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Road Trip


The long road stretched endlessly in front of them. They'd been driving non-stop with only food and restroom breaks for the last 22 hours. The desert to the left and right of the interstate had been beautiful when they first came upon it but now it was just ugly and barren. Laura sighed loudly in boredom, the radio picked up nothing but static and her conversation with Jim had dwindled to nothing. A nap seemed to be the most logical way to past the time so she reclined her seat and lay back with her eyes closed against the bright glare of the sun. Jim glanced briefly in her direction and then turned his attention back to the road.

Soon Laura was snoring lightly and Jim grinned knowing how embarrassed she'd be if she knew that she did that. She'd been doing it for years but he had never had the heart to tell her about it because she was so self-conscious of things like that. The miles passed by slowly and Jim periodically messed with the radio in hopes of finding anything to cut the silence. No such luck.

Laura squirmed in her sleep a little drawing his attention. She was obviously dreaming. He watched her in interest. Her lips parted slightly and a soundless sigh escaped them. He smiled and wondered what she could be dreaming about. A soft moan and another squirm in her seat gave him a good idea and he had to stifle a chuckle. She rubbed her outstretched legs together slowly and moaned a little louder.

Jim's smile faded a little as he felt the crotch of his jeans becoming uncomfortably tight. He was finding it difficult to drag his eyes away from her to watch the road. When she arched her back, her breasts pushed tight against the fabric of her tee shirt. Her nipples weren't quite hard but they were noticeable. He had to stop himself from reaching out and running his thumb across them to see if they would respond. Her moans were becoming louder and her breathing just a little bit rougher. Her legs rubbed together even more, creating friction in just the right spot. Jim reached a hand down underneath the steering wheel and rubbed himself through his fly. She arched her back again and he couldn't keep himself from cupping her breast. She moaned loudly with the contact and his cock sprung up to a full erection in response.

He kneaded her breast more vigorously and she rose up in her sleep begging for more. He could feel the hard pebble of her nipple pushing against his palm, demanding attention. It tightened to a rock hard nub between his thumb and forefinger. Her hips were jutting upward, moving a rhythm that only she could feel. He wanted to feel her wetness so he gently unbuttoned the fly on her jeans and eased the zipper down. His long fingers slipped down the front of her sensible cotton panties to find the crotch soaked from her juices. Her little clit stood up proudly and when his fingers brushed lightly across it, she shivered and moaned. He pushed two fingers down her wet slit and into the damp heat. She pressed her hips down until his fingers were completely buried inside her.

Her eyes began to flutter open and a soft startled "oh" passed between her lips as she realized that her dream was becoming reality. She turned her head over to look at Jim and took in the familiar look of desire painted nakedly on his face. His fingers kept moving inside her, wiggling and searching for that elusive magic spot. The jerk of her hips let him know exactly when he found it. His fingers applied pressure to and massaged the spongy tissue of her G-spot. The sensation was almost more than she could bear but she managed to reach over and undo his jeans. Pulling down his underwear, she let lose his throbbing cock and began to stroke it in rhythm with the fingers inside her. His eyes drifted close until he remembered where he was. She took pleasure in the hard set of his jaw and his obvious thin control over himself. Gently pulling his hand out of her panties, she slowly and sensuously cleaned her juices from his fingers with her tongue. She grinned at the bead of precum that appeared on the end of his dick.

"Would you like me to lick that off for you?" she asked playfully.

He gave a terse nod and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her toward him. She nibbled on his earlobe and teased his nipples with her fingers, carefully avoiding giving him what he wanted. She was rewarded with frustrated but desire-filled little moans. Pushing up his shirt, she clamped her teeth around the closest nipple and bit down almost painfully. Her tongue bathed it while her teeth worked it to completely hardness. Laura felt the anticipation of having his hot cock in her mouth building inside her and couldn't resist any longer.

As she began to lower her head to his lap, her eyes flickered out the driver side window. She was startled to see a truck riding right along beside them. The driver was almost leaned across his seat, watching their every movement. He had one hand on the steering wheel and she could imagine where the other was. Feeling naughty, Laura smiled seductively at the driver and lowered her mouth on Jim's cock. Almost immediately however, Jim was pushing her away.

"I can't do this. We are going to end up in a wreck. Besides, I want to fuck that pretty, wet pussy of yours."

Jim began looking for an exit while she settled back in her seat and reached into her own panties. She looked beyond Jim's head to the driver in the pickup beside them. She looked directly at him as she began to move her fingers in and out. With her other hand, she spread her lips open for the world to see and rolled a finger over her clit. Jim faded out as she put on a show for their spectator. His obvious lust for her caused her to get even more turned on. She ran a tongue over her lips and across her teeth in an obvious invitation.

Jim was pulling off at a secluded exit as they left the driver behind. He was barely off of the interstate before he was pulling over and slamming the car into park. His hands were all over her. His lips were bruising her in a hard insistent kiss. She pressed back against him just as hungrily. Pushing her jeans and panties down her hips, she pulled his head down behind her legs.

"Lick me!" she demanded.

Jim found her to be dripping with desire. He pulled her legs open as wide as the small car would allow and dove between them. He flicked his tongue into her slit, drinking up the musky moisture there. She reached down underneath him and began stroking his cock. He sucked her clit between his lips roughly and bit down ever so slightly. Her hand tightened on his shaft in response. He moaned against her clit and began sucking. She bucked her hips up pushed her pussy into his mouth as an orgasm was ripped from her body. She screamed his name as wave after wave of it flowed through her. Exhausted, she collapsed on the seat and her hand fell away from his cock. He lifted his head, his chin dripping from her moisture.

"Get in the back seat." he told her.

He sat back in his seat and watched as she tried to pull her jeans back up.

"No, take them off. The panties too."

The demanding tone in his voice was surprising coming from Jim but too arousing to disobey. She removed all of her clothes and hoisted herself into the backseat. She sat there, naked and waiting for his instruction.

Without a word, he buttoned his jeans and stepped out of the car. She watched as he came to the rear door and opened it.

"Now, get on your knees. I want to see your ass in the air."

Her passion was a little tamped down by the orgasm and she began to realize that they were barely off of the interstate in the middle of the day. Anyone could come along! She was hesitant but when he repeated his demand, she obeyed.

Jim unbuttoned his jeans again and pushed them down to his knees. Crawling in behind Laura, he grabbed an ass cheek in both hand and spread them apart. Every intimate part of her was revealed. He reached behind him and closed the door. The seat was just wide enough to accommodate his knees as he slipped his cock into her. The wet warmth surrounded him and clouded all of his senses. As he began to move, she pressed herself back onto him fully. She begged him to fuck her harder. He stroked in and out of her as hard as the limited space in the backseat would allow. An unexpected breeze cut into his haze of his passion and Laura's small scream brought him back to earth.

The door in front of her opened and Laura found herself looking at the man from the pickup earlier. She screamed in surprise and felt Jim immediately stop moving.

"What the fu..."was all she got out before their friend began to speak.

"I bet she can suck some good cock can't she buddy? Look at those lips. Made to be wrapped around a man's dick."

Laura was stunned into silence. Jim remained quiet and still.

"Mind if I give 'er a try?" the man asked.

Laura was face level with a hard denim covered cock. She had a fleeting thought of what it would be like to take him in her mouth but quickly squashed it. She couldn't see Jim's face from this position but she waited for a protest from him. It never came. Actually, he never said a word but from the way the stranger began to unbutton, she thought he must have nodded.

Shocked, she began to rise up but felt Jim's strong hands on her shoulders pushing her back down. The stranger's dick was swinging large and throbbing before her eyes, waiting for her to open up. She opened her mouth to object but he used the opportunity to stuff it full. Grabbing her head, the man pushed himself to the back of her throat and held himself there. There was a slightly sweaty aroma to him that Laura didn't find in the least unpleasant. She heard a deep moan issue from his throat as she moved her mouth to settle around him more comfortably. All thoughts of resistance left her head.

Jim had begun to move slowly inside her pussy again and she was ashamed to find herself more aroused than she'd ever been before. This feeling of being filled up was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Jim's thumb rolling around the sensitive skin of her asshole almost sent her over the edge. Soon the man began to fuck her mouth, slowly at first but gaining momentum with each stroke. The two men's rhythm was completely off as they moved in and out of her and the effect was dizzying. Jim grabbed her hips and pounded away at her with wild abandon. The stranger held her head in big hands and slammed into the back of her throat again and again. Jim came first, filling her up with his cum until it ran down her thighs. Soon after she felt the splash of the stranger's semen in her mouth. It was almost more than she could handle and she found herself struggling not to choke on it.

The two men settled back away from her, both spent and breathing raggedly. She felt empty and unfulfilled. Frustration and anger began to build inside her as the thought they were just going to use her without giving anything back entered her mind. The earlier orgasm had all but been forgotten. Jim, seeing the stormy look settling over her face, smiled and kissed her lightly.

"We won't leave you hanging darlin'. Will we mister?" he reassured her with a look at the man across the car.

"Oh hell no. I'm just waiting on the chance to get my mouth on that sweet looking cunt."

Laura felt slight revulsion at the thought of the stranger between her legs licking up her husband's cum. He pulled up his pants and knelt down on the ground beside the car. Jim helped her turn around. The man hoisted each of her legs over his shoulders and pulled her up to his mouth. Slowly and deliberately, he licked all the traces of Jim's cum from her. Again, Laura felt shock at her response to something that she would otherwise consider repulsive. She could feel her juices began to build again.

Jim bent over her and took her nipples into his mouth, one-by-one. He licked and caressed them with all the attention and gentleness that the stranger was paying to her cunt. Her already humming body demanded more and she pushed herself into the man's face hungrily. He took the cue and drug his teeth lightly over her clit. She called out in response. Jim began nipping at her nipples with his teeth, creating a painful but welcome friction. Laura was amazed by the man's abilities. She'd always thought that Jim ate her pussy well but it was never anything close to what was happening now. Her fingers, toes, legs, and arms started to tingle. His mouth tortured her until she was clawing at the seat beneath her, begging for release. Just when she was ready to plant her feet on his shoulders and push him away, he gave into her. Jim bit down painfully on her nipple and twisted the other as hard as he could. The stranger pulled her aching clit hard into his mouth and sucked as hard and as fast as he could. The effect had her out of her mind with sensation. His fingers dug into her ass as she bucked against his mouth with an orgasm that she never imagined possible.

Without a word, the stranger settled her back down gently on the seat and rose from the ground. She watched him with wide, dazed eyes. He smiled at her and nodded once at Jim before buttoning his pants and walking away. As the sound of his pickup engine roaring to life, she closed her eyes in disbelief at what had just transpired. Jim settled back on the seat and stroked her hair in silence.

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