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Riding Shotgun


Note. This story is written slightly tongue in cheek, but the lesson it contains is nonetheless valid. Spanking that goes further than playfulness between a couple, really should be left to those who know what they're doing.


That night had started about a week before for me, because that was when my ex girlfriend, Amanda, had phoned me up and asked if I would help her out. Note that she was my 'ex' girlfriend and she was an ex simply because I couldn't keep up with her in bed, and not because I didn't still love her. Not only did she want sex all the damn time, but she was just too bloody kinky and would try and get me involved in pretty much anything. I couldn't cope with it. I mean, she couldn't think much of our relationship if she wanted to keep pushing at its boundaries, could she? I thought she acted like a slut, but she said I was too unadventurous by far, and off she went to explore pastures new with my blessings.

But, back to the subject in hand. This time it seems that she'd arranged - with a girl she'd never met - to go around and let this girl do pretty much whatever she wanted to her, and it was only after she'd made the arrangements that it occurred to her that it might not be the safest thing to do and that some form of security might be in order. I was to be that security. I was to go with her and watch to make sure she was safe and to make sure nobody else got involved. I was told not to worry if this other girl got a whip out or anything similar, because that was part of the deal, but just to make she stopped whatever she was doing the moment she was told to. There was a safe word arranged -- the word 'red' apparently -- so that everyone knew when enough was enough, and part of my job was to ensure it was honoured if it ever came to be used. So it seems I was wanted to ride shotgun on some lesbian bdsm, which is why I found myself undressing in a strange bedroom with two girls doing the same thing.

My own nudity was a condition imposed by the other girl for allowing my presence and when I was told it had sounded fun. Now it was pure embarrassment. Still, I reckoned it was probably worth it just to be in the same room as these two young ladies, each one gorgeous in her own way, so when I'd done I went and sat on a chair in the corner and tried to conceal a half hard cock behind nonchalant hands as I gazed at the two beautiful bodies in front of me.

The two girls couldn't have been much more different. For one thing Amanda was about ten years older than her transitory partner, who couldn't have been much more than twenty or twenty-one at the most, and she was of a totally different build and appearance. Amanda is tall and slim while the girl with her was short and chunky, not fat, I hasten to add, just solidly built, and with decidedly large breasts. Her long dark hair was tightly braided and beaded, framing brown eyes and high cheekbones over a generous mouth with full lips. Her pussy was shaved and a hint of gold spoke of a pierced clitoris. She also had multiple earrings, a ring in her eyebrow and a little jewelled stud in her navel. Not normally my type, but I must admit she was an attractive young lady, even though she was nothing to compare to Amanda, who is the personification of a Nordic blonde. She's tall and regal, with fair skin, blonde hair, cut fairly short at the moment, and piercing blue eyes. Yes, I still fancied screwing the arse off of her even as I watched her disrobing for someone else.

As soon as they were both naked the girl walked to the foot of the bed, glanced at me sitting in the near corner, and then looked at Amanda, pointing to a spot on the floor just in front of her.

'Come here.'

Amanda obeyed, standing where she was told to and meekly waiting for further instruction. I was surprised at this, my recollections were of a feisty girl who did as she was told as a very last resort, but perhaps she'd learned obedience since we'd parted. The girl smiled with satisfaction and what I thought was a hint of relief, and then looked directly at me.

'Whatever you two are to each other.' She told me. 'This is my scene, so don't interfere. All right?'

That put me in my place, as it was intended to, though I didn't see why it was neessary. I nodded my agreement. I'd no intention of interfering unless I had to. After all, I'd faced Amanda's frustrated wrath before when things didn't work out in bed. I did wonder, however, if she would continue to obey instructions as willingly when she got more turned on. I remembered her taking charge more often than not as arousal kicked in.

For the moment she didn't get any more instructions, at least not immediately, instead she got a hand hooked around her neck and her mouth pulled down into a full on kiss with her shorter partner. The two girls embraced and pulled each other close, their tongues visibly probing each others mouths while their eyes kept flashing little glances in my direction as if to gauge my reaction.

My reaction was that of any red blooded man who's treated to the side on view of two attractive and completely naked girls tongue fencing with their arms wrapped around tightly each other and hands wandering up and down each others backs. I got a massive hard on and had to furtively cover my rapidly lengthening cock until they eventually moved apart again.

'You remember what we said?'

Amanda nodded her answer. 'Yes. Kim. I remember.'

So that was her name. I'd never been naked in a girl's bedroom before without at least first knowing her name. I felt a little more secure now.

'Are you still up for it?' Kim asked. 'What we agreed?'

'Yes Kim. Do whatever you want.'

As soon as she had spoken Amanda's eyes suddenly widened with surprise and she stiffened, standing rigid as if waiting for something to happen. I wondered why, until I noticed Kim had reached out and cupped her hand over her pubes. Obviously Kim was already doing whatever she wanted.

'Let me in.'

Amanda shuffled her feet apart and bent her knees a little to give Kim access, glancing nervously at me as the girl's fingers found their way along her slit, probing and exploring.

'You're wet already,' Kim informed her, bending slightly to push her fingers into Amanda's vagina. 'Good, let's get started.'

She withdrew her hand and straightened, putting the two fingers to her mouth and licking them appreciatively.

'You taste good, I will say that.' She pointed to the narrow single bed. 'Kneel there.'

Amanda immediately climbed on and knelt on all fours, facing up the bed and giving me lovely diagonal view of her pussy in the process. I was still surprised at her willingness and at Kim's apparent self assurance. I wondered if this was down to the confidence of youth or to experience.

'Are you always the Domme, Kim?' I asked.

She answered quite openly with a wry little smile to go with it. 'Nope. Never tried it before. I just fancied playing with a woman, that's all. Never done that before either.'

Down to youth then. I just hoped she knew what she was doing. She shrugged her shoulders and then turned her attention back to Amanda, her poise hiding her lack of experience.

'Spread your knees a little more.' She ordered.

Amanda obeyed at once. Kim leaned over, placed a steadying knee on the bed, and began to run her hands all over Amanda, reaching under to cup her breasts and tug at her nipples before stroking her bottom and then exploring between her legs. Amanda remained absolutely still, just sighing softly as Kim's fingertips trailed along her slit, but making no attempt to either encourage or avoid her touch.

For several minutes Kim continued fondling and caressing Amanda anywhere and everywhere, occasionally leaning forward and planting a little kiss, usually on her back, but twice on her bottom and then one more time, more awkwardly, on the backs of her thighs. Amanda's only reaction was a noticeable deepening of her breathing. I watched enraptured, my misgivings melting like snow as I enjoyed the sight of two girls beginning their play.

Then, abruptly, as if to a decision suddenly made, it all changed and Kim stood up and smacked Amanda's bottom quite suddenly and quite hard. Amanda yelped, more with surprise than anything, and jerked forward.

'Back.' Kim commanded. 'Stick it back out.'

Amanda moved back to her original position and Kim placed one hand firmly in the middle of her back as she raised the other to smack her again. This time Amanda didn't react so strongly, even though the smack was stronger, nor did she the next time, or the next, or for any of the smacks that followed in quick order, making her tormented cheeks glow pinkly. Instead she just gasped, clenched her fists on the bed and stayed stock still, as if determined to take whatever Kim wished to dish out. This was what she wanted, and who was I to judge.

After a while Kim stopped, clenching and unclenching her smacking hand to relieve its sting, and went back to stroking and massaging Amanda's skin.

'Well done.' She praised Amanda. 'Now I think you're ready for a little leather, don't you?'

Amanda didn't answer; she just licked her lips and folded her arms, resting the side of her face on them so that she could look back at me, and pushed her bottom higher into the air. Kim reached around, picking a black leather strap from the bedside table were it had lain ready but unnoticed.

'I cut this from a razor strop that somebody had left in the flat when I moved in. It saved buying one.' She told me, as if answering an unasked question.

She held the eighteen inch long piece of supple black leather up to my view. It had been rounded and smoothed at each end, I noticed, so at least there were no corners to cut into the skin. Then she draped it across Amanda's back, and slowly slid it over her bottom as if to introduce them one to the other, letting the loose end trail down her crack before dragging it back and eventually raising it into the air.

The very first stroke brought a sharp cry of pain from Amanda and left a long red mark across her bottom. Kim had not held back, she had intended to hurt and had succeeded; the crack of leather on flesh had even made me wince. I felt a little alarmed for Amanda at that point, but she showed no sign of it being too much and I'd promised to remain out of it unless she did. In fact she was pushing herself back out at Kim ready for the next one and actually spreading her knees apart a little further to make her stance more stable. Kim struck her again and a second mark joined the first, Amanda's yell was muted this time as she chewed on her lip.

Again Kim draped the strap over Amanda's bottom, letting it rest there for a few seconds before lifting it away again. This time the stroke was across the tops of Amanda's thighs and she was unable to restrain her cry of anguish, gazing sideways at me with pain filled eyes. Even so, in that gaze I could see the look of defiance that I recognised so well. Kim would be hard put to make Amanda say enough. A dozen more times the strap rose and fell, and each time Amanda yelled out loud, shaking and trembling with pain and shock, her bottom showing a growing pattern of stripes criss-crossing her skin, stripes with darker edges outlining where the stroke had fallen. Up to that point Kim hadn't spoken, she'd simply used the leather on Amanda with silent efficiency, but now she paused and asked Amanda if she was 'taking a lesson from her discipline'. I had no idea what lesson this was supposed to be, but Amanda seemed to.

'Yes.' She answered, her breath coming in quick little gasps as she coped with the pain in her rear.

'And what lesson have you learned?' Kim asked.

'To be obedient to you.'

I still couldn't see how this lesson had been delivered, but then I hadn't been on the receiving end. Perhaps it was a bdsm thing.

'Good girl.'

It seemed so strange hearing one so young addressing a thirty year old woman in this way that I couldn't repress a quick smile. Amanda spotted it and, unseen by Kim, blushed with shame before mouthing the word 'bastard' at me.

'I think a little reward is in order.' Kim continued, still oblivious of the exchange.

She walked across to a table cluttered with cosmetics and, after a brief search, returned with a bottle of lotion of some kind. The squeezy bottle dribbled a generous and uneven pattern over Amanda's buttocks; looking for all the world as if some guy had shot his load over her and making me chuckle at the imagery. Kim shot me a sour look, the very lack of a comment telling me that she agreed with my conclusion.

Amanda sighed as the cooling lotion was gently worked into her skin, wincing a couple of times as Kim's hand came upon a particularly tender spot but otherwise welcoming the soothing massage. The red of abused flesh shining through the lotion seemed suddenly very sexy and my cock twitched in appreciation, especially when Kim dribbled more 'cum' lotion over Amanda's rear. I wanted to supply the next lot.

Kim placed one knee back on the bed and let her slippery fingers run up and down just inside Amanda's crack, spreading the lotion between her cheeks and over her anus before delving deeper to find Amanda's pussy. She didn't need any lotion to push her fingers into Amanda, I could hear the sound of wetness from my chair as two fingers slid straight into her passage, producing a gasp of pure pleasure. She pushed back at Kim's hand, willing it deeper.

'Stay still.'

Amanda froze at the rebuke, holding herself motionless as Kim's fingers thrust in and out of her sodden pussy. She looked back at me again, sending me a little smile of enjoyment this time before closing her eyes and surrendering to Kim's attentions.

Kim was pushing her fingers in hard, twisting and turning them as if trying to screw them further in, finger fucking Amanda faster and faster. Amanda responded by groaning loudly, her body jerking reflexively as the fingers plunged in and out. She was panting again, her breath coming in rapid little gasps, but it was a different kind of panting this time. No longer was she trying to cope with pain now she was trying to cope with arousal, getting visibly closer and closer to an orgasm.

Then abruptly she was there, her face screwed up in beautiful anguish and her fists gripping at the bed sheet, her mouth making sharp little gasping noises whilst her hips and stomach juddered and jolted in uncontrolled spasm. Kim grinned widely, looking at me triumphantly, pleased with herself for making Amanda come so strongly. I smiled back tightly, still trying to conceal my erection.

Afterwards, as her orgasm subsided, Amanda knelt with her chest heaving against the bed, her mouth open and her tongue licking a tiny trickle of saliva from her lips. She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to regain control of her breathing as she returned to normal.

Kim had not removed her fingers from Amanda when she climaxed, she had simply let them remain inside her, moving her hand only to compensate for Amanda's uncontrolled shudders, but now she began to move them again, pushing in and out slowly and gently as if to remind Amanda of her presence. Amanda licked her lips and set herself once more, pushing her bottom a little higher towards Kim's hand.

'Was that nice?' Kim asked; her voice deliberately sweet.

Amanda nodded. 'God yes. It was wonderful, thank you.'

'I'm not finished with you yet, but you know that, and you're going to be very nice to me soon too, aren't you?'

Amanda could have had little more idea than me as to what Kim meant, but she nodded enthusiastically against the bed anyway and Kim smiled at her back, twisting the fingers inside her vagina and making her grunt with sudden enjoyment.

So far Kim had pushed two fingers into Amanda, with the other two folded against her palm. But now she straightened a third finger and worked it in alongside the other two, pushing it home and thrusting in and out several times. Then she did the same with her little finger, wriggling and twisting it until eventually it too slid into Amanda's pussy. Amanda was making little mewling sounds as her pussy was so summarily stretched, but she made no objection and very soon she was kneeling as before with all four of Kim's fingers plunging in and out of her. I'd never tried that with her when we were together, never thinking that her tight little pussy could accommodate so many digits, and now I wondered what I'd missed. The sex was uncomplicated and unromantic, but it got me wondering.

I watched for a minute or two before I noticed something I'd else. Not only were Kim's fingers inside Amanda's pussy, but her thumb had been pushed into her anus, remaining motionless just inside her passage and acting almost like a pivot as the rest of her hand moved back and forth. I had no idea when this had been done, probably when Amanda made those strange noises, but it certainly looked sexy. Kinky, but very sexy too. Being here and watching Kim was opening my eyes to missed opportunities.

'You're a kinky little slut, aren't you?' Kim addressed Amanda suddenly as if the idea had just occurred to her.

'Yes.' The answer came as a whispered gasp.

'Is this what good girls do?' She continued.

'No.' Amanda's breathing was revealing that she was becoming aroused once more, kinky little slut or not.

'Then I shall have to punish you some more, won't I?'

'Yes.' There was a two second pause. 'Please.'

Kim removed her hand as suddenly as she had spoken. 'But first you must pleasure me. How hard I punish you depends on how well you please me.'

Amanda raised herself onto her elbows looking puzzled, but Kim was already at the head of the bed, climbing on and swinging one leg either side of Amanda before settling herself with her legs wide and her pussy a few inches in front of Amanda's face, making her intention pretty obvious. My belief that her clitoris was pierced was well founded.

'Eat me.' She demanded, pointing at her pussy then lifting herself to slide a pillow under her behind before lying back against the headboard.

For some strange reason, almost every heterosexual man finds the sight of a woman going down on another of her own sex one of the most stimulating sights there is, and I'm no exception. Watching the back of Amanda's head moving as she licked and probed Kim's pussy was making my erection so hard it was almost painful, and I found I was unconsciously running a hand along its shaft, looking for release. The first I knew of what I was doing was when Kim looked across and gazed meaningfully at my crotch,

'Got to you, has it?' She smiled that triumphant smile again.

I couldn't deny it, but I could retaliate. 'Yes, But then I already know how good she is with her mouth.'

Kim acknowledged my barb with a slight inclination of her head, and then surrendered herself to Amanda's tongue while I watched Amanda's head move up and down as she licked along Kim's slit and wriggled in my seat. I'd loved to have given myself a quick wank and sprayed it across the welts on Amanda's rump. Or maybe to have crept up behind her and slide my cock deep inside that upturned pussy. My inhibitions seemed to have joined my clothes on the floor.

'You can fuck her if you want to.' Kim offered suddenly, understanding my urges in one of her abrupt changes of direction.

The idea of someone else giving me the use of Amanda's pussy seemed off somehow and I'd shaken my head vigorously even before I'd thought about it. I think Kim was trying to humiliate me as much as Amanda.

'Please yourself.' Kim shrugged. 'The offer's open. I wouldn't mind seeing her getting shagged.'

'No.' I shook my head again and cleared my throat. 'I couldn't.'

Even as I said no I was wishing I'd had the nerve to say yes, but the moment passed as Kim closed her eyes and let Amanda lick her towards her climax.

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