Riding for the Brand

byColleen Thomas©

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked in mock severity.

"Making out," she said with a toothy smile. Her hands moved back to the button and Maria caught both her hands.

"Connie, behave!"

"I'm trying, but you keep interrupting me," she replied and began trying to undo the button again. Maria continued to try and keep her from opening the button. It wasn't that she didn't want to get physical with her date; in fact she would have readily agreed to go back to Connie's hotel room in the mood she was in. Maria just balked at doing anything like that out in the open, never mind that no one on the ground could tell what they were doing.

"Call me Conn, Connie sound so girly," the bull rider said. She managed to get the top button undone and her fingers moved to the next.

"Conn, isn't that enough?" Maria asked, she was rather nervous about making out in public as it was. But the shirt only had four buttons and you could almost see her bra with the top one undone.

"Hell woman, don't tell me you never made out on the top of the ferris wheel before," Conn said incredulously.

"Several times," Maria admitted, "But I always keep my clothes on!"

"Well, no wonder you dropped him," Conn said as she leaned in close and pressed her lips to Maria's again. The cowgirl pressed her chest against Maria's and the smaller girl found one arm pinned between the back of their chair and her date's shoulder. She felt the buttons to her blouse inexorably come undone as Connie's hands now were free to work unimpeded. Maria felt the cool evening air on her bare skin and tried to protest, but it was hard to say much with her date's tongue shoved down her throat. Maria actually felt a bit of panic rise when she felt her cowgirl tugging her blouse out of her jeans, but as soon as the shirt was free and Conn's hands stroked along her tummy the panic turned to pure desire.

Wherever those warm, calloused hands moved, her skin felt like it was on fire. Connie backed off a little on the deep kiss and gently cupped Maria's soft breasts through her plain white bra. Maria moaned softly into the cowgirl's mouth as she felt her breasts being tenderly kneaded. Conn moved from her lips to her neck, where she gently kissed and licked working towards the hollow between her collarbones. Maria found the sensations overwhelming, her body thrummed with desire and she only moaned louder when she felt Connie's hands tug her bra cups down below her breasts.

Maria's breasts were large and full, she took a C cup and had often been embarrassed by their size. Carlos had loved them, but his rough massaging had never produced anything close to the sensation Connie's gentle fondling brought. The cowgirl's hands were rough and calloused, but they were so gentle as they kneaded the luscious mounds of flesh that Maria barely noticed. When Connie's palms dragged over her nipples Maria had to bite her tongue to keep from yelping. The girl's lips were now kissing down the slope of her breast and Maria actually found herself anticipating the moment when they would envelope her stiff nipple. Even expecting it she was unprepared for the shock of sensation and moaned again.

While her mouth formed a seal and her tongue worried the taut pink nipple Connie's hand gently rolled the other between her thumb and forefinger. Maria was caught in a whirlwind of sensation and emotion. It felt so good, but the fact that she was in public added a spice all it's own to the moment. There were people in the seats just below them and she bit her lip to keep from drawing attention to herself. She didn't notice that Connie had released her breast until she felt the girl's hands working on her belt.

She's really going too far I should stop this, Maria thought, Even as she thought it Connie's teeth nipped her erect nipple sending a shockwave through her body. Her hands shot to the girl's head, knocking her hat off. Connie's hands shot out and caught the hat, but her mouth never left Maria's aching nipple. She put her hat on the seat behind her and her hands returned to the button and zipper of Maria's jeans as her mouth moved to Maria's other nipple. It was warm out, but she felt a shock of cool air on the nipple Connie's mouth had just abandoned. Maria looked down to see it glistening with the cowgirl's saliva.

"What are you doing?" Maria moaned. She had her head thrown back and saw the other ferris wheel begin to turn. Her body stiffened when she realized that soon there would be people able to see her.

Conn released her nipple and moved up until they were nose to nose. Maria felt Connie's palm on her flat tummy and groaned when the bull rider pushed it downward, sliding into the waistband of Maria's panties. She felt the long index finger slide over her pubes and between her moist lips and stop just at the entrance to her pussy.

"I'm finger fucking the hottest girl I have ever met," Connie breathed as her finger found Maria's slick entrance and slipped in to the first knuckle. There was very little room for her to maneuver her hand, trapped as it was by Maria's panties and jeans, but Connie proved to know what she was doing. Placing the heel of her hand on Maria's pelvic bone she pressed back forcing the fabric of the Hispanic girl's tight jeans far enough out to allow her finger to sink all the way into Maria's hot channel.

"Ohhhhh," Maria groaned as she felt Conn's stiff finger seat deeply in her hot pussy. The cowgirl's lips returned to her nipple as the stiff finger began to steadily plunge into Maria's now soaked pussy. The wheel next to them was turning now and Maria started when she realized it was bringing the lower wheel up and that meant…People! Part of her wanted desperately to get her clothes back on and not make a scene, but her body was having none of that.

She had never been so horny in her life. Nothing had ever felt so good. The long finger slowly frigging her, Connie's mouth on her nipple, the cowgirl's closeness and the thrill of being so exposed in public all fused into a single driving need. Maria just had to cum and found herself spreading her thighs as much as she could to give Connie's finger better access. All too soon, she felt a tingling in her extremities that she knew was the precursor to climax.

She was moaning softly now and whimpering occasionally as a particularly jagged bolt of pleasure hit her. Maria threw her head back and got a dizzy upside down view of the other wheel as it turned. There were people in those seats but she just couldn't care about that right now. Her lower body rhythmically tensed and relaxed, the inner muscles of her pussy gently squeezing Connie's finger as it stroked in and out. When her hips began to jog in the seat Connie released her nipple and licked from her nipple up to her chin in one impossibly long swipe. Those haunting gray eyes locked onto Maria's and despite her pleasure she couldn't close her eyes.

"Cum for me baby," Connie whispered as she began to grind her palm against Maria's clitoral hood. That was all it took to send Maria over the edge.

"I'm coming!" Maria yelped as that first powerful contraction was followed by more. They rolled in upon her consciousness like towering waves. Each was a discreet packet of pleasure, starting in her groin and radiating outward through her body. For a timeless, breathless moment the world contracted to just the wild pleasure shooting through her body and Connie's eyes. Maria threw her head back as the orgasm peaked and for a while she saw only the stars as her body untensed and her breathing slowly returned to normal. People on the other wheel were staring and pointing, but Maria couldn't even move to cover herself.

With a lurch the big wheel began to turn again. Maria hurriedly buttoned her shirt while Connie withdrew her hand from the steamy confines of Maria's panties. The big girl looked at Maria, smiled devilishly and then sucked her finger into her mouth. That visual stimulation was so hot that Maria felt her body shiver as an aftershock rocked her. When the chair reached the bottom Maria looked somewhat presentable, but she knew it was going to be readily apparent to everyone at the bottom of the wheel what had been going on. The blue haired carnie opened the gate to their chair and handed Maria her horse.

"I can tell you two had a good time," she said loudly enough for everyone in line to hear. As they made their way through the exit Maria was sure her blush was brighter than anything on the midway, but Connie was smiling, as if she were proud of herself. The rest of the evening was a blur, more rides, more food, and more making out whenever they were even partially obscured from the public view. They never did run into her friends and Connie gave Maria a ride back to her hotel on her bike.

In the parking lot the lean cowgirl helped her off the motorcycle and removed her helmet. They embraced and kissed deeply, when the kiss finally broke Conn looked down into her eyes. A long silence followed that was neither awkward nor uncomfortable.

"I hope you had a good time," she said at last.

"I had a wonderful time," Maria assured her.

"Can I see you again?"

"I'd like that,"

"Well, can I have your number then?"

Maria scribbled her number on the back of a scrap of paper she found in her purse and gave it to the tall cowgirl. Connie folded it carefully and put it in her pocket before giving Maria a sound good night kiss and roaring off into the darkness.

Maria watched until her taillights disappeared and then kicked the ground. I'm such a fool, she thought. I should have invited her in. Back in her room she put the Carousel horse on the dresser and undressed. She was embarrassed when she found her panties were still damp, but also turned on.

"I really should have invited her in," Maria said to herself as she put on clean panties and a nightshirt and crawled under the covers.


Maria woke early and felt deliciously relaxed. She hadn't slept like that in days. It lasted only a short time as the butterflies she always felt before riding began to assail her. She was just checking her outfit for the last time when there was a knock at her door.

"You ready sis?" she heard her brother call through the door.

"Coming," she called and then blushed at the memory that invoked.

The ride to the arena was quiet, Curt seemed withdrawn and Maria was getting nervous as she always did before riding in competition. Maria was an absolute wreck by the time the racing started. She scanned the crowd repeatedly, but saw no sign of Conn. She was still staring out when a pair of arms twined around her waist and pulled her tightly to a tall hard body.

"Relax, you're going to do great," Connie's voice whispered in her ear. Maria relaxed completely, the competition wasn't important now. She realized with a bemused smile, that win or loose everything was fine now.

When Maria finished her run the lanky cowgirl was there to greet her. She took Blue's reigns as Maria dismounted. They stood there looking at one another for a long time. It dawned on her that the tall girl didn't hug her because everyone could see them. Maria threw herself into the tall cowgirl's arms and after only a moment of hesitation Connie wrapped her arms tightly around the small girl and they kissed. The whole arena could see them, but Maria just didn't give a damn.

"We have a new leader at sixteen point three-oh-eight," the PA announced.

"I told you, you were going to do great," Connie said as she held her tight. Maria just smiled, it didn't matter, what mattered were her lover's strong arms and soft hands. After they had walked Blue back to his stall and wiped him down they stood awkwardly just staring at one another.

"Come on, lets go join everyone in the stands, the roping is coming up," Maria said.

"I don't know, those guys don't like me much," Conn said. Maria smiled, the taller girl's concern for what her friends would think was so touching. What she really meant was that she didn't want to cause problems.

"Conn Robinson, if you think your getting away from me that easily you are mistaken. All the girls sit with their boyfriends and if you think I am sitting alone when I have the best looking of the bunch you're crazy," Maria said.

"I am crazy. Crazy over you," Connie said in a very serious tone. Maria took the taller girl's hand and started dragging her towards the stands where her friends were sitting.

The tall cowgirl grinned and followed, but Maria could tell she was still very apprehensive. Once there she introduced Conn to everyone and then plopped down in her lap, surprising the lanky cowgirl.

There was silence and everyone was staring at them. Maria could feel Conn getting tense and knew she had to do something before it became too uncomfortable.

"Curt, how are your ribs?" she asked quickly.

"Huh? Oh, they hurt like a sum bitch," he responded, still staring.

"Curt, got gored by Trickster last month," Maria said turning to Conn. The tall girl grinned at her brother.

"He's a son of a bitch ain't he? Busted my leg last year," she said.

"Yeah, but I'd rather have him than Cyclone, that cocksucker nearly got me over at Wytheville," Curt said smiling.

"Cyclone is bad, but at least he's a high jumper pure and simple, I'd rather have him than Tilt-a-whirl any day," Conn replied.

"Si, for me, I do not ever want to have to ride Breakaway again, that cow is very bad, someday he will kill someone," Carlos chimed in.

Maria smiled and said nothing. Bull riders were all the same, get them talking about past rides and bad bulls and they would go all night, even if they had been at each other's throats over something just the moment before. By the time Kim joined them Curt, Carlos, Donnie and Conn were swapping stories like old friends.

Maria's score held up and a day that was going well, turned into one that was perfect. Only a couple of the girlfriends continued to give them looks, but all of the guys and Conn seemed to be getting along well. Maria was a bit apprehensive when she had to leave them to accept her trophy, but it seemed she hurried back for nothing because they were still talking about wild rides and mean bulls when she returned.

"How bout we all go over to Rancho Rio for dinner and some drinks," Curt said. It sounded good and everyone agreed so they all loaded up and rode over. Maria loved the wind in her hair on the back of Conn's bike.

Rancho Rio was a little Tex-mex joint that had some of the best food in the area. Luckily it was in an out of the way place and they had no troubled getting seats at one of the large tables. It became apparent very early on that they would be doing more drinking than eating, when the waitress didn't bother to check IDs. Maria was content to sip on a hurricane, but the guys and Connie started drinking beers like they were water. The rodeo stories continued through the evening, getting taller and taller as the tellers got drunker.

Marsha kept staring at Connie and finally blurted out, "is it true you like girls?"

"Some girls," Conn said easily.

Maria could have killed her. She now feared they would all gang up on Conn, but her brother of all people came to her rescue.

"You mean like my sister?" he said, maybe a little too loudly.

"Yeah, I have a thing for dark haired girls," Conn said. Her tone wasn't belligerent, but there was a slight edge to it that wasn't lost on Maria. Maria held her breath, this was the worst possible thing she could have imagined.

"I prefer blondes myself, like that Cindy Richardson," Curt said smiling. Maria could have kissed her brother at that moment.

"You can have her, she hasn't got enough meat on her for me and besides she's an awful kisser," Conn said.

"You've hit that?" Bo blurted out incredulously, "I mean, you've been with her?" he finished in an awed tone of voice.

"Yeah, we went out a while, and she ain't a natural blonde noways," Connie said. The conversation quickly turned to other girls that they guys fantasized about. Several of the girls at the table tried to steer the conversation back to something else and shot Marsha dirty looks. No one liked to sit while her man told his buddies about the other girls he wanted to bang, but the guys seemed oblivious. Maria excused herself and went to the ladies room. When she came out Curt was standing there, waiting for her. She waited for him to speak with a feeling of impending doom.

"Sis, are you and Conn…going together?" he asked. He was drunk and she could not read his face. He seemed strangely calm, but she knew that was no guarantee of his mood. Curt's temper was very bad, and often launched itself from a deceptive calm.

"I don't know Curt, but I am hoping that we will be before the weekend is out," Maria said.

"All right," he said.

"Does it bother you?" she asked. Her big brother just smiled and shook his head.

"No, I just want you to be happy. CR is cool, I really thought she was a bitch before tonight, but I like her. You know what your letting yourself in for though, don't you?" he asked. Maria had to smile at the concern in her brother's eyes.

"No, I really don't,"

"It's going to be rough sis. Have you been to bed with her yet?"


"Aww, hell. I'm not prying sis honest, I just want to make sure you know this is what you want before you have to deal with the crap,"

"I only know for sure that I am happy with her, and have never felt so content. I don't know how I am going to tell mom and dad, but I don't think I am ever going out with another guy, even if things don't work out with Conn, and yes, we have already had sex," she added, blushing furiously. He stared at her curiously and nodded again.

"Don't worry about the folks, just keep an eye on Marsha,"


"That's a cold little bitch. Seeing you happy after she took your man is really pissing her off,"

"Oh, come on Curt, she's my friend,"

"She's nobody's friend," he spat vehemently, "There's a big empty hole inside her and she can only fill it by making herself feel superior to everyone around her. She gets off on other people's misery. She's going to fuck Carlos over and if she can she is going to fuck you up too. I know you don't believe it, but I slept with her and I know what she's like, under the friendly crap she's a cold hearted bitch,"

"Your drunk,"

"Not nearly. Mark my words sis, she will drop Carlos in a week and before you know it she will hook up with Bo if she can. She's only a few points behind Kim and she will try to fuck her over before she rides at Centerville. One reason I am not upset about you being with CR is that Marsha is afraid of her,"

They returned to the table to find everyone talking about the fair. Marsha was flirting with Bo. Normally Maria wouldn't have noticed, it was pretty normal for them all to joke about sex, but tonight there seemed to be something sinister in it. Both Kim and Carlos seemed oblivious and Maria decided she was just being paranoid, but she took Conn's hand under the table and squeezed it.

The tall girl looked at her and smiled warmly. Once the tabs were paid up they all headed for the fair. The night was sultry and Maria had a wonderful time. Her friends seemed to just accept Connie being there and they guys quickly began to treat her as one of them. The night was a blur and she was happy when they all parted at the gate to go their separate ways. This time when Connie dropped her off Maria was ready.

"Why don't you come in?" she asked. The tall girl looked at her and grinned.

"I'm not sure that such a good idea," Conn said.


"Cause you drive me nuts. I've never wanted anyone like I want you, but you aren't sure what you want now and I get pretty wild in bed,"

"Conn, I've already decided this is what I want. I even told Curt we have already had sex," Maria said blushing. Connie laughed loudly.

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