tagLesbian SexRoad Trip! Ch. 11

Road Trip! Ch. 11



Day 17...

Marni had driven us into 'Sin City' and I drove us out, lattes in hand and 'sins' left in our wake.

We were a little less than a thousand miles from home and we chose to take three days to do it, picking Reno and Eugene as our overnight stops.

"Reno is programmed into the nav-sys," Marni confirmed when we pulled away from the Starbucks drive-thru, "we ought to get there around four'ish or so, babe."

"That'll work...should be a pretty drive once we get our asses out of Nevada and into the Sierras," I opined as I scanned the flatness that would be our scenery until we got close to Reno and Tahoe.

Marni was the one who thought that Eugene would be a good place to spend our last night of vacation, though she wouldn't tell me why.

"Look, it extends our vay-cay one more day is all I'm saying," She pressed, "Bad enough it has to end, is how I feel, babe, so one more night away from the real world is okay with me."

"I hear you...okay, Reno and Eugene it is," I acquiesed, surrending to her reasons.

"Oh, shit...look at what I just found, girlfriend," Marni gushed, her elation easily heard in her words.

She had been digging around in her shoulder-tote looking for I don't know what when she found a skinny doob, sorta' mashed up but still intact. She was happy because she thought we had smoked the last of her stash when we shared with our evil twins back in Flagstaff.

"Damn, wonder how long that's been there?" She mused as she smoothed out the wrinkles carefully so's not to tear the thin paper.

"Good thing we weren't going through an airport with that little surprise in there," I smirked.

"Damn sure the truth...we'll save it for another time?" She asked as she put it into a side pocket of the tote.

"O-tay, buckwheat," I said in agreement and settled in for the boring-ass drive to the Reno.

I should've been using my cruise control but I wasn't, choosing instead to 'drive' my new car. Traffic was sparse, and staring at the long, straight highway in front of me that stretched to the horizon, I goosed the Beemer for a quick spurt of speed and excitement.

She appeared out of nowhere, lights flashing behind me, the Beemer registering a hundred and five at the time and my heart jumping into my throat when I saw her pulling behind me.

"You two are lucky that I'm at the end of an eigtheen hour day and don't want to deal with the paperwork...watch your speed, ladies, got it?" The Nevada State trooper said to us as she leaned over to talk with us through Marni's opened window, on the passenger side.

"Yes ma'am," We replied meekly, our wrists, luckily, only slapped and not handcuffed, "Thank you, I really do appreciate you cutting us a break," I said further.

"Cute ass," Marni remarked as she powered up her side-glass, staring at the trooper's image in her side-mirror as the officer walked away from us, back towards her cruiser.

"Cute ass? We could've gotten busted and 'cute ass' is what you took from that stop?" I asked, stupified.

"Well, that, and big boobs...think her boobs were bigger than yours, Jules," Marni answered with a chuckle.

"You tired of my 'girls' already, girlfriend?" I teased.

"Not at all, love your girls," She rejoined with a playful cupping of my boob in her hand, jiggling it a bit.

"Glad I have something 'else' that you love," I teased back with a smirk.

She didn't say anything for a few minutes, long enough that I began to wonder if I said something I shouldn't have.

"Jules, I...I may not say it out loud," She stumbled to say, "But...I mean, you know right? You know how I feel about you, right?"

"Pretty sure I do, babe," My tone not light or joking, now.

"Look Jules, every time I've said 'those words' to someone I cared for enough to say 'em, every fucking time Jules, it was the kiss of death for the relationship," her words coming deliberatly, carefully chosen, it seemed to me.

Turning her face towards me, she took my hand in hers and brought it to her chest, over her heart, holding it there with her hand.

"I don't want to fuck this up, Jules, I really don't...I don't want to risk that," She said softly, kissing the tips of my fingers afterwards and releasing my hand from hers, "This thing with you is just to good to mess up."

"Okay...I'm good with that, I understand that completely," I replied with a smile to her, "Do you need to hear 'em from me? 'Cause..."

"No, I don't," She interupted me to say, "I know that you love me...known it since New Orleans, babe," She answered softly.

That'd be about right, I remembered thinking, liking the fluttering that was going on in my stomach in that moment.

That's when I saw something in the rear-view, or at least, I 'thought' I saw something, a flash, a movement, something.

"Huh!" I said aloud, staring hard at my rear-view mirror, then chuckling a bit.


"See those 'heat wiggles' out there, out in the desert?" I answered, pointing to the shimmering on the horizon, "makes people see things, like mirages and shit."


"For a second there, I could've sworn I glimpsed a big-assed monkey waving goodbye in my damn mirror," I confessed...

The drive was going about as good as it could when 'boring' was the best thing one could say about it. With the Beemer's cruise control locked in at sixty-five, it felt as if we were barely moving, a feeling made worse by the fact that there was hardly any traffic on this Monday morning.

"That cop back there?" Marni remarked.

"Yeah, what about her? Want to send her a thank-you for letting us go?" I teased.

"Probably should but, no, that's not what I was going to say," She answered, "What I was going to say was that her tight-fitting uniform sorta' turned me on...never been turned on by a 'uniform' before, at least, I don't remember it if I ever was."

"Okaaay," I replied, a little unsure about where she was going with that comment.

Catching a bit of movement out of the corner of my right eye, I glanced towards Marni just as she was shimmying her shorts over her hips and legs until they were gathered at her ankles.

"Hope you can drive with one hand," She said softly, gripping and leading my right hand to the top of her panties, sliding my fingers under the waist band.

"You want me to play with you while I'm driving?" I asked, but leaving my hand in place, my fingers sorta' rubbing on her mons.

"Uh-huh," She answered softly, scooting a bit closer to make it easier for me to do so, then reclining her seat a bit.

"You're really wet," I commented when the tip of my forefinger slid over her clit.

"Uh-huh," Her response earthy, her hips moving just a wee bit under the massage of my finger to her button.

Well, what the hell was I suppose to do?

She got off around mile marker 279...

"Sure you want to stop in Reno?" Marni asked when we were still a couple of hours out, "Still a lot of daylight left."

"Not sure we have much choice," I answered, "Not a hell of a lot of towns west of Reno in the mountains, at least towns large enough that they'd have a good choice of hotels," I averred.

"You're right about that," She declared, "I've been looking but Klamath Falls is the next largest town on our route after leaving Reno and that'd be another two hundred or so miles...okay, you're right, Reno it is."

"Want me to get a rez at one of the casino hotels?" She asked further when she logged into her IPad.

"Not really, think I'm 'casinoed out'," I declared to her, she nodding in agreement.

"Okay...you just drive, I'll find us something."

Neither of us knew how prophetic her words would be.

"Still looking for a room?" I asked after about a half-hour of silence.

"Oh, no...sorry, we're booked into a Westin," She answered, "I've just been looking over the Craigslist ads in Eugene."


"Remember when I told you about hooking up with a couple of gals when I first moved to Portland?" She replied, "hooked up with 'em through Craigslist."

"Annnnd?" I probed, curious.

"Some of the personal ads are kinda' hot," She remarked casually, "I'll look through 'em every once in a while to check out horny women," laughing after saying it.

"So, did you find any horny women in Eugene, baby?" I teased.

"A couple," She answered with her eyes still on her IPad, "also found a couple of college gals looking for hook-ups...but, they're looking for other college chicks."

I thought about that a few moments, my mind-pic immediately returning to the vision of our li'l red-haried cutie in New Orleans flashing her perky li'l titties the night we earned our beads.

"Too bad," I opined, "Bet we could teach them a thing or two about playing in girly-land," laughing a bit, "we do seem to play well with others, you and me."

"Tell me what you think of this," She said, then reading:

"In Eugene for 1 night, 2 gal-pals, 28 & 32, seeking coed for mutual fun & games at our hotel. The 'unsure' and 'curious' need not respond...we know we like girls & you should too."

"What's that? An ad? You're placing an ad?" I answered.

"Well, you asked me to find you young pussy to play with, don't you remember?" She replied.

I had to think about that and then, I remembered, I recalled the conversation about 'young pussy' after we left New Orleans, remembering that I had, indeed, said something to her about finding me some young stuff.

"Yeah...had to think back on it, but yeah, you're right, I did ask you to do that, didn't I?" I remarked in answer.

"Our last night on the road, of vay-cay, all covered under the 'Pinky Clause' so, yeah, I'm placing an ad looking for some younger snatch...I mean, if you want me to, that is," Marni answered with her eyes turned towards me, eyebrows raised.

I thought about it for almost a second before replying to her, "What the hell...it'll be another first for me to share with you so, place it."

"Glad you're okay with it, babe," She snickered, "I placed it before we left Vegas when you were in the shower this morning...I was just checking to see if it had been posted yet."

"That why you asked for another night on the road in Eugene?" the ever-so-smart-lawyer-lady deduced.

"Mad at me for doing it without checking with you first?"

"Uh-Uh...No, I'm good," I smilingly replied.

"Kinda' thought you would be," She smirked.

That night, in Reno, we gave our kitties a rest, both content in just sleeping in each other arms, my dreams that night full of images of young, perky titties all covered with freckles...

Day 18...

We were up and packing when our wake-up call from the front desk rang, both a bit anxious, I suppose, since we were close to home. That, plus the fact that we were asleep by nine the night before, we had 'almost' caught up on the lost sleep of our vay-cay.

I was driving because...well, it was my car afterall, and our routing between Reno and Eugene would take us through the back country of the Sierras, cutting across the corner of California. The roads would be mostly two-laned and snaky...in short, roads upon which one could drive their car, and my new ride was definitely a car that lent itself to be driven.

"A bit surprising, don't you think?" I remarked to Marni as she read some of the responses she had received on the Craigslist ad she had placed, "I mean, I wouldn't have thought there'd be a lot of college gals into threesomes and shit."

"Yes and no...a lot of kids, once away from parents and home-life, like to spread their wings," She replied.

"Kinda' like I did when I left for school," I mused, referring to my own early slut-days at college.

"And me," Marni replied, "I've had more than my share of wing-spreading," chuckling after saying it.

"Hmmm...this one's gotta sense of humor," Marni remarked after reading the last of the seven replies she had received, "Listen...'sounds intriguing. Wanna' Fuck a Duck? Give me a Skype address and I'll ping you between classes.'"

"Obviously a student at the U of O," I remarked.

"Obviously," Marni agreed while typing a response to the responder of 'our' ad, then adding, "Oh well, lets see if our 'Duck' is fuck-worthy, babe," clicking send after saying it...

Our route took us into Oregon south of Klamath Falls and we had no sooner crossed the state line when the rain started...surprise, surprise.

We stopped for lunch at the Falls, choosing a truck stop where we could fuel, feed and have a good Wi-Fi signal. We chose a semi-circular booth where we could sit close and share her IPad since the brilliant chick-lawyer forgot to charge her own.

We were in the middle of scanning the headlines while eating lunch where the Skype signal alerted Marni of an incoming call.

"Oh hey, lucky timing...you caught us at lunch and not driving," Marni said as the caller's image appeared, "I'm Marni and...this is Jules," turning her IPad so's I could be seen. I wiggled my fingers at her, smiling and chewing my food.

"Hey...glad it worked out too...I'm Bea, but would prefer 'Bootsie', been called that my whole life."

"Speaking of which," I said, swallowing my bite, "How old are you? You hardly look old enough to be in college."

Well, she didn't.

Her hair was sorta' punk-short with a few colors going on here and there, her overall look sorta' androgynous, you know, could be a guy or girl, that sorta' thing. On top of all of that, she was wearing a 'wife beater' shirt, with barely, and I mean barely, a hint of breasts that could be seen.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Bootsie chuckled in response, "I'll be nineteen next month and, yes, I'll be glad to show you my driver's license if we wind up getting together." laughing some more.

The other thing about her was that she reminded me of someone, but I couldn't quite put my finger on who.

"So, Bootsie, you're okay with our age?" Marni asked, her voice a bit low so's not to be overheard.

"Prefer it...that's what caught my attention," She replied with a smirky smile.

"Why's that?" Marni pressed.

"No bullshit with older chicks...all about the get-off, not about ego-trips like younger gals are," She replied.

"You're a younger gal," I observed.

Snorting, she replied, "That's the only thing I have in common with chicks my age, I assure you," her tone a bit derisive.

"Rooney Mara," I almost shouted, interrupting their conversation, "that's who you remind me of, the girl in 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', the movie."

"Yeah, I get that a lot, too," She laughed, adding, "while I do have a couple of tats, they're on the small side, nothing like she had in the movie."

When she found out that we hadn't made a hotel reservation yet, she recommended a hotel near the campus, "Only a five minute walk for me to there," She had explained, "and, right next door, is a good burger joint if you want to grab a bite of something other than me," that said with a bit of a leering tone, complete with a leering look at her computer screen.

"Want me to Skype or call you when we check in?" Marni asked.

She did and gave us her phone number then signed off because she had a class in twenty minutes. That was fine because we were through with our lunch and ready to get back on the road, both a bit anxious, I'm sure, to get to Eugene and our last 'kink-night' of our vay-cay...

Back on the road for the remaining three or so hours until we reach Eugene, I settled into driving and Marni settled into her IPad, checking emails and stuff.

"Kinda' like her 'look'," I mused aloud.

"Me too...loved Mara's character in the movie, really hot," Marni observed.

"Not a lot of boobs it appears," I said further.

"Well, you know the old saying, 'More than a mouthful is a waste'," She joked, "Wait...does that bother you?"

"Uh-uh, kinda' hot thinking about sucking on small, girlish tits...does that make me a perv?" I remarked.

"Not unless she's lying about her age, it doesn't and, if getting hot thinking about her itty-bitty-titties makes you a perv, then I'm right there along with you," chuckling after saying it.

"You're right, you know, about what you said a few days ago, about you and I having a bit of 'kink' going on with us," I observed.

"Yeah, I know," She laughingly replied with a smile turned to me...

"Fine Arts with minors in Art History and Literature," Bootsie said in answer to Marni's question about her studies.

We are at the burger place next to the hotel that Bootsie had recommended. Marni called her when we checked into the room and I was in the shower. Plans were made to meet for a bite and if all was well among the three of us, return to our room for fun and games.

She was wearing shorts and a tee, as we were, and was waiting on us when we arrived at the restaurant, she having arrived a few minutes before us.

"So, you're what, a second-semester freshman?" I asked between bites of a really good burger.

"Second semester sophomore," She answered, wiping a bit of catsup from the corner of her mouth.


"I graduated High School a year ahead of my class and started here at the U the following fall," She interrupted me to explain, "Pretty much, I'm a wickedly smart chick...smart like Lisbeth, Mara's character in the movie, but not as anti-social."

"That's a good thing, right?" Marni joked.

"Oh yeah, that bitch was cray-cray," Bootsie laughingly agreed.

Our server brought our check and when Bootsie reached for her bag, I stopped her with a hand to her arm, "No...we've got this, babe, on us."

"On you? Well, that sounds like a lot of fun, I must say," a leering smile on her lips as she looked between Marni and I.

"This is going to be a fun night, I think," I observed with a leering smile returned to her.

"This is going to be a fun night, I know," She averred with a wink...

The three of us entered the elevator of our hotel for the ride to our floor and as soon as the doors closed, she reached from behind me, where she was standing, and softly cupped one of my girls with her hand, squeezing slightly.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," I purred as she moved her hand to cup and feel my other boob.

"Yes, it does," Bootsie cooed, pulling Marni's head towards her own with her other hand and kissing Marni while continuing to play with my girls.

The elevator shuddered to a stop at our floor and when the doors opened, the three of us couldn't get out of it fast enough, quickly walking to our room as I fumbled for my key-card.

When I shut and locked the door, I turned around and she was right there, pushing me against the door, one hand holding my head as she kissed me with soft, gnawing lips and her other hand between my legs, cupping and squeezing my love-box over my shorts.

"Mmmmmph...you're tasty," She murmurred between bites to my lips with her teeth, soft little nibbles, pulling on my bottom lip a bit, her hand skillfully squeezing my pussy.

"C'mere," She said softly to Marni who had watched Bootsie's play with me, and when Marni completed our little circle, Bootsie kissed her lustfully, both of her hands now between our legs, squeezing and pinching our pussies as she moved her kissing between Marni and I, the two of us just standing and letting her have her way with us.

Hot doesn't begin to describe the moment.

"Got anything to drink?" Bootsie asked after she pulled her tongue from my mouth while I was sucking on it, lustfully sucking on it I was so damned hot.

"Tequila," Marni answered, her voice husky and her breathing, excited.

"Perfect," Bootsie replied, turning from us and walking towards our bed.

Marni fetched the Tequila from her bag while I joined Bootsie who was, now, sitting with her back to the headboard, and me, sitting next to her.

"A couple of quick swigs?" Bootsie asked, taking the bottle from Marni's hand, Marni now sitting on the bed with us. Raising the bottle to us both in a silent toast, she took a long pull of the cactus juice, passing the bottle to me to do the same.

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