tagGroup SexRiding Out the Storm

Riding Out the Storm


It was going to be the perfect Christmas present for Alan. I had already purchased my slutty Santa outfit online complete with matching fur lined handcuffs. Alan had previously expressed an interest in spicing things up, but I was usually too shy to play along properly. My plan was simple; sneak into Alan's room while he was at work, position myself just right and give him a present he would never forget.

A week before Christmas presented me with the perfect opportunity to execute my plan. His roommate was out all night at a Christmas party and Alan was working late, but promised to meet up with me before 9:00pm. I told him to call me when he was leaving so I could start heading over to his place. He countered with the spare key to his apartment telling me to drop by whenever I wanted.

I collected everything I needed to make the night perfect and headed over to his place around 8:30pm. I knocked on the door for good measure before unlocking it and making my way inside excited. This was going to be epic. I set out the red candles I had brought and created a subtle glow that made me look fantastic. I turned on some mood music from a playlist I had recently created and dawned my skimpy red outfit.

I decide to skip the panties altogether; they will only get in the way. I wait until I receive a text from him saying he is finishing up before securing the handcuffs tightly on my wrists.

I spend the next few minutes finding the perfect position for him to walk in on. I decide to go with his favorite, face down ass up. I spread my knees just wide enough to get a peek at my pink little pussy and stretch my arms up over my head. I am already wet with anticipation when I hear the front door open. This is going to be so good.

I wave my ass in the air laughing softly when I hear the door to his room creak open.

"Holy shit," he murmurs softly.

I smile as my plan comes to fruition.

I hear him slowly cross the room until he is standing directly behind me. I feel his hand caress my ass moving my dress up and exposing me completely. I sway my hips in front of him suggestively, "Merry Christmas. I've been a naughty little girl." I hold up my bound wrists revealing the rest of my present.

He gives an evil laugh I have never heard him use before and suddenly his tongue is in my ass. I close my eyes and moan loudly. It feels so different; so good.

He spreads my cheeks wide to gain access to every inch of my tight pucker with his agile tongue. I turn my head to the side breathing hard and enjoy the sensation. He licks me up and down forcefully causing me to cry out.

"Yeah baby," I moan, "Eat my ass."

He growls approvingly and thrusts his tongue into my hole.

I freeze at the sound of another voice in the doorway, "Dude, what the fuck?" It was Alan's roommate Jeff. He must have left the party early.

"What?" A voice groans, "I found her like this."

I open my eyes wide not recognizing the voice of the person who has been ravishing me with his tongue. I quickly look behind me to see a man I do not know grinning wide.

"She's my dirty whore," he declares standing up, "Aren't you?"

A look of panic crosses my face as I glance over at Jeff, "This is just a misunderstanding," I start but the stranger cuts me off.

"No misunderstanding here sweetheart. I come in and find you teasing me with your ass in the air. It's such a sweet ass too," he adds squeezing me hard, "I did what anyone would do."

I push forward and fall face first onto the bed. I turn over quickly and sit up covering myself. I look over at Jeff in the doorway and hold up my wrists, "Can you please unlock me? The key is right there," I gesture to the nightstand.

Jeff leans against the doorframe and smiles, "We've got a situation here for sure Ann. On one hand you are Alan's girlfriend and clearly off limits."

"Fuck off limits!" the stranger interjects, "I just had my tongue inside this bitch and she was loving every second of it."

Jeff puts up his hand calmly and continues, "On the other hand, you are half naked and handcuffed. We seem to have stumbled across a moral quandary here. I could let my buddy Mike here finish having his way with you or I could let you go."

I glare at Jeff at the suggestion, "Alan will be back any minute."

Jeff laughs, "Not likely. That big winter storm they have been predicting is finally here, that's why we took off. The city is shutting down due to an ice storm, unsafe to travel and all. So unless he is already in a cab or on a train, he is stuck until the storm dies down."

I catch my breath at the thought of being at the mercy of these two. Surely Alan had already left.

Jeff looks over at Mike who is eagerly nodding his head in amusement. "Now, back to where you were. I want to see you on your knees like a good little slut."

I am paralyzed with fear at how the events of this evening are rapidly unfolding. All I wanted to do was give Alan a great Christmas present.

"Now," Jeff demands loudly. The harsh tone of his voice snaps me back to reality.

I stand up and slowly start to walk toward the end of the bed.

"No," Jeff orders. I stop moving keeping my eyes fixed on the white carpet at my feet. "I want to see you crawl."

Mike laughs.

I fall to my hands and knees and crawl to the foot of the bed. I pause when I reach the end and look up at Jeff.

He seems amused and nods to Mike, "Help her out there Mikey. She's feeling a little shy."

Mike grins as he walk over to me and grabs my arm roughly forcing me to my feet.

"Just like how you were before," Mike smiles wolfishly, "Show us that sweet cunt of yours."

I close my eyes and climb onto the bed slowly. Mike immediately forces me face first in the mattress and tears at my dress. My pussy swells and I feel my face redden. I am overwhelmed with embarrassment for my current predicament and the shame of actually wanting them to fuck me. I feel Mike's tongue on my asshole again and inhale sharply. I fight the urge to cry out and give him any further satisfaction, but it feels so good. I can feel my pussy start to drip wanting to be caressed by that same nimble tongue.

I see Jeff out of the corner of my eye move from the door to the dresser beside me retrieving one of my long tapered candles from its holder. I watch him anxiously as he brings it close to my face and studies my expression a moment before blowing it out. He flicks the candle over me causing the melted wax to fall onto my back. I wince at the feel of hot droplets on my skin. He laughs at my reaction and casually lays down on the bed in front of me.

"You see Ann, Mike here wants you to suck his cock," Jeff begins studying the red candle in his hand, "but I think he's a bit concerned seeing as how he doesn't know you and all."

Mike's tongue enters my ass and I close my eyes against the amazing sensation.

"You know this doesn't have to be a bad situation for you. I can see you like what Mike is doing to you." I open my eyes and shoot him an indignant look. He throws his hand up, "Or we can do it the hard way, you choose. I actually prefer the hard way so I am rooting for you to do something stupid." He puts the base of the candle to my lips, "Show Mikey here he has nothing to worry about from those perfect teeth of yours."

Reluctantly I slip the candle into my mouth and suck it slowly.

"There now, you see Mike? She'll be nice. If not you can always help her remove a few of those pearly whites until she learns." He pushes the candle further down my throat causing me to gag. He laughs as he removes the candle standing up. I bury my head in my hands thinking about his proposition. I don't exactly have a choice, maybe making the best of this was the right play. Jeff always seemed like a decent enough guy, despite this evening's events. There is also that part of me just aching to see what will happen next.

Mike stops licking me and I hear him unfasten his belt dropping his pants to the floor. He kneels in front of me on the bed causing me to sink even further into the mattress. I lift my head to find him stroking his cock rhythmically making himself hard for me.

"Come on," he coaxes, "turnabout is fair play."

I turn my head to the side defiantly.

"That's not very nice Ann," Jeff admonishes over my right shoulder, "Remember what happens if you can't play nice."

Mike grabs my chin and squeezes my cheeks together hard forcing me to face him. He sits up tall bringing his balls just in front of my mouth.

"Lick them," he commands.

I swallow hard before sticking my tongue out and gently licking his sack. He tastes salty and rough on on my tongue. He moans as he continues stroking himself up and down, his eyes fixed on me.

"That's it. Clean my balls you little slut."

I feel a fantastic pressure on my ass and can't help by cry out in pleasure. Jeff is pushing the candle into my hole and working it back and forth deliciously. I move my ass in time with his movements and moan wildly. I can no longer maintain my reservations about what's happening and give into the depravity. I bring Mike's balls into my mouth and suck them willingly. His mouth falls open and he groans passionately.

"Now my cock," Mike breathes. I tease the tip with my tongue before taking him all the way in my mouth.

I suck him back and forth as Jeff works my ass just right. I worship Mike's cock accordingly, licking and sucking him like a greedy whore. I cover his dick in my spit before cleaning it off with my tongue.

"Jesus," Mike breathes before grabbing a handful of my hair and fucking my mouth.

I moan half in protest, half in ecstasy. I am thoroughly enjoying being used by these two.

Mike's breath is ragged when he suddenly moans loudly spurting hot semen into my mouth. He continues pumping into me until he shudders from the sensation and sits back on his heels winded. I swallow his load and fall back into the mattress still shaking my ass in the air for Jeff to service.

"Somebody's enjoying herself," Jeff observes slyly removing the candle.

I whimper disapprovingly.

He turns his head intrigued and slaps my ass hard. My whole body responds to the slap as I cry out in pain.

"Sit here," he insists pointing to the spot directly in front of him. I quickly sit up and obey. "Spread your legs and show me how wet you are."

I hesitate a moment before sitting forward and opening my legs to him.

"Good girl," he smiles at me, "You want Mikey here to eat your pussy?"

I nod my head panting.

"What do you think?" he asks looking over at Mike, "Does she deserve a treat for being so nice?"

"I think so," he grins raising his eyebrows at me, "but I want her to beg me."

They both look at me expectantly and my face flushes once more.

"Please?" I ask meekly.

"Please what?" Mike insists.

"Please eat my pussy," I add.

Mike looks at Jeff, "I'm not convinced she really wants me to."

Jeff laughs, "I'm not either. That's hardly begging Ann."

I need his tongue on me right now. "Please Mike. I want to cum all over your face," I implore desperately.

"Well when you put it like that," Mike begins before burying his face in my wetness. I cry out and push him into me with my bound wrists. I feel like I could cum right now.

He pushes my legs further apart and licks my clit softly up and down before pushing his tongue into me.

"Yes," I exhale excitedly, "just like that."

Jeff steps to my left and pulls out his impressive hard on for me to service. I take it in my hands and softly stroke him up and down admiring his girth. I lick my lips and spit on his dick spreading it down his shaft with each deliberate motion of my fingers. Mike returns to my clit and I take Jeff into my mouth moaning.

"I like these handcuffs," Jeff breathes touching them, "very hot."

I continue sucking him as Mike takes me to the brink of a heated orgasm with his amazing tongue. I stifle a cry as Jeff slides his cock down my throat. My eyes burn and well with tears; I cannot breathe. I freeze as a wave of pleasure hits me hard.

I cum suddenly sending a rush of sticky fluid down Mike's tongue. He moans savagely thrusting two fingers inside me and licking my wet pussy enthusiastically. I exhale loudly as Jeff quickly removes his dick from my throat and pushes me down on the bed.

"My turn," he smirks grabbing a condom out of the nightstand and removing his shirt.

Mike stands up and wipes my juices from his chin. He smiles as he strokes his dick slowly, ready for a show.

Jeff steps in between my legs and rubs the tip of his penis around my quivering hole. He lifts both my legs in the air spreading me out as far as I'll go.

"So slippery," he grins.

I am panting from my orgasm and anticipating what his cock will feel like inside me. He is so much bigger than Alan.

"Fuck me," I insist breathlessly.

He places his hand around my throat and squeezes firmly, "I'll fuck you when I want to."

He pushes the tip inside filling me perfectly. I gasp wanting more.

"You like my big cock?" he asks smugly sliding it in even farther.

"Yes," I moan appreciatively.

I writhe beneath him as he pulls me completely onto him. I grab his forearm with both hands as his grip on my throat tightens even more. He pulls back and plunges into me deeply causing me to cry out.

"Fuck yeah," he exhales thrusting into me with increasing force.

His balls slap against my ass as he pushes into me again and again breathing hard. The feeling of his huge cock inside me is overwhelming. I close my eyes and give in to the wonderful sensation that is spreading all over my body. I wrap my legs around his waist and cum even harder than before.

"Oh my god," I shudder melting into the mattress.

Jeff pulls out of me and carefully removes his condom. He unfastens my handcuffs and lies down next to me rolling me onto my side. I am still breathing hard, dizzy from pleasure when Jeff spreads my cheeks and pushes into my tight little hole. I am immediately thrown back into the moment and cry out at the intense sensation.

"Ooooh baby," Jeff breathes excitedly, "this ass is mine."

At first I don't think I can accommodate such a large dick. It feels like he is ripping me open as he pushes even further into me. I inhale deeply as the pressure builds and quickly turns from pain to pure pleasure. I whimper as he enters me fully.

"Fuck Ann, your ass is amazing," he moans as he starts to drive into me slowly. I arch my back and feel each fantastic movement of his cock inside me. He pulls me closer to him and thrusts into me hard savoring my reactions. "Such a nice ass," he affirms slapping it again.

He pushes inside me and rolls me on top of him.

"Ride my cock," he demands heated.

As I start to move Mike steps forward extending a hand to help me up. He presents me with his cock for his effort. I place my hands on Mike's hips for leverage and take him into my mouth while slowly bouncing up and down on Jeff. Once I find my rhythm I become an unstoppable force. The incredible feeling of Jeff in my ass and Mike in my mouth is downright sinful. I devour both cocks eagerly crying out for more. They both moan as my eager holes service them obediently. I am a dirty whore after all.

I lean onto Jeff still rocking back and forth on his cock while Mike grabs a condom. I secure my arms on the mattress and open my legs to Mike. He smiles as he approaches.

I catch my breath as he enters me slowly. The exquisite awareness of my senses is alarming at first. I can feel every wave of pleasure hit me a hundred times fold as each cock pushes into me distinctively. I am manipulated one way and then another to satisfy the needs of my aggressors. I release what little control I have left and let them bend me to their collective will. I lock eyes with Mike who is now thrusting into me vigorously with ragged breath. I have never been more aroused or felt so fantastic in all my life.

I close my eyes as Jeff moans loudly beneath me and cums in my ass. He continues pushing into me until he can no longer manage another thrust. Mike steps back as Jeff pulls out of my ass slowly. He rolls out from under me and exhales exhilarated as he walks out to his room.

I sink back into the bed still wanting to cum at least once more tonight. Mike is more than happy to oblige and returns to my pussy pushing into me hard. I moan loudly at the sound of Mike's balls slapping against me. I can see myself sucking Jeff's enormous cock and feel a chill crawl up my spine as I replay him fucking my ass. I think of Mike licking me with his impressive tongue and his sexy grunts expressing his pleasure. I consider my debasement and smile wickedly. I grab Mike and dig my nails into his back causing him to growl his praise savagely.

I cum for the third time at his carnal enjoyment of me; Mike quickly follows suit crying out at his release.

"Yes." He pulls out and runs his hands through his hair wiping the sweat from his brow. He looks down at me and grins, "Nice to meet you Ann." He turns and leaves the room passing Jeff who has once again appeared in the doorway. I'm not even sure how long he has been there, but he is now fully clothed with his hair slicked back.

"Well that was fun," he muses, "Do you need anything?"

I laugh and roll onto my side out of breath, "I think you've done enough."

"What are you going to do?"

"Clean up and pretend this never happened," I offer half joking.

Jeff nods in agreement, "I won't say anything if you don't."

I think about tonight and how different this evening turned out to be. Looks like I got to be the lucky one who received a naughty Christmas gift this year.

I pretend to zip my lips and smile feeling sleepy, "Now go away."

"Yes ma'am," he obeys grabbing the doorknob starting to walk out.

"Hey Jeff?" I call him back.

He stops and turns around.

"Thanks for being merciful," I stammer embarrassed.

"I'm not a monster Ann. Not unless you want me to be," he offers suggestively.

"No," I assert, "this was probably my limit."

"Probably," he smiles mischievously, "but only time will tell." With that he exits closing the door behind him. I sprawl out on Alan's bed and sigh. I can hear the television turn on in the next room as I sit up to asses the trouble I have made for myself. I am stuck here until the storm clears and I still have to see Alan. I think about how I can convince him to let Jeff join us in the future. He has certainly captured my attention and imagination. Frank Sinatra begins to sing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and my mind wanders thinking of ways to do just that.

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