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Road Show 07


Road Show 7 Show Time!

Mickie, wearing almost nothing dirty dances with truckers and is then stripped and fist fucked on stage.

Seduced by masterful oral sex and her own fantasies, Michelle Jarema agreed with the desk clerk to become a whore. Her husband told Michelle he would manage her adventure and told her to use the pseudonym Mickie. Randy then told Jimmy. "I am going to take over from here on. I'll be taking Michelle to the adult dress store. Your uncle can have his licks but I call all the important shots and how much Mickie keeps." Seeing the question on Jimmy's face he continued. "Yes Mickie. That will be her professional persona... Everyone forgets 'Michelle' starting now. "

In the adult store Mickie passed an anal double penetration audition involving both the owner of the adult complex/motel, and the local sheriff. She then went to model and buy clubbing dresses. The last of these was a transparent net ensemble that left her body on complete display. She also selected and demonstrated an 18 inch glass dildo before Randy auctioned her ass off. Top bid went to a man and woman. Jack fucked Mickie's ass while Jill rammed the glass dildo up Mickie's cunt. Jill, was so turned on, she switched spots with Mickie and took Jack's cock in her ass and the dildo controlled by Mickie up her cunt. Then Peter and Paul split roast fucked Mickie each taking her in the pussy and then in the ass while the other was deep throated..

Mickie wanted to fully satisfy her clientele so others waiting their turn were showing signs of impatience. Mickie walked up to Jill and whispered in her ear. "I will run out of time before I can finish this lot. Do you think your celebration might include turning a trick or two? Tell Jack that you are going to fuck a couple of guys have already seen everything you have. You can pay for some toys as a side benefit. Do you think he'll go along?"

Mickie observed Jill's knees sag in shock at first but she straightened and strode confidently over to tell Jack how her adventure was going to continue, while Mickie turned to her next john.

Roger led Mickie into a glory hole booth. Watched by a small glory hole audience, Mickie ground and clutched Roger's cock in her vagina. There were knocks at the adjacent booth doors and the eyes vanished. "Ah wonda what's goin on?" Roger muttered and in response to a tone pulled his cell of his belt. Laughing he continued "Darlin, It seems your first customer is your first competitor. Jack is offering Jill for $50. Fuck till you come."

It took almost 45 minutes but Roger was thoroughly satisfied when they left the booth and walked to the main part of the store. Randy was waiting for them. "Mickie, you have been a bad girl but a good lay. Most of the rest of the bidders transferred their option to Jill. We are so far behind schedule you may not have the time you want to get ready for the main events starting tonight at Road Show," He said hustling her out to their car.

In a few minutes they were back at the motel and Randy took Mickie's 'purchases' into the room. While Randy laid the stuff out on the bed Mickie made good use of the bathroom and the shower to rinse herself off internally as well as externally. Returning to the bedroom Mickie challenged her hubby/pimp. "Now tell me what so all fired important about a schedule that I needed to leave the store?"

"I just want to have a personal experience with this 'customer satisfaction business philosophy' and the hottest whore in six states." Randy explained. "You are such a wanton piece of ass; I am getting desperate to have some of that for myself. Pull my slacks down, climb aboard and show me what you have learned today."

Mickie was bound and determined to give Randy the best sex he had since their honeymoon 20 years ago. All the other encounters had only stoked her passion. She was going to do everything she knew how to drive her hubby nuts with sexual stimulation. Since Randy was the love of her life she expected to have a wonderful time doing it.

For three quarters of an hour they played and teased each other. Two decades of 'hands (and other parts) on' experience let the lovers revel in their partner's bodies. Their history facilitated stimulation of the largest human sex organ: their minds and imaginations. Each described the erotic response to the physical activities and situations of the past 24 hours. Mickie described the sensations experienced during her audition fashion parade and tricks. Randy told her about the tapes he recorded and what he expected she would experience at the club and back in the motel room. All of this while the couple slowing stroked their partner's erogenous body parts.

Randy probed each of Mickie's holes with his stiff cock but withdrew before control was lost. He also stimulated her 36D breasts hanging down like fruit to be plucked. Mickie squirmed as writhed in pleasure at every penetration and caress. Nothing lasts forever and when the final explosion occurred it overwhelmed both partners and left the sprawled on the huge bed.


After they rested, Mickie went back to the bathroom showered, put on makeup and teased her hair into an auburn crown. She walked into the bedroom where Randy had laid out her 'hunting clothes'. He had selected the halter dress and Mickie put it on. The halter fastened behind her neck in a fairly flamboyant bow that tied the two straps. Experimenting, Mickie found that if she retied the bow, the material covering her breasts narrowed and the V plunged further below her navel. This modification further emphasized her cleavage by exposing more of her magnificent tit flesh...

The bottom of the skirt also hung lower. Here Mickie pinned up the two bottom-most tiers of cloth. This raised her hemline near the top of her thighs. If she pinned up the third tier it would become impossible to sit without flashing some part of her pussy, in a standing position however everything in the front was just barely covered.

The band in the back of the dress also migrated downward. This left the top third of Mickie's buttocks on display but covered the bottom part which otherwise peaked teasingly below the fabric. This was a bit trickier to manage but Mickie was skilled with a needle and thread and ended up with a narrowing of the back band that curved up and once again let her buttock bottoms peek out from below.

With the modified dress in place she walked back into the lounge and turned slowly in front of Randy. "Damnation woman!" Her hubby/manager exclaimed "You look absolutely fantastic!" You are a walking wet dream! Everyone will want you and you should have no trouble filling your 'dance card' at the club tonight."

Mickie then twirled more rapidly and was very pleased and Randy's dumbfounded expression as the skirt floated effortlessly up fully exposing her pussy. "Baby you have to appreciate that there is no way I can sit down without my crotch being exposed to some line of sight, and I am so aroused that you are going to have to provide something so I am not sitting in my own juices." Mickie teased. "I also am starved. Where can a working girl get a bite to eat to keep her strength at peak levels in view of a demanding evening?"

Randy called the motel office and was advised that they served simple meals in Road Show where club dresses are the norm. "Then let's go get me laid" Mickie taunted leading Randy out to the family car. She stood almost completely exposed by the passenger door waiting for Randy to open it and help her climb in. The modest gymnastics of that process not only resulted in one tit popping out from behind the halter strap but also Mickie's entire crotch was exposed for several seconds. Slowly tucking herself back in, Mickie continued her tease "I do hope they have a doorman at Road Show so he can help me out of the car. You can park this rig somewhere and you can find me chatting up and studs that have shown up already. When you have a table, I will join you."

Sure enough the doorman got an eyeful, and Mickie stood close to the doorman with the one tit hanging out and skirt pushed up. Once she saw Randy had seen how the dress was exposing her she walked into the club and walked slowly around giving anybody a great view of her naughty bits. Randy corralled her and the sat at a stage side table next to an aisle and the steps leading to the stage. A waitress came over and starred admiringly at the fledgling whore and returned in a few minutes with platters of burgers fries and several extra napkins. "This is better that wet Naugahyde to sit on." She said winking at Mickie.

Some music began to play in the background and Randy elected to prime the pump, by leading Mickie to an open area and dancing with her. During the dance Randy groped her naked ass and she ground her crotch into his leg. "If the club guys want to chat while dancing with you." Randy instructed. "Tell them you are a slut wife whore here for an adventure. You can dance with them here in the club, but the real action will be in the motel later and Jimmy has all the details. Do not make an offer or talk about money here in the club." When the music paused Randy led Mickie back to their table to finish dinner. The few guys in the club took the hint and one came over to ask for a dance.

Randy stood up and told the prospective swain the rules: 1) Mickie always must come back to the table after only one dance. 2) No hogging Mickie. So no two dances in a row with the same guy. 3) Dancing in the club only. Not outside. 4) No means No, but Mickie is not likely to say no if you are non-violent.

So Mickie's first dance partner led her into the cleared area. The music was smooth and her partner was pretty tall. He held her close ballroom style. Mickie laid her head on his chest which thereby gave him a great view down her back. From her shoulders to the top of her buttocks the backless halter exposed her flesh for all to see. A tall dance partner could also see that the narrow back dress band was loose enough that her naked flesh was visible virtually down to her ankles. The vista was so inviting, and there really was no polite place to hold her..., so her partner's fingers wound up under the back band cupping her ass. The couple ground their crotches together for most of the song, which left them both aroused as the guy reluctantly led Mickie back to the table at the end if the song.

The MC stopped the dance track and introduced the first strip act of the evening. A pleasant but skinny girl walked on stage and began a predictable routine of three songs after which she ended up wearing only a G-String and scooping up tips. The first performer walked into the audience for some one-on-one opportunities to harvest additional tips. At this point a rather short fellow reached out to invite Mickie to dance. Since part of Mickie's club ensemble were five inch heels, and she stood 5'10" in her bare feet, her second dance partner found the base of her throat at his eye level. "Damm you are a lot of woman which is exactly what I like." He said. "By the way my name is Max. What do I call you?"

"Call me Mickie" She said. "Are you local or just passing through?"

"I have my own long haul rig, and just finished a priority run down from Michigan and earned a schedule bonus so I am taking some down time." He answered. "So what is your story?"

As Randy instructed her Mickie said." I am a slut wife whore here for an adventure. You can dance with me, fondle me and even frig me here in the club, The real action will be in the motel later and the desk clerk has all the details. This might be just the way to reward yourself " She offered and pull his head down pillowing it on her 36 D's.

Mickie bent her head down and whispered in his ear. He looked up startled. He pulled the halter straps apart completely baring her breasts. He bent his head and took a nipple between his teeth and sucked. He also reached up under the back of her dress and pulled her buttock cheeks apart and fingered her ass hole. "Like this?" Max rasped.

"Yess!" Mickie hissed. "I love the feeling of your hands on my ass and your teeth on my tits. All your buddies are really watching us. Too bad we have to quit when the song ends." She teased her dance partner.

The song ended and while Max escorted back to the table with her breasts still exposed, the club MC introduced the second performer. She was considerably more attractive and danced more professionally. So after her third set, she was wearing only a thong and was welcomed warmly by the audience when she left the stage for some one-on-one contact. As the music started there was a bit of a shoving match which let a young and very fit looking guy be the next dance partner for Mickie.

"I am George and I saw how that last guy got fresh with you. What is your story anyway? Why didn't you slap him silly?"

"Please call me Mickie. Max was not fresh at all. He was complying with the directions that I gave him. My story is that I have discovered that I am a slut and I love to fuck. I find that the more I get the more I want. I made this discovery as a by-product of the realization that being exposed turns me on more than you can imagine. As clearly as I can say it I want to show the most intimate parts of my body off. Since the 'rules' here stop me from disrobing but don't stop you from shifting the way my garment hangs, you can arrange things so all the patrons get a real eyeful. For instance, did you know that the skirt of this ensemble can be folded up till it is little more than a wide belt? I hope you saw how easy it is to shift the halter straps." She coyly replied.

No flies rested on George! He tested the waters by pulling the halter straps aside, and when rewarded by Mickie's beaming smile, George lifted and folded the skirt portion so within a few moments all of Mickie was on display.

"Oh you have no idea how this turns me on!" Mickie gushed. "If you really want to make a hit with your buddies turn me around and dance back to front. You can grab my tits and steer me over close to the tables so everyone gat a close up look at my pussy. If you get me close enough maybe someone will finger me."

George followed directions and "danced" Mickie along the tables adjoining the dance floor. He tried to cover as much ground as possible during the single song allotment. Despite being in motion, Mickie got grouped by the on lookers at every opportunity. George moved one hand from her tits to her pussy. Mickie was really enjoying herself and really regretted the 'one song' limit, especially when the MC stopped the dance track and introduced the third girl to appear on stage.

Once Mickie was seated with Randy, she noticed this performer was gorgeous. She was very well built and danced expertly and energetically. Even with her own dance background Mickie doubted she could complete the moves around the pole a effortlessly as this third girl made it seem. Mickie was really studying the headliner when a lady's voice interjected. "She really is something isn't she?"

Startled Mickie looked to her right and saw a tall willowy redhead in an evening gown sitting at another table that was placed next to hers. "I am Alexandra." The redhead introduced herself. "I love to watch Marjorie and see if I can copy any of her moves for my own repertoire."

Mickie remembered the MC saying something about 'Magic Marjorie' but she was so keyed up it really did not sink in. "Your repertoire? Do you work here?" Mickie asked.

"No but they let me practice during intermission so I have a real audience, a stage, props but I bring my own boom box for music. I cannot use the lockers and can't hang around once the official show actually restarts but it is a real kick shaking my goodies in front of these guys. I also don't have to follow the local rules about how far the performers can strip. I have more 'artistic freedom' that way." She finished with an ironic snort.

Mickie flashed back to the description of strip roadies that the desk clerk narrated. I guess Alexandra really like to show off her goodies. "She might skim off a lot of my potential johns.." Mickie worried.

"You have real guts. Dancing with those guys while they rearrange your dress and maul your body. I would never have the nerve to let them get hands on my body. I have no idea if I could make them stop. I love stripping you see, but would be really scarred of putting myself in a spot where the guys would not let me say 'No'." Alexandra whispered to Mickie.

"Wow! I was just going to tell you how I had a bad case of stage fright when I danced in school productions. The butterflies were horrible, and I was part of a group. On my own on a stage -- No way. The guys in the club are nice and I just have to follow their lead. Besides -- I am not sure I should say this -- but I am here to 'advertise' sex with me for a price later at the motel. I hope I did not shock you, but this is to be the adventure of a lifetime." Mickie confided back.

Both gals sat absorbing the disclosure of the other while Marjorie took her last bows collected tips and left the stage wearing a thong to mingle with the club goers.

Alexandra stood and put her boom box on the edge of the stage. She seemed to pause to speak with Mickie but after a moment turned to Randy. "Would you press the start button as I reach the top step? Later I will want you to press the shuffle 2 button?" She asked.

Alexandra turned out to be a Road Show favorite. Her signature opening music was met by a familiar round of applause even before anything came off. She proved to be exceptionally graceful and the gown seemed to slowly float away without any conscious pulling or tugging. The bra fastened in the front and instead of teasing and flashing momentary glimpses Alexandra was dressed one moment and topless the next. Alexandra glided smoothly around the stage somehow giving each stage side table a close up look without seeming to notice. The panties were fastened at the hip and they disappeared almost by magic and without tacky flashing and tugging. Alexandra was totally naked and glided around another circuit of the stage periphery.

Mickie was hypnotized by the beauty and grace of the performance, so when Alexandra reached down to her, she reached back and found herself drawn up to the stage. Alexandra drew her close like partners in a ballroom dance, and then proceeded to nuzzle Mickie's neck and kiss her ears. In a trance Mickie responded by gently caressing Alexandra's arms and laying her head on the taller woman's shoulders. Since Alexandra was naked, everywhere Mickie touched, Alexandra's flesh welcomed her. Soon Alexandra reciprocated by caressing Mickie. When starting outside the skimpy cocktail dress Alexandra found no resistance. She soon followed up with a couple of tugs on the halter ties and Alexandra was handing Randy Mickie's sole covering to Randy.

Both were naked now and both were stroking the breasts butt and vagina of the other. The Road Show club audience was used to strip tease acts some of which simulated girl on girl action but they realized quickly that this was very different. These two were really going at each other, and they were both completely naked. As the girls responded to each other with escalating intensity their dance transformed from a ballroom ballet to an apache dance reminiscent of down market Paris.

"Damm Girl, you sure feel like one hot number." Mickie commented. "I just love the way your hands feel on my pussy."

"I cannot remember 'dancing' with a more sensuous partner/" Alexandra replied.

"It takes a lot of nerve to get up here and take your clothes off. You clearly get a charge out of this. Why?" Mickie asked.

"I love tantalizing the audience. I never do more than tease, but I imagine the men's' stiff cocks and the ladies' wet cunts as a result of my show, and later on I build those images in my imagination and have a good time alone, and go home to my man with no regrets." Alexandra explained. "But you wore almost nothing and goaded your dance partners into serious grab ass. That took more confidence."

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