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River Fun


Living along the coast affords me a great chance to enjoy the outdoors in many ways. One of the best ways is to suntan in the nude down by the river. I found a place where there are not too many people as it's off the beaten path. There is lots of room to lie in the sun without anyone bothering you.

One day when I arrived at the river, there was an old man lying near the place I usually go to. When I got closer, I noticed he was completely nude. He lifted his head and watched me approach without a word or without trying to cover himself. My eyes scanned up and down his body as I got closer until I was standing looking down at him. He looked up and squinted in the sun as I watched his cock twitch to life a little.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked, bringing me out of the semi trance I was in.

I didn't answer so he wrapped his hand around his cock and pulled it a little, just enough to stiffen it more. Without taking my eyes off him, I watched his cock grow until it was pointing straight up in the air and his hand was pumping up and down it faster and faster.

As he continued pumping his cock. I quickly stripped off my clothes. My cock was hard and sticking straight out if front of me as I knelt down beside him and removed his hand from his cock, putting it on mine. He groaned a little when he wrapped his fingers around me.

I leaned down and flicked my tongue across his slit, tasting his pre cum before engulfing him until his head was at the back of my throat. I licked around his shaft as I raised my head until I just had his head in my mouth, my tongue swirling around it, driving him to groan louder and louder.

He tasted so good, I started to pump up and down his shaft, licking and sucking as hard as I could until I felt it twitch. He exploded a blast of hot cum straight down my throat as I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, sucking to get every drop out of him. He finally stopped spurting and I let him slide out of my mouth slowly.

I looked at him and he had a smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. His hand was still pumping my cock as he tried to make me come too. I stopped him and he looked at me for a moment before his smile widened.

"You want to fuck me don't you?" he asked. "You want to shove your hard cock up my ass and fuck me like a girl, don't you?"

He hesitated for a moment while I ran my hand down between his legs, parting them a little more so I reach his ass hole with a finger. When I pushed my finger inside him, he groaned loudly and raised his hips up off the ground, giving me more access to his hole. I pushed a second finger inside him and he groaned again, only this time he reached down and helped push my fingers up into him. When I added a third, he grunted and rolled over on his side, raising his leg up in the air as he did. Now I had his ass at my mercy and I was going to take full advantage of it.

I rolled him further onto his stomach and reached under his hips to raise them up. As I did, he spread his legs wider and his cheeks opened up, exposing his hole with my fingers embedded in it. I pumped my fingers in and out of him for a few times then moved up and pointed my cock at his hole. I entered him easily while he squirmed underneath me. I pushed my cock into him all the way until my balls rested against his upturned ass.

I waited for a moment before starting to move in and out of him while he reached around and held his cheeks as wide apart as he could. I was soon slapping my balls against the back of his thighs as I plunged in and out of his hot and slippery ass hole. I fucked him harder and harder until I came with a rush, his canal filling with my hot cum. He groaned quite loudly when he felt my cock explode and pushed back against me as I spurted over and over again into him.

I slid slowly out of him and he quickly turned around to take me in his mouth, licking me clean. I leaned back and watched him when I heard a quiet cough. Looking around I found another older man standing a short distance away from us, pumping his cock as he watched the old man clean me off. His cock wasn't as big as mine but he could do some damage with it. My cock slid out of the old man's mouth and he looked up, spotting the other man.

"Hey Stan, come here, you old fool. Look at the cock that just fucked the hell out of me. You would love his thing shoved up your ass."

The other man moved over to us and sat down beside his friend, still holding on to his cock with one hand while the other found his friend's, pumping them together. He leaned into the old man and their lips met. I could see their tongues exploring each other's mouth while their cocks were getting harder. They both were engrossed with each other and I felt like the odd man out.

Finally, the old man reached over and started to fondle my cock again. It didn't take long until it was standing straight out in front of me. The old man leaned over and my cock disappeared into his mouth. Stan stood up and moved over me, his cock hanging down in front of my face. He squatted and his balls hit my lips as my tongue snaked out and licked them before sucking them into my mouth. I heard him groan softly when I sucked his balls into my mouth and I licked up between his legs towards his ass hole.

Still squatting over me, he moved so I could reach his ass hole with my tongue. I started to lick up and down his crack as he pushed his ass into my face. I licked up and down his crack once more than disentangled myself from the old man and moved behind Stan, pointing my cock at his hole while he spread his cheeks wide. I thrust forward and filled him quickly all the way to the hilt.

Starting slowly, I thrust in and out of him until my balls were slapping against his thighs loudly every time I thrust into him. He groaned and grunted a lot while the old man moved in front of him, his cock hanging in front of Stan's face. Stan took the old man's cock in his mouth and sucked him while I continued to fill his canal with my hard cock.

I came in a rush, my cum spurting up into Stan's canal. He pushed back against me while I finished filling his canal with hot, sticky cum.

I slid out of him while he continued to suck the old man. I leaned back and relaxed while I watched the two old men finish what they were doing.

The old man said, "Stan did you enjoy that?"

"God, I thought he was going to split me wide open. That's the best fucking I've had for quite some time."

"It was, huh," the old man said. "Just wait a minute."

He moved over Stan and thrust his hips forward, embedding his hard, long cock deep inside Stan's ass hole. I watched them fuck for a little while then slowly got dressed. As I walked away, the old man said they would see me again and I was sure they would, in fact, the very next day.

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