tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRip in Time Ch. 09

Rip in Time Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Friends in Low Places

In the back of the Bronze, unnoticed, sat a young man with bright green eyes. He kept reaching up to his neck as if searching for something that wasn't there. His eyes were narrowed and focused, as most of the male and some of the female eyes were, on a particular redhead in leather. Most Sunnydale inhabitants were so used to seeing vampires that they didn't even register the play of ridges across a familiar face. The other thing they didn't notice were the waves of magick coming off of this particular girl. But he wasn't like them. And he did notice.

Erik was eight hundred years old. He was a vengeance demon. Well, 'was' being the operative word in the sentence. He'd been having a stroke of bad luck lately. It wasn't easy being a vengeance demon for men. For one thing, they weren't very creative with their wishes. They had no mind for true pain and devastation. It was usually blemishes or funny odors or bad luck with their next boyfriend. And lately, he kept messing up. Finally he'd lost his job when he'd mistaken a girl for her sister while exacting revenge. They were twins for Christ's sake!

He had thought about bending time to get the amulet back, but that wouldn't be good enough. He was likely to make the same mistakes all over again. No, he needed to become more powerful. Then, when he had completed a few spells, proven his worth again, the amulet would be offered to him on a gold plate. The only problem was where he was going to get this power. His eyes settled back on the little red-haired witch. He laughed to himself. Strangely, he was feeling very optimistic. Aside from the vampire, the witch was the only one with power at that table. It would be so easy. He smiled wider. Where there's a will, there's a way.


Ripper met Spike's eyes over the top of the witch's head. He raised a brow as if to say, are you game for a little revenge, mate? The answer was an unequivocal yes. Slowly Spike took one step closer to Willow, effectively blocking her. Then Ripper stalked forward carefully pinning her up against the vampire and settling his hands on her hips. Spike took her hand, pressed it to where his heart should have been beating and pulled her toward the dance floor, Ripper never missed a step or lost contact. Willow swallowed hard and hoped that she was up for whatever these two had in mind.

Spike and Ripper began to move to the beat of the pulsing music in near perfect sync. They had moved so close together now that sometimes the mens' hands brushed as they touched Willow. She was trapped in between them, and Goddess help her, she didn't want out. She had no choice but to move with them, and enjoy as much as she could. A slow heat began to burn low inside her. It pulsed and throbbed to the beat of the music, too. At the same time, they each ran a hand along her shoulder up to her neck, brushing away her hair. Then they bent their lips to her neck and earlobe and gently began nibbling and kissing their way across her skin. Willow could barely breathe.

"Red? Do you like this?" Spike whispered. Then his mouth descended over hers, his tongue gently exploring. The taste of her was addictive. He could almost forget that he was competing for her attentions. She moaned into his mouth. Abruptly, Ripper spun her away from Spike to face him.

"Red? You're not answering." He slid his hands down to her waist and roughly pulled her against him. And then his tongue was in her mouth, her body flush to his. Spike pressed in from behind her, nipping the nape of her neck with blunt teeth.

"What exactly did you two have in mind?" She asked when they came up for air. Spike put a hand on Willow's waist and looked at Ripper and raised an eyebrow, Ripper looked back at him, put his hand over Spike's and grinned.


Giles lay in his bed, arm thrown over his eyes. He was in a deep sleep, his chest rising and falling in an even manner. To an observer, he looked passive and peaceful. In his mind's eye, he was anything but. The erotic memory he was indulging in was better than most of the countless nights he'd spent as a misbegotten youth.

Truth be told, he'd had some wild adventures as a college boy. One of the more risque things he'd done was share women with Ethan. Of course, whenever he'd done this he'd been under the influence of a powerful spell that inflamed erotic stimulation not to mention whatever drug Ethan had supplied for the night. All in all it was decadent existence and incredibly seductive.

Giles rolled in his sleep, hugging the pillow to him as he held Willow in the dreamworld. She was pinned between him and Spike. They had both persuaded her to go with them into the alley behind the dance club. She had followed them readily, eager for more of their kisses and caresses. They could still hear the thrumming of the music as they kissed and caressed their willing captive. The sound pounded through the thick brick walls and it hummed against their bodies . Giles saw his younger self, kneel in front of Willow, bringing his mouth flush with her pale stomach which peeked from beneath her shirt. Ripper smiled to himself as he watched Spike concentrate his efforts on her crimson mouth.

Ripper had more elusive flesh to pursue. He slid his warm hands under her shirt, baring her skin to him as he pressed his mouth against her navel. Surprisingly enough, she was an "innie". He took the opportunity to trace her bellybutton with his tongue before delving inside. Willow squirmed as she delivered a frantic message to his shoulders by squeezing them. All the while, Spike continued to steal the air from her lungs with his ardent kisses.

Spike entwined his fingers in her hair as his mouth dropped to the side of her neck. He was fascinated by her collar bones, his mouth brushed along once, delivering stinging nips and soothing kisses. When he reached the V of her neck, he laved it with his tongue. Willow gasped and the vampire stared down at Ripper who winked at him before he continued his carnal assault on her once more. Spike continued on to other collar bone.

Ripper, maneuvered his hands from her belly to her ribcage, slowly sliding his body up hers until he stood on his feet once more. He let his fingers play over each rib as he sought his ultimate goal. When he reached the underside of her demi-cup bra, he flipped her shirt up and Spike caught it deftly, pulling it up and over her head. One set of cool hands and another set of warm ones descended on her sensitive flesh. They easily flicked open the hooks and eyes. Both young men murmured their appreciation as her breasts were revealed to them. Before they could bend their heads to worship her with their mouths, the sound of a throat clearing caught them off guard.

Ripper turned abruptly, shielding the hapless Willow with his body. "Who the bloody hell are you?" The tall, lean man leaned against the wall, his lips curving in a smile the three could not see in the darkness of the alley, he opened his mouth, but before he could answer, Ripper clenched his jaw. "I changed my mind. I don't give a damn. Leave. Now. " He turned away from the intruder.

The spell had been broken. Willow clutched her clothes to her suddenly naked chest. Dear Goddess, she'd almost had sex with two men. Correction. . . one man and one vampire in an alley. No, not even. One vampire and one guy who'd become her highschool librarian. She cast a furious look at both of the perpetrators before turning her back on them. "I can't believe I did this! No, I can't believe you two did this!"

"Willow, pet, don't put those on. Things were just getting interesting, maybe we should–"

"Should what? Shag in an alley?! I don't think so." Willow screeched, near hysteria. She looked over their imposing shoulders at the stranger. "Why the hell are you still here?" She peered through the inky darkness. "Goddess. I can't believe this. Just perfect."

"Pet, what's the matter?" Ripper asked gently, wincing slightly at her tone. "That's not your dad is it?" Ever since the episode where he had first met his former self, and Willow had informed him afterward that meeting her real dad would have been much, much worse, he had begun to have this abiding fear of it actually happening. What kind of man allowed himself to be named Ira?

Spike, looking closer could just make out the man's features. He didn't recognize him, but Willow certainly did. He took up a menacing pose in case the man meant her harm. "Who is it, luv?"

"Ethan Rayne."

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