, but this person was sending electric shocks throughout her body. Her playmate's gentle fingers were trailing all over her, stimulating her senses. Her pussy was crying out to be fingered, and then, her lover did exactly that.

Karin was putting all her skill into pleasing her new playmate as well. This girl, whoever she was, was sighing and cooing, so Karin must have been doing a good job. The couch underneath them was getting a good workout, she ran her fingers all over the other girl and stroked her clit, which swelled at her gentle touch. She could hear her lover's little whimpers of pleasure and she hoped this woman was having as much fun as she was. It was eerily silent in the room, but Karin didn't really care. The lips kissing her aroused skin were the softest she'd ever known, like the wings of a butterfly. This was a whole new dimension of sex.

Karin could barely keep still, this was the nicest, sweetest, most sensual sex she'd ever had, woman or man. She hunched her body forward as the slender digits caressed her cunt, she wished she could see who was doing such a good job of arousing her passions.

Skin, smooth as silk moved against Karin's own flesh. Breast to breast with her lover, their lips met. Warm breath suffused each kiss, she was aching, dying to know who was playing with her on the couch, awakening her senses like no one ever had. Whoever this sexy thing was, Karin wanted her to share her bed tonight. No way was this going to be a one-time fling.

Karin spoke loudly to the aroused members of the Slutz, begging. "PLEASE, let me see I'm we're making love to!"

Karin felt her blindfold being removed and there she sat, facing her latest lover. She'd been having sex with her own, beautiful mother.

"Surprised?" Irina said with a positively-evil grin.

"This is the second rule of the club – daughters must be willing to play with mothers and vice-versa. We're a very kinky, naughty club and we find this is the best way to break the ice." Renee smiled.

Karin was aghast, but her seductive, naughty mother reigned her in. "Darling, it was wonderful, wasn't it? I don't know about you, but I have never felt like that. NEVER, do you understand?"

Karin spoke up, with a timid voice. "You like women, Mommy?"

Irina giggled at her adorable daughter. "I should think that would be obvious by now, dear."

"But, Daddy ... "

"I love your father Karin, but there are things I have here I can't share with your father. Do you understand?"

Irina's daughter nodded. The sexy, mature blonde continued.

"Karin, do you want to finish what we started? It's totally up to you."

Meekly, Karin nodded. That was all it took. With a loud cheer from the club members, Irina pounced on her daughter and began feasting on her. She took in the full beauty of her child, noting the differences between them. Karin had slightly-darker nipples, there was a light dusting of freckles across Karin's nose. Wonderful differences, she thought as she licked down the flat plane of Karin's tummy.

Every wriggle of Karin's slender, nearly naked body brought her mother to a fever pitch. Pussy rubbing against pussy, heated cunt against horny cunt, the girls played a new game of incestuous fun. The cheers and yells from the other women got them hotter, Karin slid her fingers into Irina's snatch and began to fingerfuck her in earnest, the Keggle exercises both women did meant her Mom's tight cunt gripped her fingers like a vise. She giggled, but crooked her finger and stroked Irina's clit as she did so. The gasps from Irina encouraged Karin to do even more.

Moving quickly, she tugged her mother's hand and she swung her body on top of Irina's own. Now, facing each other's pussies, the horny women were free to devour each other, which they did, ardently. Licking with a furor neither knew the other possessed, the blondes ate each other's honeyed snatch until neither one could cum anymore. Or so Karin thought.

She watched in shock as Renee was handed a huge, strap-on dildo, which she presented to Karin. "Put it on baby, and fuck the hell out of your Mom!" she grinned at the startled teen.

Karin was still trying to get used to all this new kink. Turning to her mother, she looked at her for approval.

"DO IT, baby. Fuck me like I'm a slut. I AM a slut. You're going to be a slut too! We're all sluts here!"

That seemed to encourage another round of yelps and cheers from the others, so Karin meekly did as she was commanded to do. She strapped on the large, fleshy toy and guided it into the depths of her mom's hot cunt.

"Are you ready for this Mom?" Karin asked her parent one final time.

"Oh, yes baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like the slut I am!"

Those seemed to be the final encouraging words that Karin needed to hear. She slammed the dildo into her mother's pussy, Irina groaning and carrying on like a madwoman as her hot, teenaged daughter fucked the hell out of her. The dildo felt so good deep inside of her pussy, her daughter had a real skill for manipulating it within a woman's pussy. She slammed her ass back against the invading tool and was rewarding with wonderful sensations every time she did so.

Karin was enjoying herself equally. The toy had a little device that rubbed against her clit, every time she drove the fake cock into her mother's pussy, it rubbed her and sent delicious thrills throughout her body. She poured all her sexual efforts into pleasing her sexy parent.

"Oh fuck baby, that's good. That's so fucking good! Oh baby, Karin, you hot little piece of ass, I'm CUMMINGGGGG!!"

Hearing her normally-unflappable mother lose her cool like that sent Karin over the edge. She joined her mother in an intense climax mere seconds afterward.

Pulling the exhausted pair apart, Renee kissed each of them sensuously and proclaimed "Ladies, the newest members of the Slutz!"

A large cheer went up, champagne corks popped and the club began to party.

Anna and Valentina approached them, giving Irina and Karin a quick peck and a hug. "You two were so fucking HOT!" Valentina squealed.

"Do you two ---?" Karin asked her cousin, Valentina nodded.

"For a while now. Like Renee said, it's a Club rule. Not that we didn't – before" she exclaimed with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, then winking at Anna. Anna stuck out her tongue playfully at Valentina, then the pair left to go join the others.

Karin looked into her mother's eyes and asked, "So, whattaya think? Mom, didn't you tell me that Gran used to be a member of this club? You mean to tell me you, she and Aunt Anna ---?"

Irina laughed, then gave her daughter a quick hug and said "I know you're surprised baby, but parents can be sexy too. Why don't you let Mommy prove that to you again? Tonight, when everyone's sound asleep, I'll sneak into your room."

Karin hugged her mother back, grinning. "Okay Mom. I'll make sure to leave a light on for you!"

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