tagMatureRipe Fruits Ch. 03a

Ripe Fruits Ch. 03a


I would like to suggest please read before this ripe fruit ....03


"Now, Zeshan, I trust, you won't tell anyone."

I shook my head slowly and replied. "I can't believe it myself. Who could I tell?"

"We'd better get dressed now. My daughter might be waiting for me," Mahal said as she got up, kissed me on the cheek, then frantically got dressed and hurriedly went out to the door.

I hurriedly took a bath and then changed clothes. After breakfast I went to my workshop.

I couldn't concentrate on my work at all that day, as I thought about her body: her breasts, her ass her pussy, and as I dwelt on these visions of loveliness, I pondered my situation. I had just fucked my best friend's mother, a woman about 18 years my senior, and a woman who apparently adores me and would let me do anything I wanted with her. Those thoughts put a smile on my face.

When I got home, Mahal was there talking to my mother. I greeted her and she me. I could not take my eyes away from her. Although I was sure Mahal was conscious of my staring at her, as a mature woman she pretended in my mother's presence that nothing had happened between us.

I tried to keep my distance from her because I was afraid she might be mad at me for having seduced her. But I couldn't just stand there, so I sat down with Mahal and my mother on the sofa. We were all making idle conversation when my mother told us she was going to the kitchen to make tea. That left Mahal and me alone. I placed my hand on her knee and started rubbing it gently. She released a soft sigh as I moved my hand up to her thigh. As I was nearing her upper thigh she uncrossed her legs and spread them apart to receive my intruding hand, but when I reached the meeting point of her thighs, she stopped me.

"What are you doing? Your mother may come," Mahal, reminded me.

"She's busy in kitchen, let me feel it." I said to her.

Mahal said me, "No! I think that what happened to us the morning was wrong."

"Nothing we did was wrong, I will be waiting for you tomorrow morning, " I said to her insistently.

Mahal stood up from the couch and went to join my mother in the kitchen.

That night I couldn't sleep, thinking about what had happened that morning. I was not sure she'd come the next morning.

She did return the next morning, however. I was elated to see her again, when she entered. And how! She was dressed in just a black qameez and a white shilwar. I ran to her and gently embraced her, and my hands groped her body, not knowing where to caress her in my excitement.

Then sinking my face into her neck, we rubbed our bodies together. My cock thickened as I pressed against her thigh. Her response was to hold me even tighter. Her thigh felt fantastic as she pressed it into me. She held my face with both hands. She kissed my neck, face and lips. In no time, Mahal had her tongue in my mouth, and I pushed mine into hers. We licked each other's tongues and lips. She sucked my tongue as if it were a cock. After what had occurred the previous day, that first passionate kissing was fucking hot. We stood there embracing and licking each other's tongue. The room was filled with lust!

I got her hand then, and guided it to my throbbing member where she reached out and rubbed it from the outside of my shilwar.

We made out hungrily as my hands explored her soft, extensive curves. Without wasting time, I grabbed a handful of her beautiful ass and pulled her closer to me. I shoved my face into her breasts as she pressed them against me. I lifted her qameez along with her bra and smothered my face in the flesh of her soft breasts, then I lightly kissed her bare breasts, licking her tense nipples, sending her moaning in pleasure.

"hhuuuu. I love you, Zeshan!" Mahal moaned in absolute pleasure as I gently bit her nipples.

I kneaded her nipples, and slid my hands inside her shilwar over the edge of her belly and tantalized her clit. There were uffff, and aah from both of us as we worked up a sweat for few minutes or so.

At this point we were at a fever pitch, and I needed to release my hard-on to the air before it suffocated. Mahal's hand found it's way to my cock. Quickly Mahal started to stroke it vigorously. She would stroke my cock and cup my balls simultaneously.

I sucked and bit her nipples. She continued to grab my cock. She immediately pulled my pajama string and opened it. As it fell to my feet, she took my bare cock in her silky soft hand. She started slowly stroking it. Her eyes were closed, and I couldn't believe it when Mahal suddenly dropped to her knees between my legs and bent her head, proceeding to kiss and lick my cock and rub it all over her face. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go, to engulf my fat knob with her mouth. My young cock was so big and fat Mahal could only get half of it inside her mouth.

After kissing and licking without hesitation, she hungrily shoved my cock into her mouth. Once she got her mouth around me I felt like I was one big sucking candy for her. She would let it out, lick the sides of my shaft, circle my cock head with her tongue and then shove it inside her mouth again. This went on again and again. All the while she fondled my balls with her free hand.

I was so dizzy I had to hold onto a post to keep my balance. I was wondering how this conservative woman had learned all these lustful techniques.

She kept squeezing my balls, and the same time she would circle my asshole with her finger, causing me to buck and shove my cock deeper.

I looked down at her lovingly, and when I saw her black eyes looking up into mine angelically. I ran my hands through her hair and said, " Oh! Aunty stop it, now it's my turn."

She got up and hugged me, I couldn't help myself, and I began to kiss her neck over and over, saying that after such an amazing performance I felt that it would only be fair for me to reciprocate.

I now slid my hand to her shilwar string and pulled it and let it drop to the floor. Then she stepped out of the Shilwar. She slipped out of her panties, uncovering her freshly shaved, swollen cunt.

"Aunty do you want me to lick your pussy?" I asked to her.

"Would you do that for me? I have not tried it before because my husband won't do it," she excitedly told me.

"I've always wanted to taste you, Mahal, " I said as I pushed her qameez up revealing her perky breasts again.

I kissed my way down her body, sticking out the very tip of my tongue, gliding it through the crevice between her breasts. My tongue curled upwards, moving, to her left nipple, feeling it stiffen as I circled it with my tongue, nibbled on it gently. My hand caressed her right breast, pinching and pulling on her right nipple.

I continued to kiss and lick my way down her body, feeling her body tense up each time my lips brushed against her silky skin. I kissed along her tight, taut tummy, my tongue circling the area around her belly button, and I heard her squeal with glee.

When I reached her thighs her legs were almost closed together completely, so I took the initiative and spread them apart with my hands. On my knees under her qameez as it had fallen now, I inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her sex. Her scent was truly remarkable, a scent that I'd waited for four long years to smell.

Then I started to gently kiss the outside of her pussy, which made her moan softly. When I parted her pussy lips she let out a soft moan and I licked her pussy between the outspread lips.

"That feels so good." she was to breathing heavily, running her delicate fingers through my hair.

Since she was so horny from sucking my cock, soon she came all over my face while screaming out my name, "Zeshan, Zeshan, Zeshan, sweet Zeshan ."

My face was completely covered with Mahal's sweet juices.

Mahal's pussy tasted heavenly. I went right for her engorged clit, sucking it forcibly into my mouth. Mahal lost control and then started to moan loudly, and bucked her hips to the rhythm and directions of my tongue.

"Haa, hhh Aahhh... Zeshan, you are the best!" Mahal cried as she pushed my head deeper into her pussy. I virtually ate Mahal's pussy. I licked and chewed her pussy lips and sucked her clit. Each time I sucked her clit, she would throw her hips towards me hard. She began to fuck my face, which was a totally new experience for me.

With my face "in" Mahal's pussy, Mahal folded her legs over the back of my head, and she began to hump her pussy on my face, head, and tongue. I turned her and began to kiss and lick her fluffy hips and then her ass crack. She let out an animal like groan when I stuck my tongue into her asshole.

After a few minutes of eating her drenched pussy, Mahal raised my head from her pussy. "Oh Zeshan! What are you doing to me?" Mahal asked between her soft moans. "Oh that feels so wonderful! Please stop it and fuck me now!" Mahal begged me.

"Zeshan, I want your big cock inside my pussy now, I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me so badly, so hard, with no hesitation whatsoever." She walked towards the bed. She lay down on my bed and said to me, "Zeshan! I want you to fuck me very slowly!"

My cock was aching due to its hardness, and I could feel the blood rushing through my veins, it felt so hot I was almost afraid it would burn her when I pushed it into her hot, glistening cunt.

She really didn't need to say anything because we both knew what we both wanted. I looked at her beautiful body, especially at her wet pussy, and rose. I walked over, knelt between her legs, and bent over on top of her.

She grasped my dick in her hand and led it to her silky slit. She slid it up and down against her damp pussy, moaned, then groaned as I slipped my rock hard cock inside her hot wetness.

"Ahhh! Mahal, that feels so good!" I whispered. Mahal's pussy was tight but really hot and very wet, so there was very little struggle for my thick cock to penetrate her dripping cunt.

"Zeshan your cock is the best!!" Mahal praised me.

"And your pussy is great!"

As the wetness of Mahal's pussy engulfed my cock I slowly plunged my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. The sound of my cock slurping in and out of her pussy and her erotic moans filled the air.

After a few minutes of slow fucking my best friend's mom, I was on the verge of cumming, so I grabbed her hips and then rammed my cock into her pussy feverishly. She exposed her voluptuous breasts and I cupped them in my hands. She reached and grabbed my ass and pulled me inside, then let me pull back, and we rocked together.

"Yuff, Mahal your pussy is really hot!" I moaned.

"Yaaa, My hot pussy is just for you Zeshan, now fuck me harder!" Mahal commanded me as I felt her vagina tightening around my cock. I did what I was ordered, so I brought her legs up on my shoulders and then began to ram my cock violently in and out of her pussy.

"Oh Zeshan, oh Zeshan, oh Zeshan...Ohh yes Zeshan! Please fuck me! You want to fuck your friend's mommy, don't you?"

"Oh yes!" I moaned.

"Fuck me! Zeshan Fuck your friend's mommy"!

After a few minutes her legs curled up to her body and she stiffened as she wrapped her legs around me.

" Zeshannnnl ufffffff Zeshannnn..." Mahal screamed as she reached an orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasm I kept on pounding my cock into her spent vagina as I was nearing my orgasm.

"Haaaaah, haaaaaaah Mahal " I groaned as I pulled her body firmly into mine. Then I warned her, " Mahal, I'm cumming!"

"Ok Zeshan, come inside me, I want to feel your hot honey inside me,"

And with that encouragement I flooded her pussy with my white sticky semen. Then I collapsed on top of her as both of us lay spent on my bed with my cum dripping out of her pussy and down onto the bed sheet.

"You don't know how much pleasure and satisfaction you have given me, Zeshan, I have never been so pleased and satisfied by sex before. I don't think I will get the smile off my face for a week."

Mahal confided in me and said, "Oh Zeshan, you don't know how I miss being held by a real man, because my husband don't make love to me."

"But I had thought you didn't like sex!"

She laughed and said, "What an idiot idea! I have always loved it, but my husband can only do it once or twice in a month!"

"Don't worry Mahal, I'll always make you happy." And with that I kissed her all over her body.

"Yes! You will always please me, because you are, much longer and thicker than my husband, and you stayed hard for longer. And besides that, you are so sweet and loving."

Mahal taught me a lot of things; she was really good in pleasuring a man. We lay there in our sexual afterglow, and held each other, kissing and hugging, only sorry we had not done this when we first met. As I lay next to her, she wrapped her arms around me she whispered, "I love you." She kissed me and held me, at the same time cradling me in her arms. We lay there for a long time.

She started kissing me on my neck and my chest. She slowly worked her way down to my cock. My cock was sliding between her experienced fingers.

I begin caressing her nipples, alternately, with my right hand, one finger of my left hand is buried in her pussy, while she was playing with my dick, and by this point, and my dick was hard again.

"You're so big!" She whispered in my ear. "I guess you want to continue?"

"Is it bigger than your husband's?" I asked.

"More then twice in length and thickness," she said, and her grip slackened and she began caressing it lovingly.

"How lucky I am to be able to enjoy your tight pussy," l said, and lowered my head and started to suck on her nipples. Mahal grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her breasts. I went back and forth between her breasts, giving each one equal time.

"Mahal! Let's do it again," I said.

She smiled and nuzzled her face against mine, and without a word she turned over and rolled over at the same time, so that she wound up on top of me.

She arched her body so that she was positioned over the length of my penis, and she slowly began to ease herself down onto me, watching me the entire time. My hands trembled slightly against her sides, trying to help her to keep her balance. My eyes watched hers as hers watched mine.

Slowly she lowered herself onto me, and suddenly I felt transported to a New World, one of immense wetness and heat. My cock was a snug fit, like a leather glove. Mahal slowly started riding me up and down. I mean really slow, almost an imperceptible movement at times. She leaned down and pressed her body against mine as she rode me, and I felt myself writhe against her skin every time she raised her hips. I kissed her lovingly, my mouth moving from her forehead to her cheek to her mouth to her ear, brushing my lips over her face each time I moved.

As we continued to make love, she began to moan rather loudly, maybe a little too loudly, but I only felt a sense of great pride, happy that the woman who I'd always dreamt about is riding on me.

I was in my own personal heaven, rising and falling underneath Mahal's divine body, thrusting upward to meet her every time.

She lowered herself back down onto me. She was bouncing up and down like a woman in heat.

I could tell that my balls were totally drained into Mahal's wet hot pussy.

I wanted this moment to last forever, and as much as I'd wished and hoped, I knew that soon enough, she and I would both cum again.

Our bodies still pressed tightly together, she moved rhythmically up and down, her head arched backward, her eyes shut tightly, and by that time she was crying out into the air.

"Oh, Zeshan, you knew that I needed this," she screamed. Her voice was hoarse, a little raspy. "You knew that I wanted to make love like this.

Mahal started to increase her tempo and her breathing increased. She was screamed at me to "Fuck me hard, fuck me harder." Soon it was just "Fuck me harder," on each thrust.

My head was thrashing around and I was grunting with every thrust. I was quickly reaching the point of no return, and she continued yelling, "Fuck me! Zeshan! I love your cock. I want this cock for all time! Yes, cum inside me baby, come on, give it to me, let it go Mahal, fill me up." And then. . .I exploded.

With a long, loud groan, I blasted, filling her pussy with my sperm. Mahal kept riding me, even after three orgasms, and all her juices flowed out onto my thighs.

She just lay on top of me for a few minutes. Then she said, "I have to go Zeshan. Though I don't wish to go"

Mahal and I secretly became lovers from that day on. Once after a nice fuck we lay and were talking when she made me hard again and we were ready to make love.

I asked her. "Tell me aunty what is your favorite position in fucking?"

"I love you, I like you fuck me "

"Any how tell me the position you like."

She then told me shyly that her favorite position was doggy style, well always a gentleman I had to please. She got on her hands and knees; this was the first time I had gotten a good look at Mahal's ass like this, and the sight of it made me mad. I had looked at many bottoms over the years; in tight little shorts, bikinis, jeans, and business suit though never naked.

"You have a muscular butt, Mahal," I said.

"Thanks, I think," she replied. I slid a finger into the upper part of her ass crack. "Tell me Mahal, is your ass is virgin? I bet it is."

"It is," she said, "but don't go there."

"Let me do it, I bet you'd like it."

"I bet I wouldn't. Don't go there, Zeshan."

I was sliding my finger up and down her crack, and I held her pretty white ass open as I teased her cunt with my cock. Sliding my dick along her wet slit, then sticking it in an inch or so and taking it out.

She begged me, "Please don't tease me, give me you cock, and I want it in me so badly!"

With that comment I rammed it all the way in with one shove. She gasped loudly as I filled her pussy with my hard cock. Her breathing was coming faster as I held her wide hips and slammed my cock in her.

"Oh god, I love feeling your balls slapping my pussy!" she cried out as she came, flooding my dick with her wetness.

My balls sticky with her juice I stared slap at her ass as it bounced when I slammed my cock in her pussy, so I grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand and pulled her to me roughly. It seemed to make her even more excited when I did and she bucked against me harder and was carrying.

"Ah, Zeshan, fuck me, fuck it good! Now! Do it now! Move, honey! Fuck me till I fucking split! Unh! Right! There! Now!"

She was breathing so fast I thought she would hyperventilate so I slowed down.

"NO!" she screamed out at me, "Don't slow down, and Fuck me hard. Please make me cum again and again, and fuck me hard!"

I resumed my assault on her sweet pussy as it clung tightly to my cock. I was fixing to cum again as she humped against me.

By unspoken agreement we meet daily. Now we fuck, chatting cuddling, fighting like teenagers every day. When we began our relationship in my house so Mahal and I used my bedroom in my home to fuck for hours at a time. I couldn't drop the idea of her ass fucking from my head.

One day when were making love and her legs were on my shoulder I asked her "Aunty let me fuck your ass."

"Listen Zeshan, I have told you not there, why you don't understand? Women have their own hole for pleasures."

"All right." I slid out of her. "I don't want to keep more any relation with a woman who can't love me."

"But you're not leaving me like this! Let we finish." She was looking so angry.

I inserted my cock her and said, "Okay! You also let me clean that we are finishing our relation, I don't want to keep relation with a you if you don't fulfill my fantasy," I said,

And soon we finished it with out talking. She got up dressed, but didn't look at me. "I'm not sure you said that." she said.

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