tagInterracial LoveRiley's New Life Ch. 02

Riley's New Life Ch. 02


Two weeks later, I was staring at my phone. Call made, not received. Unknown number. Time and date: heaven, or facsimile thereof. My husband was on the road, adjusting farmer's agricultural damages after a hail storm for their insurance in the Midwest. It was Friday night. I had drank a few glasses of wine, trying to pass the lonely evening. I had looked at the number before, thinking about calling it, then thinking about how crazy and silly I was. Now, emboldened by the alcohol, alone and lonely, I was glad he had made a call with my phone instead of putting it into contacts so it couldn't be deleted. I might have if he had done so. Dial. Ring.


That penetrating voice. Deep, masculine, exhilarating. Oh my god, what do I say? I'm petrified.


A whimper, "It's Riley. From the grocery store?"

"Of course, Riley. How's your husband?"

His confidence never wavers, he's never ashamed. He puts the biggest stumbling block out there like it's nothing but an anthill, so casual. "He's ok. He's on the road right now."

"Bummer, baby. You thought about our little time together."

Not a question. "Yeah."

"And you liked it."

Also not a question. Hesitation, swallow. "Yes."

"So you must be lonely."


"'You can't be calling me only one you're lonely. If you're gonna fuck with me you have to understand I will have you when I want you. You'll call me when I tell you."


"'Ok, Daddy.'"

I hesitate a split second, realizing what I'm doing. Then make my decision "Ok, daddy," I say, realizing I now am more obedient to this man than my husband of two years.

"Little girl needs to be fucked I take it?"

"Yes." It feels strange, being so subservient to this man, but it also makes my stomach fill with butterflies and my skin feel hypersensitive.

"Tell me you need me to fuck you." His voice is like velvet pulled over every inch of my skin.

No hesitation now. "I need you to fuck me, Daddy," I whisper.

He asks for my address. He says he'll give me some time to shower and do myself up nice. Put something sexy on. Eleven o'clock.

I spare no small detail. Make up, lotion, perfume, curling my hair and putting it up, constantly watching the clock. I feel like one of the chefs in those television shows, trying to make the most enticing dinner in the time allotted. I'm about to put in the diamond earrings my husband gave me, but instead go with drop silver onyx earrings to go with my dress I tell myself. I look at my nails miserably, wishing I had thought ahead and got them done beforehand. I search through my lingerie, nothing seeming worthy of my new lover, but select a bra that pushes my breasts together nicely, and matching black panties. I top it off with a black dress that fits to my figure nicely, with thin shoulder straps, and my best high heels. Giddy with excitement, like a girl going to prom, I change the sheets on the bed, fold the duvet down and arrange the pillows nicely, and light a few candles in the bedroom.

The doorbell rings and I freeze. The buzz from the wine is gone now from the rush of activity and focus. He's here. It's for real. Answer the door, I tell myself. Move. Answer the door. Move. I'm paralyzed with fear. The door rings twice, insistent. I break away and rush down the stairs, now afraid he'll think I chickened out. I open the door a little breathless and flustered.

"Hi," I say, and the world seems to close in a little at the edges.

He doesn't say anything. He looks down at me in all his terrible majesty. One hand going to his meticulously groomed goatee and stroking it as he looks me up and down slowly. Everything so perfect about him, jeans, leather coat, a single golden ring set with diamonds glittering as looks me over.

It seems like an eternity. Did I do something wrong? Does he like my dress, how I did my hair, my makeup, did I take too long and make him angry. Will he just walk away?

His eyes meet mine, his face set and stern, eyes hard. "'Hi, Daddy.'"

I stop breathing.

His face folds into a smile and he chuckles. I melt as he takes me into his arms and he kisses me deeply. Yes, these are the arms I fantasized about, at first trying to pretend my husband was him, then giving up, and only imagining them while I would touch myself after my husband was asleep in bed next to me. He picks me up a little, our bodies pressed up against each other. I know I shouldn't here, in the doorway, but the danger makes it so much sweeter, and I pull a leg up to his waist as our tongues dance in each other's mouths.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I'll try not to forget," I stammer when he lets go. It feels awkward now, calling him that in person.

"It's ok, baby. You'll get used to it. Don't worry." He walks into my home taking in the decoration (my husband's and my home). Looking around. I had put the jazz station on the satellite radio, unsure what music I should play.

He walks into the living room. His gaze lingers on my husband and my wedding picture on the wall.

I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, his attention, at first completely on me and making me so nervous, now barely acknowledges I'm there and I yearn for it again.

"Can I get you a drink, Daddy?" My voice sounds so small and quiet.

He takes the picture of the wall. "That's your husband."

"Yes, Daddy." I venture a hand out to touch his back. Stroke it up and down.

"Hmmph," he says a bit dismissively. Turns and tosses the photo on the couch. "What did you want?"

"Would you like a drink?"

He stares at me for a few seconds, "Oh, you think we're gonna hang out?"

I feel my face flush red.

"You just passed the first round, Riley. You've got a little ways to go before you're one of my girls. Come here." He pulls me into him, his hands sliding down my waist gripping my ass as we kiss again. My body is on fire in a second, every inch of my flesh touching him going absolutely crazy.

He kisses my neck and ear and my body writhes against him like a snake. I gasp as one hand cups my breast, the other pulling him into his body. He turns me sharply over the back of the couch and shoves me over it. His hands pull up my skirt and push my panties down my legs. My eyes are closed, I can feel myself getting so wet, I've dreamed of this for so long. I want it so badly. I feel him behind me undoing his jeans.

"Yes," I gasp, "Please, please fuck me! Please!" I whisper.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back up to see him with one hand, the other rubs his huge cock down me, spreading my lips, gliding it up and down over me.

"This what you want, baby? Is this what you called me over here to do to you?"

My answer comes out half audible, half sigh, "Yes."

"Then beg for me to fuck you," he says as he toys with me more. Sliding his dick over my pussy lips, pushing the head against me, teasing me like he's going to put it in, but not. My juices pouring from my pussy.

I beg. "Please, Todd! Fuck me! Oh, God! I want this more than anything else in my life! I want you inside of me! Please!" All the while my head turned up to him, he watches me, begging him to fuck me. I feel a part of my pride leaving me, but it's left with a yearning, a desire. It's surrender. I keep thinking I've surrendered completely, but then he shows me I have more to give. And I give it graciously. And he rewards me.

He enters me suddenly, without warning. Filling me like I've never been filled before. My hands grip the couch cushions beneath me tightly as he fills me up, like he's in my stomach! His hand leaves my hair and grips my waist and he slides it out slowly. It seems like he'll never finish, but once he does he enters me again and the sensation is like the first time, a fullness that knows no equal. My eyes are squeezed shut tight, explosions lighting up the darkness as he pushes in and out. I can hear myself moaning like I have never before during sex. My legs are tingly, almost a numbness, but not, as I feel everything with an intensity I could never have imagined.

I let out short high pitched cries as he fucks me from behind. My hands clenching the sofa, his hands tight on my waist. I feel like I'm in absolute heaven. I feel a climax building inside me, my muscles clench around him as I arch my back and cry out loudly, my head falls as it subsides and I open my eyes and see my wedding picture beneath me on the couch as a wave of ecstasy settles around me, a high. I feel so exhilarated, so alive, so desired. I close my eyes, but the picture is still in my mind. I see my wedding picture while Todd fucks me from behind, and I gasp, I hear him grunt, calling me a dirty bitch, his white slut, his whore. I feel myself begin to cum again, and this time I open my eyes, knowing I will never be the same, accepting it. Again, surrendering more, and stare down at my wedding picture as he sends me over the edge again, and this time I orgasm like I never have before. My thighs quiver, I literally scream so loud that later I wonder if the neighbors heard me.

"Oh, baby, that's right. I'm gonna cum, you little slut," he tells me from behind.

Without knowing what I'm saying or doing, I reach back and grab his ass, "Cum inside me! Please!"

His hand grabs my hair tightly, pulling me off the back of the couching and pushing me to the floor. My head hurts where he pulls my hair and shoves me down. He shoves his cock into my mouth and pushes my head against the back of the sofa, fucking my mouth.

"You don't deserve that yet, bitch." He thrusts his cock into my mouth and down my throat rapidly. I gag a little, not used to him, but try to open my throat up more for him and feel it slide down my throat as it swells larger, I concentrate trying to hold on a little while longer.

He cries out as I feel the swelling crescendo and cum explodes down my throat, I try to swallow, but gag, and his semen goes up into my nose and bursts out, but I'm determined to finish him. I know I belong to him now, and I can't do anything to make him want to leave me. He keeps fucking my mouth, what feels like rivers of semen flowing down my throat, his hand on my neck, feeling me swallow with each pulse.

His thrusts slow, his guttural sighs subside and he pulls out of my mouth. I see my red lipstick on the base of him, and smudged up his dick, before he puts it back in his pants.

I sit on my thighs. My body floating. My nose burns a little, I can feel semen dripping out of my nose. I imagine this is what it is like to be on heroin or morphine or some other major drug. My mouth is filled with the taste of him.

"You did good, baby. Just fine," he is out of breath. I feel good, I made him happy.

He takes my chin and turns it up towards him. He looks down at me holding my chin in his hand, puts his thumb in my mouth. "Now, I'm gonna call you when I need something. And you're gonna come. No matter what. Right?"

I nod, imagining my eyes glazed over like I'm in the dentist's chair.

He smiles down at me. "You're awesome, Riley. I think you might be my best bitch you keep this up."

He drops my chin and walks away. Sees himself out. Me, I fall to the floor. My insides still clenching spasmodically in the vacuum of his cock. My body covered in a sheen of sweat. I fall asleep, curdled in the fetal position, my body floating away in a breeze of contentment and satisfaction like I'd never felt before.

I awoke an hour or so later. Dress around my waist, panties tangling my ankles. Hair all pulled out and in disarray. I dragged myself to bed, the candles burned a good way down, of no use. For a second I feel how much time I put into it all, and how fast it was over, but I realize I got everything I wanted, and it was wonderful. I crawled into bed and fell asleep with the scent of him all over my body. Sure now.

To be continued...

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