tagFetishRiviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 01

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 01


Two stunning young women sat on the sofa watching me as I stood behind the third woman in the room.

"There's just one hook & eye, then the zip, I've got the belt for you Simon, a little shimmy by me and, there we are," Olivia said, her silk dress slipping down to the floor.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning, my name is Simon, I was 20 at the time of this story in the summer of 1976, and the hottest we had seen in the UK for many years. I was looking forward to a nearly 4 month summer break before going back to university for my final year, I lived on the South Coast of England and on the day this story started, I was killing time walking along the seafront, enjoying the numerous examples of the female form wearing bikinis on the beach and not a lot more by those up above on the promenade.

I had a part time job at a local pub that kept my finances ticking over and had had an offer to work full time for the summer. I knew the most sensible thing to do would have been to take up this offer and put some money by in preparation for the next term, however there was a whole summer of possibilities available to me all of which did not involve working! What I didn't know was that the events later that day would give an option I couldn't turn down. My thoughts were taken up with the decision around my plans for the summer as I strolled down the promenade. Although in truth every time I started to think seriously, I found myself distracted, by yet another pair of long tanned legs disappearing up under a short summer skirt or dress, the warm breeze flirting at the hems of these and toying with me as I prayed for a glimpse of panty.

I guess now's the time to confess that I am a panty freak, nothing gives me more pleasure than the sight of a pair panties hugging a nice rounded ass, bikini briefs will always be my favourite, as for me they adorn the female ass so perfectly. Silk, satin, nylon or cotton I'm happy with them all, I'm not sure why, but white has always been a favourite as well, is it the innocence of the colour? I can't say, but it has always added a little extra to my enjoyment.

The joy of this time of year comes from the near naked girls frolicking and lying on the beach, and if not on the beach, the light summery clothing on display, delicate, translucent fabrics making up summer dresses and skirts, tiny shorts and tops, all adding up to an impossible distraction to any serious activity being undertaken by the male of the species. So much flesh to be seen and hinted at, there were times when it seemed impossible not to be seen with a permanent bulge in ones shorts.

However, I digress, whilst leaning on the promenade railings my back to the beach watching the world walk by, I saw an exquisite vision of feminine loveliness. An elegant and obviously classy woman flanked by two gorgeous young girls, at first glance it was obvious to me that one of the young girls was the daughter of the older lady. Both were natural blondes and facially very alike and whilst very clichéd they could easily have been sisters, the other girl however, was olive skinned with dark almost black hair, my first guess was Spanish or Italian but definitely of Mediterranean descent.

Young I might have been, but I had started to appreciate, if not always able to afford, some of the finer things in life. Let me assure you, these were three very fine women indeed! All three cool and elegant in flowing dresses, the younger twos' markedly shorter than the "mother" who wore a pleated champagne coloured silk dress that moved provocatively with the light summer breeze and every step she took. Both the girl's dresses were similar in style, one white the other a pale yellow, sleeveless, with belts at their thin waists a buttoned bodice and fine pleated skirts that flowed out from their hips to mid thigh. I assumed the material to be chiffon of some sort certainly fine and light enough to require some occasional attention smoothing them down, when the summer breeze caught them. As they came closer, I was sure I could glimpse the ethereal outline of panties through the haze of their dresses.

"Blow wind blow! " I thought to myself as they approached.

The breeze was strong enough to press the skirt of the silk dress to the older woman's legs and, as they came closer I was sure I could detect the outline of suspenders. The Mediterranean girl's yellow dress of showed a much clearer outline of panties than the "Daughter's" As a confirmed panty freak of several years, yes several years! Back to the days of the playground, where it became de rigueur to make every attempt to look up or lift a girls skirt and expose their knickers. As these three beautiful women sashayed past me, I was hooked, I knew that I would be walking wherever they decided to go, for a little while any way I would follow and enjoy the view!

Whether aware of it or not, their whole demeanor was that of catwalk models, for me they completely owned the seafront and every man within sight of them, stares and heads turning everywhere. More than likely the product of an expensive Swiss finishing school, every step was measured to ensure the maximum effect of the sway of their hips and movement of their perfectly rounded asses. If a hypnotist had been swinging a gold watch in front of my eyes I could not have been more transfixed than by these visions of feminine glory.

At one point they stopped at the railings of the promenade looking out to sea, I simply stopped and sat on a bench my eyes never leaving their glorious figures. The breeze revealing that "Mother and Daughter" were wearing slips, a quick glimpse, before a trained hand retained their demure modesty. After a short while, they moved on, and, as if connected by a line I once again fell in behind them. The end of the seafront approached where it started to rise and become a cliff walk, I decided that it was time for me to leave the ladies to the rest of their day, as it became apparent their walk was ending. I reluctantly tore my eyes away from them and turned to go back the way I had come.

"Excuse me young man!" I heard a firm voice behind me but continued walking. "I said, excuse me young man!"

I turned to see the older woman beckoning to me, I hesitated but walked towards her.

"I would like to know young man, why you have been following us for the last 20 minutes" She asked.

Oh God, I was busted! What on earth could I say now? I couldn't exactly deny it although I thought I'd been careful not to be too obvious!

"Ah... um... I'm not sure I know what you are talking about" I stammered.

"Please do not insult my intelligence!" She snapped. "You have been following us since we passed you way back!"

I was sunk, and obviously dealing with a quite formidable woman. How on earth could I explain what I had been doing?

"I am just killing time and happened to be walking in the same direction as you."

Oh please! That's just rubbish! You were following us, I ask again, why!"

There really was nothing I could say, I had no defence and decided to be hung for a sheep as a lamb as in truth I had hardly committed a criminal offence.

Stuttering a little as I started until I gained some confidence I explained...

"I am trying to make up my mind what to do this summer and one of the pleasures of this time of year is to come down here, enjoy the sunshine, the view and I admit the women that are also here. Whilst I will concede that I was following you, the reason if not my excuse is that I have rarely, if ever, seen three more beautiful women in my life, and quite simply, I wanted to extend the pleasure of gazing upon you for a little longer. I apologise if I have intruded on your privacy, as it was never my intention, but I understand how you may be offended."

Pheew, surely that would do it? Honest, complimentary and apologetic...

There was the slightest upturn of her lips as she replied.

"Oh my, quite the charmer aren't we? However, that does not excuse your behaviour and I have to protect my daughter and her friend from despicable young men like you."

"Daughter? Younger sister maybe, Daughter I won't believe." I said with a puzzled smile, trying to be as suave and sophisticated as I could.

Again, it was impossible not to see a slight twitch of her mouth and a little sparkle in her eyes.

"Cheap chat up lines will not change the situation here young man, and this attitude of yours only reinforces my opinion of your behaviour!"

"Madam, once again please accept my apologies for any offence I may have caused, however I will not apologise for admiring beautifully dressed and stunningly attractive women, and please do not insult my intelligence by insinuating that you are neither aware or do not enjoy the attention you received as you walked along the promenade today?"

I had no idea why I was behaving like this but I was enjoying sparring with this woman, although I wouldn't have been surprised if a slap had been forthcoming. Up to this point, the two younger women had stood quietly observing but not contributing to the conversation.

The woman's face broke into a wide smile and she turned to the girls...

"What do you think girls, will he do?

Smiling and nodding together they both replied "Yes."

"Will I do for what?" I asked completely bewildered by the sudden change in attitude

The woman reached into her bag and taking out a personal card, handed it to me.

"You will present yourself at this address at six thirty this evening, at which time we will discuss your summer activities further."

"Um, do I have a choice in this?" I blustered, thinking it would actually take wild horses to keep me away from this appointment.

"Of course you have a choice young man, however you will be presented with more choices this evening if you decide to attend. Oh, and please, make yourself more presentable before you arrive this evening, your current state of dress is not suitable at all!"

I hadn't noticed, but their car must have been following them, a beautiful classic Bristol 405 drophead pulled up to the curb, and without another word to me, the three of them elegantly climbed in, and were driven off.

"What the heck had just happened?" I thought to myself. Whatever, I had two hours to get ready for the evening ahead and I was not going to be late!

As instructed, at six thirty I presented myself to the address on the card, the house was substantial, set in its own grounds, as I had been expecting from the address on the card I had been given. In addition, as instructed I had changed and now wore grey flannels, blue blazer, white shirt and tie, quite the dapper young man.

I had some flowers from the florist that for some reason seemed the right thing to do, a young woman in uniform opened the door, and she led me through to a conservatory that opened onto a large terrace and the garden.

"The young man you were expecting ma'am," she said. "He has brought flowers as well, I will put them in water for you."

"Thank you Isabelle, that will be all for now."

Now my parents were quite well off, and I had attended a private Prep and Public School, however this house with its maid and who knows how many more staff, was in a different league to anything I was used to on a day to day basis.

"I'm glad to see you are punctual young man, and the flowers are a kind thought, thank you," Said the woman I had met on the seafront earlier. "It would also appear that you scrub up quite well and I am pleased to say, present a significantly better proposition than earlier today. So young man what is your name?"

Standing just inside the conservatory, whilst the three of them were sitting on rattan sofas and seats positioned around the large conservatory. Unlike me, they had not changed and were still wearing the same dresses as earlier.

"Simon," I replied. Moving into the room and offering my hand.

"Well Simon, I am pleased to meet you," She said delicately raising her hand, expecting no more than a polite touch. In another not too far distant era, I would have leaned forward and brushed her hand with my lips, which to be honest I nearly did.

"The pleasure is all mine Madam," I replied.

"Thank you Simon, I think it is time to dispense with some of the formalities and complete the introductions. You may call me Olivia, my Daughter is Lucy, and her friend, Chantal, they are both 18 years old." She said with a gentle wave towards the two girls.

I moved over to both girls taking each hand in turn, smiling, and looking each of them in the eye as I said. "Very pleased to meet you." Each girl returned my smile, eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief.

"There now, that's better, please come over here and take a seat next to me," Said Olivia patting the cushion next to her. "Would you like a glass of our homemade lemonade?"

"That would be nice thank you," I replied sitting.

It was only a two-seater sofa thus I found myself very close to a beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated woman. Now I was not exactly inexperienced in my dealings with women, but I felt like a sixteen year old school boy about to get his first kiss, my heart was thumping and my hands shaking and this was without any suggestion whatsoever that I was likely to receive a kiss from her or the two younger girls.

"Lucy, would you please do the honours for Simon."

Lucy stood, poured a glass of lemonade and moving in front of me handed it over with a smile. She turned and walked back to her seat with my eyes locked on the back of her dress as I tried to get a glimpse of her panties through the material.

"So Simon, I assume you must be wondering why you have been asked here this evening?" Saying this she gently patted my knee and smiled.

While the atmosphere remained very formal it had also lightened a little, Olivia had relaxed and exuded a warm kindness in her manner.

"Well yes I am, although I would have been mad to turn down an evening in such delightful and beautiful company," I said turning on as much charm as I could muster.

Again a smile from Olivia and a quiet chuckle from Lucy...

"Flattery will get you nowhere Simon, however please do not hesitate to keep trying!" Olivia replied with an impish smile. "Lucy, Chantal, and I are leaving next week to spend the summer in the South of France, we have a villa in Mougins and will be staying there. The reason you are here, is that for the sake of propriety, we require a male companion to travel with us and remain with us during our stay. If we believe you to be suitable, you would be paid for you time and would be expected to be available at all times to accompany any or all of us when required. You would have plenty of time to yourself, have access to all the facilities of the villa. So firstly Simon and before we go any further, would you be interested in this proposition?"

Interested? Was she mad? A paid holiday in the South of France in the company of three beautiful women. I'd have done it for free!

"Err yes, yes of course, I would be delighted to accompany you if you deem me to be suitable."

"Good that's excellent, may I ask, do you drive and have you ever driven abroad?"

"Yes," I replied. "I have a full driving licence, I have not driven a car in Europe but did spend two months driving my motorcycle through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy last year."

"Ooh, how exciting." Lucy said. "I have never been on a motorcycle."

"And are never likely to either young lady." Olivia responded with a little laugh. "That's good Simon at least you are aware of the driving standards on the continent."

"Oh Olivia don't be such a killjoy, I drive a scooter all the time at home it is such fun!" Chantal said with a soft French accent that was very very sexy.

"I must apologise Chantal, I had assumed you were either Italian or Spanish but your accent is undoubtedly French, may I ask where you are from in France?" I enquired.

"I was born and raised in Menton in the South of France, Menton is on the Italian border, and both my Great grandparents were Italian, which may have contributed to your mistake."

"Ah that explains a lot, may I say your English is excellent."

"Chantal attended a girl's boarding school in England which is where she met Lucy." Olivia offered. "Lucy, please do not get any ideas, you will remain on four wheels whilst we are in France. Simon, it is important that whoever accompanies us on this trip has the requisite social skills and very importantly, we find agreeable, and in whose company we feel comfortable. I have organised a dinner for us this evening if you would care to join us?"

"Of course, I would be delighted to join you for dinner, thank you."

"That's good then, Isabelle will call us when dinner is ready."

"I wonder if I might ask if your husband will be accompanying you on this trip?"

"You may ask, and the answer is no, my husband works in the city spending all week and some weekends there, he is planning to join us for the weekend of my birthday in July but that will be all, he is a very busy man you understand." There was an edge to Olivia's voice as she said this, and not a little sadness.

Before I could comment further Isabelle entered the room to announce that dinner was ready to be served. As we all stood to move towards the dining room, I offered my arm to Olivia, which she took as we followed Isabelle out to the dining room.

"Thank you Simon, how very sweet of you, so rare to find real manners in this day and age."

"The pleasure is all mine Olivia, any man would be proud to have you on their arm." I replied as I pulled out all the stops on the charm front.

Dinner was excellent, and took place in a lovely dining room able to seat maybe 16 in comfort, it had a large open fireplace, and I could imagine the room warm and decorated for Christmas. Olivia sat at the head of the table with me on her left, Lucy, and Chantal opposite me on her right. We ate and chatted comfortably with each other, Olivia and Lucy were obviously very close and did actually interact more like sisters than Mother and Daughter.

I have always been a natural flirt and was delighted to discover that as the meal went on and the mood relaxed, I was getting away with the odd innuendo and marginally risqué remark. These were generally received with a giggle and even a blush or two, Olivia once even putting her hand over mine as she laughed. Olivia was turning out to be a vibrant and enchanting woman the years dropping off her by the minute as the evening wore on. Lucy was coming out of her shell and was proving to be tremendous fun, Chantal was also a captivating young woman, her soft, slightly husky voice and French accent when she spoke had me utterly mesmerised. Olivia suggested that we retire to the drawing room for coffee, I rose, and standing behind her pulled her chair out and once again offered her my arm. She stood straightening her dress and linking her arm in mine led me out of the dining room and down the hall to the drawing room.

"Olivia I understand this is not my decision, but if I might, I would like to confirm that I would be completely delighted and privileged to accompany you this summer. To be honest I would do it for free, this evening has been an absolute pleasure for me."

"Let's get ourselves seated and then we will see what's to be shall we." She said patting my hand.

The drawing room was a large with a central fireplace, an Adams unless I was mistaken, either side of it and facing each other, were two large three seater sofas. Lucy and Chantal sat on one and I joined Olivia on the other. Isabelle followed us in with a tray, which she placed, on the table between the two sofas.

"Thank you Isabelle we'll pour our own." Olivia sorted the cups and poured for each of us. Sitting down again, she turned to me. "Simon I believe I can speak for the three of us when I say that I would be very happy for you to join us this summer."

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