As head cheerleader, eighteen-year-old Arden had a very particular image to uphold. That image included long platinum blonde hair, plenty of short skirts, a flighty attitude, and a hot-shot boyfriend- preferably the captain of a sports team.

What it did not include was having the resident bad girl shoving her hands under Arden's shirt while she was pressed against a locker in the girl's change room.

"Dillon, cut it out!" Arden hissed, knocking the other girl's hands away.

Dillon only grinned, her purple lips giving way to pearly white teeth that practically glowed in the dim florescent lights of the change room. "And why would I do that?"

Arden's jaw worked as she searched her mind for a valid excuse. "Because... because anyone could just walk in here and see us!"

Dillon shook her head, a wicked grin on her face. "Fifth period just started. Nobody will be back until it's over... in almost an hour."

As Dillon's hands made their way back under Arden's shirt, the blonde girl looked anxiously towards the door. "But what if someone forgot something? It happens all the time. You know the deal, nobody can know about us or we're through- this thing between us is over."

Dillon practically growled then, pulling her hands away and throwing them up in the air. "God, I know that! You don't have to remind me all the damn time. You have your precious little reputation to protect," she snarled.

She was right. Arden seemingly had everything. She has perfect grades, plenty of friends, and prospects of a cheerleading scholarship at the college of her dreams. Not to mention her perfect boyfriend, Brody, the gorgeous captain of the football team.

So why did she crave Dillion's hands under her skirt so damn bad?

Dillon was a bad girl, by definition. Bad grades, low-life friends, and detention every other day. She even looked the part with her straight black hair, dark makeup and the leather tops she wore that made her a frequent flyer in the principal's office for dress code violations.

Arden couldn't let it get out that she had been hooking up with someone like Dillon for the better part of six months. It would absolutely ruin her. So instead, they snuck around, fucking in her car in a spot near the woods after football games or at Dillon's apartment when her roommate was out for the night.

But never at school. That was pushing their luck, they knew better than that.

Arden placed her hands on her hips, popping her knee. "Yeah. Yeah I do. And don't tell me you're not interested in keeping this a secret as much as I am. What would happen if all your tough friends found out you were screwing a cheerleader?"

Dillion's fists clenched at her sides. She stood completely still for a moment before turning on the heel of her combat boot to stalk towards the door. Arden was sure she was going to storm out, but instead she simply turned the deadbolt on the door.

"Nobody's getting in without the teacher's key," Dillion sneered.

Before Arden could register what she was doing, Dillon had her pressed against the locker again, their body's flush as their lips met in a punishing kiss.

Arden groaned, sinking back against the lockers as she wrapped her arms around the taller girl's neck and kicked off her shoes.

Dillon had managed to wedge her hands between the locker and Arden's ass, squeezing as the two girls attacked one another with their mouths. Without being asked, Arden opened her mouth to allow Dillon entrance, and their tongues danced furiously together. Arden tastes like sweets, Dillon like cinnamon chewing gum.

In a cloud of lust, Arden reached her hands behind the dark haired girl and quickly made work of the zipper of her leather top, tossing it aside the second she could, leaving Dillon in just a pair of black skinnys.

"Fuck, you're hot when you're horny" Dillon groaned loudly, breaking their kiss and grabbing the blonde girl's hips roughly.

"And you're hot when you're naked," Arden said back, her voice heavy with the desire hanging between them.

With a seductive grin, Dillon reached up to tangle one hand tightly in Arden's long blonde locks. "Then what that fuck are you waiting for?" She growled as she pushed Arden down on her knees in front of her and stepped out so that her legs were spread.

Arden didn't have to be told twice. She quickly undid the button of the other girl's jeans before sliding them down her long, smooth legs and giving her a moment to step out of them before bringing herself face-to-face with her next barricade- a pair of black lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.

Without hesitation, the cheerleader roughly pulled down the panties, exposing the delicate folds of the tough looking girl in front of her.

Instead of diving in, like she knew Dillon wanted her to, she started slow, pressing a lingering kiss to the junction of her leg and abdomen. The girl shivered. She followed with more light, lingering kisses as she made a trail closer and closer to her destination.

As she moved slowly, the girl above her groaned in obvious frustration. The hand in her hair yanked hard, pulling her face away from her teasing. "If you don't get to it already I'm going to drag your naked ass out in the hall and fuck you in-"

Dillon was cut off as Arden ran her hot tongue up the girl's slit, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her purple painted lips. Arden grinned deviously, repeating her action slower this time, making sure to leave Dillon's legs quivering as she moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck."

She ran her tongue roughly around the bundle of nerves between Dillion's legs, parting her silky lips for better access. "Don't rush me," she growled against the girl's pussy, making sure her hot breath fanned the girl's now-dripping slit.

Despite her warning, Dillon used her grip on Arden's blonde hair to bring her face closer to her core and hold it there forcefully. She responded regardless, running her tongue roughly up and down the slit in front of her, even taking the time to dip the tip of her tongue inside the other girl.

Dillon moaned again, the sound causing Arden to feel a gush of wetness in her own panties. As her own arousal grew, she took one of the hands she had wrapped around Dillon's thigh and, without warning, thrust it inside the girl's dripping slit.

As the grip on her hair loosened, Arden pulled her face back to look up at the dark haired beauty above her. As she roughly pumped her finger inside of her, she watched as Dillon's face contorted in one of pure bliss. Her dramatic black eye makeup was smudged from the glistening of sweat on her forehead, framing her bright eyes as they slitted in pleasure.

"Harder," she whimpered huskily.

Arden obliged, inserting another finger as she pumped them harder and faster between Dillon's legs, curling her fingers on the outtake, a movement she knew Dillon loved.

"Yes, fuck. That's it. Yes, yes, yes," Dillon panted out, her climax looming closely.

Forgoing watching the other girl's face, Arden leaned forward once again to flick her tongue against the throbbing cluster of nerves that she'd abandoned before. The second her moist tongue flicked against her clit, Dillon cried out, leaning forward to brace herself against the lockers.

"Fucking hell, Arden. Shit, I'm gonna cum," Dillon moaned, her voice thick and husky with her oncoming climax.

Arden continued furiously pumping her fingers and swirled her tongue around her swollen clit as Dillon began quivering and shaking wildly. As her moans intensified, Arden felt herself growing wetter, which only made her intensify her assault on Dillon's slick pussy.

In no time, Dillon was shaking so hard that Arden was sure she might fall to the locker room floor. She rode out her climax with a muffled scream, likely stifled by her own hand. As her shaking subsided and her screams turned to lustful moans, Arden slowed her work between the girl's legs. She pulled out her fingers slowly before taking the opportunity to run her hot tongue roughly from Dillon's slit, all the way up to her breasts as she got to her feet, taking time to swirl her tongue around her taught, pink nipples.

When she was standing face-to-face with Dillon, she could her own feelings of lust and desire mirrored in her hooded hazel eyes. With seductive slowness, Arden brought her fingers to her mouth, carefully licking Dillon's wetness for her to see.

She didn't miss the subtle movement as Dillon used her free hand to begin rubbing between her legs.

"Are you wet?" Dillon asked, her voice still husky.

Arden leaned back against the lockers behind her, spreading her legs slightly as she did so. While it wasn't obvious, a direct gaze like the one Dillon had fixed on her crotch, would reveal a damp spot that had appeared in the crotch of her thin leggings.

Dillon was on her in a second, her hands quickly grabbing at the helm of the blonde's crop top and pulling it over her head. Next to go was her bright purple bra, which Dillon had undone with a flick of her wrist. She leaned in, pressing her open mouth roughly against Arden's in a wildly hot kiss before pulling back just far enough to meet her bright blue eyes.

"I am going to fuck you until you scream," she stated. It wasn't a warning, Arden knew, it was a promise.

A promise Arden welcomed with open legs.

As Dillon's hot mouth found Arden's small, round breast, she moaned, her hand clenching her pussy through the fabric of her leggings. "Oh, shit," she murmured, her eyes fluttering closed as a familiar sensation of pleasure washed over her.

"If you need something to do, feel free to finger that pretty cunt of yours. It'll make my job easier," Dillon chuckled, her warm breath fanning over Arden's breast.

She took Dillon's suggestion eagerly, reaching a hand past the waistband of her leggings and rubbing her fingers against the sheer panties covering her wet folds. Her eyes clenched as the pleasure she felt intensified.

She'd barely rubbed a few circles before Dillon was roughly pulling her hand out of her pants. Arden groaned, her eyes still squeezed shut, as all stimulation stopped. She opened her mouth to complain, but stopped when she felt Dillon ripping her leggings and panties off of her body in one pull.

The cool air was a shock against the hot wet flesh of her sex, a shock that left her stomach tingling with an intense desire. She hurriedly stepped out of her pants before she was being flung down onto a bench in the middle of the room.

"What the fu-" she cried, her eyes flying open in a start before her words were overpowered by a moan of sheer pleasure as she looked down to notice Dillon's head latching on between her legs.

Arden spread her legs wide as Dillon ran her hot tongue quickly up her drippings slit, from ass to clit three times before stopping suddenly.

Again, Arden cried out with a start. And again, her own cries were drowned out by her own loud moans as Dillon shoved two fingers up into her pussy and began pumping them in and out almost painfully rough.

Arden cursed up a storm as Dillon watched her face relax and contort as the feelings of lust and pleasure built up inside of her. That wicked grin curved her smeared purple lips upward again as she reached up and grabbed a hold of Arden's face with her free hand, forcing her to open her eyes and look at her. "You like it when I fuck you hard, don't you Cheerleader?"

Unable to speak in a coherent sentence, Arden nodded her head quickly, her blue eyes unfocused as she stared back at Dillon through a cloud of lust.

"Tell me how good you feel," Dillon ordered, picking up the pace as she moved her fingers quicker and quicker between Arden's legs.

"It- it feels- Fuck! So fucking good!" Arden cried as she drew her bottom lip between her teeth. The action had Dillon growing wet yet again, a problem that she couldn't solve until she'd made good on her promise to the blonde girl underneath her.

So, without warning, she shoved another finger inside of Arden and watched as her blue eyes rolled back into her head and a strangled cry escaped her bubblegum pink lips.

"Tell me what you want, Arden," she goaded, her face hovering over the other girl's.

Arden writhed underneath her, her climax dangling over her, but just out of reach. She needed more, and Dillon wasn't going to give it to her until she said the magic words she was waiting to hear.

"I- I want you- I want you to fuck me!" Arden panted out, her naked chest heaving against Dillon's.

Dillon took the opportunity to press her ample breasts against Arden's, squeezing what little air she had left out of her lungs. "That's not good enough. Tell me exactly what you want, Cheerleader."

Arden let out another frustrated cry before gritting her teeth together. "Fuck me hard," she said as levelly as she could manage with the cloud of lust fogging her brain. "Lick my pussy and finger-fuck me until I can't scream anymore."

Dillon's grin grew impossibly wide as she stared down at a scowling, squirming Arden. "That's all you had to say."

Not wasting a second, Dillon ducked her head back between Arden's widespread legs.

The perks of screwing a cheerleader? Those girls were flexible.

She brought her hot tongue down on Arden's swollen clit so fast, the girl almost came then and there.

As Arden's climax drew nearer, Dillon flicked her tongue impossibly fast against the swollen nub, her three fingers pumping in and out of her dripping pussy hard and fast. In a matter of minutes, Arden's entire body was shaking under her touch.

And Dillon made good on her promise as Arden screamed as she came hard, a warm wetness covering her fingers as she pulled them out roughly. Dillon put those finger to work, rubbing them furiously over Arden's clit as she rode out her climax, her tongue lapping up the rest of blonde girl's cum from between her legs.

As Arden laid there on the bench, a sheen of sweat making her milky skin glisten in the low light, Dillon pulled herself to her feet and busied getting herself dressed. A few moment later, Arden followed, pulling on her leggings and crop top as if the two girls hadn't just fucked loudly in a the girl's change room at school.

When Arden turned to leave without a word, Dillon grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her back up against lockers.

"What the fuck do you want, Dillon?" Arden explained as her body hit the cool metal.

Dillon sidled up close. Her hot breath fanned against Arden's face as she spoke, the scent of her own pussy juices wafting over her. "You're coming over tonight. Seven o'clock."

Arden narrowed her blue eyes warily. "And why would I do that?"

Dillon's wicked grin returned, the purple on her lips flecked with streaks of bubblegum pink. "Because I'm going sit my cunt down on your pretty little face and you're going to fuck me until my neighbors know your name."

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by Anonymous

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Very Good!

As another person stated, it was short and to the point. It could use more fleshing out (more about Dillon and Arden). Love stories are more my thing, but these are also fun reads for a change of pace.more...

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by Anonymous03/07/18

My favorite story so far....

My favorite story so far....im craving more arden n dillon please !!!!

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by HiddenInTheOpen03/06/18

Excellent short story!

Yeah, this was excellent! I wouldn't mind reading another chapter or two about Dillon and Arden. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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by Anonymous03/06/18

I would love a longer story.

Short and to the point. No background. This is not a love story, just need and desire. It would be nice if you give us a reason for these two to be together, a flashback maybe. Hot story as it is, I likemore...

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