tagNovels and NovellasRise of Roxy Ch. 05

Rise of Roxy Ch. 05


Roxy left on a dirty weekend with Mal the next Saturday morning, her gratitude for Mal over-ruling her earlier decision not to do it because she'd found she'd liked his wife. She recanted because she felt beholden to him and Roxy said if he wanted her he better make it soon before she changed her mind.

"I'll take you somewhere this Saturday," he said hastily.

They entered the luxuriously appointed cabin at a mountain resort.

Mal put down their bags inside the door and stood in the middle of the room, hands on hips and looking awkward

Roxy thought Omigod, he's no more relaxed about this than she was.

"Get them off and let's do it Mal," she said, attempting to haul off her thick sweater and then calling to him to help her.

He trotted over, grinning like an ancient-looking schoolboy.

"God I can't wait to get my hands on your boobies."

"Please call them tits."


Blood flowed into Mal's nether region and now his face was lit like a happy schoolboy being handed a very desirable cookie.

"I like you Roxy," he assured her.

Eh? What nonsense was this?

"Don't chat Mal, just do it."

Mal had Roxy stripped as fast as she could have removed her clothing but not unexpectedly he didn't fold the discarded garments and stack them neatly.

"God what a body," he gloated.

"Aw come on Mal, give me something to hang on to."

Roxy almost took a step backwards when she saw it. His cock was long but it was the bend, or hook, in it that almost alarmed her. Perhaps that was designed to go around corners?

"Standing up, bending over, on the floor or on the bed... oh or against the door?"

"Standing up," she said, unable to remember the other things he said because she'd been focused on 'the hook'. Anyway standing might neutralize him a bit in coping with her weight.

Al dropped his pants and lifted her almost effortlessly and already red-faced and beginning to sweat, he gloated just as she realized he was almost up to her cervix already.


She grunted and thought the sight of 'the hook' must have made her lube in panic.

"Great you groan. Make plenty of noise," he enthused. "That keeps me up hard."

"And right up," she gasped.

"Oh good, then you can feel it? Most women I fuck claim they don't feel much beyond the rim."

Other women? Mal you dirty old man.

As if reading Roxy's thoughts he puffed, "These days my wife finds I'm a bit big for her so I bought her a box of assorted toys."

"Oh you considerate man," Roxy said sarcastically.

Al beamed.

Roxy sighed and he asked was she coming already.

"No I'm not," she said feeling offended.

"Really bash in against me if you wish" he said. "I'm rather strong."

Oh yes, and the pole reaming her was strong.

When Al finally 'blew' he sounded like a whale coming up after a 30-minute dive. Roxy took him by the hand and led him to the bed where she worked on him. Twenty-minutes later he climaxed again and when regaining his breath announced, "I'll need food before I can go again."

To her surprise, Roxy had a fucking great weekend and her respect for Mal rocketed but she still had to tell him she had no intention of making this a regular thing.

"That's okay. Now that I've had you my interest will wane."

Fucking heartless men, Roxy muttered.

"But Roxy I really like you," smiled her department boss and that gave Roxy the warm feeling of being wanted. She liked that.

While they were away and Mal was asleep or out walking, Roxy completed for the second time the late Arlene Wright's big-selling novel 'Top Grade Teacher' on which the TV series, 'The Amazing Miss Young' would be based.

She remembered what Mrs Smith had said, "Make the part yours Roxy."

Roxy began reading the script for the third time but this time made notes of changes she required where she thought the characterization of Alicia Young was not as emphatic as in the novel that had been based on fact.

When they were driving back to the city after lunch on Sunday, Roxy said, "Mal I want you to send Mrs Smith and me to Silver Oaks."

"Isn't that where Mabel Wright lived and taught all her life?"


"Ah so you want to absorb atmosphere. It will be all changed now but yes you can go, without Mrs Smith."

"Then I'll pay for her air tickets and overnight accommodation."

"So you need her to hold your hand?"

"Yes in a manner of speaking. She'll know what I'm meant to be looking for."

"Oh I see," he grinned.

"Mal you heard Mrs Smith say to me, 'Make this part yours Roxy'. Well..."

"I understand now. Yes we'll send you and Mrs Smith to Silver Oaks. Don't forget to take protection."

"God you are disgusting."

Mal looked guilty and she giggled, sending him into a belly laugh.

"It was funny Mal but still disgusting. God Mal she'd older than you."

Mal drove along silently.

"Well you asked for that. You are aware I shoot from the hip."

"Well I found your comment offensive."

"Oh Mal, I'm sorry. Here allow me to pull out your dick..."

"Get away from me you nympho. God it feels like its falling off."

They laughed and the drive home continued peacefully.

* * *

Roxy called into Mal's office to say hi next morning on her way to the last day of rehearsals.

"Thanks for letting me at you," he smiled. "You are the best fuck I've ever had, especially that lusty first session."

Roxy's faced burned and he grinned.

"God I caught you napping at last with that surprise comment and it shows you are human."

She scowled, "I bet you say that to most of your women."

"Well I never have but you believe what you wish."

Roxy smiled softly and said, "I always give it my best boss. Have a good recovery day."

He laughed and said Roxy and Mrs Smith would fly out Friday morning and return Sunday morning.

"I thought you guys should not rush it, get some feeling for the place and meet some of people who had dealings with Mabel Wright. The dates suit Mrs Smith and she thinks this is a great idea."

"I thought she would, knowing it would be a great location to soak up atmosphere."

Mal said dryly, "Oh she was pleased about it being the first time the company had ever sent her anywhere."


Mal smiled and said Mrs Smith didn't feel the need to tell him what he already knew about the reason for the visit.

"You can also return with the director when he goes with a camera crew for a week to film local material."

"Omigod I bet Mabel Wright is buried there. We could run the opening credits over a shot of the grave. Oh Mal please."

"It could be considered but that's something for you to talk over with your director who'll then consult with the producer."

"Oh, I haven't told who the producer is."

"I'm it," he grinned. "This is our annual blockbuster."

Roxy still worked at remaining off-hand with the director Billy Jones, a gaunt and hugely creative guy with a mustache. Roxy hated mustaches and so that helped her to remain off-hand instead of pushing to establish her place as the dominant female in the production. She assumed some other female in the cast was already fucking Billy, that is if he were a female-only guy. One never knew with directors.

As was becoming her habit, Roxy arrived early.

Billy waved and came over.

"I like my cast to show the keenness you display."

God was this a come-on? Careful he might be gay.

"It pays to be enthusiastic about one's job."

"That's true."

"Billy when we spoke at length initially, not mention was made of my very recent failure."

"And I want you to put that behind you. You were a stupid bitch taking that stupid role."

"Now you look here Mr Hairy fucking lip..."

"Whoa, whoa Roxy. I was warned you shoot from the hip. Please explain what I said was so wrong that it upset you?"

"I-I...Well Billy, nothing really. I was a stupid bitch and I'm sorry for that verbal beat-up."

"Just respect me and obey my direction although you are free to challenge it."

"What challenge my need to respect you?"

He just grinned and rubbed his fucking mustache.

"Have you done any extra reading to catch up?"

She said she'd completed reading the novel for the fourth time and their script for the third time.

"I've memorized most the script."

"Good one Roxy. I like people with humor."

"Yeah well test me," Roxy said, pulling her copy of the script from her handbag. "I'm not word perfect yet but pick out anyone saying something but you'd have to identify the scene."

"Anyone, are you dreaming?"

Roxy waited patiently.

"Okay, quote the Mayor at City Hall when he replies to Alicia when she confronts him over the tragic death of May-Ellen's 4-year old brother when the kid wandered into the council's vehicle depot along from their home and fell head-first into an inspection pit."

He noticed the change in Roxy's face and her body tensed.

"Miss Young, you are wearing my patience to breaking point. There is no need for the council to spend recklessly to fence its vehicle depot as all vehicles are left locked and we employ a night watchman. If parents cannot look after their small children responsibly you cannot shift the blame for the consequences of that on to the council. Now please, are we finished here because I've finished with you?"

Billy said, "Jesus that's word for word and it's not your part."

"Well I'm in at least 85% of scenes and if I know everything that's going on I don't have to worry about my own timing and wish to avoid wasting time on reshoots because of my mistiming. It's like what you do before you bite into an apple; you examine and consider the whole apple."

"Yes I know that's the theory but no one expects you to memorize the entire script."

"Well it's a standard I set myself."

Billy rubbed his fucking mustache and Roxy gritted.

"Okay, give me your own part when Miss Young replies to the mayor."

"Sir I'll take no more of your time. The life of a small child was lost directly because of the laxness of vehicle depot staff and practices over which you have the ultimate responsibility. Either you get that depot yard fenced immediately or I shall organize a parent's revolt against your lax administration and with council elections coming up in seven months I imagine you know what civil discord means to you and your cahoots in line for re-election. Mr Mayor, you have three young adult children and I taught each one of them and was responsible for their safely while they were in my care. Have you no heart? Good day to you sir or do you have something important to say to me?"

Members of the cast, who'd come in behind Roxy and were standing silently, clapped. Billy smiled at her and said well done. The depth of the director's smile delighted Roxy. The clapping also really pleased her because it suggested a break-through because since her arrival at rehearsals people had almost shunned her.

She turned and smiled and said good morning.

Most of the ten or so people smiled and Dick Shore, who'd play the long-serving chairman of the school board who'd be periodically hounded by Miss Young for the board to supply improved services and to not automatically take the side of complaining parents or students, called, "That was great Roxy. For a moment I thought I was listening to Mabel Wright herself."

Three weeks later Mal took some roughly edited shoots to the senior management meeting and the eleven people there viewed them and soon murmurs of approval flowed.

Bette said it for everyone. "If your people keep up with this standard Mal well have a winner on our hands, not only with viewers and advertisers but also in the regional annual media awards. Roxy is brilliant in the role, the standout performer as she's meant to be and we have you to thank for that by resolutely standing by Roxy because you saw what she possessed and believed in her."

* * *

The day after Channel 8 put out a big media release about its upcoming blockbuster due to begin screening four days away, the morning newspaper's TV writer Di Roach called Roxy.

"Hi Roxy, I'm calling you and that should tell you I want something."

"That's fine Mrs Roach."

"Look I'm sorry I haven't been in contact..."

"There's no need for feel sorry for me. I'm the type of person who bounces back."

"Am I free to quote you on that?"

"Yes and I'd like you to view our new production positively until at least you have viewed it."

"Oh but I will. Lunch tomorrow so I can interview you?"

"Very well."

"Please call me Di."

"Very well Di."

"It will be just you and me but a photographer will drop in to take your photo with me."

"You'd be taking a career risk."

"Roxy don't be like that. I've heard on the grapevine that your top people are in raptures."

Roxy made no reply and coolly asked for the place and time for lunch.

Di arrived looking lovely in frilly yellow and beautifully made up and found Roxy at the bar.

"Excuse me for looking dressed up but I'll be in the photo too," she said, kissing Roxy who laughed and said, "You vain bitch."

"Omigod, you are your old self. You scared the crap out of me yesterday sounding so sour. I guess you were projecting your displeasure with me?"

"Yes and I made my point and I'm over that now and I realize we weren't meant to be friends."

"Oh dear, I dropped you right at the time you needed someone like me, right?"

"Yes but that need is gone. Just let's be fair-weather friends."

"Roxy we have a holiday weekend coming up and I'm taking a couple of extra days and will be visiting my sister in LA. Please come with me, at my expense."

"Thanks for the offer, it is so kind. But I won't be available."

"Roxy, I'm extending a real hand of friendship."

Roxy hesitated and then smiled and said, "Okay and thanks and I can pay my way."

"It's my choice for you to be my guest. Jolene is my older sister but she's real fun."

Roxy said, "Let's move down to that darker end of the bar. I've something to show you and in doing that I'm seriously breaching company rules."

"Omigod you'll give me an unauthorized preview."

"Yes and not a word about this. I just would like you to have confidence in me as an actress."

"But darling I do, you were terribly miscast in your last venture."

"This runs for almost five minutes," Roxy said, booting her laptop. "It's my favorite scene, the time when breathing brimstone Miss Young takes on the school board and a group of parents who were attempting to push out the ageing school head teacher for a much younger person, the daughter of the town's deputy-mayor. In my opinion we all captured the drama and wrung everything out of the occasion but without over-acting, or rather not completely over-acting. Mal Johns reckons it's the grade school showdown version of 'High Noon'. I'll never forget when our director Billy Jones called that's it at the end of the fourth reshoot of the finale. Most of us stumbled around, perspiring and close to physical and emotional exhaustion."

"Oooh, this sounds good."

"Here we go."

At the conclusion of the movie clip, Di disappointed Roxy by smiling and said, "Oh well done."

But she added, "Mabel Wright will be proud of your effort, and I know from my little research she was a formidable fighter. I received Channel 8's promo on the upcoming show yesterday morning and then called your PR department and they informed me the series was based on the life of a real person created as a novel and that the teacher was Mabel Wright of Silver Oaks. So I spent almost four hours searching links to the school and to Mabel Wright and feel I've come to know her a little. Darling I suggest most strongly that you get Mal to enter that excerpt into our regional medal awards competition. I really think it will win a gong and basing this on previous awards I've seen at the regional awards, I confident you'll waltz away with the best drama actress title."

Di looked at Roxy and said, "What? You'll swallow a fly leaving your mouth dropped open like that. Are you embarrassed at being complimented so grandly?"

Roxy clamped her mouth tight and made no reply. Di giggled and said oh god, Roxy was blushing like a schoolgirl.

"Right to lunch and to work," Di said. "I've been given the space to write a two-page spread on your 'The Amazing Miss Young' series for tomorrow's Saturday Magazine section in the Herald. Your PR department has supplied some shots from filming as well as shots of you guys sitting about and scratching their butts, that sort of thing. Glenda will be here soon to get the P1 pointer of you being interviewed by me and a glam shot of just you. I'll interview you to get color and immediacy, asking what you know about Mabel Wright and if you know nothing beyond what's in your script then that's fine."

At the end of the interview and after the photographer had left satisfied, Di said, "My god darling, I've never known an actress to so over-prepare for her part. I couldn't believe hearing that you and Mrs Smith tracked down and interviewed fourteen of Miss Wright's former students and two younger fellow teachers who remember her well and you even went to Paris, Texas, to talk to the woman whose young brother died when falling into that uncovered vehicle inspection pit. The groundwork you put in to get realism shows baby, my god it shows, crowned by your own ability of course."

Ten days after publication of the extremely riveting backgrounder to Channel 8's new blockbuster was published in the Herald, Di and Roxy went to LA.

* * *

At LA airport, the glamorous Mrs Jolene Featherstone came towards Di and Roxy carefully on very high heels and dressed as if she was a fashion model for slim elderly women.

"Di!" she waved and screeched.

"Jolene!" yelled Di, hitching her skirt up a little to run to her sister.

They hugged but didn't actually touch when they went through the motions of kissing. Well combined, they were probably wearing a couple of hundred bucks of professionally applied make-up.

Di introduced Mrs Fading Glamorous to Roxy.

"Omigod Di, you told me she was a TV actress but you didn't say Roxy was also beautiful."

Roxy smiled, "I think it's in Guinea the most beautiful women have the thickest lips and wear the biggest nose rings."

"Oh darling what are you saying to me, that beauty is a matter of perspective?" asked the older sister.

"Yes and obviously you are big into your perspective of beauty and I say well done. If you are indeed younger than Di, I say you look amazing."

"Roxy already you are my favorite house guest ever."

The women laughed and looked at one another happily.

"I hope you don't mind but I've invited a few friends over to meet you guys," Jolene said, as they settled into the chauffeured white limo. "Most of them were surprised I had kin, believing I'm such a brat I just had to be an only child. And you Roxy are suspected of being Di younger girlfriend."

"Oh but I am, Di and I get along well."

The sisters burst out laughing and Roxy turned red, realizing the innuendo of the girlfriend relationship.

"Oh no, we've never..."

The sisters screamed with laughter at Roxy's feeble denial and her embarrassment.

"Are your boobs one hundred percent natural darling?"

"Yes of course Mrs Featherstone."

"Well that was just a friendly enquiry, there's no need to be so defensive. Most of us in LA have had them enlarged with a tiny percentage having had them reduced. Where you live, you women might perhaps be judged on your intelligence whereas here the main appraisal is breast size."

"It's true Roxy," Di said. "Don't be surprised if you are asked your breast size tonight and whether you've had a breast job."

"But what about intellect?"

"It's considered more important by males in LA, and many women as well, to leave intellect to the academics and rather to talk about your breast size and ability to produce multiple orgasms."

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