tagSci-Fi & FantasyRising From The Fire Ch. 04

Rising From The Fire Ch. 04


"What's wrong?" Fire said.

"My father, h-he's, he's afraid." I stuttered as the connection to Adam and my dad broke.

"Afraid of what, Princess?" Morty asked.

"Me, I think." I shuddered, although I was quite warm sandwiched between Fire and Death.

"That's a problem. A major one," Fire said moving off of me and the bed. "Get dressed, I'll be right back."

I could feel the anger pouring off him for a moment through the tattoos and then he was gone in a cloud of black smoke that dissipated in the same way that my connection to Adam had only moments before.

"No, wait!" I yelled but it was already too late. Fire was gone. The anger I felt was just gone too, and quickly the void that was left behind filled with a sense of longing and fear. "Where are you going?"

Suddenly as I finished my sentence the room began to shake violently, no wait, it was me, not the room. I couldn't focus as my vision blurred and then it was obscured, but by what, I had no idea.

I could feel tiny shards of glass falling around me as my mirror broke into a myriad of pieces. We were not alone. I had a flash of hope that Fire had returned but then they poured into the room from the mirror and the door and the windows. Glass shattered, wood stressed and splinted into pieces and rained across my room as it filled with demons of every size and species. They were just there surrounding us, pressing in on the bed and me as I sat there confused and overwhelmed.

I couldn't draw a breath to scream before Morty had flipped me over and covered my body with his own. He was protecting me from them and I didn't even have time to feel grateful for his concern.

I felt fingers of all textures and sizes grabbing at me. What ever parts of my body were still exposed to the room filling up with an army of demons they touched. They gripped and caressed my skin, and even though I could draw my breath, I couldn't release the scream that was building inside me from the moment they began filling up the room. It was like a macabre nightmare come to life. Elemental demons of every kind squirmed into every inch of space around Morty and I, and I couldn't breathe in the rancid stench of so many creatures.

"Aaaaah!" I screamed finally, at the feel of fingers, tentacles, or whatever appendages passed for hands on the creatures touching me. They grasped my legs and ankles, pulled me, I felt a hungry tearing at pieces of me that had nothing to do with the human skin that covered my body. At the same time I could feel them trying to release Morty's hold on me. "What are you doing?"

Their combined voices, the ones that belonged in hell, were chanting and screaming just one thing, my name. Over and over it was hissed, and yelled, until the cacophony felt like fingernails on a chalkboard and I wanted to crawl out of my skin to get away from the sound that pounded through the bedroom too small to contain it. My eyes watered from the sound of my name on so many demon lips.

"Stop it, stop it, please!" I choked out, my fingers dug into Morty's flesh desperate for something, anything to hold onto for my sanity.

The room froze. One moment all I could feel was the throng of demons as they touched me and threatened to rip me apart, and the next everything was so still all I could hear was my heart trying to pound through my chest along with my rapid breathing. I tried to move from underneath Morty's body but he was just as frozen in place as the rest of the room, I looked out at the sea of motionless faces imploringly for help.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of lowly demons among the throng, almost all of them were, except for three. Four, if you included Morty. You would normally include Morty because the three faces I recognized that weren't the bottom of the barrel in the hierarchy of hell, were his brothers. I stared at them as much as they stared at me, their arms still raised, reaching for me. I was peeking between their brother's arm and solid chest, that was like stone for being unmoving as the rest of the room.

"Why are you here?" I said locking eyes with War because he was the closest to me and he shrugged in reply. Conquest laughed and Famine flashed an evil grin into the back of Morty's head so violent and sickening that I felt Morty's body tremble above mine. The rest of the demons in the room began to shrink away from the bed as if touching something shocking. The confusion I felt was written all over my face.

"You," was the hissed reply said at the same time, in one terrifying voice. Wonderful, what the hell did that mean?


I sat at the kitchen table wearing a red silk robe. Normally, I didn't do modesty but Morty's brothers made me feel more human all the time. It isn't everyday that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were sitting in your apartment in Hell, MI. Just saying. Morty was wearing jeans and an apron because he was frying bacon at the stove. It was a lovely sight, even if his ass was covered in black denim.

I spent as little time with the demons surrounding my kitchen table as possible. Famine, although deathly skinny but all wiry muscles, was intimidating in his height and stone cold features. He was the embodiment of hunger, longing, gluttony, need and desire. Starvation. He knew what you desired most, needed most and denied it to you for his pleasure.

Conquest and War were twins so they resembled each other not one bit. Yes, their bodies were similar, they had the same type of hair, but where War's was a mix of black and red similar to my own, Conquest's hair was a fair blond that belonged on little school girls. He was flawless perfection from head to toe. He was consumed by victory and he always won. He didn't have to fight, he always won by knowing the outcome before you could consider the struggle.

The demon I feared most was War. He sat across from me, his coal black eyes darting around the table. I'm really not as vain as the following will sound, but there is not a place on his body that isn't covered in a scar of some kind.

He was drawn and quartered at one point during his long life. His face was split in two by an axe. He had ropey scar tissue from his hair to his leather boots. His scars were across ever inch of his large muscular demon body. His skin was what it would feel like if stone and flesh had a baby. Aside from his appearance though he was every part of battle at all times. His mind was the darkest I knew, and I'm from Hell, so that's saying something.

"You are cooking human food like a servant because?" Famine's scratchy deep voice lifted in question.

"My Princess needs it," Morty tossed his words over his shoulder and finished beating eggs in a bowl before pouring them into the sizzling bacon grease left in the frying pan. The food smelled, well, tasty. I'd been on a human diet for about a week, but this was the first time I was looking forward to the meal.

As demons we mostly eat souls. The problem with human food is the cooking, it kills the last of the soul in any food, be it flesh or vegetable. So, I'd mostly been eating raw foods. Especially vegetables, yes, even plants have a life force. It wasn't delicious in anyway, until now. Now, my baby-carrying body was doing the craving, rather than my demon.

"Your Princess?" War said, staring straight at me with black eyes so hard I couldn't return his gaze.

"Yes, Princess Vanessa. My Princess," Morty said as he continued his work. I smiled. It was sweet in a worshippy sorta way. After the bedroom antics that rivaled my morning of heavenly bliss, well lets just say, I was suddenly very smitten with my best friend.

"Shouldn't we consider the elephant in the room? Why did you summon us here, Nessa?" Conquest asked me directly. He dusted off nothing on his sleeve, then stared at me with a look harder than War was giving me.

I tried to hide my annoyance at how casually he addressed me. After all, most of the higher level demons didn't respect me. Hell, very few of them liked me. Thanks to Dameon most just down right hated me. But for Conquest to be under the impression I had called them...wait a second.

"What do you mean, I summoned you here? I did no such thing!"

"Actually, you sorta did, Princess," Morty said as he placed a plate in front of me. He took a seat on the kitchen island. I had a second to dislike the distance between us. I wanted him by my side, his very presence was a comfort to me.

I looked down at the wonderful smelling food and my mouth watered. I picked up a fork and took several bites before I even considered responding.

"Hof?" I asked with a mouth full of deliciousness. Conquest rolled his eyes, and Famine had a curious look on his face. War was stone.

"The same way you sent the underlings packing, your new powers. Whatever they are, and I do have a theory on this, you're tapped into some major mojo." Morty said.

"'Major mojo' to use your idiotic phrasing, is putting it mildly. I'd say she's using the oldest power that has ever existed, since before time was even a concept." Conquest frowned at Morty.

"Yes," War said at the same time Famine said, "Agreed."

I had a sudden loss of appetite. "But that's not possible, is it?" I dropped my fork.

"There is only one who would know for sure. God," Conquest said.

"But how? Why? How? What? Who? Where?" I stuttered as a sour taste filled my mouth. Did I need to write an essay?

"The boundaries between Heaven, Hell, and Earth are breaking down," said Conquest.

"You think this is my fault somehow? You're blaming me?" I asked. I was pointing my finger at him and my mouth hung open. I think a piece of bacon fell out.

War frowned at me but remained quiet. Famine had a fascinated look on his face and Conquest picked at the non-existent lint on his sleeve again. Morty hopped down from the counter and came to my side.

He took hold of my hand, a gesture reserved for dealing with small frightened children. I supposed I was very much like a small child, and definitely afraid. I stood up and crossed my arms over my chest. I walked to the window and looked down into the square of downtown Hell, MI with my Bestie in tow.

I stared out the kitchen window and I could see the changes my actions had caused. There were so many more demons in human form. Eyes colors that most humans never have, blues too rich to be natural. Reds the entire spectrum of the color. Yellow, orange, green, and purple. Skin colors muted to overly pink to almost crimson, periwinkle, and truly raven. Morty whispered to me as he stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Time used to be circular, but most people, demons, maybe even angels, I really don't remember when it was circular. There was a time, before time, when beings could draw on the power of their future selves. This is I think, the magic you have tapped into with your little death trip." His arms squeezed me to him as I shivered.

"Demons are so long lived they can't remember much of the beginning anymore. But you can now, and you can see down the road ahead. You need to learn how to use this power. When you do, when you can tap into the kind of demon you should become, the kind you were always meant to become, a great many things will happen.

"There was even a time when time travel was possible, Princess. This is something that some angels, archangels still have this knowledge, but they rarely use it." His voice was very smooth and calming.

"The Apocalypse is not the end, just another beginning. But it means that life has to start over, something that hasn't happened in so long no one remembers it ever happened before. Prophets are still somewhat tapped into this circular life line hence they can see what's yet to happen."

I sighed and leaned the back of my body against the front of Morty's body. "That was supposed to make sense, huh? I bet you even dumbed it down for me."

Morty laughed and it vibrated against my skin to make me tingle. "I suppose, maybe, I did, Princess." He kissed my hairline on the temple and I closed my eyes completely comforted by his affection.

"But I still don't understand," I sighed, because, well, I really didn't. I was more confused than ever.

Morty turned me to face Conquest. He had a hungry look in his eyes that I'm not sure I'd ever seen before, a look to match the one that Famine could and did give me easily. War was a twisted rock, unmoving, unflinching, his look was one that I feared more than the others.

For a second I found myself trapped in War's gaze as both Conquest and Famine stalked toward me with the hungriest looks in their eyes. Morty held me out, he gave me a little push in his brothers' direction.

As Conquest moved in front of me, my view was temporarily blocked. Conquest took my head in his hands, he held me by the neck, he pulled my face to his and he kissed me. I felt lost in his perfect lips for a moment, his hand loosened the tie of the belt on my robe until the belt fell, my robe draped open and exposed my body to him. His eyes drank in my human form, and his eyes seemed so sure of me even I had no doubt.

His lips consumed me. His hands traced patterns across my skin. I gasped as I broke from his kiss. The biggest problem for me was I wasn't fighting him, for some reason I knew I should. I pulled away from him, resisted even though I felt like falling into his arms and fucking him as quickly as possible.

As I pulled away, Conquest looked at me, a bit confused, then Famine swept me into his wiry muscled arms and I forgot Conquest as he kissed me, hard on the lips. His kiss wasn't passion, it was hunger, starved for affection, and I felt it every where across my body.

Famine lifted me and set me on the kitchen table, his lips licked, sucked, ate of my flesh. Electricity burned through me, and I returned his fevered needs. Soon I was just as lost in kissing him as my hands were in feeling his body. My fingernails dug into his arms as his body pressed me to the table. I could feel him, inside me, mentally. An ache was building, I wanted, no, I needed him, inside me, physically. I desperately desired him.

"Princesssssss," Famine hissed as he stood to remove his shirt over his head. He tossed it to the floor and then I think his pants disintegrated because they were just gone.

I felt many hands on me, and then the path to War's intense eyes was clear. They flashed dark, hot black, as if the color black burned with fire behind them. He stared at me with as much desire as Famine thrust at me, maybe more. Then Famine was inside me physically instead of just metaphysically. It was all consuming as he slid into my body. He somehow, caressed me from the inside out.

My back arched and my eyes rolled to the top of my head as I screamed. I blinked and Conquest was at my head, and there were no others in the room. It was Conquest's perfect form, beautiful, powerful, consuming me. He pushed his power into me, and again I pushed back.

"No," I yelled rolling my head from side to side and then I locked eyes on War again. My 'no' was for Conquest only as my body was ridden by Famine. I writhed beneath him, feeling him fill me up, over and over. My body rode the hard edge of pleasure and too much pain.

I ached again, and then I split apart, consumed by sex with Famine. It ate me whole as I came, and still it wasn't enough. It was as if I could never be satisfied, as if I'd always be hungry, as if my orgasm were a cruel mirage.

Conquest held my hands, his cock suddenly caressing my cheek even as my body continued to fuck Famine. I finally felt forced to acknowledge him. His eyes, blue and pure, and sure. I smiled a wicked smile as he attempted to mindfuck me, I say attempted because the one demon who hadn't touched me at all was actually doing that, mindfucking the shit out of me.

I thought that War wasn't a part of it. But every time our eyes met, that's what it was. I felt him, knocking against me, begging to come in, to be inside me. He was why I was fighting Conquest. Conquest who was always so sure, so positive that he had a thing before the war was started. I'm not sure if it was about me at all.

Maybe the way I felt with Famine inside me and the power play between Conquest and War had nothing to do with me. I met the pounding of Famine's body as a sibling rivalry I wasn't privy to, continued around me. As Famine fucked me harder, his hands twisted my breasts to the point of pain until I had to look at him. It was too much, but too good, and too painful, and too chaotic. Again, a feeling of loss overwhelmed me.

Morty was close by, but I couldn't see him. He whispered, "Princess, you can do this. Do what you did to me, to Fire."

My eyes burned as tears of confusion filled and spilled from my eyes. "I don't know how," I whispered back.

I felt Morty's fingers on my nipple, then his mouth, he sucked my breast between his lips and then his teeth sank in hard and I screamed again.

Conquest grabbed a fist of my hair and turned me to him. "Don't deny me again!" he said, but instead of filling my mouth as I expected him to it was as if he couldn't.

I felt it then, I even knew it in that moment, he couldn't enter my body without my permission. I smiled a wicked smile and twisted from Conquest's grasp. I wrapped my arms around Famine, trapping Morty's head between our body's for a moment before he replaced his face with his hand.

I gave myself to Famine. I tried to find that perfect release, I rode him as much as he rode me. But for all the building, the aching, there was no completion no matter how many times I seemed to orgasm with him.

There was a labyrinth of pleasure and pain fucking Famine. The longer he was inside me, the more I felt myself at what should have been orgasm, the highest height of pleasure. Just as I reached the pinnacle I'd fall back under to the point of incomplete. Frustrating didn't begin to explain my feelings about him.

I understood him and his power the deeper he filled my body, my mind. The longer I rode his power, the clearer it became, what he was, and what he was, and how he would never be satisfied. No matter how long we went, how hard we fucked.

Once I understood that about him, especially after my morning fuckfest with Adam, I knew how to obtain my own completion. I reached inside and released my own power, my new power that I barely understood and could hardly control. But I did it, yeah for me.

I came and Famine flowed inside me in an explosion of semen that scorched me from the inside out. I screamed and the sound he made blasted the paint off the walls, shattered the windows, and broke every piece of glass in the apartment.

His roar of satisfaction was so powerful it seemingly broke his body and mind. His back arched, his muscles tightened and popped and he was sent crashing on top of me. We didn't move, breathe, or think for minutes. There wasn't another sound inside my kitchen as the afterglow of the intense climax washed us down the drain.

When I could feel my body again, there were hands trapped between myself and Famine. My eyes focused and for a moment I could only see War, then I saw Famine, then Morty, and finally, although he was the closest one to my head, there was Conquest a deep frown tainting his perfect face.

"You don't want me?" he whispered in disbelief, then he pouted.

I rolled my eyes, not another pouting man for my bed. Did I want Conquest? I couldn't really think yet, but I thought I did. Maybe not. I don't know what it was, but maybe it was the fact that the one demon who could and did have everything he ever wanted, wanted me. As a result, I didn't want him, because I could already have him. Stupid, but I think that was it.

My eyes couldn't stop meeting War's and then I locked on his gaze as my epiphany about Conquest settled in and made me feel giddy, like a child with a brand new toy. I suddenly wanted to fuck with Conquest, not because I wanted to be cruel, but just because I found the whole thing rather interesting. War's look sent such thoughts racing from my head. His eyes were pure torment and power, his power, his battle filling me again.

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