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Riding Tyler


Meeting Tyler for the first time was exciting since I'd heard sooooo much about him. Tyler was my boyfriend's 'cool' friend back when he was younger. Tyler could always get James into bars and clubs when he was underage. James told me endless stories about the HOT girls Tyler dated and apparently shared with James occasionally. James had smoked his '1st' joint with Tyler, had gotten drunk for the '1st' time with Tyler, and of course he'd had 'sex' for the '1st' time with Tyler....I mean Tyler's girlfriend at the time. I wondered what other 1st's James had experienced with this legendary friend.

I listened to James' stories about this 'Tyler' through the years and hadn't ever met him. James had shown me old photos of him and he was HOT! Thick dark hair, extremely handsome face and very..VERY muscular. Tyler worked at a golf course in the summers and in every photo his tan showed off his muscles...ooh. This guy was huge even back when he was in his early 20's. I wondered what he looked like now and I also wondered why James didn't keep in touch with such a 'good' friend.

James explained that Tyler's summer job at the golf course had turned into a career. James had moved shortly after Tyler had become successful playing in tournaments. Now he was playing in tournaments all over the world and James chuckled as he told me Tyler was 38 and still unmarried. Tyler's parents kept in touch with James' parents since they'd lived in the same 'cul de sac' for years. Tyler's dad was an avid golfer and very proud of his son's accomplishments. He often sent clippings from various papers, the stories of Tyler's victories and pictures of him holding trophies. Most of the photos were too grainy to see much aside from the beaming smile which stood out against his perpetual tan. Aaaah Tyler. I wondered about this mystery man.

Eventually James and I began exploring the kinkier side of sex and our fantasies (his) began to take on a bisexual theme...Tyler's. James would tell me stories about Tyler and how he would get drunk with him and then 'things' would happen that he wouldn't quite remember. He would then wait until I asked him...'what things?'. I was by now pumping his cock furiously while my own juices were flowing listening to him talk. I wasn't sure why I was getting turned on listening to my boyfriend tell me about how Tyler would lick his ass first...then Tyler would suck his cock....I wondered if Tyler ever fucked him since James stories usually stopped at the cock sucking. Only because we'd both cum by then, our bodies hot and sticky and our interest in 'Tyler' waning as we enjoyed the afterglow of many a fuckfest inspired by 'Tyler'. We fantasied about lots of other things but the Tyler stories always seemed to make his cock EXTRA hard! It had never gone any further than fantasizing and I had never imagined James ever taking a cock in his mouth...or his ass. Well, maybe once or twice.

I was enjoying our dirty little sessions and wondered about maybe meeting a hot stranger. Somebody we'd seen in an airport or on vacation. I fantasized about James. His mouth swallowing a big fat cock that I'd approved of course. He also talked alot about wanting to 'watch' me sometime. Watch me fucking a hot stranger with a big cock. It was always about the 'big' cock. James had a great cock. Not too big, not too small. It was thick and smooth and I loved it. But if he wanted me to take a monster dick just so he could watch...well why not?! I'd never cheated but if he wanted me to take a monster dick so he could watch, well then I'd take the monster dick...just for him of course. I also hoped that he'd be brave enough to take the 'monster' himself..we had hot fantasies about it, but whenever the subject came up outside of the bedroom he denied EVER having urges or even wanting anything to do with another guy's cock. Except of course 'watching' me. I was still gonna get to pick a hottie, I smiled thinking of a few prospective candidates...one guy who walked his dog every sunday. Another who worked at the repair shop we took our cars to. Hmmmm, there was always the thought of 'TYLER' lurking too. I asked James if Tyler had a 'big' dick one night while we were hot and heavy. He nodded vigorously, unable to speak since he suddenly was on the verge of orgasm. Had the thought of Tyler's cock sent him over the edge I wondered now thinking back.

A few weeks later we received word that Tyler would be staying at his parents house for a few days while he was in between tournaments. James perked up immediately when his dad mentioned Tyler's name and his other body parts seemed a little perkier too after he heard the rest. We were on the road two days later. The four hour drive to 'Tyler' seemed to go by fast. We chatted about Tyler, me asking questions and James happy to answer them. What? Where? When? How? Who?...but of course the 'stories of 1st's' denied at the slightest mention. I sighed accepting that it really was just 'fanatasy' and focused on the plans for the weekend. Golfing, boating, golfing, dinners...what would I wear? Would Tyler have some hot chick with him? My mind raced as I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, drifting off to dreamy thoughts of Tyler. His cock actually.

We arrived just before dinner and Tyler's dad greeted us in the driveway. We both peered around looking for 'him'. Suddenly he appeared. All bright white teeth, dark thick curly hair and muscles upon muscles. He really was that HOT. James greeted his friend enthusiastically as I stood back hoping my pussy wasn't as wet as it felt. I expected to feel a drip down my leg any second and I didn't need to go PEE!!

Tyler grasped my shoulder as he leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. He smelled so good and I whimpered a little thinking of the suave way he said hello. I wonder how he said 'goodnight'...I mean good bye. I tried to look innocent as my mind raced....big cock, big cock!!! I looked away as the two of them walked ahead both of them chatting at the same time eager to catch up. I turned to look after a few seconds not able to resist any longer...HIS ASS WAS AMAZING! It seemed to ripple as he walked. James has a great ass too but nothing like the one beside him. Wow. Tyler was in great shape. His muscular frame must be awkward for golfing I thought to myself thinking of the trouble I had with my tits...to big to swing properly. I assumed he had other talents and followed the two of them inside keeping my eyes on the rippling cheeks a few feet infront of me.

We ate dinner with Tyler and his parents. They lived in a big house, the one Tyler had grown up in and the downstairs 'apartment' he'd occupied still just the way he'd left it. As we walked down the stairs and into the main room I noticed the couches, carpets and general decor a throwback to 1980. James plopped down on the couch and sighed loudly as he remarked on the familiar feeling of the 'spot' he where he always used to sit. Tyler sat on an adjaecent couch leaning back stretching his arms wide. I glanced from James to Tyler pondering where I should sit for a moment but knowing I SHOULD obviously sit beside my boyfriend. Tyler smiled before beckoning me suggesting I sit beside him so we can get to know each other. After all I had been dating his 'good' friend for five years. Tyler was flirty and full of compliments as he remarked to James that he should marry me since I was so incredibly beautiful...I lapped it up almost leaning into him as he continued to charm me into....well sleep. I felt tired and found myself fighting to stay awake suddenly tired from the long drive and the home cooked meal. Tyler showed me to a bedroom down the hall and switched on the bedside lamp before insisting I sit on the bed while he proceeded to remove my shoes!!! This guy was GOOD.

I laid down and closed my eyes, opening them briefly when I heard him walking toward the door. Had to see the 'ripple'. MMMMMM. I drifted off and when I woke I wasn't surprised to find my pussy was SOAKED. I'd probably had 'wet dreams' about Tyler. I wandered down the hall stopping suddenly to listen...was that moaning? I listened carefully as I heard Tyler's voice urging...demanding. He wanted the person to suck...and suck hard! I crept closer peeking around the corner to see what I already knew was going on. James had Tyler's BIG fat cock in his mouth and was kneeling infront of him, his shirt off but his pants still remained on. Tyler was naked and his magnificent body glistened with beads of perspiration as he twisted his hips and pushed his cock deep into James willing mouth. He glanced up and we both made eye contact...I wanted to try and hide but couldn't move. He didn't utter a word..to me. He kept directing James telling him to squeeze there and rub that. James obediently obeyed his older, and obviously more experienced friend. I watched frozen in a state of part shock and part dirty desire. Tyler watched me holding his hand out as James kept his head down, his eyes closed and his mouth full of cock.

I walked slowly toward the couch wondering how or what would I do, what would James say? The thoughts floated away as I got within reach of Tyler's outstretched hand. He reached between my legs, pushing my drenched panties aside before sliding his fingers inside my dripping cunt. I moaned causing James to look up, his eyes wide and as we looked at each other we both heard Tyler's voice, his cock pumping faster as he demanded James to keep sucking. He told me to get up and 'ride' him. I stood a moment knowing I was about to have a memorable experience. James didn't have a very talented or enthusiastic tongue so I was ready for a 'ride'. I slid my panties down and stepped toward him climbing up on his big chest and resting my legs on his shoulders as he quickly dove in his face smooth between my thighs. He licked and slurped like a true pussy lover keeping his hands on my hips pulling me into his face. I felt James place his hands on my ass cheeks almost on top of Tyler's hands. The two of them had me between their tongues, each of them eating me their tongues occasionally slipping inside while I braced myself. My body tensed and I experienced the MOST INCREDIBLE ORGASMSSSSSS I've ever had!

When I finally 'came to' I turned to find James close to my ear, his soft kisses on my neck as he held me while he stood behind me, both of us standing on the couch while Tyler continued to lick my pussy making my body jerk as he teased my clit which was still in that after-O ultra sensitive state. James leaned against me while Tyler's strong hands pulled me toward him, his fondness for 'pussy' almost seemed like a NEED. He grunted and moaned almost louder than I did slurping and swallowing until my pussy was almost dry...ALMOST. James continued to whisper in my ear asking me if I liked Tyler...YES! YES! YES! I nodded my head slowly waiting for the next question. He asked if I wanted Tyler to FUCK me...OH YES! I felt my pussy gush thinking of the enormous cock...thinking of it sliding into my tight pussy stretching and forcing its way inside. Aah, I felt the muscles in my pussy contract in anticipation and as I pulled my pussy away from Tyler's face the wide smile on his face seemed a mix of genuine delight mixed with pure lust. He spoke slowly telling me he was going to fuck my 'cunt'...ooh I loved it dirty. I had developed a serious 'slutty' side in the recent months encouraged by the dirty fantasies we'd been sharing and now I was going to get it!!!

Tyler wrapped his arms around me and in one swift motion 'threw' me onto my back, his massive body hovering over me. He looked down to his fat cock which he was rubbing up and down my pussy lips teasing me. I wanted his cock and I lifted my hips trying to reach it as he looked at me. He shook his head 'no' as he rubbed a little more and told me I'd have to wait. Wait for WHAT I wondered. I tried to lean around him to see where James was...he had just returned to the couch with a box of condoms in his hand. He kneeled down beside the couch and Tyler turned his body giving James access to his rock hard throbbing cock. I watched as James took Tyler's cock in his mouth and sucked as much as he could while he used his hands to twist and fondle his balls which were smooth and tight like the rest of Tyler's body.

His body was smooth and hairless and EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. This man was well groomed and even his hands, smooth except for a few callouses, obviously the result of gripping 'clubs' I decided. He pulled his cock out of James' mouth and I watched as James silently pulled a condom from the box, unwrapped it and rolled it over Tyler's throbbing cock. Tyler positioned himself between my legs and pulled my hips up lifing my pussy to meet him...his cock inches away. He looked down, almost concerned as he asked me if I was ready. I nodded and a small whimper came out as I bit my lip and tried to relax my pussy. His cock slid deep...deeper with each inch slowly entering me until I could feel the tip of his cock pushing against me.

I wondered if it was all the way in and I was distracted as I noticed James hands visible and his knuckles white in a tight grip on Tyler's hips. I couldn't see him but I assumed his face was buried in Tyler's smooth tanned ass. Tyler pushed between the two of us, my pussy clenching his cock while James licked causing Tyler's cock to swell occasionally and I pictured him plunging his tongue into Tyler's ass and my pussy reacted letting a hot gush flow causing Tyler to take notice. He told me how HOT I was and how much he loved my tight little 'cunt'...more dirty talk. Mmmmm.

Tyler continued fucking me slow and deep while I watched James position himself taking Tyler's beautifully muscled ass in his hands. He let out a loud 'aaaahhh' as his cock slid easily inside and he began thrusting keeping Tyler's rhythm as we rocked in unison. James was fucking Tyler faster and his hard thrusts made a loud slap each time his body slammed against Tyler's. Tyler held me firm, his cock buried deep in my pussy as he tensed his body. His face a mix of pleasure and pain. His eyes were closed and I looked up at James seeing a similar expression...a familiar one I knew as his 'fuck face'.

James was pounding Tyler really hard now and I could tell he was about to cum. Tyler still had his cock in my pussy and his slight thrusting began to increase to full strokes as I listened to James grunting. He was shooting his load into Tyler's ass and they both seemed to be loving it. Tyler pushed back against James almost pulling his cock out of my cunt as he wriggled his ass as if to squeeze the last few drops from the cock in his ass. Tyler began fucking me harder now and James was busy cleaning Tyler's ass as he licked and sucked and I felt Tyler's cock swell and throb as he jerked and his strokes became slow and steady. Each thrust slamming his cock so deep...aah, I felt my pussy begin to tingle as I felt myself getting close to another orgasm. Tyler felt my pussy clenching and realized I was about to cum so he slowed down telling me how badly he wanted to taste me...that was it. I let loose! My body was writhing and twisting uncontrollably as I rode a glorious wave of pleasure. I turned my head seeing James sitting in a chair nearby. His cock red and swollen, his gaze fixed on the huge cock pounding my pussy into submission. I felt my body slump completely drained now and I let Tyler pull me up to his face as he quickly sank his tongue into my dripping cunt swallowing and slurping noisily.

I hadn't noticed James had crawled up to the couch and was not on his knees sucking Tyler's cock. The empty condom discarded nearby told me Tyler had saved his load for James. Aah the nasty little slut in me loved the dirty things we were doing and for a brief moment the 'good girl' in me took over and I felt a mix of panic and shame. What were we doing? Why did I like watching James fuck and suck another man? I also found myself wondering about Tyler, wondering how long he'd been fucking James. I assumed they'd been secret lovers since they were both fairly young. I found myself getting wet thinking about it. I had assumed the 'fantasies' had been just that, but now I wasn't so sure. Since we had a few more days together I planned on finding out.

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