tagBDSMRidin' the Storm Out

Ridin' the Storm Out


Early morning in Northern Wisconsin is truly breath taking. The increasing warmth of the sun as it begins to filter through the trees and chase away the winter chill. It's bright orange dome cresting a distant wooded ridge slowly turning the varying predawn shades of darkness to vibrant hues of yellows, pinks and purples. Sharing that special moment in time with the most beautiful and most sensual woman in the northern hemisphere made it even more special me.

It was a week or so before Christmas, work was slowing down and I was able to get away for a few days. I called Becca ahead of time and we made plans to get away for the weekend. We arrived well before dawn at a huge Ski Resort in the Northern part of Wisconsin near the southwest shore of Lake Superior. I had reserved us a mountain chalet so we dropped off our things and quickly checked out the spacious and cozy lover's retreat before hitting the slopes.

Our Gondola pulled away front the lower lift house just as the sun was coming up. I wrapped my arm tightly around Becca, pulling her closer as we started our fifteen minute climb to the top. We went to the top of that snow covered mountain and down again, fives times before a nasty winter storm moved in dropping more than a foot of snow driven by high winds later in the day. It forced us into the lodge early for some wine, a relaxing dinner and a soul baring fireside chat.

As the sun went down and the lights came up at the lodge, Becca and I made plans to embark upon a long pleasure filled journey that we hoped would take us both to the summit and beyond, time and time again before the sun returned. We grabbed a couple glasses of wine at the lodge and settled into a big soft red leather armchair next to the main hearth to warm up a bit before we drove up the mountain to our chalet for the remainder of the evening

As soon as I sat down in the big comfy chair, Becca eased her sexy frame seductively down onto my lap as she has done countless times since the first time we met. She squirmed about giggling, wiggling and grinding her firm round bottom against my crotch until she was totally comfortable. When the feel was finally to her liking she was sitting side-saddle with her sexy feet hanging over the arm of the chair on the fireplace side and near the fire.

She pulled off her socks and wiggled her toes giving me a smile and a wink. Becca's toenails were painted a dark crimson red with little white snowmen on them. She wore an intricately engraved toe ring on the second toe of her left foot. I had to admit they were very cute, but when perusing the arsenal of Becca's mind blowing physical attributes, her long sexy, very kissable and very suckable toes were regrettably not at the top of my list.

Becca stands around 5'2" tall and barely pushes 5'6" even in her sexy "Come Fuck Me" pumps. She has a firm round ass that would rival that of any pro football cheerleader, a great pair of 36" breasts which fill her modest C-cups to the brim and look even larger when they're cradled snuggly into one of her cleavage enhancing bras from Victoria's Secret. Becca has sexy dark brown angel like hair with maroon highlights that flows softly down over her shoulders.

As a confident Italian vixen with an infectious smile that is only eclipsed in intensity by her piercing emerald green eyes and as a sexy divorced mother of two lovely girls and one with her fortieth birthday in her rearview mirror, Becca would more than meet the minimum "MILF" requirements for most of the bed hopping, bimbo banging boy toys that hover like predators in the darkness of the lodge looking for vulnerable older women who aren't getting any at home.

That was never more evident to me than it quickly became as we sat by the fireplace. Becca was sitting comfortably on my lap with her head on my shoulder as we talked softly. She was indeed stunning in her tight black spandex ski pants and her clingy gray cashmere sweater. She had a powder blue knit scarf draped loosely around her neck, a matching headband, and a pair of fuzzy pail blue earmuffs stretched over the front of her shapely thigh.

I looked slowly around the room at several of the young couples there. What I saw was no surprise. If I read it the room right, it was filled with silver spoon fed sons of prominent fathers who had the family business waiting for them when they finally tired of playing with or became bored with their bottle blonde, silicone enhanced trophy wives and girlfriends. The scene was almost the same at every table. What I witnessed caused me to shake my head and reflect.

Most of the guys were pretending to be listening to their powdered up princesses, even nodding occasionally and smiling, while their eyes were devouring Becca. Elicit thoughts and images of her filled their minds. Some of them squirming a little uneasy in their seats, a stiffness building in their crotch as they wondered silently about the size of her nipples, the taste of her skin, the feel of her sex and more than likely if she went natural, trimmed or was clean shaven.

My subtle head shake must have caught Becca's attention.

"A penny for your thoughts" she whispered in my ear.

I hesitated for a moment and then softly replied; "That used to be me".

Becca turned her head, lifted her wine glass and looked around the room. She then looked back at me with a puzzled stare.

"All of them, everyone one of them" I said as I closed my eyes and shook my head again; I was a little uncomfortable, so I tried to change the subject.

I sighed softly, embarrassed to admit that twenty-five years ago that was me. I told Becca what I was thinking and even whispered the descriptions to her of the guys who were watching

her so intently, she turned nonchalantly to see for herself. One after another they all smiled at her trying to catch her eye. She turned back towards me and began to blush.

"Oh my God" she whispered. "How did you know?"

I smiled at her and told her; "A man just knows."

Becca giggled softly.

"You used to be like that?" she asked with a raised brow.

"I did" I replied smiling shamefully.

"So what made you change" she asked tilting her head slightly.

"A near death experience I guess. It seems to change everybody that has one" I told her.

Becca looked deep into my eyes trying hard to understand, but she didn't pry and I didn't volunteer any more information. She took another drink of her wine and looked once more around the room.

Little did these horny young studs know that Becca had outgrown boy toys long ago. She was too much a lady and way too much woman to open her legs for just anyone. She was the kind of woman who wants a man that understands there are times she wants to be made love to and there are other times she just wants to be taken. The kind of woman who often longs to be taken, but she never wants to be taken advantage of.

Making love to Becca is an honor and a privilege that needs to be earned; it's also one that comes with certain duties and unspoken responsibilities that can not be ignored. Becca is a sexually adventurous woman who is searching for a certain kind of sexual savvy; the type that young lovers who are only looking to put another notch in their headboards don't yet possess. How she ever got hooked up with a crazy Ohio boy like me, I'll never understand.

The lodge was beginning to jump with activity as more and more skiers and snowboarders made their way in from the slopes. I assumed that we would spend most of the evening in one of the two bars just off the main room as we have done before. Maybe we'd do a little dancing, perhaps shoot a little pool, or just make out quietly in a dimly lit corner of the bar. I was happy with just getting to spend some time with Becca. It seemed however, that she had other plans.

She patted me on softly on the chest and gave me a long reassuring kiss on the lips.

"Let's get out off here" she whispered with a seductive smile; reaching for her socks and ski boots.

I finished my last sip of wine and slid gently from beneath her.

"I'll pull the truck up out front" I told her, stealing another quick kiss before I headed for the door.

As I pulled up to the front door of the lodge Becca was standing outside talking to a young attractive couple. She was smiling at them, shaking her head no.

The snow was already falling at an alarming rate and my truck was already covered with 2-3" inches of heavy wet snow. Becca, scooped up a handful, packed it between her palms and tossed it playfully at me as I put our gear in the back of the truck. She giggled then and hopped inside, I watched her through the back window as she shivered from the cold. She turned on the seat heater or "bun warmer" as she called it on the passenger side and began to rub her arms.

My truck had been sitting out in the cold all day so it would be a little while before it warmed up. I shut the tailgate and jumped back inside. Becca had folded back the armrest and had scooted over on the seat next to me. She grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her placing my hand quickly beneath her ski jacket and softly upon her left breast. Her nipples were hard from the cold and poked prominently against the front of her tight sexy sweater.

As we headed up the snow covered mountain road toward the chalet, I asked her if she knew the young couple at the front door to the lodge. She sighed; then smiled.

"No, they asked me if I would like to join the two of them in their room for a cozy little get together" she confided.

"And you declined?" I asked.

"Yes" Becca replied.

"I dunno if I would have, she had a nice ass" I teased trying not to laugh as Becca pulled away from my arms and slugged me in the ribs with her fist.

I laughed out loud and pulled her close again; giving her a hug.

"You know you should be flattered, that a couple like that finds you sexy enough to even ask you to join them. It took a lot of courage on their part. What did you tell them?" I asked.

Becca grinned playfully, "I told them I wasn't in the mood to baby-sit tonight."

I looked at her and smiled; "You did not."

Becca hesitated, "No, I didn't. I wanted to, but they were very sweet about it so I was polite to them."

By the time we reached our chalet the truck was beginning to heat up and so was Becca. She had quietly guided my down over the front of her firm flat abdomen and pushed it down between her shapely thighs. Her left foot was down the floorboard; her right was up on the seat near the passenger door. Her back was pushed firmly against the side of my chest, her head was tilted softly back against my chin. Her legs were spread and my fingers were cupping her crotch.

I could see in the rearview mirror that Becca's eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. She purred long and soft as I began to rub her smooth puffy mound through the spandex fabric of her tight body hugging pants. I could feel the bulging outline of Becca's soft meaty lips beneath my finger tips and the heat from her smooth hot slit rising up between them.

I kissed her softly on top of the head and whispered; "We're here Sexy."

That was the last thing Becca wanted to hear right then.

"N-o-o-o-o" she whined, placing her hand over mine pushing it harder against her swollen mound; pushing my fingers deeper into her crotch with her own. "Let's stay here for a little while", she pleaded.

"C'mon Baby, lets go inside where it's warm" I told her with a smile, pulling my hand slowly from between her tightly clenched highs.

"O.K.", replied Becca in a frustrated sulking tone.

She grabbed her scarf and gloves, zipped up her jacket and ran through the blowing snow and up to the front door like a school girl at recess. She unlocked the lock and ran inside. By the time I got all our gear carried into the chalet, Becca had disappeared into the bathroom. I could here water running and the door was slightly ajar. I walked quietly over and peeked through the narrow opening between the door and the jamb.

Becca was standing beside the antique crow's foot style porcelain tub facing away from the door, hot water was pouring into the tub and Becca was beginning to strip down. I watched her firm sexy body sway softly as she wiggled and tugged her sweater up over her head and laid it to the side. She tilted one shoulder at a time and pulled her arms out of her sexy red lace bra. She pushed it down off her breasts, spun it around and undid the clasp, tossing it aside.

I caught a brief glimpse of the soft full curvature of Becca's ample breasts when she raised her arms and ran her fingers slowly through her hair, slowly shaking her head. She slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her pants and without as much as a hint, turned and looked toward the door. "Shit", I thought, I am so busted. Becca screamed playfully like it was summer camp and the first time a boy had ever seen her naked.

She crossed her arms tightly over her breasts and short stepped her barefooted ass toward the door.

"Go take a shower or something" she barked with a giggle as she slammed and locked the door. I heard her giggle as she moved away from the door.

I paused briefly and then asked her; "Are you naked yet?" twisting the door knob loudly. I heard her scream again, "Hmmmmmm, must be", I whispered.

"Go away" she replied. "You'll know when I am ready for you."

There was a chill in the room, so I built a fire in the hearth. In no time at all the seasoned hardwood was popping and sizzling. Reflections from the flames flickered and danced about the room. I retrieved a bottle of Jim Beam from my travel bag and searched the kitchen cabinets for a rocks glass. I poured myself about three fingers and stood by the fire. I let the heat from the fire warm my skin slowly, while the bourbon began to warm me from inside.

A good bourbon and good woman are a lot alike. They are both an acquired taste and each of them have the ability to make you do things that you would never consider without them. A good woman, like a good sippin' whiskey, should be smooth and sweet, even a little tangy against your tongue with the ability to warm your insides. Both should have an addictive allure; an intoxicating bouquet and both can sometimes be very tough to hold.

I stood by the fireplace and sipped my drink. The chalet was very cozy. A large main room with a soft leather sofa, Wildlife mounts on the walls and quaintly decorated for the holidays. There was a full length mirror on the wall next to the main bathroom and a huge oval braided rug in front of the fireplace. In the middle of the rug in front of the hearth, sat an armless wooden rocking chair with a very soft and very thick fleece throw folded and draped across the back.

Becca was drawing a hot relaxing bubble bath when she very abruptly; but very playfully sent me away from the door. I glanced at the locked door and imagined her naked and wet just beyond it. That's when I saw the light shining from between the bottom of the door and the floor go out. I knew that meant Becca had lit a couple scented candles and slipped her hot sexy ass into a mountain of sweetly scented bubbles.

One thing I have learned about women and Becca in particular, is that when they sink into a relaxing bubble bath, it's going to be a while before you see them again. I threw back my glass and chugged the remainder of my drink; deciding at that point to take a shower myself and begin to relax. Chasing Becca down the slopes and around the lodge all day had left me in desperate need of some rejuvenation. A steaming hot shower would be just what the doctor ordered.

Over in the corner of the master bedroom was a huge stone shower stall with a big brass famed glass door. I grabbed my body wash, razor and gel, a big fluffy towel and headed in. The hot steamy water was exactly what I needed. I emerged after 20 minutes, squeaky clean, with a freshly shaven cock and balls and a renewed energy. I dried my hair, brushed my teeth, lightly dusted myself with the body spray that Becca likes the best and slipped into a pair of black silk boxers.

After my invigorating shower I headed back out towards the main room. I stopped to check on Becca, turning the locked door knob only to tease her; but the knob twisted. Hmmmmm, I thought, slowly pushing the door ajar. There was Becca lying back in the tub, her long brown hair clipped up on top of her head with white fluffy bubbles covering her naked body. There were 3 candles lit around the room and the lighting was very soft and very sensual.

I started to sneak across the room; my plan was to kiss her on the lips, before she knew that I was there. I was doing alright until a squeaky oak floor plank outed me. That's when Becca opened her eyes and gasped. She instinctively kicked her right foot outward at me, slinging warm water and bubbles up onto and over my bare chest. She laughed out loud, held her foot straight out, wagged her little piggies and demanded playfully that I suck on her toes.

What I did next must have caught Becca a little off guard. I smiled, walked over and gently placed my left hand under the ankle of her outstretched foot holding it away from the water. I grabbed a soft white towel from a stand next to the tub and gently patted her bubble covered foot dry. I brushed her foot softly with the plush terry cloth towel, pushing it slowly between her toes and pulling it out, whisking it very seductively over the arch of her foot.

Becca took a deep breath when I tossed the towel aside and knelt down beside the tub. I put my right hand onto the front of Becca's lower calf then caressed my way slowly down over her foot until my fingers gently gripped the topside just beneath her toes. I began to slowly trace the outline of her arch with my left thumb. Becca quickly emitted a pleasure laced moan as I moved my face closer, letting my warm breath flow gently over and between her toes.

I tilted Becca's foot forward and softly kissed her brightly painted toenails. She squirmed slightly and the bubbles flowed around her. Moaning softly; she lifted her left knee and rested her leg against the far side of the tub as I started slowly pushing my hot wet tongue between her toes, one gap at a time. It wasn't until I seen a cluster of bubbles moving between her wide spread thighs, that I realized Becca was polishing her pearl.

Her eyes were closed and her tongue was pressed firmly to her upper lip when I slid my lips over her big toe and sucked it hard between them. Becca arched her back and moaned loudly, her chest jutted forward, pushing her heaving breasts from beneath the water line. I watched with excitement, still sucking on her toes as the sweetly scented bubbles trickled slowly down off her impressive fleshy globes, finally revealing to my hungry eyes, her dark shiny wet nipples.

The cold air above the warm bath water had a tightening affect on Becca's succulent brown nipples. Her areoles, once the size of half dollars began to tighten and shrink. Her tiny nipple tips had ripened before my eyes and now begged silently to be sucked. Becca had a very wanton look in her eyes. That familiar "If you don't stop now, I going to fuck your brains out" look. I had made my point and I was sure that my efforts would pay big dividends later.

With a kiss to the top of her toes, I released Becca's foot and let it slowly slide beneath the water again and out of reach.

"MMMMMMMM, you are so bad" purred Becca.

She remained quiet and watched me as I left the room. I pulled the door shut behind me and walked slowly across the room; my stiff cock pressing hard against my boxers. It seemed that I was more turned on from sucking on Becca's toes than I thought.

Now more than a little restless, I threw a couple more logs on the fire and poked and prodded at the flickering flames while I waited for my sexy lover to emerge from her bath. I checked out the state of the art sound system the chalet had to offer and realized there was an auxiliary jack on the receiver. I had packed my MP3 player for the long ride home; so I retrieved it from my bag and plugged it in. I had 30-40 different playlists, and hours upon hours of great music.

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